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    Suspensory ligament

    I'm thinking about fixing my ligament. I have torn it but I don't know if I should do it. But I don't know if I can stand the pain and the feeling of my penis being loose with my body. The jelqing also left some scars on the bottom of my penis which is probably scar tissue. I've heard stories of how the surgery could make things worse so now I don't know if I should go through with it. I wish I had taken a better approach and more patience without overworking my penis with the streches and jelqing.

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    8InchMIKE Guest

    Re: Suspensory ligament

    Wait, what the hell happened to your suspensory ligament? You torn it? Had it surgicaly cut? What?

    All i know is, many dudes have their's cut so the penis hangs straight down. It "gives" you an inch or two in some cases cause it exposes more penis than a normal ligament would allow to.

    You do loose control of your penis and may even have some trouble getting used to it, grabbing at the base to steer it or risking a "penile fracture" if aim is lacking.

    So what do you mean? You no longer have your penis attached to your suspensory ligament?

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    Re: Suspensory ligament

    yeah basically on the left side it's now loose on the right side it's still attached. I tore it from stretching.

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    Re: Suspensory ligament

    I have also torn my suspensory ligament on the right side. I stretched too hard to early. Its been like 7 weeks since and ligament will burn when I put any pressure on my penis. I remember when I first did it my erection would not stand up it would just flop to the right side, the one that is torn. I don't know how to tell if it is severed or just torn?

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