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    Electric Sarpa Trainer

    Has anyone ever heard of this penis pump? It's called S-A-R-P-A Trainer which stands for Sustain-And-Release-Penis-Aid. It claims to be the fastest pump ever making all other pumps redundant.

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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    This video shows off the parts for anyone interested. It's the only information I can find.

    EDIT: On further inspection, it is mains powered, meaning it cannot be used as a hydropump and with therefore never "make all other pumps redundant".
    It also mentions a "Sustain and Release" system which you made note of in the acronym. Along with the other small details provided in the vid, that leads me to believe it'll work the same as the breast pumps also shown on that channel. That is, it will pump to a preset pressure, then lower and raise it slightly to perform "isometric stretching". This phenomenon has been noted as being highly beneficial the few times it has shown up in people's manual routines but I'm still not entirely sure on the science behind it.

    Oh and this ebay link has more info:
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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    Does nobody else have any input on this thing?
    I have to say, I'm intrigued by it. On the one hand, it's an air pump, on the other, it's designed to do isometric stretching without any need for the user to do anything. It apparently has 3 power settings and the company selling it make some big claims.
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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    I was trying to look for reviews online about this pump but couldnt find any thats why I started this thread. It supposed to pulsate. The the CTC DP 4000 pump pulsates as well but I don't have the $469 to cough up right now which is the reason I was so interested in the Sarpa Trainer. I did email the ebay store owner & asked does it leave fluid retention & he replied no.

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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    By "pulsate" they seem to mean it gets to a set pressure, then fluctuates (raises and lowers) it slightly. This is supposedly to keep a regular blood supply or something but it's also the basic idea behind isometric stretching, meaning the claims of faster gains probably do have a scientific basis, though I cannot say if it'll make up for the inherent disadvantages of an air pump. Nor am I really that sure on how "isometric stretching" works.
    It sounds promising but I don't really want to put money down on a promise alone and, sadly, my googling has been as fruitless as yours. This thing doesn't seem to have much on it besides the one seller.
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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    It supposed 2 draw & release fresh blood unlike other systems. There also another site besides eBay for $195 but you can be the first to buy & experiment if you want. Lol Anyway here it is

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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    I know, I found it. No other info though so it didn't seem worth linking.
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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    Well, I ordered it in the end. It shipped fast and arrived about a week ago. The first few days were spent toying with it a bit, only started the recommended routine on day 4. That day, everything seemed fine. Day five, I noticed my dick seemed a tiny bit puffy and began to wonder but, having never pumped before, wasn't sure if it was a problem. Sixth day I had to stop early and could barely get the silicone base off I was so swollen. Sure, I had gained over an inch but it was entirely comprised of fluid buildup and hideous. This morning, it all seems to have one down and hopefully, in a day or two, everything will feel right again but I definitely regret this purchase. The only positive I saw was a temporary increase in ejaculatory distance in those first few days which I expect I'd see from anything (or one) sucking me.

    Would not reccomend.
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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    Well I won't purchase it. How long long was your pumping sessions and did you do any manual exercises and jelqing?

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    Re: Electric Sarpa Trainer

    I did the recommended 30 minutes a day (the chamber doesn't depressurize after shorter sessions). I attempted to combine it with stretching and/or jelqs but experienced a lot of blood spots very quickly when doing so, as well as some pain.
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