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    Re: Who has resumed PE after hernia surgery?

    Quote Originally Posted by cladre60 View Post
    It's been almost 3 weeks now and I'm going nuts wishing I could jump back into PE!!! My 2 week followup was with a physician's assistant, not the surgeon. I didn't specifically ask her about PE but I did ask about core exercises, said I needed to start working on them hard to drop a few inches from my waist line. She said 6-8 weeks and ease into it. I was going to ask about PE but I could she probably would've gotten really weirded out. Sometimes you just get that feeling about someone and decide to err on the side of caution. I did tell her when I start doing core exercises I won't be gentle, it's not how I am, so she recommended 8 weeks.

    Doing pretty good overall physically. Sex is difficult, trying to not use your groin muscles is really hard so it's show going. Probably be a few more weeks before I'm able to do that normally. It's not too bad if I'm standing up though, use the whole body to move lol.

    Where's Lightning and his hernia repair input?
    Trying to get advice without copping to PE Sounds like me

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    Re: Who has resumed PE after hernia surgery?

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Schwanz Acht View Post
    your instincts were 'spot-on' in being reserved...sometimes it's easy to speak about PE like it's a 'normal' topic, but we're desensitized due to our MOS involvement and the 'outside world' is still not ready
    Yeah, she seemed a bit reserved. Plus she wasn't my type. If she was really cute I would've whipped it right out and showed her what she was missing lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by arkailija View Post
    Yeah, this is a topic not easily spoken with doctors or so. I was so-so able to talk about the lack of ejaculation force and possible relation to a small cyst, but the overall view was that it isn't a part of it.
    Maybe it's just the lesser amount of sports or so, difficult to say. Of course ejaculating with a partner is usually much more satisfying and can create those "oops, where's the bucket" situations, but I was able to shoot ropes by myself just several months ago. Oh well, there are several factors that play a role in that process and it could be just a small change in my diet and exercising!

    I hope Lighting will chime in about his surgery! Mine was so small, four stitches but I'll be out of the game for some time. (Four weeks at least.)
    Better it is for me to read anyway here on MoS, I seem to have lost my touch with good or relatively good tips.
    Yeah even doctors can sometimes not want to discuss sexual function. I was asked if everything seemed okay. I told her everything seems to be working fine. Dunno why it's so hard for some medical professionals to say "are you having normal erections? Pain while ejaculating?"

    Of course at the same time it's hard for me to say testicle. I wanted to say "well my right nut feels better now and my sack only swelled up on the right side for a few days. My cock didn't seem to swell at all but when I'm hanging I've really turned into a shower the past 2 weeks." Guess nut, sack, cock, etc are words I'm just way too used to speaking.
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