Thursday, February 25, 2010

Believe In Your Penis Gains

Male enhancement isn't instantaneous --penis gains appear at different rates for different men. Belief in the penis enlargement process and commitment to your routine of penis exercises are the keys to achieving the penis growth you dream of.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Perfect Penis>>>Channel 4 Documentary on Penis Enlargement

This is the Channel 4 documentary, The Perfect Penis. It focuses on different forms of penis enlargement. I am in part 3 at 7:50. It is very interesting and a must for anyone getting into PE.

For some men bigger - whether by mechanical, herbal or surgical means - will always mean better. The penis is the organ most central to a man's sense of self, and the quest for penile perfection has driven some men to extraordinary and dangerous lengths.

This programme meets the Russian surgeons who chopped off a man's penis and re-grew it on his arm, the man whose penis has real pulling power, and the man for whom too big is just not big enough.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penis Enlargement Tips to Make Gains Faster

Penis Enlargement Tips to Make Gains Faster

With good reason men want to make penis enlargement gains in the fastest way. It is important to know that penis enlargement is not something that will happen overnight. I say this because I get so many comments from men with ridiculous expectations. One man said that he had a date in 2 weeks and wanted to gain 2" for the date. This type of logic will always end in failure. Making a 2" gain could take as little as six months or take as long as 2 years. Much of this is dependent on what exercises you are using, the frequency of training, intensity used, motivation and many other factors. This BLOG is geared to help you make the fastest, safest gains possible.

Natural Penis Enlargement
Natural penis enlargement is the most powerful way to make gains. Most men become very confused about where to start as today there are literally 100's of exercises and just as many routines. I suggest starting with my Newbie Routine. The newbie routine is identical to the 1st phase of the Matters of Size program. The routine is set up to not only teach you the proper way to exercise but the fastest, safest way. The routine is based on the most basic penis enlargement exercises and these exercises will be the foundation of your penis enlargement journey.


Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below
Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds

Straight Down to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Down Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Out to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Out Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Up to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Up Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Basic Jelqing

For First 2 weeks - 300 2 Second Jelqs

after 2 weeks - 600 2 Second Jelqs

After Jelq: Warm Down

PC Muscle Fitness

100 quick Kegel squeezes

50 of the following:
Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 5 seconds then slowly release for 2 seconds. When you have finished the 50 your PC muscle will be screaming. This is a good sign. Now to finish the exercise start squeezing and hold for 1 minute, if you get tired squeeze harder until the minute is complete.

Testicle Health Massage



A very important part of your program will be the Warm-up and Warm-Down. During this process you will be preparing your penis for exercise. It is important to warm up in order to loosen the ligaments and increase good blood flow. There are many different ways to accomplish this here are a few:

Heating Pad: A conventional heating pad works very well for warm-up. You can pick one up for under $14.00 and they create the perfect heating supply for warm-up. Wrap your penis in the heating pad, plug it in, set a comfortable temperature and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Hot Wrap: A hot wrap is a quicker, less expensive way to warm-up. With a standard washcloth fill you sink or tub with hot water. Soak washcloth until hot and wrap penis. Re-soak rag as it cools. This process should be done for about 5 minutes.

Oil rub Warm-up: With some basic baby oil heat in hot water or microwave very quickly (making sure it is not burning hot) when desired heat is reached work this oil into your penis in a deep massage. This massage should last 5 minutes.

Hot Tub, Shower or Bath: A warm-up can also be done in one of the previously mentioned places. If time allows a nice 10 minute soak really loosens things up and prepares you for exercise.

Basic Stretching
After your warm-up in a seated position prepare yourself for your stretching routine. With an ample supply of Baby powder on you hands grip your penis just below the head. Go easy at first and over your first week, as you become comfortable, increase the stretching strength to 100%.

Basic Jelqing
With desired lubricant (I highly recommend Vaseline) cover hands and penis completely. At this point you will want to have about an 80% erection (semi-soft) Now in a seated position with your palm down grip your penis with the standard OK sign grip. Gripping your penis at the extreme base and a tight grip, force the blood from the very base up to right below the head in a sliding motion. When your first hand reaches the bottom of your head the second hand begins the same movement. This is a strange movement at first but over a few sessions it will become second nature. With each passing day increase the intensity ever so slightly. The goal of basic jelqing is too enlarge girth, add length and improve general penile health.

PC Muscle Fitness/Kegels
This is an important part of your workout.
This routine can be done anywhere. The benefits of doing these are a huge part of your growth process. A mature, developed PC muscle will be paramount to future gains and penile health.

What is a kegel?
A kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. To feel this muscle movement simply stop and start the flow of urine. This isolation of the PC muscle is a kegel.

Why would I want to do kegel exercises?

� Stronger Erections
� Longer Erections due to blood hold capacity
� Larger head size
� Further ejaculatory Distance
� Sexual enjoyment is enhanced for both partners
� It can prevent prolapsed of pelvic organs
� It can help prevent leaking urine when you sneeze or cough

Testicle Health
Testicle Health Stretch will help your penis to hang lower in flaccid state. It will also increase blood flow to your testicles and aid in sperm count. This routine should take no longer than 5 minutes but the benefits are many.

With favorite lotion grab your scrotum just above your testicles. Now in a rubbing motion massage each testy for 30 seconds rubbing between your fingers in a gentle but firm movement. Now massage all the fluid around your testicles for 60 seconds. At this point your scrotum should be very relaxed. Finally lightly stretch your scrotum downward while the other hand pulls your penis upward. Do 60 of these. This is a very quick routine but the benefits are great. This will also aid you in any kind of early warning signs of testicular problems.

I have always trained 7 days on no days off. I think this type of schedule promotes a more habitual program. For me days off can quickly turn into weeks off so it is better for me to be a daily trainer. I also believe that the penis only needs 24 hours of recovery before it is trained again. Some guys either do not have the time for this or it may be too difficult at first. In this case I recommend deducting one day at a time until the perfect routine is created. i.e. 6 on 1 off, 5 on 2 off.

Here is a playlist from my Youtube Penis Enlargement Tutorial. Watch these 7 videos as they contain many great tips to making faster gains.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Making Best Length and Girth Gains in Penis Enlargement

Hello and welcome to another BLOG from Matters of Size. Today I want to explore how gains are made fastest. Most guys get into penis enlargement with misunderstood beliefs. Some think that the best way to gain is to jump into the most advanced penis enlargement workout they can find thinking this will produce the fastest gains. This proves to be the slowest and most risky way to start penis enlargement. The problem with moving into advanced penis enlargement exercise before learning the basics is that most of the gains men will make will be in the first few months training, using the basic exercise. Most men will see an inch to 2 inches using the Phase 1 workout over about a six month period.

The way the Matters of Size program is set up is to progressively get men growing and constantly pushing the gains by introducing more intense exercises. So someone who has gained all they can in the first phase of the program will simply switch to the second phase of the program which will push the intensity and type of exercises and get you gaining again. The Matters of Size program currently has 5 phases. Here are some of the questions and answers to some of the most asked questions: (if you have more questions please join the Matters of Size Free Forum where you can find the answer to 1000's of questions about penis enlargement)

What is Matters of Size Penis Enlargement?
Matters of Size penis enlargement is a 5 phase method of proven natural
Penis Enlargement exercises and techniques developed by DoubleLongDaddy to increase the length and girth of your penis. Available for the first time online in a easy to use highly comprehensive format complete with high quality Penis Enlargement illustrations, Penis Enlargement video, Penis Enlargement audio dialogue, and downloadable text PDF Files.

Does the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement
exercise program work?
Yes. This is a bold statement but I guarantee you will have a longer, thicker penis if my
Penis Enlargement program is followed.

Will Matters of Size be enough to enlarge my penis or do I have to spend more money?

There is only one price of $49.95 for a lifetime membership to the Matters of Size
Penis Enlargement website. You will have complete access to all the Penis Enlargement exercises and files contained here. The unique 5 phase program of natural Penis Enlargement exercises will be all you'll need to make incredible gains.

How long will it take before I start to notice an increase in the size of my penis?

Within the first few weeks you will notice changes happening.

Why this site?
Matters of Size
Penis Enlargement was completely designed by me, Doublelongdaddy, and I have been involved with the Penis Enlargementcommunity for a long time. My only job is Penis Enlargement and I take it very serious. I am well known for many of the Penis Enlargement exercises you hear about already today and I am constantly developing new and innovative strategies to maximize Penis Enlargement. This site is not like anything else on the net, it takes a new approach to an old art and is constantly updated with the latest and most cutting edge DLD Penis Enlargement Exercises.

Will I have to do these exercises forever to stay large?
No. After you complete the 5 main phases of Matters of Size
Penis Enlargement Program you will have your new size for life.

Can I damage my penis using these exercises?
If done properly these
Penis Enlargement exercises are set up to be safe and comfortable. Also with the 5 Phase tier you will be slowly worked into maximizing your gains.

What is so important about size?
Penis size is probably one of the most thought about topic in a mans life. Having a larger penis will change your life.


What is impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Impotence?
Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is defined as the consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficiently to permit satisfactory sexual intercourse. Many men experience erectile failure one or more times during their adult lives (usually due to anger, Stress or drinking) but this clears up quickly and no treatment is needed.

What is the difference between impotence and erectile dysfunction?
Nothing except the more modern politically correct term is erectile dysfunction, especially in the US. The rest of the world, especially Europe and Asia still use the term impotence to describe this condition.

Is impotence a disease?

No, it is usually more of a symptom or side effect of something else. That "something else" can be quite serious, even life threatening in some cases, so the cause of impotence needs to be determined and corrected if possible. This obviously means you should let your family doctor know if you are one experiencing erectile problems. So even if you have tried some initial treatments without success, talk to your doctor about other treatment possibilities. This is often a good time for referral to an ED specialist, usually a urologist.

Is impotence treatable?
Yes, often the underlying cause can be determined with a few simple tests and in some cases corrected. Even if the cause is not correctable (i.e. high blood pressure, prostate cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc) nearly every man can have his erectile dysfunction treated and satisfactory erections restored.

How common is impotence/erectile dysfunction?
Unfortunately, very common. A recent study done in Massachusetts showed that 52% of men between ages 40-70 had some degree of erectile difficulty. It is estimated that between 20 and 30 million men in the US have erectile dysfunction, only a small percentage of them have yet to seek or receive treatment.

I am only 22 years old and am sexually inexperienced. Recently I am having difficulty keeping my erection during intercourse with my girlfriend. Do I have ED?

You are certainly are having erectile difficulties but unless you have one or more of the previously mentioned underlying medical conditions, your erectile difficulties are probably psychological and only temporary. Many men experience erectile failure on a temporary basis from time to time (often due to stress, monetary concerns, excessive alcohol intake, etc.) but these failures usually resolve themselves with a little time and patience. Having an understanding, non-demanding partner with whom you can talk frankly is a big help. If you continue to experience failure on a consistent basis, you should see your physician for a complete medical exam.


What is Peyronie's disease?
Peyronie's disease is an inflammation of the erectile bodies in the penis, otherwise known as the corpora cavernosa. Peyronie's disease is more common than people think, occurring most often in men between the ages of 40 to 60, but can occur at any age.

The causes of Peyronie's disease are unknown. In fact, since the description by the French surgeon, Francois Peyronie, in 1743, not a great deal of progress has been made in understanding the reasons and progression of Peyronie's disease. Peyronie's disease probably represents a phlebitis or inflammation of the veins that are in the corpora cavernosa or 'erectile bodies' or channels in the penis.

What causes Peyronie's disease?
Scar tissue under the skin of the penis causes the curve. No one knows why the scar tissue starts. Some men with Peyronie's disease have had a penis injury that causes scar tissue. The scar feels like a ridge or a row of tiny bumps. The scar can keep getting worse during the first few years, making the penis curve more and more. You might notice this more during an erection.

What are the signs and symptoms of Peyronie's disease?

The cause of the plaque is unknown, but may develop due to a trauma to the penis or in the groin area. Some of the symptoms of Peyronie's disease are:
� Painful Erections
� Soft Erections
� Curvature in the Penis
� Fibrous area under the Skin of the Penis

Peyronie's disease is not cancerous and is not sexually transmitted.

What can Matters of Size do about the curve in my penis?
Matters of Size has specific exercise routines that were designed to correct this problem. We have had great success with men who suffer from this disorder. This link shows a gentleman who has made incredible changes in now only bend correction but size (check out the
"In Only Six Weeks"Testimonial).

Can anything else help?

I highly recommend using my natural methods for correction. There are many other options in treating Peyronie's. However, these methods involve surgery and medication and the effects are very unsatisfying.


What is premature ejaculation?
Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems. The condition is most often described as being an inability to delay ejaculation to a point when it is mutually desirable for both partners. The definition of when ejaculation is premature is subjective. While some men have trouble controlling their orgasm upon entry, others consider 5-10 minutes of copulation too little time. How long a man is able to last is not the important factor in diagnosing premature ejaculation. The crucial issue is if a man is satisfied with the length of coitus.

How is premature ejaculation caused?
Premature ejaculation often occurs during the first experiences with sex, and in this case is most commonly attributed to anxiety. The majority of men gradually learn to control their orgasm, and have no lasting effect. Some men will develop a longer-term anxiety toward sex, which can cause a prolonged experience with premature ejaculation.

Sexual behavior is also a factor. The longer the period since last ejaculating, the quicker young men typically reach orgasm. Younger men tend to ejaculate more quickly than older men, as experience seems to be associated with ejaculatory control.

What can Matters of Size do to help me delay ejaculation?
You will find on going studies on the latest information on premature ejeculation at Matters of Size. You will also find many exercises and therapies geared at taking control of your orgasm.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Honest User Review of Bathmate Enlarger Pump

My Honest Review of Bathmate Enlarger Pump: Does Bathmate Work?

If you land on this page, you are probably looking for more information on Bathmate, the latest penis enlarger pump. In this article, you are going to find out my personal experience on Bathmate pump. Although it is highly recommend, it is certainly not perfect, and may not work for everyone. You are going to find out the why in this article.

My story
My name is Ian Lee. OK , probably you are not so interested to know more about me, but you may relate to my problems. You see, I have a really small member (less than 5 inches, you can imagine?). If that�s not the worst, I found myself losing control by merely touching my partner�s pubic hair! That�s right, I suffer from the dreaded �small penis syndrome� and premature ejaculation.

Needless to say, my girlfriend at that time was upset with me. I became desperate. I�d try anything that claim to be the solutions of my problem. You name it; I�ve almost everything except surgery: stretcher, pump, patch, creams etc. Nothing works,

To cut long story short, my girlfriend left me for another guy who checked on her. My heart was shattered, but it�s not like I can do anything.

Then, a friend recommends I try Bathmate Penis enlarger pump. He swears that it makes his member bigger. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try. After all, it has money back guarantee.

The concept: Bathmate works by enlarging your penile tissue and chamber. As these components are expanded, they are able to hold more blood to form erection, thus resulting in larger and bigger penis.

My experience
I was surprised that Bathmate is different from other enlarger pump. With regular enlarger pump, it creates vacuum environment around your member. The downside is, these products tend to make your member swell and uncomfortable. Bathmate works differently. It creates the pressure inside the water instead of air. Unlike standard enlarger pump, it feels quite comfy. After the first pump, I did find my member to become firmer.

I used it for 15-20 minutes day during shower, as instructed. Besides, I also try to eat sensibly and exercise my penis regularly to improve penile fitness and stamina.

After 1 month, I am delighted to find out that I have grown 1 inch! In addition, I am able to sustain the erection to give my partner long, pleasurable sex. I was told that my progress is rather fast, and I attribute it to the penis workout.

Needless to say, I am thrilled. Have I found Bathmate long time ago, I would not have to go through all the headaches and heartaches.

Click here to buy Bathmate

What I like about Bathmate: it is natural and effective. Plus, it does not cause discomfort on penile shaft. You actually feel quite comfortable with it.

Feedback on customer support: I really like the way they package the product. When you receive it, it doesn�t appear to be a male enhancement product. They really protect customer�s privacy. After all, it is embarrassing to let others know you purchase such product. In addition, their customer support is timely and friendly.

Beware of Bathmate scam: there are many sellers of Bathmate only, and some are scams and made of poor quality materials. If you get these products, you won�t achieve desired results. Thus, you should only buy from credible Bathmate retailer, and I highly recommend Bathmate USA. Although located in USA, it ships to world wide.

People have been asking if I can get a discount on the BATHMATE so today I asked Gerry, my contact at BM, for a special coupon for MOS and he agreed to a $15.00 discount. It is real easy to use, just go to the link belw and when filling out order page use: [B]MOSDISCOUNT[/B] in the coupon box. Discount will appear instantly.


Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Does Penis Enlargement Work? VIdeo 2

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Mass Penis Enlargement Confusion...Keep it simple

Over the past 10 years penis enlargement has become immensely advanced. There is more than 10 penis enlargement devices, millions of sites, umpteen exercises and routines. For a new guy getting into penis enlargement it is the best time but with all of these new advancements it can be intimidating. When starting penis enlargement it is best to stick to the basics.

A good penis enlargement workout can last approximately 45 minutes and should include girth and length exercises. A newbie should start with a routine like this:

Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below
Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds
Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds

Straight Down to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Down to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Down Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Out to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Out to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Out Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Up to the Left: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Center: 30-seconds
Straight Up to the Right: 30-seconds
Straight Up Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Basic Jelqing

For First 2 weeks - 300 2 Second Jelqs

after 2 weeks - 600 2 Second Jelqs

You can even break this up into 2 routines, one for length and the other for girth. When I first started penis enlargement I did 30 minutes of stretching in the AM and 30 minutes of girth work in the PM.

It is also important that you do a warm-up and a warm-down after you train. This can be done very easily with a hot wash cloth (no so hot that you burn yourself) but take a warm washcloth and wrap it around your penis for 3 minutes before training and another 3 minutes after training. This will aid in expansion and healing.

Stick with this basic routine for at least 2 weeks before venturing into advanced forms of penis enlargement.

JOIN MY FREE FORUM! This will be your best penis enlargement tool as you can post questions, search data bases, find routines, discuss exercise, etc. and there are more than 150,000 members so you will get replies to all inquiries.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Check out articles from Big Al, DLD, and other well known PE authors at

Please feel free to comment on any of the articles. If you're interested in posting an article or you have an idea for something you'd like to see listed there, please let me know.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Natural Penis Enlargement and Penis Enlargement Pills

I am sure you have seen the commercials that they promise to increase the size of that certain male body part by taking a pills everyday. To understand why this is allowed to happen and why men are left with a negative view of penis enlargement as a whole. If penis enlargement were as easy as popping a pill there would be millions of men running around with a 9" penis but this is not the case. So what do these penis enlargement pills do? Most men do not realize that their maximum potential size is never realized largely because of poor erections. The penis enlargement pills will give you incredible erections which may translate to size gains in their mind when really they are only reaching their full erection potential. So many men believe they are making penis enlargement gains when really they are only realizing their best possible erection.

This analogy might help you understand my point better. You do not walk into a gym and ask for a muscle supplement and expect to build muscle gains because of taking the supplement. You know that the supplement it taking in conjunction with working out. The two work together to produce fast muscle growth. The same scenario applies to penis enlargement. You can not expect to make penis size gains by taking a supplement. The penis enlargement pills DO give you the potential to make fast gains but without natural penis enlargement exercise the supplement will do little but give you great erections.

At Matters of Size we do sell penis enlargement supplemental pills. These pills (identical to all other penis enlargement pills) help with girth work. During girth penis enlargement exercises some men find it difficult to keep an erection level that is high enough during the routine. The pills help by keeping the user at a high enough erection level to get the most out of his physical efforts. Are penis enlargement pills necessary to make penis enlargement gains? Not at all. Just like any other supplement they are there as a supplement to the work.


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Monday, June 01, 2009

Penis Enlargement and a Healthy Body

When men come to me in the beginning of penis enlargement I ask two questions right away; What is your non-bone pressed measurement and what is you bone pressed measurement? For the typical man who is overweight I get a response of, usually, more than an inch difference between the two measurements. The reason for this is the fat pad that is located above the pubic bone at the upper base of the penis. Most men do not realize that even without penis enlargement they can make a huge gain by just dieting and exercise.

I am a perfect example of this methodology. When I started penis enlargement I had a 6.5 inch penis bone pressed. My non bone pressed, like most men, was about an inch less. As time progressed I gained a total of 4" in length but during this time I also packed on more than 100 pounds. So I was faced with a 4" gain but I lost 2.5" in fat pad making my total non bone pressed size only 7.5". even though I had a 10.5 inch penis most of my gains in size were hidden by my fat. This is when I started my weight loss and exercise program. I quickly lost all the weight and in the end I was able to show a 9.5" penis non bone pressed! The gains I made from weight loss easily surpassed the gains I made in penis enlargement.

The point I am trying to make is that if you approach penis enlargement with a total body change in mind your gains will be so much faster and your body will look great. It is also a fact that with a healthier body your penis enlargement gains will come faster because of better blood flow and tissue repair. If you want to gain in penis enlargement at the fastest possible rate take on a full body program that will give you a miraculous end result.


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Monday, May 25, 2009

Average Penis Size

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Penile 'ribs'

Title: Penile 'ribs' - The Trebeculae:Explanation of the 'Cages of girth'
Author: RedZulu2003
Date: 25/03/05

Firstly.... Alright, to get you onto the right path as to what I'm talking about here than see the following link .
Look above the female's finger for the 'line' going across the penis, underneath the skin. Thats what is often refered to as 'ribs' and Shane, the guy in that link is a great example.

What are these 'ribs'? They are called Trabeculae but 'ribs' is the slang if you will for them.
They are made-up of white fibrous tissue, elastic fibres and plain musculer fibres. Numourous arteries and nerves are contained in them. They are in essence what supports and encloses arteries entering the cavernous structure.

On entering the cavernous structure the arteries divide into branches, which are supported and enclosed by the trabeculae

Not alot of guys have these really visible like shane does, and thats why I used him as the example in the pictures.

I've found, that now I'm starting to see these Trabeculae becoming more and more visible.
I have had them like this for awhile now, but they have become more prominent especially during a session if I'm doing downward erect constricted bends.
The Trabeculae bulge out the sides just like shanes.
Deep girth work like that of constriction methods, SSJ, Horse Squeezes etc etc will make these Trabeculae structures more prominent, because they enclose arteries which carry blood into the Cavernous spaces so in essence they must be being enlarged through penis enlargement by doing deep internal girth work like that I have mentioned above.
I've never noticed these Trabeculae with other pe methods I used such as normal jelqing or stretching etc.
They musn't have hit the deep internal penis to actually get the Trabeculae to become prominent.
I think I'm also pretty confident that Shane has done penis enlargement, because these Trabeculae would need penis enlargement for sure to become so prominent.
I just wanted to share this information because it has always been on my mind as what these 'ribs' were - Trabeculae .
Now I know, and you and I can make them more prominent with deep girth work.
Also to recap, when I say deep girth work I mean such as anything that builds-up internally alot of pressure to work the girth, such as constriction, horse squeezes, SSJ etc etc.

The trabeculae isn't just a penile-thing.
Its linked mainly with......

* The Heart
* Spleen
* Bone
* Embryo
* Penis [as discussed]

It also exists in other anatomical properties, but those above are the main ones.

Here's also the summary of trebeculae from a medical dictionary.

a general term in anatomical nomenclature for a supporting or anchoring strand of connective tissue, such as one extending from a capsule into the substance of the enclosed organ
^ In the penis'es case, what supports and encloses arteries entering the cavernous structure.

This is the specific termonology of the trebeculae with regards to the penis

trabe'culae cor'porum cavernoso'rum pe'nis
trabe'culae cor'poris spongio'si pe'nis
Just wanted to clear this, incase any confusion came about in the future.
Trebeculae isn't just a penile termonlogy.


Now available to the general public, the VIMAX EXTENDER. This extender is the best on the market and it is now available for less than $150.00! The lowest price online is $299.00! This extender can go for as much as $600.00 but I have worked a deal out with VIMAX and now I can pass that savings onto you. Just follow the directions here:

Regularly $299.99

MoS Special Discount


You Must Type in the following Code
in the "Coupon or Discount Number" Box at the Bottom
of the Vimax Extender Credit Card Billing Page to get
your $150.00 MoS Member Discount!!!

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What you should know about your penis ligaments and tendons (By Redzulu)


This is a brief thread regarding mostly ligaments but also tendons and is covering the whole range and not one area specific, so this can be used to boost our knowledge of the penile structures and how better to target it.

Firstly lets talk about ligaments.

The ligaments help to stabilize and reinforce your joints by connecting bone to bone. Your ligaments can take an enormous amount of force for a very brief time and if the force is not removed, the ligament will tear or rupture.

If a ligament is damaged it usually takes between eight to twelve weeks for it to regain its strength. During that time your joint must be protected and supported by either taping it or using a brace [Doesnt apply to PE].

When your ligaments are put under stress by incorrect stretching, they will gradually elongate. As the ligament elongates it becomes weaker and is unable to properly bind the bones of the joint that it is suppose to support.

If the ligament is continually put under stress by repetitive stretching beyond the ligaments tensile strength, it can become permanently elongated and can lead to chronic inflammation which may lead to arthritis.

Ligament healing times

Ligament injuries anywhere in the body are much more serious than muscle injuries. Muscles have a tremendous blood supply and heal very quickly. Even if the muscle injury does not completely heal, the only symptom that you would notice would be weakness in the muscle. With some exercise, even that symptom would resolve.

This is not the case with ligaments.

Ligament injuries are different because most of them do not totally heal Even if the pain resolves, the ligament will not be as strong as it was prior to the injury. Since ligaments stabilize the joints, by definition ligament injury produces a loose joint. If the ligament never heals, chronic joint looseness or instability results.

Injured ligaments do not entirely regenerate. Rather, they repair with scar tissue. Repair and regeneration begin at 48 hours to 72 hours post-injury, and continue maximally for six weeks.

Minor damage will heal within 7 to 10 days. More severe damage can take three weeks, and up to six weeks to be fully strong and completely back to normal.

What does this mean for us?

What this means is that with regards to the penis we're in a very good position to take advantage of the ligaments healing and growth potential.
They elongate from intense stretching, which to us is more growth.

Ligament healing and growth would commence 48 hours from the damage to the ligaments, I say damage but dont take as literal because the damage is good damage for us, a stress or stimulus could be used instead.

From those 48 hours it could take anywhere upto 3-6 weeks for the 'damage' to be healed and new growth to have occured fully.

What this tells me is that those who say you must stretch your penis everyday like 5 days on 2 off or 7 on and none off are actually missing the boat with this one as they ligs wont grow any quicker from all that work placed upon them, with the minimum healing cycle starting at 48 hours post workout.

It would make sense to have a full day off from an intense length workout before starting it again. I usually take 2 days off after an intense length session and than get back into it again and I'm noticing good progress already from doing this in longer flaccid and erection length.

Ligament soreness is still present in my penile region from 2 days ago now, as I type this ... so that is telling you something about recovery, healing and than the growth phase. Doing too much is bad and you will yield NOTHING in gains as the body can only cope with so much before it says ''Enough is enough'' and it works against you.

Knowing this information on our ligaments, which isnt my opinion but fact and well known in the sports world can help us much more on our path to longer dicks.

Guys who do or did stretching everyday and gained well, how could one explain them for that? They had above average recovery and healing abilities or the stress imposed on the area to the ligaments wasnt as intense to warrant the longer recovery phase otherwise they would not be able to do 7 on for years on end without a negative cycle kicking in at some point.

So think about it >
Minor damage will heal within 7 to 10 days. More severe damage can take three weeks, and up to six weeks to be fully strong and completely back to normal.
Very intense stretching of the penile ligaments would not need to be done eachday as you can see, ligaments take awhile to recover back to normal so those who seem to think that you must rush and be quick to prevent the ligaments from becoming strong and harder to work, is wrong as it takes 3-6 weeks for them to fully recover! and you can have days off, it would benefit you to take days off and rest but dont think those days off are bad and that the ligaments will suddenly heal up and become stronger than before that quickly, because they wont. Its like a 3-6 week window of opportunity to make the most of, this is what I think anyway.

Lastly tendons

I will briefly touch upon tendons because they are often misunderstood in the world of pe.

Tendons are the most inelastic connective tissue in your body, and they attach your muscles to your bones.

All muscles have a tendon of origin, which is attached to the more stable bone and a tendon of insertion which is attached to the more moveable bone.

Tendons are stronger than both the muscle and the bone covering that it attaches to. Tendons can be torn or ruptured if loaded beyond their strength but since they are very strong, what usually happens is the muscle tissue or the bone covering tears before the tendon.

What all this really means is that tendons can not be stretched.

Hope this thread has helped you guys


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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Penis Enlargement and the Law of Allowing

This is a combination that I think is so important to those starting penis enlargement and the veterans of penis enlargement alike. Attracting a larger penis seems strange at first thought but there is nothing that can not be had through the law of allowing and attraction. When I first realized that penis enlargement was a reality I immediately started creating the penis I wanted in my mind. I would visualize the size, the length, the thickness. I even created a imaginary penis that was the size I wanted so I could look at it and feel it. As a matter of fact I had a 10 inch penis long before it ever manifested. I will explain this process and I hope you take this to heart as the faster you can become happy about the penis you have asked for the faster it will become a reality.

These three steps are the foundation for the Law of Attraction and Allowance. Whether we realize it or not, the Law is always working. Positive attracting positive and negative attracting negative. Therefore, skipping steps may cause results that differ greatly from what you intended.

1. Know what you desire and ask for it:

Knowing what you want isn�t as easy as it sounds. Aside from the basic physical needs, your mind is filled with wants, desires and fears. Conscious and unconscious. You need to know why you want the things you want. Maybe what you really want isn�t what you�re asking for at all. The conscious thoughts produce the same amount of energy as the unconscious ones. And if they�re contrary to one another, you�re defeating yourself.

So lets say when you begin penis enlargement you are starting with a 5" long penis x 4.5" of girth. �Your desire is 8" x 6", so this will be what you are asking for. �Now, ask yourself, why do you want this? �Be very specific about what you want and why so the universe can give you exactly what you want.�

2. Believe that what you desire is already yours:

Visualizing you having already achieved your desire is an important step. It�s the �positive thinking� step. Focusing on having it will create positive energy. The completion of your desire is a result of this positive energy.

This is such an important and fun part of the process. �Act, feel and be as if you already have the penis size you want. �Feel the confidence, imagine what it will be like when you have this size. Create around this dream. � Something that really works for a lot of men is getting some clay and molding the penis you want. �This brings the imagination in touch with the reality. �Remember, the happier you feel now about what you want the faster this will manifest.�

3. Allow:

This step is the one where so many people lose it. It�s the completion of your desire. Allow yourself to acknowledge your right to have your wishes fulfilled. For many, accepting this is the hardest part. If you consciously or unconsciously feel you don�t deserve what you�re asking for, you won�t get it. If you don�t believe you�re worthy of having your desires come true, they never will.

Feel worthy because you are. �This step is easily summed up like this; The moment you feel happy without the desire is the second it will become a reality.

Never look at this process as work as once you are in the flow of allowing any actions that will be necessary will present themselves to you. �People, places and events will all align themselves to the desire you want. �


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New Matters of Size Penis Pump System

After years of research and working with the pros, MoS is proud to announce the Mity Penis Pump.

The MoS Mity Penis Pump is the absolute highest quality and will Maximize your pumping technique to assure maximum gains from penis pumping.

Standard size is 2" diameter with 9" length.

Available in 2", 2.25" & 2.5" diameters and 9", 10", 12", 15" & 16" Lengths

By Kookie

Ok guys. Thought I would throw out some stuff I have learned over the years as an avid pumper.

First off, I think that pumping is a GREAT tool for girth. I attribute it to most of my girth gains over the years. But be warned, I think pumping has the most potential for injury than any type of PE. To many guys see those massive girth gains in the tube and start thinking to add more pressure AND time and they will gain quicker. Nope. A good way to get bruising and a massive thrombosed vein on top of several other types of injuries. You need to take it slow and condition your penis to take this type of pressure. Here are some tips...

1. ALWAYS WARM UP! Whether your using a rice sock, hot wash cloth, or heating pad, never forget that heat is your friend.

2. KEEP ACURATE TIME! Don't let that huge gain in the tube decieve you. Keep your times in the tube consistent. I would start with no more than 10 minutes at a time and build up to it.

3. GET A GAUGE! You will need this to keep track of your routine PLUS it will help you control your session. Don't let how good the higher levels can feel sometimes. I recomend the Mighty Vac.

4. ALWAYS START 100% ERECT! This will do two things mainly. 1, it will help you to reach maximum expansion and 2, it will help reduce fluid build up.

5. ALWAYS JELQ/MASSAGE AFTER EACH SET! Jelqing is the cornerstone of any girth routine to begin with. This will help get the blood moving around again and it will help to keep the fluid build up down as well.

6. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR COCK! If you start to notice bad discoloring or other abnormalities, STOP!

7. FEEL YOUR COCK! If you start to notice alot of pain, STOP!

8. DO LENGTH FIRST! If you are hanging or doing other length routines, do them first. You shouldn't hang after pumping.

9. USE A GOOD LUBE! Can't stress this enough. I start with a hand lotion then move to vaseline. Helps to create a good seal.

10. SHAVE! You will need to remove hairs that will cause leaks in your seal.

11. KEEP YOUR TUBE CLEAN! Hot water and mild dishwashing soap is what I use.

12. START WITH THE RIGHT SIZE TUBE! This is very important. Start with one tow big, then you run into the problem of having your nuts sucked up into the tube. Most of the Major pump sites tell you how to measure what size would be best for you.

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Monday, April 20, 2009


A very popular penis enlargement question is, Does penis enlargement work at any age? This is a great question and one I have a few answers to. First and most importantly, Yes, penis enlargement works at any age. My next thought is How early can one start penis enlargement? I think at the onset of puberty is a great time to start penis enlargement and it is the time that penis enlargement gains may come the quickest since it is in it's natural state of growth. Taking advantage of these growth hormones through penis enlargement exercise could prove to be the fastest way to gain. In my own experience, long before penis enlargement, I did a "kind of" penis enlargement unknowingly (this could explain why I had an above average starting size in penis enlargement.) I used to have a habit of pulling on my penis. I did it constantly and was always yelled at by my parents to "keep my hands out of my pants" Well, I didn't and I think that is where I got the extra inch of penis from. I believe if I did a solid penis enlargement program, while going through puberty, I would have gained much more...Thank God I found penis enlargement.

Now, on the upper end of the age meter we have men in their senior years inquiring if penis enlargement would work for them. I can't tell you how many guys I have as customers who are above 65. Out of all of my customers, one older fellow (75) made some of the best gains anyone has made. He started at 4.5 and is now over 8"....Simply incredible! Plus, the exercises will help older guys with blood flow to that area, keeping you with hard erections. My answer to age limits in penis enlargement is there are none.

I started penis enlargement at about 6" x 4.75" and I was 32. I went on to gain 4" in length and 2" of girth. Age is really no factor at all in penis enlargement. My only advice is to not become too obsessed with it. Realize it does work, do the exercises and live on with your day. The gain will come. Especially younger guys, penis size is not that important, make sure you live ALL areas of your life to the fullest.


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Does Penis Enlargement Work? VIDEO

This is a video on if penis enlargement works. I think it will give you a good perspective.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dr. Howard Brings Credence to Penis Enlargement

Dr. Howard advocates penile exercising as a way to improve penis function and size.
Not all medical professionals are apprehensive about penile exercising.

Some, like Dr. Richard Howard II, actually embrace it with open arms. He has been both a motivation and a lighting rod of support since I first talked to him nearly two years ago.

Dr. Howard wrote the introduction to Exercising the Penis and has one of the most motivational success stories I�ve ever heard. He lost over an inch with a topical cream that caused Peyronie�s and gained it all back and more (totaling over 3 inches gained in length and 2 inches in girth).

How does a doctor go against conventional wisdom and gain so much? I�ll let Howard tell you in his own words . . .

Can you give a quick overview of your professional background?

I have a bachelor�s in biology and economics, a master�s in public health and in biochemistry and a doctorate in public health and all course work up to a doctorate in biochemistry from Tulane University.

My main professional motivation was to determine methods of developing optimum health. It occurred to me that if you�re healthy you can live life to the fullest, and that was really the beginning of my health awareness.

Through exercise, supplements, proper diet, and inputs via a meditative and spiritual nature one has in place the predisposing elements for optimum health. I wanted to be an integrated individual that is healthy, energetic, with minimum stress and maximum mental acuity, and to be able to share this practical and useful knowledge with others for their own self improvement.

Did that have any ties to why you started penile exercising (PE)?

Yes, PE is part of wholeness and integrity of the individual. There seems to be a need in human nature to partition things or have either or, but in my view you can integrate it all - like in the principle of bodybuilding, which should logically include PE.

Eventually, through experiences I became aware of the sexual pizzazz factor. As a result of certain experiences and awareness�s, I began to realize sexuality and the physical tools involved counts in a substantial way in the dimension of interpersonal romantice. For example, all things being equal women with sizable breasts would generally have somewhat of an advantage in romance.

Overtime, I came to the conclusion that this would be most likely true in men as well. If all things were considered equal, the man who was most endowed would have more sexual pizzazz.

How did you get into PE?

I read about the Chartham method and tried that. I gained about a half an inch. After that, there wasn�t much for roughly 20 years. I did use vacuum pumps, but I never felt they worked particularly well in gaining any further than a half an inch.

In 1999, I ran across the Jes Extender and gained 3/8 - 1/2 an inch there in six months. It was a simple and ingenious device and the scientific literature on the extender showed significant results in a trial with this device.

By that time, I had an increase of 3/4th an inch in total.

I then applied a particular formulation that I thought would be theoretically helpful. It turned out that it was a very potent collagen synthesis cofactor and can cause collagen to grow out of control. It resulted in Peyronie�s disease and loss of an inch and a half. It ruined my whole afternoon, and maybe a few months to a year or two.

I went back to the Jes Extender and it simply didn�t have sufficient traction to correct this problem. It was like a tractor trying to pull a Mack truck out of a mud pit. Even though the extender says it can help Peyronie�s, it didn�t help in this case.

Where did you find your answer?

I explored the Internet and stumbled upon Thunder�s Place, which had a rich array of information.

I tried the BibHanger, which is a tool that would be skittishly thought about by many. It is a collar that you can attach to the penis and hang weights. I believe that with careful application it would have the traction to pull out the crimps caused by the atypical Peyronie�s disease.

Hanging was trial and error for me, but it began to work as I progressed in the learning curve which includes knowledge and fineness of right wrapping, the right warm up, the right settings and the slow addition the weights over time. If you don�t, you can have an occasional injury that usually clears up in a day or two to a week. The BibHanger site provides all the information one needs to effectively learn to use the ingenious device and make substantial gains.

How much did you gain?

After a period of time, I was able to pull out the collagen crimps and get back to my pre-Peyronie�s length. It was off and on for a while after that.

Then Katrina hit. I live in New Orleans, so I used PE as a way to cheer myself up. I started various methodologies ranging from jelqing to hanging to pumping.

The tissues in my penis became stronger and I gradually increased my length an extra 2.5 inches in length and 2 inches girth - bringing my current size to 8.25? X 6?.

Through personal reflection, as a scientist, insights are continually occurring to me as to developing progressive advanced routines for those who wish extraordinary gains.

What tips do you have for men trying to repeat your success?

Always start warm. Whether it is in the morning upon awakening in bed, when you�re already warm, or using a traditional warm up. Study as much as you can, from your book, Penile Exercising Gym, Thunder�s Place, and and others.

When it comes to stretching, make sure you stretch in all directions - up, down, and all around. The idea is to hit as many angles of the penis causing constructive stress in different areas.

Start with the manual PE moves as illustrated in your book which should yield adequate gains. If one wishes more than mechanical devices such as the BibHanger can be considered. There is always a risk/reward consideration. Also participate in all the health promoting dimensions one can such as diet, exercise, supplements, low stress, and a positive/spiritual outlook.

What about girth?

For girth work, make sure you put pressure on the base so that the anterior section expands.

There are various ways in doing it. I use an overhand grip so that I can get as close to the base as possible. For jelqing, gripping the base is important as well especially if the goal is girth.

Do you think that trying to do too much too soon tightens up the collagen?

Yes, that�s a function of being obsessive about PE. Doing too much causes contraction and a defensive response. That�s the way collagen deals with it.

You have to go at it easily, stay warm, do different variations and try to maintain tissue looseness.

I�m not a fan of the V-stretch or hanging in a V-configuration, as the strain it causes on the dorsal nerve concerns me. I don�t like to put a lot of pressure on the nerve and feel it�s dangerous, so I�m more of an advocate of the A-configuration.

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