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    Can't get the Penomet to stay on at all

    Hope this doesn't sound too moany, but I'm a bit dejected with my first goes at the Penomet. I've jelq'd and used the Bathmate X-40 for awhile now, but I got fluid retention problems and it didn't seem to be working. I got the middle package for the Penomet, and I've tried both the blue and black gaiters, none to any avail.

    Thing is, I can't get any seal or suction on the Penomet, not even for 10 seconds. I'm fairly lean and have got a bit of a bush (I trim, but not all the way down), but that wasn't a problem with the Bathmate. I used to have the same problem with the Bathmate, but solved it by aligning the top of my shaft with the near wall of the tube (if that makes any sense). This doesn't seem to work with the Penomet. I'm a pretty small guy (6.5 x 5.5) so maybe the bigger tube of the Penomet is the problem?

    I've tried the blue and black gaiters about 20 times in the past 2 days, but nothing seems to work. Anyone have any similar experiences and ideas as to what worked for them?

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    Re: Can't get the Penomet to stay on at all

    you might have to trim more or shave, i do get the best seal when shaven. As it grows back it eventually wont hold pressure as perfectly as it does when shaven, so i shave again.

    I havent used the Bathmate so cant comment on any differences, can only comment on my experience with the penomet in regards to sealing.

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    Re: Can't get the Penomet to stay on at all

    I agree with acer33.
    I've shaven pretty much around where the seal comes. I had problems with suction sometimes when the hair had grown longer.

    Also make sure the gaiter is strongly attached to the cylinder. I always hold the unit when I pump, I won't let it hang freely. I did this with Bathmate anyway. I think the Bathmate gaiter, as it's attached with glue and whatnot, is more less likely to fall off, but I rather take less or no fluid retention with the Penomet.

    You can do it and when you do, I bet you'll be pleased! If these tips don't work, don't be shy to contact the Penomet with your order number. They've been real prompt with help and guidance.

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    Re: Can't get the Penomet to stay on at all

    Thanks for the tips, fellas, I'll trim down a bit more and see how it goes!

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    Re: Can't get the Penomet to stay on at all

    You have to play with it for one or two days , then you will get hold of it. I took 2-3 days to learn how to use it properly. intially I had the same problems as yours.

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