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    Should I use magnum condoms?

    My size fluctuates between 6-6.5 inches and 7inches MAX (when really aroused)

    Girth at base is over 5.5inches, midshaft fluctuates also at times.. but is over 5 all the time, 5.1 sometimes.. 5.2.. 5.3.. etc

    Now, I once tried those red durex condoms the regular ones, and it was tight, felt like it was cutting off circulation, the thing is.. I'm scared to use Magnum and have it fall off or something.. What do you guys think? What is best for me

    Also.. do you know the sizes that regular condoms are supposed to fit? i.e for guys with 6inch dick and 5inch girth etc and magnum for 8inches and 6inch girth or whatever do any of you know the stats?

    P.S checkout my thread in sexuality forum if u can.. =|

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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    I was also wondering about sizes of condoms. Specially that there is a European size on those I buy. So they suggesting it is diffrent for Africa or Asia people?

    According to this article about average penis size, there are no corellation found between penis size and race!

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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    Here is my experience. I am pushing about 7 inches erect as well but my girth is a bit larger. Around 5.75 midshaft and 6.25 base up towards my head is about 5. Magnums are a nice fit for me as they do not constrict like regular condoms. However they seems to be a little loose around the head for me. Shaft is snug and I can not get them down on the base as it just rolls back up. I can get these down about 2 inches more than I could with regular condoms. However I can use and had used regular condoms for the last 15 years and never knew I was bigger than average in the girth department, it has been a nice change.

    My suggestion to you would to buy them in a 3 pack and try them yourself first and has a go with your hand. If you feel it is too lose then get rid of them. The last thing you want to do is put on a "large" condom and have it look baggy with the ladies. To me the magnum is softer but that could just be the new found freedom I have to expand without external pressure. I am going to try the XL I will let you know what I think.

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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    Im same length as you and my girth midshaft is 5.5 and 6 base girth and I dont need Magnums so I think you are fine. Although Extra Large Lifestyles feel really nice.(orange ones)

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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    At 7x 5.5 you may use magnums but they wont fit perfectly but will fit you.. regular condoms for someone with your length/girth will be really really tight.
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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    I think it's mainly a matter of personal opinion; some guys just like the slightly looser fit. Use whatever feels most comfortable.

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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    Try these guys They have a wide variety of condom brands and sizes, but the best thing is that they offer custom fit condoms that will be made just to fit your penis to perfection. Try them out and HOLLA BACK!!!

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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    So right now im thinking of trying out lifestyle's Large condoms... any other recommendations?

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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    Try the Magnums!!! The Magnums XL work perfectly for me.
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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    Try magnums, I was facing the same dillema a couple of months back. I just looked down and was like.... yeah right I dont need friggen maggs, i'm fooling myself. Last time I tried them on I was 5.5 girth and they fit perfectly.... give it a try.
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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    I use the magunm XL's they work perfectly for me...

    I am 7.67 x 5.75


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    Re: Should I use magnum condoms?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chance1826
    I use the magunm XL's they work perfectly for me...

    I am 7.67 x 5.75

    Wow, the magnum XL is big as fuck... but at 7.6 x 5.7 you are big as well..good to know, thanks!
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