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    Re: New to MOS? Introduce yourself here!

    On the size guide on the bathmats site, it has a feature where you can put in your length and girth size to determine which one would be best. But, maximum with girth I can put is 2.2 in that field. Says to measure all the way around. Seems like an error since nobody girth can be just 2.2.

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    Re: New to MOS? Introduce yourself here!

    Quote Originally Posted by codename47 View Post
    On the size guide on the bathmats site, it has a feature where you can put in your length and girth size to determine which one would be best. But, maximum with girth I can put is 2.2 in that field. Says to measure all the way around. Seems like an error since nobody girth can be just 2.2.
    I guess what they meant is width,try measuring that and inputting it in the size feature,what is your size anyway I can help you pick one easier than their website hahaha
    Starting stats October 2016:
    BPEL: 6.8"
    MSEG: 5.1"
    Current stats May 2017:
    BPEL: 7.6"
    BPFSL:7.8".........update 17 May: 7.9"
    MSEG: 5.6"
    BEG: 6"
    FL 5.5-6"

    Short term goal: 9.5"x6"
    Long term goal: 11"x6.5"

    My journey to 11 inches :

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