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Making Best Length and Girth Gains in Penis Enlargement

Hello and welcome to another BLOG from Matters of Size. Today I want to explore how gains are made fastest. Most guys get into penis enlargement with misunderstood beliefs. Some think that the best way to gain is to jump into the most advanced penis enlargement workout they can find thinking this will produce the fastest gains. This proves to be the slowest and most risky way to start penis enlargement. The problem with moving into advanced penis enlargement exercise before learning the basics is that most of the gains men will make will be in the first few months training, using the basic exercise. Most men will see an inch to 2 inches using the Phase 1 workout over about a six month period.

The way the Matters of Size program is set up is to progressively get men growing and constantly pushing the gains by introducing more intense exercises. So someone who has gained all they can in the first phase of the program will simply switch to the second phase of the program which will push the intensity and type of exercises and get you gaining again. The Matters of Size program currently has 5 phases. Here are some of the questions and answers to some of the most asked questions: (if you have more questions please join the Matters of Size Free Forum where you can find the answer to 1000's of questions about penis enlargement)

What is Matters of Size Penis Enlargement?
Matters of Size penis enlargement is a 5 phase method of proven natural
Penis Enlargement exercises and techniques developed by DoubleLongDaddy to increase the length and girth of your penis. Available for the first time online in a easy to use highly comprehensive format complete with high quality Penis Enlargement illustrations, Penis Enlargement video, Penis Enlargement audio dialogue, and downloadable text PDF Files.

Does the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement
exercise program work?
Yes. This is a bold statement but I guarantee you will have a longer, thicker penis if my
Penis Enlargement program is followed.

Will Matters of Size be enough to enlarge my penis or do I have to spend more money?

There is only one price of $49.95 for a lifetime membership to the Matters of Size
Penis Enlargement website. You will have complete access to all the Penis Enlargement exercises and files contained here. The unique 5 phase program of natural Penis Enlargement exercises will be all you'll need to make incredible gains.

How long will it take before I start to notice an increase in the size of my penis?

Within the first few weeks you will notice changes happening.

Why this site?
Matters of Size
Penis Enlargement was completely designed by me, Doublelongdaddy, and I have been involved with the Penis Enlargementcommunity for a long time. My only job is Penis Enlargement and I take it very serious. I am well known for many of the Penis Enlargement exercises you hear about already today and I am constantly developing new and innovative strategies to maximize Penis Enlargement. This site is not like anything else on the net, it takes a new approach to an old art and is constantly updated with the latest and most cutting edge DLD Penis Enlargement Exercises.

Will I have to do these exercises forever to stay large?
No. After you complete the 5 main phases of Matters of Size
Penis Enlargement Program you will have your new size for life.

Can I damage my penis using these exercises?
If done properly these
Penis Enlargement exercises are set up to be safe and comfortable. Also with the 5 Phase tier you will be slowly worked into maximizing your gains.

What is so important about size?
Penis size is probably one of the most thought about topic in a mans life. Having a larger penis will change your life.


What is impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Impotence?
Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is defined as the consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficiently to permit satisfactory sexual intercourse. Many men experience erectile failure one or more times during their adult lives (usually due to anger, Stress or drinking) but this clears up quickly and no treatment is needed.

What is the difference between impotence and erectile dysfunction?
Nothing except the more modern politically correct term is erectile dysfunction, especially in the US. The rest of the world, especially Europe and Asia still use the term impotence to describe this condition.

Is impotence a disease?

No, it is usually more of a symptom or side effect of something else. That "something else" can be quite serious, even life threatening in some cases, so the cause of impotence needs to be determined and corrected if possible. This obviously means you should let your family doctor know if you are one experiencing erectile problems. So even if you have tried some initial treatments without success, talk to your doctor about other treatment possibilities. This is often a good time for referral to an ED specialist, usually a urologist.

Is impotence treatable?
Yes, often the underlying cause can be determined with a few simple tests and in some cases corrected. Even if the cause is not correctable (i.e. high blood pressure, prostate cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, etc) nearly every man can have his erectile dysfunction treated and satisfactory erections restored.

How common is impotence/erectile dysfunction?
Unfortunately, very common. A recent study done in Massachusetts showed that 52% of men between ages 40-70 had some degree of erectile difficulty. It is estimated that between 20 and 30 million men in the US have erectile dysfunction, only a small percentage of them have yet to seek or receive treatment.

I am only 22 years old and am sexually inexperienced. Recently I am having difficulty keeping my erection during intercourse with my girlfriend. Do I have ED?

You are certainly are having erectile difficulties but unless you have one or more of the previously mentioned underlying medical conditions, your erectile difficulties are probably psychological and only temporary. Many men experience erectile failure on a temporary basis from time to time (often due to stress, monetary concerns, excessive alcohol intake, etc.) but these failures usually resolve themselves with a little time and patience. Having an understanding, non-demanding partner with whom you can talk frankly is a big help. If you continue to experience failure on a consistent basis, you should see your physician for a complete medical exam.


What is Peyronie's disease?
Peyronie's disease is an inflammation of the erectile bodies in the penis, otherwise known as the corpora cavernosa. Peyronie's disease is more common than people think, occurring most often in men between the ages of 40 to 60, but can occur at any age.

The causes of Peyronie's disease are unknown. In fact, since the description by the French surgeon, Francois Peyronie, in 1743, not a great deal of progress has been made in understanding the reasons and progression of Peyronie's disease. Peyronie's disease probably represents a phlebitis or inflammation of the veins that are in the corpora cavernosa or 'erectile bodies' or channels in the penis.

What causes Peyronie's disease?
Scar tissue under the skin of the penis causes the curve. No one knows why the scar tissue starts. Some men with Peyronie's disease have had a penis injury that causes scar tissue. The scar feels like a ridge or a row of tiny bumps. The scar can keep getting worse during the first few years, making the penis curve more and more. You might notice this more during an erection.

What are the signs and symptoms of Peyronie's disease?

The cause of the plaque is unknown, but may develop due to a trauma to the penis or in the groin area. Some of the symptoms of Peyronie's disease are:
� Painful Erections
� Soft Erections
� Curvature in the Penis
� Fibrous area under the Skin of the Penis

Peyronie's disease is not cancerous and is not sexually transmitted.

What can Matters of Size do about the curve in my penis?
Matters of Size has specific exercise routines that were designed to correct this problem. We have had great success with men who suffer from this disorder. This link shows a gentleman who has made incredible changes in now only bend correction but size (check out the
"In Only Six Weeks"Testimonial).

Can anything else help?

I highly recommend using my natural methods for correction. There are many other options in treating Peyronie's. However, these methods involve surgery and medication and the effects are very unsatisfying.


What is premature ejaculation?
Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems. The condition is most often described as being an inability to delay ejaculation to a point when it is mutually desirable for both partners. The definition of when ejaculation is premature is subjective. While some men have trouble controlling their orgasm upon entry, others consider 5-10 minutes of copulation too little time. How long a man is able to last is not the important factor in diagnosing premature ejaculation. The crucial issue is if a man is satisfied with the length of coitus.

How is premature ejaculation caused?
Premature ejaculation often occurs during the first experiences with sex, and in this case is most commonly attributed to anxiety. The majority of men gradually learn to control their orgasm, and have no lasting effect. Some men will develop a longer-term anxiety toward sex, which can cause a prolonged experience with premature ejaculation.

Sexual behavior is also a factor. The longer the period since last ejaculating, the quicker young men typically reach orgasm. Younger men tend to ejaculate more quickly than older men, as experience seems to be associated with ejaculatory control.

What can Matters of Size do to help me delay ejaculation?
You will find on going studies on the latest information on premature ejeculation at Matters of Size. You will also find many exercises and therapies geared at taking control of your orgasm.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

How to Make Faster Penis Enlargement Gains

How to Make Faster Penis Enlargement Gains

If you are in a penis enlargement slump and you are finding it difficult to make penis enlargement gains this article will be very helpful. Some guys may have found themselves at a point that they feel they can't gain anything more or others may have tried penis enlargement but have yet to make any substantial gains but everyone can gain and here are a few things you can do to make gains happen again.

Many new guys, and some old, may think they are doing the penis enlargement exercises correctly but when gains do not happen they are lost to why. It is amazing at how many that do not use proper form in penis enlargement and this is where a lack of gains may be. The best method to master penis enlargement exercises is through video educations, watching someone perform the exercises. If you are interested in this method of learning please visit the Matters of Size Members Site, you will find online video and DVD videos and instruction, along with the other MOS penis enlargement product line. If video is not possible for you right now I suggest joining the Matters of Size Free Users Forum. You will find incredible instruction on all forms of penis enlargement. Here is the beginners tutorial from the forum. This is very helpful.

A Beginners Tutorial

If you are new to penis enlargement you may be confused with the overload of information and opinions. I would like to help you on your journey and set you in the right direction.

First Things First

Your first mission is to learn how to measure properly and take some starting measurements. You will want to create a journal to record these measurements. Be very clear and concise on this step as later in your penis enlargement work you will want to know, for sure, that the measurements are consistent. There is nothing worse than not knowing if you gained. Here are the measurements you will want to take:

Bone Pressed Erect Length
Penis length is defined as the linear distance along the dorsal side of the erect penis extending from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans. In non-medical terms, the penis length is measured in a straight line on the top side of the erect penis, from the start of your pubic bone to the tip of your penis. Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest, thickest, part of the erect penis.
  1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
  2. Place your ruler at the pubic bone, at the base of your erect penis and measure to the tip of your glans.
  3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis. (In the example shown, the measurement would be 4 and 3/4 (4.75) inches.)

Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch
  1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
  2. Place your ruler at the pubic bone on the side of the penis
  3. Stretch penis straight out
  4. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis

Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length
  1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
  2. Place your ruler at the skin on the belly, at the base of your erect penis and measure to the tip of your glans without pushing ruler.
  3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis.

Flaccid Length
  1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
  2. Place your ruler at the skin on the belly, at the base of your flaccid penis and measure to the tip of your glans without pushing ruler.
  3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis.

Penis Erect Circumference
Penis length is not the only factor in determining penis size. The width, girth, or fatness, of a penis is also an important aspect when considering how you compare. Most people have a penis that is either longer and thinner, or shorter and fatter. To compare how the girth of your penis compares to the population, use the instructions below to determine your penile circumference (distance around the widest part of your penis).
  1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
  2. Place the fabric ruler or string end at the widest part of your penis and wrap it carefully around one time. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.
  3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.

Penis Flaccid Circumference
  1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
  2. Place the fabric ruler or string end at the widest part of your penis and wrap it carefully around one time. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.
  3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.

Now that you have read and recorded your starting size it would be wise to take some pictures measured. These will be so valuable in your later penis enlargement as you can see and prove to yourself the gains you have made. If you are confident with this you can even post these pictures for all to see. WHen people see pictures showing progress it not only helps your motivation and confidence but it also empowers other men to do the same. Add these photos to your journal.

The Penis Enlargement routine:
Below you will find the Newbie Routine but I highly recommend that you purchase a membership to Matters of Size Members Site as the videos on the site will make this highly comprehensible. Reading the words helps but seeing the exercises in action makes the process fool proof. The other nice thing about the MOS program is how routines are set up into a phased schedule of training. The program starts with Phase 1 (which is the newbie workout) and as you gain and reach plateaus (plateaus refers to a time period where you can no longer gain with the current exercises) you will progress to Phase 2, 3, 4 and 5. Each routine is progressively more advanced and intense keeping you gaining through your entire journey.

Here is the Phase 1 workout (NEWBIE ROUTINE)

Basic Stretching: 3 Sets of each stretch below

Behind The Cheeks
  1. Behind The Cheeks to the Left: 30-seconds
  2. Behind The Cheeks to the Center: 30-seconds
  3. Behind The Cheeks to the Right: 30-seconds

Straight Down
  1. Straight Down to the Left: 30-seconds
  2. Straight Down to the Center: 30-seconds
  3. Straight Down to the Right: 30-seconds
  4. Straight Down Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Out
  1. Straight Out to the Left: 30-seconds
  2. Straight Out to the Center: 30-seconds
  3. Straight Out to the Right: 30-seconds
  4. Straight Out Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Straight Up
  1. Straight Up to the Left: 30-seconds
  2. Straight Up to the Center: 30-seconds
  3. Straight Up to the Right: 30-seconds
  4. Straight Up Rotary Stretches: 25-Cranks

Basic Jelqing
For First 2 weeks - 300 2 Second Jelqs
after 2 weeks - 600 2 Second Jelqs

After Jelq: Warm Down

PC Muscle Fitness
100 quick Kegel squeezes
50 of the following:
Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, hold for 5 seconds then slowly release for 2 seconds. When you have finished the 50 your PC muscle will be screaming. This is a good sign. Now to finish the exercise start squeezing and hold for 1 minute, if you get tired squeeze harder until the minute is complete.

Testicle Health Massage


A very important part of your program will be the Warm-up and Warm-Down. During this process you will be preparing your penis for exercise. It is important to warm up in order to loosen the ligaments and increase good blood flow. There are many different ways to accomplish this here are a few:

Heating Pad: A conventional heating pad works very well for warm-up. You can pick one up for under $14.00 and they create the perfect heating supply for warm-up. Wrap your penis in the heating pad, plug it in, set a comfortable temperature and relax for 10-15 minutes.

Hot Wrap: A hot wrap is a quicker, less expensive way to warm-up. With a standard washcloth fill you sink or tub with hot water. Soak washcloth until hot and wrap penis. Re-soak rag as it cools. This process should be done for about 5 minutes.

Oil rub Warm-up: With some basic baby oil heat in hot water or microwave very quickly (making sure it is not burning hot) when desired heat is reached work this oil into your penis in a deep massage. This massage should last 5 minutes.

Hot Tub, Shower or Bath: A warm-up can also be done in one of the previously mentioned places. If time allows a nice 10 minute soak really loosens things up and prepares you for exercise.

Basic Stretching
After your warm-up in a seated position prepare yourself for your stretching routine. With an ample supply of Baby powder on you hands grip your penis just below the head. Go easy at first and over your first week, as you become comfortable, increase the stretching strength to 100%.

Basic Jelqing
With desired lubricant (I highly recommend Vaseline) cover hands and penis completely. At this point you will want to have about an 80% erection (semi-soft) Now in a seated position with your palm down grip your penis with the standard OK sign grip. Gripping your penis at the extreme base and a tight grip, force the blood from the very base up to right below the head in a sliding motion. When your first hand reaches the bottom of your head the second hand begins the same movement. This is a strange movement at first but over a few sessions it will become second nature. With each passing day increase the intensity ever so slightly. The goal of basic jelqing is too enlarge girth, add length and improve general penile health.

PC Muscle Fitness/Kegels
This is an important part of your workout.
This routine can be done anywhere. The benefits of doing these are a huge part of your growth process. A mature, developed PC muscle will be paramount to future gains and penile health.

What is a kegel?
A kegel is the name of a pelvic floor exercise, named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the exercise. These muscles are attached to the pelvic bone and act like a hammock, holding in your pelvic organs. To feel this muscle movement simply stop and start the flow of urine. This isolation of the PC muscle is a kegel.

Why would I want to do kegel exercises?

� Stronger Erections
� Longer Erections due to blood hold capacity
� Larger head size
� Further ejaculatory Distance
� Sexual enjoyment is enhanced for both partners
� It can prevent prolapsed of pelvic organs
� It can help prevent leaking urine when you sneeze or cough

Testicle Health
Testicle Health Stretch will help your penis to hang lower in flaccid state. It will also increase blood flow to your testicles and aid in sperm count. This routine should take no longer than 5 minutes but the benefits are many.

With favorite lotion grab your scrotum just above your testicles. Now in a rubbing motion massage each testy for 30 seconds rubbing between your fingers in a gentle but firm movement. Now massage all the fluid around your testicles for 60 seconds. At this point your scrotum should be very relaxed. Finally lightly stretch your scrotum downward while the other hand pulls your penis upward. Do 60 of these. This is a very quick routine but the benefits are great. This will also aid you in any kind of early warning signs of testicular problems.

I have always trained 7 days on no days off. I think this type of schedule promotes a more habitual program. For me days off can quickly turn into weeks off so it is better for me to be a daily trainer. I also believe that the penis only needs 24 hours of recovery before it is trained again. Some guys either do not have the time for this or it may be too difficult at first. In this case I recommend deducting one day at a time until the perfect routine is created. i.e. 6 on 1 off, 5 on 2 off.

What to Expect:
The biggest question men have in penis enlargement is how long in takes to make gains so I will explain this process. In your first week or so you will immediately find that your erections are fuller and harder. This, in itself will give you your first penis enlargement gains because your erections will be at their best allowing the penis to fill with the maximum amount of blood. Soon after this you will notice a gain in length via the bone-pressed, flaccid, stretched measurement. This is where your original measurements will be vital. Be sure to record any change. Soon after seeing these changes you will see erect length gains. For most men a quick .5 to 1" is gained within the first 6 months. I personally gained 2 inches in length in my first 6 months which means you too can do the same. Girth will appear about the same time. You should see a gain of .25" to .5" within your first few months. Although these do not seem like massive gains they really are when the penis is viewed in a relative way. If you start at 5" and gain 1" of length and .5" of girth you have increased your penis size, in volume, but more than 25%...this is INCREDIBLE.

Penis enlargement is not only a physical game but a mental one. It is vital that you believe that penis enlargement works and that the gains you want to make are truly going to happen. Negative thinking will hold you back. Many men may do the exercises and not believe that it will work and therefore it does not. Penis enlargement is extremely simple and logical. If you stretch the penis it will become longer, if you jelq your penis it will become thicker. Do not get too wrapped up into the how and why, just be in the knowing that it is happening and your gains are on the way. This all lends itself to motivation. Keeping things simple, scheduled and "in the knowing" will keep you on a consistent, motivated path.

No matter what the question is, it is important. You belong to the world's largest penis enlargement support group and every question will be answered, use this resource to your advantage. Be assertive and educated.

What you may feel:
In the beginning of your journey you will need to understand that some things will feel different down there. First, the penis can take on an alien feeling, remember, your penis is changing and it will feel different to the touch...this is a good thing. You may also experience some slight aching, a sort of dull soreness. This is very normal as the ligaments that connect your penis to your body have never been stretched with the intensity you will be using. The soreness should never be sharp and painful, the feeling should be dull. If sharp pain or numbness are happening you may be doing something wrong. This can all be avoided by practicing and learning the exercises. Your stretches should be at maximum capacity but getting to this level should be accomplished over a couple of weeks. Never make your stretches fast and jerky, always slow and progressive.

You may also experience some swelling after girth exercise. Again, this is normal and desired. This temporary swelling will eventually become new girth. With that in mind, the goal during girth work should be an expansion larger than your maximum girth size. After your workout, with a full erection, measure your girth and make sure your readings are larger than your max.

Keeping Things in Perspective:
This is so important and every user should read and understand this. Penis enlargement is not a quick process. Gains do come with hard work and a good state of mind. Begin at the beginning and work your way forward. Starting with an advanced workout may cause injury and you may also miss out on gains that many make using the method of progressive training. The reason the MOS program is set up into 5 parts is so you can start with a good foundation and build on that as you gain. An overzealous attitude will only set you up for disappointment.

Set a final goal and work towards that goal with small, incremental goals. If you start at 5" and have a goal of 8" you will want to set up small goals to reach the final goal. This will keep things realistic and accomplishable. If you set your goals to high too fast you will face disappointment. Small consistent steps will bring you to your dream size.

Everyone has a different schedule and finding time for penis enlargement may need some creativity. Figure on an hour a day and if this is too much I suggest you get up earlier or go to bed later. You will need to set up a definite, consistent schedule that you are religious to. Doing a workout here and there will not be enough. Treat penis enlargement like you do your teeth, do it every day at the same time. I like to break my penis enlargement into 2 sessions. One in the AM: LENGTH and one in the PM: GIRTH. This allows me to break it into two 30 minute sessions, which is much more manageable than all at once. Doing this also allows me to focus on 2 very different aspects of penis enlargement, girth and length. Length for me is very mathematical and mundane, and it does not require a ton of thought so I do it in the AM where all I need to do is stretch as hard as I can for a certain time period. Girth, on the other hand, requires a more sexual mood and much more focused thought so I do this late in the day when I am more focused.

To Tell or Not To Tell:
My opinion on this has changed over the years and I will tell you why. I think that penis enlargement should remain personal to you. The phrase "Penis Envy" is very real and your mate, like many, may become envious of you time creating your new size. This may damage your relationship as it is difficult for some to fully understand penis enlargement. Keep it to yourself and let her feel the gains. There is no better measurement than the one that says "Are you still growing?"

Penis Enlargement Equipment and Other Methods of PE:
There will never be anything that can replace your hands. Penis Enlargement is an art form and creating your new penis is incredible when you know you did it with your own hands. With that said, there are some other things that will help you in your mission.

Penis Extenders:

The penis extender is a device used to keep your penis in a fully stretched state throughout the day. We sell the FASTSIZE at a deep, deep discount and if you want one please purchase it here for $150, anywhere else will cost you $300+ or you will be getting a less than quality device. The extender is a great supplement to your length work as it will keep you in a prolonged, extended state for hours on end with no pain and unseen by others. The device is worn under clothes and is not noticeable. Check out this video to see how penis extending works:

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Friday, September 04, 2009

Adding to Natural Penis Enlargement to make FASTER gains

Penis enlargement at Matters of Size has been created to give the fastest penis enlargement gains in the fastest amount of time. No other penis enlargement program can compare to Matters of Size as our 5 Phase Program contains the patented secrets to produce consistent, fast gains while learning and mastering the various exercises. Making fast penis enlargement gains requires a solid penis enlargement program but there are other things you can include that will speed the process even more.

There is a lot of time, during the day, that you can not do manual penis enlargement exercises and this is where an ADS (all day stretcher) becomes very valuable. The best ADS on the market is the FastSize Extender. This extender is made from the highest quality medical grade plastic and surgical steel. The FastSize extender is easy to use and will no only compliment manual stretching but produce length gains on it's own. How it works is it if attached to the penis and using the tension bars it is set to apply a stretch to the penis. Once a good tension is found the device can be hidden below the clothing. Including an extender in your routine could speed your penis enlargement gains by double! The FastSize Extender can be purchased 1/2 price through the MOS Link >>HERE<<

Assisted stretching can be used to enhance and intensify your manual penis enlargement stretches. Using either the Length Master or Power Assist (simple machines that increase manual intensity) a user can apply enough power too speed length gains significantly. Check the Length Master out at >>THIS LINK.<< and the Power Assist >>HERE<<

Another hybrid of Assisted Exercise is the Length Masters "Bundle" attachment. This attachment is used to stretch the penis in a bundled position to radically speed gains. Once the Bundle Attachment is attached to the penis the user is given the freedom to stretch in many different directions and styles that are not possible with manual exercises. One of the most powerful stretches is the Bundle where the penis is twist one to three times (like a corkscrew) and stretched using the two arms of the Length Master Bundle Attachment.

If you have extra time to spare you may want to consider hanging. Hanging is attaching a weight to the penis and letting it hang there for a period of time. The Length Master includes a hanging attachment and is easy to use. Once you have attached the Length Master you can hang weight from it's heavy duty hook/clasp. This can be done alone or included in your manual penis enlargement workout to supplement gains. Check it out >>HERE<<.

You may also be thinking about supplements, like Penis Enlargement Pills. It is important to understand that PE Pills, alone, will do little more than give you the potential to make size gains. Taking Penis Enlargement Pills without working out will fair the same as going to a gym, taking a muscle supplement, not working out and expecting muscle gains. When the Penis Enlargement Pills are taken in conjunction with manual exercise the gains can be supplemented and the process sped up. Read more >>HERE.<<

Girth can also be supplemented and sped up. In addition to penis enlargement pills, which we just discussed, girth can be sped up using a Penis Enlargement Pump to supplement girth exercises. Many guys are using this device to pump the penis before manual girth work as a warmup and after girth work to keep the "pump" going and maximize expansion. You can see the pump >>HERE.<<

Users are also using cable clamps to increase girth. This is used with manual girth exercises to hold more blood in the penis and allow the user the freedom to use both hands while training. You can read more about clamping >>HERE.<<

To keep up to date on new advancements in penis enlargement and review other methods, join the Matters of Size Free Penis Enlargement Forum. You will find thousands of posts and more than 200,000 users discussing all form of penis enlargement. You can ask questions and get answers from users in real time posting.


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Penis Enlargement: Take Your Time

So many men find out about penis enlargement and rush past many of the foundational steps in search of faster penis enlargement gains. This type of rushing can really hurt someone's chances of making the quick initial gains that come from the foundational steps. Rushing into more advanced penis enlargement exercises and routines can also cause injury when a good, solid foundation is not created.

Remember, penis enlargement is a learning process and when certain parts are not understood or rushed past many men miss out on important things. So many guys will learn how to jelq, the most foundational exercise in penis enlargement, only to jump into a more intense exercise that their penis is not ready for. Yes, there are very intense exercises available but without the foundation gains will be slow and risk could be high.

Penis enlargement can be safe and very effective and it is important to understand, learn and practice the basics. The Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program is set up into 5 Phases. Most of the men who follow the basic Phase 1 program make incredible gains. Many make the gains they want in Phase 1 and never even need to advance to a more intense program. The more intense Phases (2,3,4, and 5) are geared towards heavier, more intense exercises and routines. But, each phase relies on the previous phase's comprehension, foundation and gains. Phase 1 features basic stretching and basic jelqing. With these exercises many men make their desired gains. When a man has exhausted the available gains on a phase he will need to move into new, more intense exercises and routines. For instance, Phase 2 takes basic jelqing into a more intense version of the basic jelq. Similarly, the stretching portion of Phase 2 is a more intense version of Phase 1 stretching. As you progress through the phases you will experience more and more intense exercises that will keep you growing.

A new guy may think that he will simply start with Phase 5 and believe that this will give him his fastest penis enlargement gains but doing so may result in never making the quick, newbie gains available in Phase 1. An overzealous approach towards penis enlargement is never a good idea. Doing so could rob you of massive gains possible in the earlier phases of penis enlargement.

The Matters of Size Program is set up into 5 Phases.

Phase 1: Beginners stretching and Jelqing. Stretching portion features 9 original basic stretches that will train the penis and prepare it for more intense exercise. Most men gain over an inch in length in the first phase. The girth portion features the basic Jelq and this exercise will, again, prepare the penis for more intense exercises contained in the future phases. Most men gain about 1/2"-1" of girth in the first phase. The first phase also has stamina exercises to help with longevity and general penile erection strength. As the penis grows you will want to perform stamina exercises for general penile health.

Phase 2 takes things penis enlargement to a new level. Phase 2 features a much more advanced level. The stretching portion features DLD Blasters, an exercise that uses muscle movement and angular stretching to create new length gains. After Phase 1 your penis will need more advanced stretching to continue gains and DLD Blasters do just this. The girth portion features an exercise called DLD Double Forced Jelq and Bend, a very good exercises that forces girth growth.

Phase 3 again takes advantage of where Phase 2 left off. The stretching portion features 2 key length exercises that will force new growth and tissue expansion. DLD Bundled Blasters and DLD Tunica Blasters, two exercises that concentrate on penile anatomy and use certain techniques that will bring length gains to a new level. The girth portion introduces Super Sets that use two exercises together to force new tissue expansion and allow the penis to hold more blood with an erection.

Phase 4 has a very advanced stretching session that uses more intense Super Sets that simultaneously train the tunica and ligaments of the penis, again, forcing new length gains. By the time I arrived on Phase 4 I had gained 3" of length and 1.5" of girth. The girth portion of the workout introduces erect stretching and an insane girth exercise called Girth Busters. Together these exercises bring girth gains to a new level.

Phase 5 is the pinnacle of intensity on every level. At this point you have made incredible gains and perhaps you want the monster and this Phase delivers with speed. The length portion takes advantage of traction and simple level theory to jump start you into bigger and faster length gains. The girth portion features an exercise called Slow Squash Jelqs, a duel, two handed exercise that blows girth up to unreal proportions.

I hope this gives you an idea of how penis enlargement works and I hope you really take advantage of the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Penis Enlargement Insight: Risk and Reward

Many men may view penis enlargement as a scary thing or something that could cause injury and with this type of thought many do not start a natural penis enlargement program. It is important that you take caution when starting any exercise program but knowing which program is fastest and safest is vital.

In all my time in penis enlargement I have NEVER suffered an injury and I have brought my own penis enlargement exercises to limits that far exceed the norm. As a matter of fact, the only injuries I have seen in almost a decade has been broken blood vessels, something that is minor and clears up rather quickly.

At first look, penis enlargement exercises may look as though they may hurt but in actuality they do not feel too much different than masturbation. With a good routine you may feel some fatigue, which is normal. penis enlargement should never be painful and if it is you are doing something wrong.

You can really get your head spinning when trying to understand all the different opinions, exercises, claims and routines but I am here to make your journey a bit more organized and comprehensive. Your choices with Matters of Size can cater to anyone. First you can get involved for free by joining the Matters of Size Free Forum. You will find everything you need right there but it is limited to text descriptions. If you want something more comprehensive you can purchase a Matters of Size DVD or Video Site membership. This makes things fool proof as you can see all exercises and routines in video. Beyond this there is mainly different equipment and supplements to supplement your penis enlargement journey. Things like penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement Extenders and specialty length equipment like the POWER ASSIST and the new OFFICIAL LENGTH MASTER are also very incredible options.

Your best bet is to really research what is available and what will work best for you. I highly suggest the free MOS forum as you can not only read from thousands of articles and threads but you can ask questions and get help with any and all forms of penis enlargement.


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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The LENGTH MASTER delivers an inch in 30 days!

In natural penis enlargement it is quite normal for a man to make an inch gain in length inside 6 months, this has happened consistently for years using the Matters of Size DVD video. Making an inch gain in less than a month is very rare but that is exactly what has happened to the gentleman that helped design the Length Master. We have been working together for a while now and I has no idea he was interested in penis enlargement but when I met with him today he was overjoyed, he was so happy to tell me that he had gained an inch in a month! This is such good news to get a response on a new product. I think this is going to revolutionize penis enlargement and bring gains much fater than all other available methods.

It can be ordered by PAYPAL only. Send payment of $169.00 + $10 shipping to

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The TRUE story on Male Enhancement Pills or Penis Enlargement Pills

I have been in the penis enlargement business for about a decade and if there were a pill that would produce REAL penis enlargement gains every man would be taking them and the average sized penis would be much larger than it currently is. What do penis enlargement pills do? Basically they increase blood flow to the penis and allow for better erections. Many of the pill users may see this as a penis enlargement gain when really all it is is a better erection. The pills also, due to increased blood flow, allow for a better hanging penis while flaccid. Again, this is not a gain but an enhancement of sorts, your best potential. Penis enlargement pills do serve a purpose in natural penis enlargement when used to supplement girth work. For some men keeping a good erection level during girth work is difficult and the penis enlargement pills will help in the girth work. Our penis enlargement pills formula is identical to the other 100 pills on the market but our price is much lower. The reason I decided to create a penis enlargement pill is because VIAGRA was becoming too expensive to take on a daily basis for girth work.

Think about penis enlargement pills like this. You would not walk into a gym and ask for a muscle supplement that you could take, without doing any training, that would give you muscle. You would never expect this but when you take the muscle supplement in addition to a good workout then you will make faster gains. Taking a penis enlargement pill without training is the same logic, you will never make gains, you will simply have better potential to make gains IF you trained.

Taking a penis enlargement pill is a wise decision if you are training with it. If you take it alone you will simply be wasting you money. IN NO WAY do you need to take a supplement to make gains. If you do the exercises as I have put them forth you will make gains.


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Thursday, May 07, 2009

What you should know about your ligaments and tendons (By Redzulu)


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Power Assist: The Wrench for Penis Enlargement

The Power Assist: The Wrench for Penis Enlargement

For some men, manual PE does not give to intensity they need to make gains. Through the years we have found that fulcrum stretches, like the A-Stretch or Y-Stretch, yield much faster length gains than stretches that do not use a fulcrum point. The Power Assist uses the fulcrum technology but it adds additional benefits that just can't be realized in manual PE. The Power Assist has gone through various design changes over the past few years and the current model is incredible. We originally used wood for the PA but it soon proved to be too expensive to keep making them using wood so we went with a high quality, slightly flexible plastic. This has proven to be the best material as it allows for a slight flex in the material to help with angular stretches. Angular stretches are one of the best part of the PA, it allows the user to add incredible power to stretches that originally were weak or lacking the intensity desired. We have also found the use of the PA with hanging creates some incredible fulcrum stretching. If you are looking for the most powerful manual stretch the Power Assist is a necessity in your PE toolbox.

The PA was originally created for men who could not get into the A-stretch when doing DLD Blasters. It originally was a simple ring with one handle. Since then it has seen many changes. Now, as you can see, it has the original ring but now sports dual handles with excellent gripping handles allowing for a vast amount of stretches.

The Power Assist, Free Video Site, features 10 unique, powerful exercises using the PA. There are many other stretches that are not on the site but you can find them in previous threads. All video is accessible from the site for free so learning the stretches is a snap.

Please ask questions if you need more information.

These are the long awaited Power Assist Video's.�

Due to overwhelming demand we are now taking orders on the New Power Assist Stretcher. This run will be limited so order yours right away, it is on a First Come, First Serve Basis. This model is modified having a longer body (by 4"!) This model is computer, precision cut for absolute perfection then hand finished with a handsome, medical/white finish. This run is absolutely gorgeous and I am very proud to make them available once again. On this Order and Description page we will be accepting all major credit cards and checks through the payment link on this page. You can also make payment in cash, bank check through the mail. We also accept Western Union and PAYPAL, send me a PM for details.

This is a manual stretchers dream come true!


Now available to the general public, the VIMAX EXTENDER. This extender is the best on the market and it is now available for less than $150.00! The lowest price online is $299.00! This extender can go for as much as $600.00 but I have worked a deal out with VIMAX and now I can pass that savings onto you. Just follow the directions here:

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Dr. Howard Brings Credence to Penis Enlargement

Dr. Howard advocates penile exercising as a way to improve penis function and size.
Not all medical professionals are apprehensive about penile exercising.

Some, like Dr. Richard Howard II, actually embrace it with open arms. He has been both a motivation and a lighting rod of support since I first talked to him nearly two years ago.

Dr. Howard wrote the introduction to Exercising the Penis and has one of the most motivational success stories I�ve ever heard. He lost over an inch with a topical cream that caused Peyronie�s and gained it all back and more (totaling over 3 inches gained in length and 2 inches in girth).

How does a doctor go against conventional wisdom and gain so much? I�ll let Howard tell you in his own words . . .

Can you give a quick overview of your professional background?

I have a bachelor�s in biology and economics, a master�s in public health and in biochemistry and a doctorate in public health and all course work up to a doctorate in biochemistry from Tulane University.

My main professional motivation was to determine methods of developing optimum health. It occurred to me that if you�re healthy you can live life to the fullest, and that was really the beginning of my health awareness.

Through exercise, supplements, proper diet, and inputs via a meditative and spiritual nature one has in place the predisposing elements for optimum health. I wanted to be an integrated individual that is healthy, energetic, with minimum stress and maximum mental acuity, and to be able to share this practical and useful knowledge with others for their own self improvement.

Did that have any ties to why you started penile exercising (PE)?

Yes, PE is part of wholeness and integrity of the individual. There seems to be a need in human nature to partition things or have either or, but in my view you can integrate it all - like in the principle of bodybuilding, which should logically include PE.

Eventually, through experiences I became aware of the sexual pizzazz factor. As a result of certain experiences and awareness�s, I began to realize sexuality and the physical tools involved counts in a substantial way in the dimension of interpersonal romantice. For example, all things being equal women with sizable breasts would generally have somewhat of an advantage in romance.

Overtime, I came to the conclusion that this would be most likely true in men as well. If all things were considered equal, the man who was most endowed would have more sexual pizzazz.

How did you get into PE?

I read about the Chartham method and tried that. I gained about a half an inch. After that, there wasn�t much for roughly 20 years. I did use vacuum pumps, but I never felt they worked particularly well in gaining any further than a half an inch.

In 1999, I ran across the Jes Extender and gained 3/8 - 1/2 an inch there in six months. It was a simple and ingenious device and the scientific literature on the extender showed significant results in a trial with this device.

By that time, I had an increase of 3/4th an inch in total.

I then applied a particular formulation that I thought would be theoretically helpful. It turned out that it was a very potent collagen synthesis cofactor and can cause collagen to grow out of control. It resulted in Peyronie�s disease and loss of an inch and a half. It ruined my whole afternoon, and maybe a few months to a year or two.

I went back to the Jes Extender and it simply didn�t have sufficient traction to correct this problem. It was like a tractor trying to pull a Mack truck out of a mud pit. Even though the extender says it can help Peyronie�s, it didn�t help in this case.

Where did you find your answer?

I explored the Internet and stumbled upon Thunder�s Place, which had a rich array of information.

I tried the BibHanger, which is a tool that would be skittishly thought about by many. It is a collar that you can attach to the penis and hang weights. I believe that with careful application it would have the traction to pull out the crimps caused by the atypical Peyronie�s disease.

Hanging was trial and error for me, but it began to work as I progressed in the learning curve which includes knowledge and fineness of right wrapping, the right warm up, the right settings and the slow addition the weights over time. If you don�t, you can have an occasional injury that usually clears up in a day or two to a week. The BibHanger site provides all the information one needs to effectively learn to use the ingenious device and make substantial gains.

How much did you gain?

After a period of time, I was able to pull out the collagen crimps and get back to my pre-Peyronie�s length. It was off and on for a while after that.

Then Katrina hit. I live in New Orleans, so I used PE as a way to cheer myself up. I started various methodologies ranging from jelqing to hanging to pumping.

The tissues in my penis became stronger and I gradually increased my length an extra 2.5 inches in length and 2 inches girth - bringing my current size to 8.25? X 6?.

Through personal reflection, as a scientist, insights are continually occurring to me as to developing progressive advanced routines for those who wish extraordinary gains.

What tips do you have for men trying to repeat your success?

Always start warm. Whether it is in the morning upon awakening in bed, when you�re already warm, or using a traditional warm up. Study as much as you can, from your book, Penile Exercising Gym, Thunder�s Place, and and others.

When it comes to stretching, make sure you stretch in all directions - up, down, and all around. The idea is to hit as many angles of the penis causing constructive stress in different areas.

Start with the manual PE moves as illustrated in your book which should yield adequate gains. If one wishes more than mechanical devices such as the BibHanger can be considered. There is always a risk/reward consideration. Also participate in all the health promoting dimensions one can such as diet, exercise, supplements, low stress, and a positive/spiritual outlook.

What about girth?

For girth work, make sure you put pressure on the base so that the anterior section expands.

There are various ways in doing it. I use an overhand grip so that I can get as close to the base as possible. For jelqing, gripping the base is important as well especially if the goal is girth.

Do you think that trying to do too much too soon tightens up the collagen?

Yes, that�s a function of being obsessive about PE. Doing too much causes contraction and a defensive response. That�s the way collagen deals with it.

You have to go at it easily, stay warm, do different variations and try to maintain tissue looseness.

I�m not a fan of the V-stretch or hanging in a V-configuration, as the strain it causes on the dorsal nerve concerns me. I don�t like to put a lot of pressure on the nerve and feel it�s dangerous, so I�m more of an advocate of the A-configuration.

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Deliberate Creation and the Law of Allowing

You are the creator of your own life experience. As the creator of your experience, it is important to understand that it is not by virtue of your action, nor by virtue of your doing, it is not even by virtue of what you are saying that you are creating. You are creating by virtue of the thoughts that you are offering.

Children and babies learn to mimic the vibration of the adults who surround them long before they learn to mimic their words. You can not speak or offer action without thought vibration occurring at the same time; however, you are often offering a thought vibration without offering words or actions. Every thought that you think has its own vibrational frequency. Each thought that you offer, whether it has come to you out of your memory, whether it is an influence from another, or whether it is a thought that has become the combination of something you have been thinking and something that another has been thinking - every thought that you are pondering in your now is vibrating at a very personal frequency...and by the powerful law of attraction (the essence of which is like unto itself, is drawn), that thought is now attracting another thought that is the exact, vibrational match. And now, those combined thoughts are vibrating at a frequency that is higher that the thought that came before; and they will now, by the Law of Attraction, attract another and another and another, until eventually the thoughts will be powerful enough to attract a "real life" situation or manifestation.

All people, circumstances, events and situations are attracted to you by the thoughts that you are thinking. Once you understand that you are literally thinking or vibrating things into being, you may discover a new resolve within you to more deliberately direct your own thoughts. What is extremely significant is that you understand that the larger you does, and will eternally, exist and plays a very big part in the experiences that you are living here on planet Earth.

Every thought, word or deed that you offer is played against the backdrop of that broader perspective. Indeed the reason that in any moment of clearly knowing what you do not want, you emphatically then realize what it is that you do want is because that larger part of you is giving its undivided attention to what you want. As you make a conscious effort to guide your thoughts, day by day, more in the direction of what you do want, you will begin to feel better and better because the vibration that is activated by your thought will be a closer match to the vibration of the larger, non-physical part of you.

Your desire to think thoughts that feel good will guide you into alignment with the BROADER PERSPECTIVE of your inner being. In fact, it is not possible for you to really feel good in any moment unless the thoughts you are thinking right now are a vibrational match to the thoughts of your inner being. For example, your inner being focuses upon your value. When you identify some flaw in yourself, the negative emotion you feel is about that vibrational discord or resistance. You inner being chooses to focus only upon things about which it can feel love, when you are focusing upon some aspect of someone or something that you dislike, you have focused yourself out of vibrational alignment with your inner being. You inner being focuses only upon your success when you choose to see something you are doing as failure, you are out of alignment with the perspective of your inner being. To see your world through the eyes of source is truly the most spectacular view of life!

So there you sit saying "OK Mike, all I need to do is pretend like I have an 8" penis and it will happen" or "being happy about something I don't have will never give me what I want" but I am here to say, yes, if you are able to see this as being in the now, pretend as if it is here now, and feel the feelings as if you had it now, the desire has no choice but to manifest itself in your reality.

People who become interested in the art of manifestation may have tried techniques on creating but find they still do not have what they want. In every case the reason why the desire does not manifest itself is because you are not on the proper vibrational frequency to make this happen. You may say that you did ask for a larger penis and you did try to imagine it as being true but it did not work. The reason why you do not have this desire is because your doubts and negative emotions still lay at the heart of the desire you ask for.

This art has been practiced since the beginning of time and wether you know how it works or if it works makes no difference, it is working in your world. There are many videos and advertisements about a book called "The Secret" and I think this book has much merit but the problem with the Secret is they do not give instructions on the most important part of manifestation, ALLOWING. The universe is just waiting to give you what it is you desire but if you are not on the vibrational frequency of what it is you desire it can not come to you. The process in simplicity can be summed up in three sentences but understanding these steps is crucial in the manifestation process.

1. Ask for what you want:
This can be seen as ordering something online. Lets say you want a new car. You go online, your order the car, you pay for the car and the dealer says it will take a few days before this will be delivered. Now, after you order the car you do not go back an order it again. You ordered it and you KNOW it is on the way. When you ask for something you desire you only need to ask once and KNOW that it is coming. Be very specific because what you ask for WILL COME.

2. Feel Good About it NOW:
This step is where many adults become lost. It is easy to understand when we use the car as an example. After you ordered this car you will immediately start feeling good about it. You will plan a spot in the driveway. You will visualize it, where you will go, the people who will see the car and their reactions, the pride you will feel driving it, the color, the interior, the very essence of having it now. This vibrational frequency matches the desire you ordered and since the Law of Attraction is perfect in every way the car comes to you. This scenario may seem a million miles from your desire but the same rules apply in every case...NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Allowing
Let it go into the universe and trust that your prayers are being answered. Successfully completing steps one and two make this step automatic. This step requires an ultimate trust that what you asked for, what you have felt for is a perfect match to what you are receiving. WHen this process it perfected you will receive everything and anything your mind can create.

People feel as though they need to do work or somehow MAKE it happen. They may hear the words their family gave them like "If you want it, you have to work for it". If you are on this frequency you are on the wrong channel. You do not need to concern yourselves with the how's and why's of this process, you only need to follow the steps above. Sometimes action is required but this will not feel like work, it will be an inspired intuition. I am not saying that you stop doing all the actions of your life but I am asking for you to act a little less and let the universe help you a little more. This may seem strange to many people as they are so used to acting everything into existence but I promise you, once this is mastered action will become less and less and gifts, desires, wants and fantasies will become more and more.

I have made some of the best gains in PE through this process. In the beginning I knew what I wanted and I asked for what I wanted. AFter I did this I then started to feel it as if I had it. I pictured the size, the length the girth. I believed I had it LONG BEFORE IT ARRIVED. My actions were inspired and intuitive. My gains came with ease and by the Law of Attraction other things came my way that were on the exact frequency of my inner self. I created exercise after exercise. I gained swiftly and miraculously. I created the worlds largest PE sites, every possible frequency that matched my frequency came with ease AS I EXPECTED IT.

The second step of the process, FEELING GOOD ABOUT IT NOW is where many adults get lost. It is easy for a child to reach this state, they do all the time. I remember one experience, when I was a child, where I can explain how step 2 works so easily for a child. It was an early spring day and my friend and I were talking about how it would be so cool to have a car that would take us all over the universe. We had a large cardboard box and we spent hours cutting holes in the box and coloring it and drawing wings on it and rocket launchers and every other fantasy a child could imagine. After we finished we jumped inside on that day we went to Egypt and visited the pyramids, we went to the ocean and explored all the plants and fish that lurked at the bottom of the ocean, we traveled to galaxies that no space ship has ever traveled, we went everywhere and did everything we wanted right from the confines of that special box. After we arrived back in his yard I went home and told my family of the adventures I experienced and I really believed I did this. The feelings I felt were no different than those I would have felt doing it for real...a child can experience reality through their imagination and the mind knows no difference. We were happy as if it truly happened.

This state of mind it the state of mind you NEED to experience to become in frequency with that of which you want. Create it, draw it, paint it, be it and it will be.

Here is a meditation that will help you complete the most important part of the process with ease. I do this for 15 minutes every evening and it feels so good that sometimes and hour will pass and it feels like minutes. Bring your mind into the realm of childhood. Forget your age, your problems, your bills, your relationships, anything that does not feel good, put it out of your mind. I want to give credit to Abraham-Hicks for this meditation and all of the help they have given to so many on the search for manifestation. This meditation practice is set up in stages and it can be a short as 68 seconds or as long as you choose.

When you find a happy thought and you hold that thought purely for as little as 17 seconds. Pure is a big thing here, this means a thought that is not contradicted by an opposite thought. When you find a thought of something wanted and you hold that thought purely by imagining it, pretending it, remembering something like it, when you hold that thought for as little as 17 seconds, another thought of the same vibrational frequency, by Law of Attraction joins it. When those 2 thoughts come together there is an explosion of energy. In order to give you an idea of the power of thought, when that first 17 seconds joins with this new thought there is any energy expansion of 2000 action hours. This means if the action required to accomplish your desire takes 100000 action hours, 2000 hours are eliminated from the process. When you cross the next 17 seconds mark the expression of energy is 10 times that it was. 20,000 action hours just by walking over that mark. When you hold it for the next sequence of 17 seconds another 10x is added to this expression. Each time you cross this 17 seconds mark it continues to expand and expand. EVery 17 seconds these thoughts are help with no contradiction this intension becomes more and more powerful. 68 seconds of pure thought has massive action implications. This is being connected to source energy and this is what will make step 2 a snap.


Now available to the general public, the VIMAX EXTENDER. This extender is the best on the market and it is now available for less than $150.00! The lowest price online is $299.00! This extender can go for as much as $600.00 but I have worked a deal out with VIMAX and now I can pass that savings onto you. Just follow the directions here:

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