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    How to size a cockring - need help pls

    Hi All,

    I'm interested in purchasing one or more of those chrome cockrings for all-day wear.
    My FG measures about 5" and is same at the base; FW is about 1.5" - What size should I order for wearing just on my cock? The rings come in 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", 2", 2.5", and 3" (diameter?) sizes.
    My guess would be the 1.5" but I have no experience with these. Also, if I grab by balls and dick together in a bundle, they measure approximately 2.5" diameter at the base. Which size cockring would be good to go over both my frank and beans? Any suggestions/instructions on how to put these rings on would be greatly appreciated.

    Side Note: When I found this site by accident the other day I was so happy when I realized that RED and DLD were here (I was previously at PP in UK forum). MOS is a world above and beyond what I have seen so far: better information, better resources and more veterans. I've been doing Penis Enlargement for a little over a month now and I worked up to the 1,000 wet jelqs that RED suggested in one of the threads. I always wondered what constrictors were and just started doing them as soon as I dled RED's guide yesterday - I RAN to the hardware store as fast as I could to buy those orange clamps - LOL
    Now I'm completely rethinking and reorganizing my Penis Enlargement plan around those constrictors.

    Just wanted to let everyone know how excited I am to be here on this forum now and as well as looking forward to trying all the new techniques (new to ME, that is - heh) you guys post on.

    Best Regards,


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    Lost the paper with all the beginning measurements but did remember BPenis EnlargementL (of course - LOL)

    BPenis EnlargementL: 6 1/8"
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    FG: 5"
    FW: 1.5"
    BPFL 4.25"

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    Re: How to size a cockring - need help pls

    Glad to hear the excitement, and hope you become part of Girth Attack. First of all, a word of caution... constrictors are DANGER-US. Exercise tremendous caution when doing them this early on, your penis may not be conditioned to handle that kind of stress yet. Even so, check out my Progress Log, I started using constrictors very early and somehow avoided injury - but did have other complications.

    Anyhow - sizing a cockring is difficult for anyone to do but you. I see you are wanting to have a ring around the whole package. The best advice I can give is to get the largest one that still gives you some compression. When putting on a cockring around the entire package - you slip in one testicle at a time and then string your penis through - so it has to be big enough for that.

    There are rubber rings, metal rings, noose style rings, etc. I'd recommend going with the rubber ring, since they are somewhat stretchy and easy to get off. I have a noose style ring with a bead on it to control tightness and I love it to death.

    MAKE SURE it's big enough that you can get it off in an emergency. If you fuck around with exercising with it on and your girth engorgement prevents you from getting it off you could be in trouble. Noose style rings eliminate this threat, though I find the others more comfortable.

    Many people buy multiple sizes to wear at different intervals in the day. It won't take long to become an expert. Scour the forums here and away to find out everything you've ever wanted to know about cockrings.
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    Re: How to size a cockring - need help pls

    Thanks for the welcome, Alloy! Do you have a pic of the cockring that you use? Maybe I could make one out of leather/rope and a plastic jewelry bead. . .

    For the most part, I only plan on casually wearing the cockring 24/7 - not during exercises. It sounds like putting a rigid ring around both my dick and balls is a bad idea since it could become impossible to get it off when needed - and therefore dangerous. As far as the cockring goes, I was thinking about buying the $2 ones from the leather site that is mentioned in the forums. However, a thought occured to me this morning - maybe I could go to Home Depot and look for chrome/stainless steel/rubber rings. They might even be cheaper than the $2 and without the $7 shipping. Plus, I can take back what doesn't fit . . . "Hey George! WTF is vaseline doing on this 'O' ring?@#$!" LOL

    As far as constrictors go, I've done one 15min basic constrictor routine yesterday and the day before without any ill effects. RED's guide is very good, so I was able to loosen/remove/adjust the clamp when the warning signs appeared. It will be a long time before I start any jelqs, horses or ULI's while clamped, but will probably try the bends first since they seem to exert less pressure. For now, I'm gonna just stick to 15min of basic constrictors and work my way up over the suggested period of time. BTW - I just read your log and am surprised that your dick did not get up in the middle of the night and run away from all the abuse - LOL - Seriously though, I'm glad you didn't get any permanent damage from doing all those exercises and overtime with the clamp. Your advice has been duly noted.

    I found and joined your Girth Attack last night shortly after I posted about the cockring.
    This soldier is ready for battle!



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    Re: How to size a cockring - need help pls

    Quick Update: I just made a cockring out of a leather string and a bead found from around the house - it seems to work pretty well and is comfortable. Gotta watch out for pinching the dick when tightening it up though. I think I'm gonna run to Home Depot later today to check out their selection of cockrings . . . uhhhh . . . I mean 'O' rings

    HOOSYODADDI: "Excuse me! Can you please direct me to your cockrings?"
    Home Depot Employee: "You mean ball-cock assemblies?"
    HOOSYODADDI: "Yes! That's exactly what I'm looking for. Where are they?"
    Home Depot Employee: "They're in the Plumbing Dept. Comeon. I'll walk you over there."
    (walks to plumbing dept - shows ball-cock assemblies)
    HOOSYODADDI: "Uhhhhh. . . these don't look like the cockrings that I saw on the forum . . . How am I supposed to wear THAT #$%@!"

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    Re: How to size a cockring - need help pls

    couldn't tell you what my size is, its old and worn out, hehe, I think i stole it from my sister, it must of been her boyfriends, shh dont tell anyone he he, dont worry I washed it up and everything before I used

    anyways, It is tight on me, I can only get it on when I'm semi-erect, than when I'm erect its really tight.. but It makes my dick expands about .25 in girth when I wear it so its cool.
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