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    TLC Tugger Matters of Size with Discount!

    We have now gotten a $4 discount on the parts to make the SizeGenetics with the TLC Tugger.
    So if the items $35 (VLC) + $9 (Cone) + $7 (strap) + $8 (SG Clip), we could discount that by $4 for MOS guys for a package price of $55

    So how do you get started you will need the following:

    TLC Complete Package:
    CLICK HERE TO ORDER VLC Package with Discount


    SizeGenetics Extender:

    How to use the system:
    If you have had any reservations about getting a Size Genetics ADS, this will end all fears.
    This is my ultimate ADS extender that I have set up for myself using the best technology available today.

    Ron makes 2 devices the TLC tugger for foreskin restoration and the VLC tugger for Penis Enlargement. The VLC works but hold the head of the shaft at the grip point at the top of the extender.
    For this purpose, we are only using the VLC tugger.

    The difference between the two is that the TLC has a hole in it that allows air in releasing the glands to the base and pulling the skin over. The VLC does not have the hole (vent less) so It does not let the head sink back to the base and gives you the shaft length that you want.

    I can keep this on for hours on end with no loss in circulation or numbness since it not a noose that goes around the head but pull on it from the outside in. Up until now I have not been able to wear this thing longer than 15 minutes at a time, but now I can wear it for 4-6 hours at a time.

    The regular noose method of the glans being cinched down will ultimately cause your reduced sensitivity, cold and numb glans and severe pain, thus you will have to take it off every 15-20 minutes. This new method I am using I can leave on for hours. So more time under traction, less time taking it off for breathers and to regain circulation means much more gains.

    Since I am really gaining good ground with my ADS and the VLC tugger. I want you guys to be apart of this and get good results. This method is 100% proven, more time under traction=longer thicker penis that is permanent. What is even cooler is to gain length all you have to do is keep adding rods as your penis becomes accustom to the greater stretch, so in theory you can go as long as you want. I am going for DLD's length of 10.5''.
    The first picture was taken back in April, The second was taken In August, see how much longer I am stretching now? About 4inches. And I can hold that for 6-8 hours a day.

    The TLC tugger and VLC tugger are completely different one has a hole, the other does not. The amount of skin pulled over the Glans is about 1" with the VLC, with the TLC you get between 5-6 or more depending on how much restoration you have done. If you have any other questions send a message to Ron at
    Matters of Size


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    Re: TLC Tugger Matters of Size with Discount!

    Good supportive language are used in this post I like very much the review of this fashionable post and subscribe it so give more details about.Thanks.

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    Re: TLC Tugger Matters of Size with Discount!

    I was trying to purchase a VLC Tugger, however I Don't see the discount nor which Vlc to purchase. I believe the site may have changed.

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    Re: TLC Tugger Matters of Size with Discount!

    Quote Originally Posted by MrLongTime View Post
    I was trying to purchase a VLC Tugger, however I Don't see the discount nor which Vlc to purchase. I believe the site may have changed.
    To get the discount you now enter coupon code MOS at checkout. It applies if you include any item in your cart that is called a KIT and has VLC in the name.

    -Ron Low

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