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  1. correct way to jelq?

    Started by cockmagic, 11-22-15 03:25 AM
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  2. KingD LG Hanger Review W/ Pics

    Started by KingD, 07-21-14 12:48 PM
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  3. Auto Xsleeve

    Started by Oe13it, 11-15-13 10:38 PM
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  4. penis stretching and premature ejaculation

    Started by skarhead, 03-07-13 03:50 PM
    base, cum, damage, error, faster, gains, glans, inner penis, intense, masturbating, nerve damage, pain, penis, penis stretching, perma, permanent, pos, sex, simple, stretching
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  5. Penimaster ADS Problems with wearing

    Started by Samuli, 11-13-11 03:10 AM
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  6. Male Edge Device

    Started by Crazy Doc, 03-06-11 05:24 PM
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  7. My Current Health and Performance Plan

    Started by goldmember, 02-28-06 08:30 PM
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  8. The Ultimate ADS - VTLC Tugger

    Started by Super, 01-27-04 10:51 AM
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