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  1. 10 Ways to Fight Pornography

    Started by doublelongdaddy, 02-15-17 03:00 PM
    accountable, allows, average, cheap, checkout, conte, encourage, ging, hanging, health, healthy, help, huge, mental health, pos, questio, research, secret, sex, string, study, time, truth, trying to
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  2. Pretty interesting...isn't it???

    Started by BigThingStory, 12-26-16 01:12 PM
    advice, afterwards, cum, disaster, doublelongdaddy, edging, erection, fast, ging, girlfriend, guy, manual, neither, normal, questio, satisfy, sensitivity, sex, short, somehow, templnite, time, transmission, trying to
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  3. is there anybody that pumped for years?

    Started by Castiel, 11-08-16 04:19 PM
    2 inches, acht, bathmate, bm, gains, ging, girth, inches, jelq, kegels, kyomoto, mate, perma, permanent, pos, pump, questio, question, routine, shower, stretch, test, time, warm, x40
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  4. funny videos , truck pull

    Started by beardedbaldy, 10-02-16 03:11 PM
    beardedbaldy, blood, gains, ging, kyomoto, par
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  5. Guy swings by his nuts! !

    Started by beardedbaldy, 09-24-16 11:52 AM
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  6. Dennis Snippet: The Levels of Thigh

    Started by gaston88, 08-10-16 12:04 PM
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  7. Losing the fat pad!

    Started by john, 07-12-03 12:04 AM
    advice, appearance, average, basically, blood, body, bone, calories, diet, easy, erect, excel, exercise, exercises, fairly, faster, fat, fat pad, gain, gains, ging, guy, hanging, hard, help, hyperglycemia, increase, kidneys, loads, low, muscle, opposite, pad, par, penis, pos, pressed, product, pumping, questio, research, results, routine, safe, simple, site, skin, supplement, time, trying to, water, weight, workout, zero
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  8. Mixing PE with weight lifting.

    Started by pUNKY, 08-26-03 05:49 PM
    according, advice, apart, appear, body, cheap, circuit, confused, doublelongdaddy, easy, exercise, exercises, free, ging, goals, gym, hard, help, improve, larger, load, low, manual, motivation, muscle, normal, par, particularly, penis, pos, pressed, product, progress, quick, results, routine, simple, time, trying to, weight, workout
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  9. Discoloration and growth

    Started by Priapos, 08-29-03 09:45 AM
    confused, discoloration, downwards, erect, fat, flaccid, gains, ging, goal, growth, hanging, hardly, improve, indicate, instead, penis, regarding, testicles, workout
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  10. P.E. Excercise Aide

    Started by BigRig, 09-05-03 04:20 PM
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    blood, cold, contain, deal, erection, exercises, gains, ging, hard, hardly, health, help, huge, improve, jelq, jelqs, length gains, low, lungs, muscle, p.e, penis, pos, reddening, results, routine, safe, sensitivity, skin, stretch, stretching, supplement, temporary, tool, underneath, warm, whit, workout
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  11. Heat may help?

    Started by 8 isn't enough, 09-05-03 11:08 PM
    battery, blood, body, circulation, cold, directly, fairly, gains, ging, guy, hanging, healing, help, increase, low, normal, pad, par, penis, perma, permanent, pos, research, routine, skin, stretch, stretched, stretcher, stretching, study, theory, time, trying to, warm
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  12. The Atkins Diet...I may try again

    Started by doublelongdaddy, 09-13-03 03:20 PM
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    advice, allows, average, basically, basics, blood, body, calories, cold, conte, contemporary, cut, deal, decades, decrease, depression, diet, directly, easy, encourage, established, exercise, explains, fast, fat, fitness, fleshlight, former, free, ftw, gain, gains, ging, goal, goals, grams, growth, gym, hard, hardcore, head, health, help, hijack, increase, increasing, injury, instead, low, meant, mentality, muscle, normal, normally, opposite, par, particularly, pay, penis, pos, pressure, program, provides, questio, question, quick, regulation, research, results, routine, safe, secret, short, simple, site, substitutes, success, temporary, time, tries, trying to, warm, water, weight, weight gain, worst, wrap
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  13. Power Assist

    Started by freakybig, 09-20-03 09:37 AM
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    advanced, allows, apart, appearance, bib hanger, buying, cheap, clarified, cold, cost, cut, deal, device, doublelongdaddy, duplicate, effective, engineer, equipment, exercise, exercises, fairly, faster, ging, guy, hands, hard, hardly, help, increase, instead, investing, low, manual, meant, mentality, money, normally, obviously, par, pay, penis, pos, posts, private, product, quality, questio, question, results, routine, simple, site, somehow, sometime, stability, stretch, stretched, stretcher, stretching, support, surgery, temporary, tend, thick, throughout, tight, time, tio, tool, whom, wrap
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  14. Directions on How to Make your own Power Assist

    Started by doublelongdaddy, 09-21-03 12:50 AM
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    Last Post: 09-18-05 08:04 PM
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  15. Pre-mature ejaculation prevention technique

    Started by RoughSex, 09-29-03 05:50 PM
    blood, break, condom, cum, cut, edging, fast, foreskin, ging, guy, head, opposite, par, pos, pressure, pussy, quick, research, sex, thick, throughout, time, trying to
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  16. The Power Assist is on its way!!!!

    Started by b1nzen48, 09-30-03 07:29 PM
    device, discreetly, dld blasters, doublelongdaddy, ging, hanging, penis, phallosan, pos, skin, stretching, thru
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  17. New Use For Power Assist

    Started by C-Guy, 10-03-03 02:44 PM
    2 inches, anyways, balls, deal, exercises, ging, guy, hanging, homemade, intentionally, master, penis, private, prototype, thru, tio
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  18. For the penimaster users

    Started by MustBeDreaming, 10-12-03 04:49 AM
    7 inches, 8 inch, adjust, afterwards, balls, bars, black, break, creases, erect, flaccid, gain, gains, ging, hang, hanging, hard, increase, jelqs, length gains, normal, p.e, penis, phallosan, pos, product, pumping, quick, results, routine, stretch, stretching, time, tool, warm, worst, wrap
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