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Ok Guys, the new special is available starting Friday the 5th of March 2013!

What has changed? First, the price has been raised by $30 but you are getting a $25.00 voucher for spare parts from the all new Spare Parts Store! You will also receive the Velcro X Strap, another $38.00 value that makes this special an even greater deal than before!

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The Daily Mail in the UK reports the news. The full study can be found here (British Journal).

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- The SizeGenetics Medical Type 1 Device, the #1 Seller On The Market
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- The 16 Way Comfort Technology system + spare parts for this!
- The SizeGenetics Luxury case with padlock system!

- Full video instructional DVD included!
- Medical Type 1 Device spare parts
- Online access to Penis Health ( worth over $50!
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Size Genetics Extender VIDEO TUTORIAL Showing how to attach and use