Friday, September 04, 2009

Adding to Natural Penis Enlargement to make FASTER gains

Penis enlargement at Matters of Size has been created to give the fastest penis enlargement gains in the fastest amount of time. No other penis enlargement program can compare to Matters of Size as our 5 Phase Program contains the patented secrets to produce consistent, fast gains while learning and mastering the various exercises. Making fast penis enlargement gains requires a solid penis enlargement program but there are other things you can include that will speed the process even more.

There is a lot of time, during the day, that you can not do manual penis enlargement exercises and this is where an ADS (all day stretcher) becomes very valuable. The best ADS on the market is the FastSize Extender. This extender is made from the highest quality medical grade plastic and surgical steel. The FastSize extender is easy to use and will no only compliment manual stretching but produce length gains on it's own. How it works is it if attached to the penis and using the tension bars it is set to apply a stretch to the penis. Once a good tension is found the device can be hidden below the clothing. Including an extender in your routine could speed your penis enlargement gains by double! The FastSize Extender can be purchased 1/2 price through the MOS Link >>HERE<<

Assisted stretching can be used to enhance and intensify your manual penis enlargement stretches. Using either the Length Master or Power Assist (simple machines that increase manual intensity) a user can apply enough power too speed length gains significantly. Check the Length Master out at >>THIS LINK.<< and the Power Assist >>HERE<<

Another hybrid of Assisted Exercise is the Length Masters "Bundle" attachment. This attachment is used to stretch the penis in a bundled position to radically speed gains. Once the Bundle Attachment is attached to the penis the user is given the freedom to stretch in many different directions and styles that are not possible with manual exercises. One of the most powerful stretches is the Bundle where the penis is twist one to three times (like a corkscrew) and stretched using the two arms of the Length Master Bundle Attachment.

If you have extra time to spare you may want to consider hanging. Hanging is attaching a weight to the penis and letting it hang there for a period of time. The Length Master includes a hanging attachment and is easy to use. Once you have attached the Length Master you can hang weight from it's heavy duty hook/clasp. This can be done alone or included in your manual penis enlargement workout to supplement gains. Check it out >>HERE<<.

You may also be thinking about supplements, like Penis Enlargement Pills. It is important to understand that PE Pills, alone, will do little more than give you the potential to make size gains. Taking Penis Enlargement Pills without working out will fair the same as going to a gym, taking a muscle supplement, not working out and expecting muscle gains. When the Penis Enlargement Pills are taken in conjunction with manual exercise the gains can be supplemented and the process sped up. Read more >>HERE.<<

Girth can also be supplemented and sped up. In addition to penis enlargement pills, which we just discussed, girth can be sped up using a Penis Enlargement Pump to supplement girth exercises. Many guys are using this device to pump the penis before manual girth work as a warmup and after girth work to keep the "pump" going and maximize expansion. You can see the pump >>HERE.<<

Users are also using cable clamps to increase girth. This is used with manual girth exercises to hold more blood in the penis and allow the user the freedom to use both hands while training. You can read more about clamping >>HERE.<<

To keep up to date on new advancements in penis enlargement and review other methods, join the Matters of Size Free Penis Enlargement Forum. You will find thousands of posts and more than 200,000 users discussing all form of penis enlargement. You can ask questions and get answers from users in real time posting.


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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Does Penis Enlargement Work? VIdeo 2

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Does Size Matter?

Does Size Matter?
s u s a n b o r d o
The young girl stands in front of the mirror. Never fat to begin with, she�s
been on a no-fat diet for a couple of weeks and has reached her goal
weight, 115 lb., at 54�exactly what she should weigh, according to her
doctor�s chart. But goddammit, she still looks dumpy. In her mind is this
Special K commercial that she�s seen a few times on television: a really
pretty woman admiring herself in a slinky, short, black dress, long athletic
legs, every curve perfect, lean-sexy, nothing to spare. Self-hatred and shame
start to burn in the girl, and other things too. When the commercial comes
on, the woman�s sleek body is like a magnet for her eyes; she almost feels
in love with her. But envy tears at her stomach, and is enough to make her
sick. She�ll never look like that, no matter how much weight she loses, no
matter how many hours she spends on the Stairmaster. Look at that stomach
of hers, see how it sticks out? Those thighs�they actually jiggle. Her
butt is monstrous. She�s fat, gross, a dough girl.
It�s a depressingly well-documented fact that when girls and women are
asked to draw their bodies or indicate their body size with their hands, they
almost always overestimate how much space they take up, and tend to see
themselves as too fat no matter how thin they are. This once was thought
to be a ��body image distortion�� unique to those with anorexia nervosa. We
now know that seeing ourselves as ��too fat�� is a norm of female perception.
Average weight statistics and medical charts are irrelevant. What matters is
the gap between the self and the cultural images. We measure ourselves
not against an ideal of health, not even usually (although sometimes)
against each other, but against created icons, fantasies-made-flesh. Flesh
designed to arouse admiration, envy, desire.
I�ve been writing and lecturing on these female body issues for years.
At almost every talk I�ve given, someone in the audience (mistakenly concluding
that because I had talked about women, I believed they had the
This is a slightly altered and expanded version of a chapter by the same name in
The Male Body: A New Look at Men in Public and in Private (New York: Farrar, Straus
and Giroux, 1999).
20 / Susan Bordo
exclusive franchise on body-insecurity) has challenged me: What about
men? What about baldness? Height? Muscles? All these examples are well
taken. But no one has ever brought up the best analogy: men�s insecurities
about penis size. I myself did not realize exactly how perfect the analogy
was until I read a 1996 study in which pediatrician Peter Lee found that
college men, no matter what their actual dimensions, tend to underestimate
their penis size. In a mirror image of women�s perception of themselves
as too big (even when they are at or below average weight), men tend
to see themselves as too small�even with ��average��-size penises (currently
defined by doctors as four inches non-erect and six inches erect).
Where do men get their ideas about how big their penises ��ought�� to
be? Some, like comedian Tim Allen, first get them from a child�s-eye view
of their fathers� penises:
My father would take me and my brothers to pee, and you�re just dick tall,
and your dad�s is out. This whale of a penis would fly out, and you have a
mushroom cap that two hands could barely pull out from your body. And
your dad�s penis would�thrummm! And you�d scream at this huge, hairy
beast of an ugly���Goddamn! Aw, God!�� And we�d leave the bathroom and
all go, ��Shit! Did you see that?�� (quoted by Nancy Friday in The Power of

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