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    Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    What is the most you have ever masturbated AND ejaculated in one day without sleeping.

    For me it would be 7 times in one day. I will never do that again. On average, I usually dont do more than 3 times in a day.

    I don't imagine anyone has done more than 10

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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    i think my record is about 8 when I was like 15. At the moment im wacking off about 3 or 4 times a day. I need to cut down badly.
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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    6 or 7..... im doin like 2 to 4 a day right now

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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    One time in 1997-1998 I jerked 7times in a row. like 7 orgasms straight, by the time i was done my unit was like a piece of worn-out rubber.

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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    I don't get why the second feels better than the first

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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    I was to a point of 6 times a day when I was a teenager. Drastically cut that to 1-2 times a week since ive been dedicated to Penis Enlargement.
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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    10 TIMES!? I hope the people who said that were joking. I think it would fall off if i tried to do that! 6/7 and my dick is as sore as a mother- starts hurting more than it is worth.

    jesus... 10!!??
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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    Probably 3 for me.. On a good week, I can get in 3-4. Some times I only get to masturbate once a week.

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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    Most was around 4 times ... now I do it about once per day, recently though its been 2-3 times becaise of enhanced testosterone levels
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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    It began 11/1/04 EL 5.25" x 4.75".

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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    I think that 10 is f***g impossible. Your cock will look like a dead part of you, ready to be removed.

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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    Do you mean masturbate until climax? Because one time I came 19 times in a row. After the third time nothing came out but I had progressively weaker orgasms. I used to be a highly sexual person, now I'm happy when I can go for one round.
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    Re: Most you ever masturbated in 1 day?

    I can masturbate all day If I wanted to. I once masturbated 4 times in a day but even then, I was fighting off the feeling to keep masturbating. Somehow I managed to find the will-power to stop at 4. I usually get horny about 6-7 minutes after orgasm.
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