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    Exclamation Pill to keep you hard after ejaculation and thicker when soft

    Hey guys Ive been taking an enhancement pill called Mojonights its sold on but they also have there own website its

    It keeps me hard after I ejac so I can go round after round without effort of trying to keep it up. It also give me a thicker flaccid for about 3 days. It works only with sexual stimulation.

    ***** BUT the fda found out it contains tadalafil, sildenafil, sulfoaildenafil, sulfosildenafil, and hydroxythiohomosildenafil*****

    The report is here

    I was wondering does anyone else have this effect with any of these ED pills, Im trying to figure out what gives me this effect. Post if you guys have any explanations. Thanks

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    Re: Pill to keep you hard after ejaculation and thicker when soft

    i took this about over a month ago...the first pills did nothing so took the other and got a good erection. the next day i kept getting random erection which were very firm and the slightest sexual thought would bring me to HAVE to get off. i got red eyes the initial night but lasted a bit longer than usual. i will ready for round 2 within 20 minutes in the original state. i have tried many of these pills with the intentions of finding the laced one so i can review many...mojo risen> mojonights...the difference was 1 vs 2 for the same effect. for best results get off with the wife 1-2 days prior to taking. i use it as a midweek boast. i just got my tadalafil 25mg caps so hopefully all the trial is over. also i got some stree which i never tried cause black ant was garbage, also s-rock, and night rider the newest. if the tad works i will just sell the others which are unopened.

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    Re: Pill to keep you hard after ejaculation and thicker when soft

    yeh man I ordered some tadalafil too I think it will do the trick but not sure as I have taken cheap generic tabs in the past and had no results. So do you think mojo risen has hidden ingredients also?

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    Re: Pill to keep you hard after ejaculation and thicker when soft

    well in comparison to what i've taken then learned it had v in it, i'd say mojo risen does have that in it as well just based on how i felt. actually in comparison to mojonights, i'd say more v risen. not to say it may not be natural. one thing for sure is you certainly taste the cayenne pepper whether you open the capsule or not. personally open them and taste a dab then reconnect. i started doing this when i tried black ant which i'm certain was flour of some sort. hands down risen>nights. i read reviews that said 2 risen made them feel like they were going to explode. i only did 1 which was good for me.....also if you're looking for v laced pills, "x-rock" is the deal. it was pulled in april so you'd have to look at gas station etc. the biggest ebay supplier now sell "s-rock" which he says is the replacement and many like better. i have some but have not tried it. i only put faith in my reviews are people like me rather than a sales pitch.

    powerzen (all strengths suck...head erections only/headache hehehe)
    black ant (real ants>)
    virilis pro (take two it will work but the 2nd day is when it kicked in for me. smh)
    nightrider original (useless)
    stiff nights (weak)

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