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    Heat pad...heating my balls bad?

    Ummm, so Ive been doing jelqs, and I always warm up/down using a big heating pad thing. Its like 12 x 12 inches. I usually just wrap my dick in it, sit back and relax. So the thing is resting on my crouch area, and it is inadvertently heating up my balls that bad?

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    Re: Heat pad...heating my balls bad?

    Your balls should never get more than about 37,4 Celcius. That's why your scrotum is shrinking when it's cold ( so balls get near body) and let loose when it's hot ( so it can get cooler far from the hot body)

    Now There are many case of penis burns and sterility due to overheating laptop on your laps. Heating pad used unproperly could lead to at least some degree of infertility.
    I'm not saying you stop it at all. But I'd say try warping it to your penis only.
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    Re: Heat pad...heating my balls bad?

    ok, thanks alot!

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