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    CAT for female orgasm... works???

    Anybody tried this, specifically for female orgasm? think it works?
    The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT) is a sexual position "designed" to greatly improve a woman's chance of orgasm with genital intercourse. Most women need to have clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm. Traditional thrusting in the missionary position often is "close but no cigar" as far as achieving this. The clitoris is about 2-3 cm closer to the front of the woman's body than the vaginal opening. Thus, it is possible, even probable that thrusting misses the clitoris all together. Clitoral stimulation is indirect or sporadic. The CAT allows the man and woman's combined thrusting to do the job. CAT is basically a revised missionary position, with the man on top and face to face with his partner (CAT can be done with the woman on top, too). What's different is that the man has vaginal sex with his partner from a higher angle than usual, thrusting pressure on the woman's clitoris while he enters and re-enters her in response to her pelvic thrusts.

    How to do it
    The man enters initially from between the woman's legs which are apart and slightly bent, but then lifts himself further up the length of her body so that his thrusts make contact with her clitoris. At the very same time the base of the man's penis is also being stimulated. By leaning to the right or left of her torso, the man can rest his weight partially on his partner and partially on whatever the platform is for this event. It is important for the man to relax his upper body. The woman can then wrap her legs around his, trying to extend the stretch of her legs so that her ankles are about at the height of his calves. With this position a woman can then begin to thrust her own pelvis, repeatedly making contact between her clitoris and the base of his penis. Basically this is a rocking back and forth in sync sort of thing with the focus on the clitoris and the base of the penis rather than being all about penetration.

    It sounds very mechanical when it is written down but this technique gets some pretty positive reviews. This doesn't mean that it works for everyone. It may take a bit of practice to relax, to refocus and to let it happen without forcing the orgasm. Before you worry about being anorgasmic or go for testosterone, try CAT.

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    Re: CAT for female orgasm... works???

    I would like to see pics/diagram or video of this as its hard for me to picture exactly ( though I think I have an idea).
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    Re: CAT for female orgasm... works???

    It works. After you put it in, slide your body up a little so that your dick is pointing straight down instead of forward at an angle. It is good for hitting her clit while you are fucking, but doesn't feel as good for him. Can't get in as deep.

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    Re: CAT for female orgasm... works???

    I'm sure that anyone who has been in a long term relationship had played with differnet angles to hit the clitty or g-spot to enhance her experience, as well as, preventing boredom. I think alot of people have tried this, they (like myself) didn't know that it actually had a name.

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