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    Water Blister on glans healing question...

    Hi guys,

    I wonder if anyone has experience with healing water blisters on the glans and if the color of the new skin (as a result of a burst/drained water blister) will eventually blend into the normal tone of the whole glans.

    I was careless in using the Max Vac last week and two blisters developed on my glans, one small and one very large. I pierced the skin and drained the fluid, but did not consider putting ointments like Neosporin on the area until a few days afterward. There is no infection, but I wonder if the pink new layer of skin from the blister will slowly become darker to match the color of the whole glans.

    It really would suck to have these two "lighter" color spots on my glans. :(

    If anyone has any real experienced input, please consider sharing. Thanks.

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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    My experience is that they'll even out in a few months.

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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    O.o Wow, a few months?! I'm kinda worried that if after a week it doesn't even out then I'm stuck, but I'm glad to have your input--speaking from experience.

    I hope I'm as lucky as you in terms of this healing process. MoreGains123, what was your remedy in this process? Did you apply any ointments or just left it to heal and blend naturally?

    Is this what others have experienced? A few months? More input would be great.

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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    My experience is: don't pop them because they heal MUCH faster. Let your body do its thing. Just put bandaids over it until it drains itself and the skin falls off by itself. If you pop them, then you'll see discoloration for a long time afterward.

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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    "If you pop them, then you'll see discoloration for a long time afterward."

    *cries* That really sucks. I feel terrible for making my penis go through this. He's been such a good guy and now is suffering because of me.

    Advice to others: Be very careful when dealing with vacuum-related Penis Enlargement techniques!

    I hope the discoloration eventually blends in. Right now I have two big spots of a lighter pink shade which is noticeable when at a flaccid state, but when erect it is not so noticeable.

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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    I have a number of vacuum Penis Enlargement devices but I settled on using the Bib and the heavy-duty static stretcher. I use the Bib for heavy work and use the HD SS when my skin is tired from the Bib. It isn't all vacuum, it has some compression so I've never developed any issues with it.

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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    avoid pe while your healing. I continued pe and the areas where the blisters were are still darker years later.
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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    My blisters have actually healed well and closed so there is no infection, irritation, itching, or any discomfort, aside from the light pink patch color and that is visible because the rest of the head is a bit darker. I really would not worry if the blister was somewhere else, but because it's on the glans which is very delicate and may actually have a thinner epidermis (top skin layer with pigmentation) I worry that I may have permanently lost color there--unless you actually went through the same thing and eventually the color blended to its original color. I don't really care if it takes months, just as long as it returns to normal, you know?

    I am Asian so the contrast in color makes it stand out which worries me. It has been a week now. I have been clamping or squeezing the head to get blood in that region to hopefully promote cell growth, but don't know if that is actually helping. While flaccid you can clearly see a difference in color, but when erect it is harder to see.

    Sorry to bug you guys but should I find some sort of cream to apply to that spot to promote the original color, or should I just allow it more time to settle in--let the body do its thing as they say. I have considered consulting urologists, dermatologists, etc..about this. But the best advice really is from someone who actually went through the experience so I would appreciate the input of anyone with personal experience with this discoloration/loss of color.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    I would recommend leaving it completely alone. Squeezing it isn't going to bring in more blood or promote cell growth. Just leave it alone for a while: maybe 6 weeks and after that determine the next course of action (if any).

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    Re: Water Blister on glans healing question...

    Thanks for your encouraging words, MoreGain123.

    *Rate Rep Power up*

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