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    Talking Beware the "One Weird Trick"

    LOL. Who falls for these adds? Apparently enough men do, otherwise they would not be paid for? That's my thinking anyway. I see adds on some free porn sites I use when I do girth work that say things like "Discover this ONE weird trick that will make her want you every time!" I just roll my eyes. Gimme a break. LOL...there's even some that are for enlargement pill (surely) scams that read similar "One weird trick to make your penis bigger". My favorite is probably "Gain 4" in FOUR WEEKS!".
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    Re: Beware the "One Weird Trick"

    Like the "One Weird Trick" for a flat belly. Maybe you lipo the gut-blubber actually into the penis somehow.
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    One technique that works for me for stretching is start as close to the base as possible and perform one set of stretches there, then move towards the head about an inch or so-one finger width for me- and then continue on until I've reached the head.

    To maintain a good grip I'll kegel blood into my penis until the volume from my grip point to the head is almost at a full erection level, gripping tightly to prevent outflow, this "bulbous end" acts as a damn good anchor. It also isolates the vast majority of the stretch into the tunica & septum- away from the skin.

    Like I always tell new guys:
    1. Absorb as much information as you can, there's no substitute for honest-to-God knowledge.
    2. Find out what works for YOU, experiment, try new routines, expand your personal envelope in a rational, intelligent fashion.
    3. Go can't train a broke dick.

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    Re: Beware the "One Weird Trick"

    lol these ads make me lol.

    "Learn 3 weird questions that make girls wanna fuck"
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    Re: Beware the "One Weird Trick"

    Grow a DLD dick in 10 min!
    Easy, just try this super stretch car tow dick exercise!

    No tricks, just strait truth!

    This is how you end up!
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    Re: Beware the "One Weird Trick"

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex78 View Post
    Grow a DLD dick in 10 min!
    Easy, just try this super stretch car tow dick exercise!

    No tricks, just strait truth!

    This is how you end up!

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