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Thread: Need advice

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    Need advice

    Hi guys
    For a long time, I've had a strip of scar tissue about 1 inch long on the right side of my dick. Depending on certain factors, sometimes the bend is mild or it can be more severe
    This strip of scar tissue causes a bit of length reduction, but most annoyingly, it takes away from my girth. On days when my scar is worse. It can really eat into my dick so to speak.
    I've been doing a bathmate only routine for the past whiiiile. It's been enjoyable because it adds girth to my dick giving me self confidence and all that. Sometimes it makes the curve a bit better. But the problem is the effect doesn't really last
    I need a more permanent solution to get rid of this scar tissue. It's been prevalent for a long time, and it would be nice to get rid of it
    I've tried using extenders in the past. But I really don't understand how to use them and I think I used them improperly. I was considering getting a length master, hoping that the powerful stretch would be an effective force in breaking up this scar tissue that I can't seem to get rid of
    My plan is to straighten out my dick and hopefully replace the lost size and add more. I want this damn scar tissue gone, and I believe traction is the best method in achieving this.
    Since I consider myself too stupid to use an extender, and I'd rather do shorter sessions such as in the length master, is that a good bet?
    I want something powerful that I also don't have to be strapped into 6+ hours per day for results.
    Would it be alright to train with the length master and also the bathmate as well?

    If anyone actually read this huge wall of text i appreciate it big time, that's what makes this forum so good. People helping each other out and offering insight. I sometimes think aloud and this isn't something I can talk about openly with friends for instance so it's nice to have an online support group of sorts to share advice and experience. Anyways thanks a lot and have a good weekend guys

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    Re: Need advice

    Maybe someone can give more insight about the scar tissue reduction, but I've read from some sources that magnesium oil could be helpful in that. I recall Kingsnake might have used magnesium oil in his regimes one time or another.
    For me magnesium oil has been beneficial for my shins, as due to some exercises I do, I might get tension there and magnesium oil has aided relieving the tension. (I guess shin splints is the term of the issue.)

    Your idea about lenghtmaster and Bathmate work sounds good to me. One thing I might suggest having a look at is the Essential Vein Oil or Eroset's Vein oil. Eroset's Vein Oil - for thrombosis and more
    I've dabbed with the oil, it's very nice, you can switch the carrier oil if you wish to, Argan oil (luxury edition) or hemp seed oil. (Not so expensive and when the essential oils are mixed in, the smell will be quite alright.)
    Just suggesting these two oils as the carrier due to their non-comedogenic ratings, the two I've mentioned have a 0 rating, as in non-comedogenic, where as olive oil is 2, might be slightly.
    Putting this out there as I've had ingrown hair issues and whatnot, so far I've found that the very possible reason has been in certain oils I've used a lot. (Despite washing it off well, there might be residue which enter the hair canal through the skin and boom ... I've spent too much time healing myself related to ingrown hairs.)

    So, that's my tip, I think others will chime in soon enough. Especially wait a word on the Lengthmaster idea, Bathmate for me has been relatively safe, especially with the 5x5x3 workout.

    Hope you can get rid of the scar! Remember, stretch marks can and do usually occur; that's a sign you can and should carry with pride, it shows you've grown. ;-)

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    Re: Need advice

    I'm going to try serrapeptase, it should 'eat' away scar tissue. I don't have peyronie's, just a light bend. But just as you there is a narrowing somewhere in that bend that's annoying. The serrapeptase arrived today, maybe I can report back in a month or so, will start a thread about it, my hypothesis is that besides taking away scar tissue it will also help with the recovery of the penile tissue after PE. So a healthier and fluffier (is that a word?) penis that grows and heals quicker than normally.

    For you, maybe it helps getting rid of the scar tissue and bend, do a Google search and you have all the relevant information (or see the thread 'real medical solution' in this subforum of MoS). But; it's all hypothetical...

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    Re: Need advice

    The LengthMaster is a great choice as it will do what an extender does in a faster way, in your particular situation. The BathMate, over time,. will also help straighten things out. One of the most powerful ways to correct this is by doing DLD Bends. This exercise gently arch's against the scar tissue, effectively breaking it down and bringing a straighter penis. A great member to read up on is German Stallion, He was able to straighten out a massive curve and regain 2" of penis using DLD Bends and other techniques.

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