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    Hey guys, want bigger, more sensitive nipples?

    I realize this might be one of those grey areas...a topic that might question your masculinity but, I know for a fact that I'm not the only man who enjoys having his nipples played with and licked during foreplay/sex. Some men pump their nipples and pinch or pull on them in efforts to make them bigger. These methods are usually temporary OR, take longer than most men have the patience for. Especially guys like us who are already busy enough with our regular lives as well as a Penis Enlargement routine. I got mine pierced a few months back and the results were damn near instant. My nipples were almost totally flat before and maybe 1/8" across. About two WEEKS after piercing, they literally grew by 5 or 6 times their previous size. Not only that but, they are more sensitive than before. The size increase is permanent by the way. I have a before and after pic. Here's the before.
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    Here's the after shot. You can clearly tell the difference.
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    I think the first pic is starting at me...

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    I'd rather not have bigger nipples thank you!
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