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    Mushroom Head Cylinder

    What do you guys think of this site with the Mushroom Head Cylinder.

    Looks interesting.. Expensive though... They also have smaller diameter cylinder which would only work on length. That way you dont have that swollen look. I think it would be great for that little extra after a length workout. After you do you regular length workout, you could put the smaller diameter cylinder on and keep it stretched all evening long.. It would be more comfortable than one of those JES extenders....
    But, back to my original comment about the mushroom cylinder, I think this would help dramatically for the head. It would be a great boost at the end of your workout.

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    Re: Mushroom Head Cylinder

    WOW I'm in the wrong business:D $150.00 for a cylinder!!! WOW
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    Re: Mushroom Head Cylinder

    I know, $150 for a cylinder is alot of money. But, if it really helped my glans become bigger, it would be worth it. The problem with this is that they make it to custom fit your penis. Thats good in a way but if you get your measurements wrong, you are pretty much screwed...

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