Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Perfect Penis>>>Channel 4 Documentary on Penis Enlargement

This is the Channel 4 documentary, The Perfect Penis. It focuses on different forms of penis enlargement. I am in part 3 at 7:50. It is very interesting and a must for anyone getting into PE.

For some men bigger - whether by mechanical, herbal or surgical means - will always mean better. The penis is the organ most central to a man's sense of self, and the quest for penile perfection has driven some men to extraordinary and dangerous lengths.

This programme meets the Russian surgeons who chopped off a man's penis and re-grew it on his arm, the man whose penis has real pulling power, and the man for whom too big is just not big enough.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kingsnake (Dropping a little science on how Penis Enlargement works)

Kingsnake (Dropping a little science on how PE works)

Hey guys. I just wanted to drop a little bit of what I have been studying that helped me develop my current routine. In my opinion, what causes your dick to increase in size through PE is through plastic flow or deformation of the tunica. You see the spongy tissue inside the penis has the capacity to hold a lot of blood like a real sponge holding liquid. What sets the limit and puts a screeching halt to a man's penis size is the tunica that surrounds the spongy tissue. If a man�s tunica has a large amount of sheer tissue mass and elasticity inside of his flaccid penis, this will result in a huge erection.

Before human tissue reaches plastic deformation, its elastic limit must be breeched and enter a zone called CREEP. Creep is completely time and load dependent and is a phase where the stretched tissue is completely relaxed and slowly creeps away from its elastic limit if the stress remains constant with heat. Once sufficient amounts of creep has been done to the tissue through continuous amounts of time under tension then the tissue enters the plastic deforming zone. Now keep this in mind. All of this is happening at a microscopic level. When the tissue deforms it then begins remodeling at a microscopic level to adapt and set its self to a new elastic limit..
Here is an example with someone who�s a clamper. Say you started out with a maximum clamped penis girth of 5 inches in circumference. That means with a clamp, 5 inches in circumference is your penis�s maximum elastic threshold girth wise. Now for your penis to increase beyond this point it most go through the process I was talking about earlier known as CREEP. Now lets say through creep your clamped penis after 4 fifteen minute sets swells to 5.5 inches without any fluid build up. This extra expansion was cause by CREEP witch caused the penis to slowly creep in expansion beyond its elastic limit of 5 inches in girth. Now after so many hours, days, and months of expansion beyond the penis�s elastic limit from the CREEP phase, this will result in permanent deformation of the tissue. Now your clamped penis no longer needs four 15 minutes sets to swell to 5.5 inches in girth. Instead your clamped penis swells to 5.5 inches as soon as you put the clamp on for your first set. This is because your clamped penis girth was plastically deformed past its old elastic limit of 5 inches in girth to its new elastic limit which is now 5.5 inches in girth. So the idea is to repeat this cycle over and over for gains to accumulate. You keep slowly pushing beyond your elastic limit to the creep and plastic zone. Once your dick has plastically deformed to a new size then that new size becomes your dick�s new set elastic limit and you push beyond this again and again.

Studies have shown that to achieave plastic deformation with the least amount of structural damage to the tissue, less intensity long duration loads are needed under constant heat to effectively and permenentley deform tissue. High intensity or high loads applied to quickly to soft tissue will result in more structural damage and when the load is removed the tissue returns back to its orginal size. This is why I think it is better for guys that hang to not use there maximum weight on the first couple of sets. I know most people say to go to max weight then drop the weight an ride the fatigue like a reverse pyramid but I think its better to do a whole pyramid while hanging then ride the fatigue with less weight. What I mean by this is do warm up sets under heat so the tissue of the tuncia and ligs can adapt and relax to go through the CREEP phase. Then wants the warm up sets are down, then commence to you max weight.

Here is an example:

Let say your hanging workout is 10 sets of 20 mins hanging with the max weight being at 20lbs

You workout should go like this:

Warm up set 1: 5 pounds for 10 minutes
Warm up set 2: 12 pounds for 10 minutes

After these warm up sets are done to let the tissues relax and go into CREEP then do the real hanging sets, starting with your max weight of 20 lbs for ten 20 minutes sets and reduce the weight when necessary riding the fatigue as the 10 sets are done.

First 5 sets: 20lbs for 20 mins
Next 3 sets: 17lbs for 20 mins ( reduce weight riding fatigue)
Last 2 sets: 14lbs for 20 mins ( more fatigue. Had to drop weight further)

Now if you are one of these guys that hang throughout the day then at least do one warm up set using half of the weight that you normally hang with.


Another good website is this one.

They explain in great detail about elasticity of human tissue, creep and plastic deformation.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Penis Enlargement 24 Hours a day

Penis enlargement is usually viewed as 1 of many different forms. In the past decades there have been many ways to enlarge your penis, some more successful than others. In the 1970's penis enlargement pumping was all the rage. Penis enlargement pumping still, to this day, remains a tried and true form of penis enlargement. In my opinion, pumping is more of a supplement to penis enlargement, not a form that by itself would produce permeant penis enlargement gains. Pumping is, however, a great supplement to manual penis enlargement girth work, like jelqing. Pumping does prime the penis for a more productive manual session and done in light form, is a wonderful aid in healing.

Manual penis enlargement is more a description of any penis enlargement that includes the use of only your hands. Things like jelqing, stretching, squeezing, etc. are all forms of manual penis enlargement. Any program that is going to produce permanent, fast results must include a manual routine. The Matters of Size penis enlargement program is a 5 phase system of manual penis enlargement exercises and routines.

Another incredible supplement to manual penis enlargement is penis extenders. Penis extenders, used alone, do produce permeant, substantial penis enlargement gains but with no manual exercises the time gains are made could be slow. When a penis extender is used in conjunction with a manual penis enlargement routine, the length gains are swift! If you are thinking about purchasing an extender BUY IT HERE! We have the highest quality extender at the best price.

Penis enlargement hanging is another form of semi-manual length exercise. This is where a weight is comfortably attached to the penis for a set time. This is the riskiest forms of penis enlargement and it takes lots of time and patience to master. Once hanging is mastered it produces length gains similar to manual length exercises.

Becoming very popular over the past year, assisted stretching is quickly becoming the perfect medium for making fast length gains. This form of penis enlargement was made popular by the Power Assist, a "sort of wrench for the penis"- (Popular Science). Many exercises have been created for this tool and can be viewed HERE<<.

Pills, creams, patches, etc, are all purely supplemental forms of penis enlargement and in now way needed to make gains. If you can afford it then it is a great supplement (like vitamins) but if not taken you will still make gains.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The TRUE story on Male Enhancement Pills or Penis Enlargement Pills

I have been in the penis enlargement business for about a decade and if there were a pill that would produce REAL penis enlargement gains every man would be taking them and the average sized penis would be much larger than it currently is. What do penis enlargement pills do? Basically they increase blood flow to the penis and allow for better erections. Many of the pill users may see this as a penis enlargement gain when really all it is is a better erection. The pills also, due to increased blood flow, allow for a better hanging penis while flaccid. Again, this is not a gain but an enhancement of sorts, your best potential. Penis enlargement pills do serve a purpose in natural penis enlargement when used to supplement girth work. For some men keeping a good erection level during girth work is difficult and the penis enlargement pills will help in the girth work. Our penis enlargement pills formula is identical to the other 100 pills on the market but our price is much lower. The reason I decided to create a penis enlargement pill is because VIAGRA was becoming too expensive to take on a daily basis for girth work.

Think about penis enlargement pills like this. You would not walk into a gym and ask for a muscle supplement that you could take, without doing any training, that would give you muscle. You would never expect this but when you take the muscle supplement in addition to a good workout then you will make faster gains. Taking a penis enlargement pill without training is the same logic, you will never make gains, you will simply have better potential to make gains IF you trained.

Taking a penis enlargement pill is a wise decision if you are training with it. If you take it alone you will simply be wasting you money. IN NO WAY do you need to take a supplement to make gains. If you do the exercises as I have put them forth you will make gains.


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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Forums

Penis Enlargement Forum

The penis enlargement forum is our general forum. You will find penis enlargement exercises, questions about natural penis enlargement and other threads on this topic.

Penis Enlargement Newbie Forum

If you are new to penis enlargement this will be the best starting point. This forum gives a great starting routine of basic jelqing and stretching. It is also the best place to ask newbie questions on penis enlargement.

Hanging Around: Penis Enlargement Hanging

Penis enlargement hanging is a technique where a penis hanger is attached to the flaccid penis and weight is hung from this penis to create length gains. This forum will teach you all the basics. Ask questions and they are promptly answered.

Penis Foreskin Restoration

This forum is all about foreskin restoration. Many men have been circumcised and are looking for ways to restore the lost skin. This part of the penis enlargement forum gives you exercises and routines focused on foreskin restoration.

Penis Enlargement Pumping Forum

The name says it all. If you are into penis enlargement pumping this will be a wonderful resource for you.

Mental Penis Enlargement

For a lot of men penis enlargement can be a challenge mentally. This forum gives many awesome techniques to mental enlargement. Believing what you are doing is vital in penis enlargement and this forum has 100's of posts on the topic.

Routines and Progress in Penis Enlargement

This is a great section to follow other users gains, exercises and routines.

Body Building, Health, Fitness, Diet & Supplements

Discuss Diet, Health, Supplements and Exercise.

Mental Health and Wellness

Whatever your mental challenge there are 1000's just like you. This section of the penis enlargement site tackles such issues as OCD, Bi-Polar disorder and other mental issues.

Penis Enlargement Clamping Forum

Relatively new in penis enlargement, Clamping is an alternative method for girth expansion.

Power Assist Forum

The world famous "wrench for the penis". This penis enlargement equipment allows the user to increase stretching intensity 10 fold. You will find videos, exercises and routines in this forum all catering to the Power Assist.

Alternative & Experimental Penis Enlargement

Over the years many new and exciting methods of penis enlargement have come to fruition. You will find all the latest methods in this forum.

Penis Enlargement Products and Reviews

Just as the name says. If you have a product that you are currently considering buying this is a great place to get penis enlargement product information and reviews from real users.

Getting Better with Age: Penis Enlargement Discussion

This forum is set up for the seniors who practice penis enlargement. This is a forum to discuss ides, issues and exercise.

Picture Proof: Penis Enlargement Pictures & Progress

The one thing guys want is to see the proof. This part of the penis enlargement forums shows members progress pictures and the gains they have made.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Penis Enlargement Size Increase Averages

I think one of the most popular questions, in penis enlargement, I am asked is how much penis size can I gain and how long will it take. When I first started penis enlargement I really was not looking for increased penis size, even though I would take it, but my main focus was getting harder erections. This was probably why I gained so much as I was not focused on the how and when of the gains I was more focused on the exercises and motivation to do the penis enlargement work. Within my first 120 days I gained 2" in length and a considerable amount of girth. Up until that point I was fairly ignorant to penis enlargement in general. I had a couple exercises that I found that I was following but as far as communication with other men who were doing penis enlargement I knew nothing. When I first found out what average gains were when I finally found a forum that was focusing on penis enlargement I was blown away. Men were making gains of about 1/2" in a year or more doing penis enlargement. If I had not seen the gains I was making first hand I would have never ever started penis enlargement. 1/2" was something I saw in weeks and my initial 2" gain came in 6 months. I found out quickly that there was little if any work done in original penis enlargement exercises. I knew, up to this point, that I had a handful of exercises I created and it was obvious that these exercises were the reason I gained so much.

Soon after I started to share my exercises with the forum I was on other men started to make the same, measurable, gains. This through a huge curve in the average growth rate and cycle. Still, to this day, there has been only a few who have worked hard enough to get the gains I have made (4" in length and 2" in girth) but things were changing. The main exercise that aided in the gains I made was the DLD Blasters. This exercise became a staple in every man's toolbox in penis enlargement. Things started to change for the masses in the penis enlargement world.

To this day the average gains have and are still increasing. To the starting guys who wonder what they can gain and how long it will take, well this has come closer to my gains and time frame. I would say that the average gains and time men can expect changes looks something like this. 1 inch in length and .5" in girth in a 6 month period. If you are following the Matters of Size routines closely and stay motivated you will realize at least these gains. In many cases men will surpass these penis enlargement averages. I think that someone who joins the Matters of Size penis enlargement site and follows through with each Phase they will see gains that are similar to my own. You see, the Matters of Size penis enlargement program follows the same exercises and routines I used to make the gains I have. The world's most powerful, effective penis enlargement program is MOS. We offer a 200% money back guaranty and in 10 years we have never given a refund putting the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program in the 100% success rate.


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Monday, June 08, 2009

Natural Penis Enlargement and Penis Enlargement Pills

I am sure you have seen the commercials that they promise to increase the size of that certain male body part by taking a pills everyday. To understand why this is allowed to happen and why men are left with a negative view of penis enlargement as a whole. If penis enlargement were as easy as popping a pill there would be millions of men running around with a 9" penis but this is not the case. So what do these penis enlargement pills do? Most men do not realize that their maximum potential size is never realized largely because of poor erections. The penis enlargement pills will give you incredible erections which may translate to size gains in their mind when really they are only reaching their full erection potential. So many men believe they are making penis enlargement gains when really they are only realizing their best possible erection.

This analogy might help you understand my point better. You do not walk into a gym and ask for a muscle supplement and expect to build muscle gains because of taking the supplement. You know that the supplement it taking in conjunction with working out. The two work together to produce fast muscle growth. The same scenario applies to penis enlargement. You can not expect to make penis size gains by taking a supplement. The penis enlargement pills DO give you the potential to make fast gains but without natural penis enlargement exercise the supplement will do little but give you great erections.

At Matters of Size we do sell penis enlargement supplemental pills. These pills (identical to all other penis enlargement pills) help with girth work. During girth penis enlargement exercises some men find it difficult to keep an erection level that is high enough during the routine. The pills help by keeping the user at a high enough erection level to get the most out of his physical efforts. Are penis enlargement pills necessary to make penis enlargement gains? Not at all. Just like any other supplement they are there as a supplement to the work.


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