I know there are a few members on here with a Venus 2000. I bought one earlier this year and I thought I would write a few words about it.

Venus 2000 is a high dollar masturbation stroker. Industrial bellows-style pump, remote control, custom tube. It is both unassuming and ridiculously exotic at the same time. If you've got about $1k you won't miss, you could have a lot of fun with this thing.

Word of warning though. My first order was through some dickhead scammer offering it at half price, and I had to fight with paypal to get my refund. Ultimately I ordered through Symbian/Abco at full price just to be safe.

I like the Venus 2000 because it gives you a lot of control over stroke depth and rate. You get a dial for speed which can range from very slow to furious speed, and you get a neat little fine-tune bleed control which turns the stroke from short strokes to 8" plus strokes. There's even an adjustment inside to change the median volume of air it moves to accommodate different tube volumes and preference.

The liner material is natural rubber. As delivered it is plain though slightly rough, feels about like a hand, nothing more. The manual shows many variations if you want to customize the liner, where you can add constrictions or twists to give extra sensations to the stroke. I haven't experimented yet as I don't have a lot of extra material and it is kinda fragile when stretching it over the tube. However it is something I look forward to since I do like an extra little pop for the head. For now I just run the stroke out to the rim which gives it a little extra zing every stroke.

What else. Well the unique part about it is the effectiveness of the design. It's not some crappy sex toy stroker that jiggles a little or moves 1/2" up and down. I have tried a ton of that junk. This device actually jerks you off. Any rate, any direction, any erection state.

LOL the first time I used it I had a pretty fucked up orgasm. I ran it pretty fast during climax and it wound up just blowing through the ejaculation and I hardly felt a thing. Dick was like, huh!? and I didn't even have the ultrasensitivity afterwards. I had to play around with it for a number of sessions to get the pacing right, and now it is quite the experience. In fact it is funny, because it works so predictably you can try it standing up, sitting down, pointing up, pointing down, any which way. They all feel different during climax. Who knew.

The only thing I would improve would be to supply a strap. You are really missing out if you don't fashion up a neck strap to hold the tube at a custom angle.