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    Can you tie your dick in a knot?

    I was just wondering if anyone here could do it. Maybe someone like DLD, Bigbuttlover or someone with alot of length. Has anyone seen a picture or video of someone accomplishing this feat. I'm also curious to know the minimum length you'd need to tie your member in a knot. I'm thinking at least 8-9 inches. This would be one hell of a party trick! :D

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    Re: Can you tie your dick in a knot?

    I'll let you know when i reach it

    one day, dammit

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    Re: Can you tie your dick in a knot?

    I'm pretty sure DLD can...about 3 knots of he wanted to

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    Re: Can you tie your dick in a knot?

    Quote Originally Posted by Juggers
    I'm pretty sure DLD can...about 3 knots of he wanted to

    Nah, almost, just there, one time I think I almost did it when I was hanging real low but you need to be hanging long and thin as possible. The problem with this is the thickness x length always comes out short.
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    Re: Can you tie your dick in a knot?

    There used to be a picture of an african man that floated around Penis Enlargement sites. His penis was tied in a knot. That is the only one I have seen.

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    Re: Can you tie your dick in a knot?

    Everyday I plan and prepare for the future.
    Then>6x5 Now>7.75x5.5nbp Soon>9x6.5
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    Re: Can you tie your dick in a knot?

    Never thought about it, but I might try now. The problem is preventing it from getting hard with all that manipulation.
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    Re: Can you tie your dick in a knot?

    After a bundled stretch I have enough length, but it thickens up too fast.
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