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    Vagina Depth Poll

    I found this thread on another site were they where asking how deep into a vagina can a penis go. You would not believe some of the wopper tales. Here is a link to the thread

    One guy though must be a member here or a very good researcher because he makes a very cogent argument about the true depth of a vagina.

    here is his post:

    "Ah, my favorite subject, the depth of the vagina. This is a subject that gets distorted sometimes because so much fantasy gets mixed in.

    Yes, I'm sure there have been a number of women that have had unusually deep vaginas which could have, or did accomodate a penis of 11" or longer, but these women are very rare when considering the female population as a whole. Certainly, less than 1% of women fall in this category.

    According to researchers such as Alfred Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, and Robert L. Dickinson, the maximum AROUSED and STRETCHED depth of the vagina is 5 inches, or 12.5 centimeters. That measurement is taken from the remnants of the hymen, to the deepest point of the vagina. The vulva (lips and opening) is 1 inch, or 2.5 cm, deep on average. When totalled up, the average vagina hides 6 inches of a test tube from daylight. Robert L. Dickinson measured with a test tube in his studies.

    About 1 in 4 women almost exactly average, regarding the depth of their vagina. The other 3 in 4 are a little deeper, or a little shallower. ( I think 2 in 4 or deeper, and 1 in 4 is shallower).

    The vagina angles up and back into the pelvis on a 45 degree angle if the woman is standing up. In the post above, the illustration with the "small penis" is correct. The end of the vagina does tent, and it does get closer to the sacrum, which are the bones on the upper back side of the pelvis. The vagina will not extend easily up and around the promontory of the sacrum, which is that point where the upper edge of the sacrum meets with the bottom of the spine. It is no coincidence that the diagonal conjugate, the measurement taken from the edge of the pubic bone, to the promontory of the sacrum is 12.5 cm, or 5 inches. The vagina can stretch up and back till it hits the sacrum, or very near the sacral promontory. As for the front wall of the vagina, it is also elastic, but it will not stretch way up into the abdomen.

    It is best for a long penis or dildo to follow the rear wall of the vagina and for the head to slide up into the posterior fornix, which is the balloned area, in an aroused vagina, that is sligthly up and behind the cervix. This is how a man with a long penis can attempt to avoid ramming a woman's cervix while still pushing in deep. Even then, the cervix can be rammed accidentally.

    Further, lots of pressure, in the posterior forninx can still cause some women discomfort. If they are very aroused and close to orgasm, the woman is more likely to experience pleausre from the pressure, even if the pressure almost hurts.

    Not every woman likes to feel the pressure of something pressing in till it "hits bottom", but the women that do usually have great orgasms when they are able to feel something press in as deep as it will go. It is sometimes called the "Deep Spot", or the "Cul De Sac".

    I am not a doctor, but I have searched for information about the depth of the vagina. I craved knowledge in this area. I have also used sex toys with at least 5 of the 17 or so women that I have slept with, and their vaginas all were between 6" and 7" deep, including the depth of the vulva.

    All penises should be measured on the top side. One measurement is "Bone Pressed" and the other is "Non-bone Pressed" (which is what women usually see).

    My penis is 6.75" long. That is the bone pressed measurement (pusshing the base of the ruler into the fat pad till it rests firmly on the pubic bone). I have been sleeping with someone's wife, while he watches. Both of them thought that my cock was 8". They still call it big, even though I have told them the truth. Many guys that have average or smaller penises, and women, are not accurate when guestimating the size of a penis that is above average.

    Furthermore, a real life penis can bend slightly, and the head also can compress very sligtly. That is why a woman with a vagina that can hide only 6" of a rigid plastic vibrator can probably take a 7" penis in burried to the hilt.

    The Amazing Ty, a woman that earned her claim to fame on the Internet by performing with the largest dildos available, has the deepest vagina that I have ever seen in the whole world of adult entertainment. In one of her videos, Measuring Up, the deepest she took in a dildo was 10 inches, including the depth of her BIG VULVA. It was a 13 inch dildo, and the base of it pressed down hard into the matress as she lowered onto it. She pressed down hard and really gave it her best try. The "high water mark" was 10 inches from the tip, after she pulled it out. That dildo probably curved a little bit in her large pelvis when she was trying her hardest. Maybe if it were glass, the high water might have been at 9 inches instead of 10 inches, but the dildo curved slightly.

    My final words are that when using dildos on women, most can hide 6". Many can hide 7". Just a few can hide 8", and a few rare snatches can hide 9" of dildo. Go and try it and report back to us if you doubt this. Just like penis size, a chart on vagina size would display a curve."
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    Re: Vagina Depth Poll

    Interesting how these guys are talking about their wives routinely finding 8,9,10 and 11 inch guys as if it's pretty common. I'll go out on a limb here and suggest they need schooling on how to measure. First rule: never take a woman's word for penis length. Another consideration: no measuring from the asshole like they do when measuring a dog's tail. Furthermore, the hang of the testicles is not to be included.
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    Re: Vagina Depth Poll

    Nice info on the subject
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