Sunday, February 01, 2009

Finding balance in Penis Enlargement

In penis enlargement it is easy to lose focus and either take things to seriously or not enough. Finding a balance in penis enlargement is important to longevity and emotional stability. When I first realized that penis enlargement worked I was stunned. I could not believe that I could actually make my penis bigger. I was practicing penis enlargement for about 4 months with no evidence of it working size-wise as I did not measure yet. I knew I was getting better erections and things felt different but it wasn't until the first measurement that I knew penis enlargement worked. Almost immediately after seeing that I was nearly 2" longer and .5" thicker I became obsessed. Much of this obsessiveness was time wasted. I started to think so much about penis enlargement that it was not healthy. I needed to find perspective in what I was doing. Up until this point things were going well so there was no reason to change anything, but I did. Granted, much of the new exercises that are around the penis enlargement forums and sites came from me and my obsessiveness but it also started to make me feel uncomfortable. I needed to put some perspective into penis enlargement and realize the first 4 months were easy because I was not worried. Once I saw it worked my mind went crazy.

The bad thing about obsessiveness in penis enlargement is it can make other parts of your life out of balance. Sex may become completely centered on your penis instead of the actual act of sex. When I was obsessing so much over penis enlargement sex became insecure. It started to lose it's spark and it took me putting everything back in perspective to change. For me, I made a schedule of when I would do penis enlargement and after I was done doing penis enlargement I would put it away. I started to train myself to focus on why I am doing penis enlargement to begin with, better sex. Taking penis enlargement to an obsessive level can be very counteractive and in many cases the worrying effects the actual workouts. Try to keep focused and only use the time set aside for penis enlargement, keep it out of the rest of your day.

SOme men find it easy to become distracted during penis enlargement. They may find themselves thinking about bills, work, relationships, etc. during their penis enlargement session which is also counterproductive. During penis enlargement one should be very focused on what he is training. For instance, when training for length the user she pay attention to how the stretch feels, where he is getting the best stretch, listening to his body and learning what is best for him. The mind and body connection in penis enlargement is so important to making penis size gains.

You may want to incorporate a 5 minute meditation that will help you get into a good mental state before doing your penis enlargement session. I am mobile right now but as soon as I am back to my home I will post some great meditational practices that will really help you.

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Friday, October 10, 2008


Sorry everyone but I have been sick for two weeks and I am finally shaking in now. Feel much better and hope to be here and on the boards daily. Penis enlargement. When you become involved with penis enlargement it becomes a sport of motivation and discipline. This statement worked 2 ways for me but it solved the huge mess when you are into penis enlargement.

Many say that my obsession was evident in the first penis enlargement and they certainly were correct. When I found out penis enlargement actually works (about 6 months in) I became very obsessed with penis enlargement, I mean how would in feel to get a free corvette, house, or a large amount of cash AWESOME and this was my very beginnings into the penis enlargement, aside from adding inched to my dick and girth to the same. I was truly a fantasy come true and it did not cost a dime... Incredible. But with a self induced miracle that feels good emotionally or psychologically one can soon become obsessed.

As I gained inches from penis enlargement my entire psyche slipped into a mode THAT MOSTLY THOUGHT ABOUT penis enlargement. I have a unique affliction and gift to when I see something works that I love I that I will become obsessed and do everything and anything to get what I want and rise the top... If I lose at something it does not stop me, it makes me even more determine. I can't stand failure and will not settle for it. With this incredible gift I also become crippled mentally from failure and becoming obsessed with that. It truly is a two side coin called Obsessive Compulsive. When things are good they are incredible, when they are disabling.

The point is , penis enlargement was no different. I only cared about penis enlargement, whatever I did the word 'penis enlargement ' became tied to. With my constant thinking and learning and YES doing the penis enlargement program I was following gave me unbelievable gains. When I realized penis enlargement was real I entered the classic state of mania and in this mind state I knew I could gain, I gained 2" in length and this was in the first year of my training. 7 or 6th months My girth exploded and I was truly amazed. I had a couple very blurry pictures of my penis before penis enlargement but these were to hard to make a visual picture of before and after but seeing how large my penis now was so persolly unbelievable I dove head first in the penis enlargement pond. The is, I became truly addicted to penis enlargement and I did it so often it was starting to affect other parts of life. IT IS WRONG TO BECOME CONSUMED WITH PENIS ENLARGEMENT.period. Putting in 10 hours a day, for me, gained me two inches in size length but with all my research I KNOW that can produce similar gains with a much shorter routine. �

Understand me, there are many exceptions to this theory but there are too many cases reflect time plays little role in�a 45 minute session and a 10 hour session.
This can be seen in the pictures forum at MOS and many of these cases reflect my exact thought.

Lastly, I wanted to touch on penis enlargement and how it can be used to break your penis enlargement obsessions of hours into under an hour a day,,,some even use 15 minutes and make decent gains. You need to set apart a time of day in the form of a schedule and when you are done with your workout get on with the rest of your life. Putting things in order has has always aided someone getting tasks done quickly and with increased victory. There is something special about mastering this skill and seeing miracles happen in front of your eyes. penis enlargement is no Different. When anyone has so much to do in one day he is smart to write them down and check them off when they accomplish their goals, it builds confidence and proves success. Answer this question, how much faster will you accomplish finding a lost watch if your room was organized or a mess. GET ORGANIZED, MOTIVATED and GAING



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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Modern Phalloplasty: Procedures, and Results.

Most men are familiar with the concept of making their penis bigger. Usually, it�s through an unwanted email with outrageous claims such as add 3-5 inches in WEEKS!. There has been a literal explosion in the exposure to penis related advertising in the print, audio, and visual media within the last few years. T.V. commercials featuring Bob, countless pills, products, etc. Even subtle, and not so subtle size matters type advertising not even related to the penis is out there, and messes with the minds of every man exposed to it, and makes him think of his penis in one way or another. The purpose of this blog entry is not to tackle the �does size matter, or not� argument, rather to enlighten men about the advances made in the last several years in the area of Phalloplasty.

Many of us have heard the horror stories, and/or seen images of botched operations. A man goes in to have his most prized possession enlarged, only to come out smaller, or horribly disfigured. Fortunately, this is NOT the norm contrary to what the media may want you to believe. There are still a few quacks out there who for whatever the reasons are still practicing, and disfiguring men. There are also, and in greater number doctors practicing in this specialized field who know what they are doing, and care about the end result, and making their patients happy.

THIS is the focus of this blog entry. To share modern procedures that are available, and to describe them in detail. Phalloplasty is an elective procedure. Meaning, its not necessary to perform, but can be performed. It is in the category of plastic surgery, and thanks to financing options now available through companies such as Capital One (Capital One Health Care Financing) can be very affordable, and is no longer out of reach for most men with decent or better credit. Payments can be as low as $116 a month!

No Outbound Links Please

First, we�ll start with the most practiced procedures:

  • Penis Widening:

Penis Widening is making the penis thicker, or more girthy. There are two procedures for doing this.

1) Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafting (using Alloderm �)

2) Autologolous Dermal Grafting

Alloderm (Borrowed from

Core technology: AlloDerm is an acellular dermal matrix derived from donated human skin tissue supplied by US AATB-compliant tissue banks utilizing the standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) requirements. Since AlloDerm is regarded as minimally processed and not significantly changed in structure from the natural material, the FDA has classified it as banked human tissue.

In other words, donated tissue that has been sterilized, and stripped of identifying cellular compounds which would make your body reject it. What�s left is basically an empty matrix of tissue ready for implantation, or grafting. In a matter of weeks your body begins to make it your own tissue. With Alloderm widening, typical first procedure result is an increase from ?� up to 1�. That may not sound like much, but I encourage you to make a paper cylinder measuring 5� in girth, and then one measuring 6� in girth. Compare the two visually, and based on how they feel in the hand. Big difference!

The doctor makes a curvilinear incision in the infra-pubic region at the base of the penis that approximately 2 inches in length and a second incision usually made approximately 5 mm proximal to the glans (the head) of the penis. This incision in necessary in order to insert the AlloDerm/Dermal grafting below the skin inside the front part of the penis for the girth enhancement procedure. Extreme precaution is taken to avoid major blood vessels and nerves. (From

Typical cost for Allograft Dermal Matrix Grafting: $13,000

Autologolous Dermal Grafting: This option uses the patients� own dermal tissue for the procedure. Performed the same as with Alloderm. Typical first procedure result is an increase from 1� up to 2�. Why the big difference? Alloderm comes in sheets, and requires more material to achieve a similar result to Dermal Grafting. Also, Alloderm costs more due to its processed, and patented nature.

Typical cost for Autologolous Dermal Grafting $12,000

  • Penis Lengthening:

Penis Lengthening is making the penis longer. The penis is held in place partially by the suspensory ligament. This ligament connects the upper base of the penis to the pubic bone. An incision is made in the skin of the pubic area above the base of the penis, and the ligament is severed, and the penis is allowed to advance forward of the body. Contrary to popular misconception, the penis does not flop downward, or around uncontrollably when erect post operation. Erection angle usually lowers, but not dramatically. 10-15% lower erection angle is typical. Typical result is an increase in length from 1� to 2� post operation with potential for more if proper post operation physiotherapy is followed. This includes the use of a vacuum weight hanger typically. Typical cost for lengthening $7,000

  • Glanular Enhancement:

Glanular Enhancement is making the glans (head) of the penis larger. This is done by inserting either Alloderm, or a Dermal Graft under the �ridge� area of the glans. Patients can expect up to a 30% increase in glans size from this procedure. With Alloderm the cost is typically $7,000. With Dermal Graft $6,000. Again the price difference is due to the higher cost of Alloderm.

  • Reconstruction Of Other Phalloplasty Surgeries:

As mentioned earlier, there are unfortunately some doctors practicing who should not be. Once in a while they botch a procedure, and corrective surgery is required. The smart men find another surgeon. The corrective surgery can sometimes only require repair, but most of the time complete reconstruction is required. With a widening procedure that needs correction, the tissue which was implanted is removed, and replaced. With lengthening surgery that needs correction, the suspensory ligament was usually not cut enough, and is severed more completely. Any other corrective procedure that needs to be done is assessed, and the patient is informed of what needs to be done. Cost depends on procedures required. Unfortunately, it may mean starting completely from ground zero.

I hope this blog entry has been informative, and enlightening. Maybe some misconceptions you may have had have now been resolved.

For more information about Phalloplasty, and a complementary consultation:

866 786 1048

On Yahoo: alexthegreat2kk

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Penis Trauma and Erectile Dysfunction/The Penis Enlargement Link

Being so involved with the penis enlargement industry it would be easy to assume that I only deal with a clientele that is only interested in penis enlargement. For a short while this may have been true (in my early days in penis enlargement) but my involvement with men soon took on all aspects of male sexuality, mental and physical. Over the years many of my clients have sought out advice on issues having nothing to do with penis enlargement. The largest area of inquiry is erectile dysfunction. I think the connection of erectile dysfunction to penis enlargement is a size issue. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may see their penis size as being smaller than that of their youthful past.

The most common reason men have erectile dysfunction is some sort of trauma to the penis. Either physically (or mentally) some kind of trauma was experienced and it caused some sort of erectile dysfunction. If you have ever injured your penis you can relate to an immediate reaction that you may think your penis will never work again. I have injured myself and I , in different intensities, caused myself some kind of erectile dysfunction. The injuries I have experienced during my life have never caused any kind of "physical" dysfunction but my mind has created a dysfunction that is, non the less, dtysfunctioning.

Mentally you may have experienced some kind of penile trauma. Perhaps you had a sexual experience where your mate said something that belittled your penis, maybe you got made fun on in the locker rooms in high school, but whatever your trauma was mentally it still may result in penis, erectile dysfunction.

I reckon Viagra has a clientele where less than 1% really need the drug. Erectile dysfunction, in my experience with penis enlargement men, has been completely a psychological issue. In my 6 years in penis enlargement, I have never met a man who has not been able to cure erectile dysfunction trough penis enlargement (mental and physical). This may seem trivial to some but with a membership base of more than 110,000 people, I feel as though penis enlargement has given me the right to explore and advise on these issues.

Injuring the penis in some sort of permanent way is very difficult. Being made up of soft tissue with now bones, damage to the penis, is near impossible. Erections have little to do with the penis. The penis is only an awaiting bag, waiting to be filled with blood so it is able to become erect. The penis is only a recipient of this erection inducing blood, the true ability to getting an erection is found in the brain. We se, mell, hear or touch something sexy and our mind manifests this fantasy and the information is sent to the penis which fills with blood. Without some sort of sexual signal, the penis would not become erect. If the brain is responsible for an erection, 100% of the time, how likely would erectile dysfunction and penile trauma be?

I am not saying that physical erectile dysfunction does not exist but I am saying that physical erectile dysfunction is near impossible to happen. The penis, as stated above, is NOT independently wired to create it's own erection. The brain/penis signal is necessary to facilitate an erection. If the mind is not sexually aroused the penis will not become erect.

The human thought process is very quick. We can be thinking about one thing and in a slit second be thinking about something completely different. WHen we have a sexual thought(s) we deliver a electrical impulse to the penis and the penis response by become rigid. Now, if you think about the penis/mind connection as a highway and a car needs to get from point a (the brain) to point B (the penis) we can imagine a direct route between the 2. If there is a traffic jam on this highway it will take the car, traveling from point A to B, a greater deal of time. The jam may present the car from ever getting to it's destination. The same line of thought relates to the bodies ability to achieve an erection. A sexual thought needs a clear path to the penis for the penis to accept this data and create an erection. This brings us to psychological dysfunction.

All of the men, who have penis dysfunction, I have met through penis enlargement have told me that when they are having ED they are not thinking about sex but they are thinking about something else (much of the time ED) Even those who say they are felling extremely sexual say that a non-sexual thought come up which replaces the sexual one. This interfering thought is the traffic jam. When we are trying to get an erection and we allow negative thoughts manifest themselves, we are causing ED.

To be continued...

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Cellular Impact of Penis Enlargement

Does Mechanical force start the production of cellular division? What determines the final size of the penis? Obviously compression eliminates the division of cells so how does expansion effect the cell? At one point, in any mans life, he will reach his maximum size (growth and development, not including volume i.e. weight gain). An interesting question is what accounts for the differences in similar organisms final size differences? Why does puberty stop and start at different times for each human?

Although , as men, our bio-chemistry is complex, the ability of morphogens to duplicate internal tissue and start cell growth is evidently an aftermath of the response they effect in cells and their ability to transport and apply properties. Are morphogens the determining factor in a tissues final size or are mechanical stresses applicable in continuing the growth process beyond the predetermined final size? Who, and what tells our tissue to stop growing?

Our cells contain information via D.N.A. and this information is definite, the cell has instructions and the R.N.A. (the facilitating portion of cell growth) follow out these instructions. When the completion of these instructions are implemented cellular growth, effectively, stops. How confusing is penis enlargement when a definite, predetermined cellular size is established and finalized?

Compression (a tissues normal or compressed state) acts as a kind of blockage to cellular growth. When expansion is present cells divide at accelerated levels in comparison to compressed cells/or tissue. Escalation in volume, particularly blood in PE, increases the total needs of the cell's and this increases the need for a greater membrane area. Just like a cell you can look at your penis as being a cellular being with internal structures held together by a membrane called the tunica and the skin. Once maximum capacity is met, and held for a period, the penis has little choice but to increase in size (or divide) This is pretty easy if cells act as any normal membrane and expand to accommodate increased volume. Hypothetically, expansion of the penis almost has to be initiated by reawakened morphogens and their contribution to tissue deformation.

If cells do not divide to accommodate increased size in PE they must act as an elastic solid of sorts. (see my thread on elastic theory) If a cell does not part from it's nucleus to increase membrane size it would need to stretch to accomplish this. Stretching a solid almost always leads to a total and permanent deformation of area. There is really no other option.

Bruce Edgar, a biologist from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle comments on the similarity of the pair �Growth suppression by compression is a plausible and attractive idea, Although the underlying molecular mechanism hasn�t been identified, there are some candidates. When a disk cell encounters the morphogen, a protein called ?-catenin enters the cell�s nucleus to initiate the expression of proteins that forestall apoptosis and promote growth. Intriguingly, ?-catenin has another role. The cytoskeletons of neighboring cells link to each other though membrane-spanning proteins called cadherins. The molecule that mediates the link is ?-catenin. Edgar points out another line of suggestive evidence. The genes Lethal giant disks, Disks large, and Scribble form a complex involved in cell adhesion. �If you knock them out,� he says, �the epithelium becomes a blob that never stops growing.�

This is a very encouraging statement for the men who PE

Predetermined cell growth is, most likely, unchangeable through further cell division after it reaches maturity. Meaning, once the tissue has reached it's precogitated size it stops growing. If this is the case the only "real" method of penis enlargement is through the stretching of the mature cellular tissue with the contribution of morphogens. This brings the final question, Does a continued cycle of cellular expansion and accommodation give an infinite detail to the rather finite division of cells?

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