Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bathmate making a BIG splash in the penis pump nitche

The BATHMATE hydro pump is making a HUGE splash in the penis enlargement industry. This amazing pump is quickly becoming the best companion to traditional girth exercises.

The Bathmate hydropump (Penis Enlargement Pump) is a comfortable, safe and natural method for enlarging your penis in the comfort and privacy of your own home (bathroom) and works in the bath or shower (you could even use it at your sink if you wanted.

In just 15 to 20 minutes per day for a few short weeks, the Bathmate will leave you with a thicker, longer, stronger & BIGGER PENIS! It will give you harder, bigger erection you have always wanted. The best part is, these are permanent penis size gains, which you can enjoy till the end of your time!

But that is not all! The Bathmate has been proven to aid with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and so much more. It may even help with peyroines disease. It truly is a total workout for the penis (as corny as that sounds). Some of our users report stamina allowing them to go for 2-3hrs easily while maintaining rock hard erections. So I say why, use an expensive blue pill when you can do it naturally without any nasty side effects of Viagra or Cialis and dependency on pricey pills. Why pay $5-7,000.00 for penis enlargement surgery when the Bathmate can work for you and give you added benefits.

Thousands of men are using the Bathmate Hydropump right now sitting in their bath or shower... easily and rapidly making progress and you can too.

Bathmate Testimonials from Very Happy Owners!

"Hi people at BM, My name is ******* and I've been using your Bathmate device since July 28th I believe; I'm emailing you all to let you know that I started out at just 160 and now I'm closing in on 190. I have noticed some great gains and have been very pleased with this device. Since July I have gone from a 3 inch flaccid length penis to a 4.25 flaccid length. In Erect length I went from a 5.25 Penis to now 7 inches. An this is only a few months. I am very proud of this device!"


"I've been an active user of PE for the past 4 years now. Basically been on and off again due to the device itself ("FastSize"). I just constantly kept saying I'd go back to doing it but never really wanted too due to its appearance under my clothes and the fact that you can not go out in public with it on. I heard about the Bathmate through a forum where I was being told from members how great the product truly was; I thought to myself of giving it a try along side this other new PE workout I'm doing. I was shocked when I first saw how big my Penis became after my first usage of the BM and I still am today after every session with it. My first session of the BM was on August 5th of 2009 where I measured in at 6.35 inches. Currently today on August 13th 2009 I measure in at 6.50. I Love This Device!" ~ Sincerely, Frank


"Thanks!!! You guys are awesome. I really appreciate your effort and your insane awesome fast Customer Support, Never had anything like it, not even when I stand in a store and ask for help ha ha. You guys are great, thank you!" ~
Ralph, California

People have been asking if I can get a discount on the BATHMATE so today I asked Gerry, my contact at BM, for a special coupon for MOS and he agreed to a $15.00 discount. It is real easy to use, just go to the link belw and when filling out order page use: MOSDISCOUNT in the coupon box. Discount will appear instantly.


Bathmate Penis Enlarger Pump

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Honest User Review of Bathmate Enlarger Pump

My Honest Review of Bathmate Enlarger Pump: Does Bathmate Work?

If you land on this page, you are probably looking for more information on Bathmate, the latest penis enlarger pump. In this article, you are going to find out my personal experience on Bathmate pump. Although it is highly recommend, it is certainly not perfect, and may not work for everyone. You are going to find out the why in this article.

My story
My name is Ian Lee. OK , probably you are not so interested to know more about me, but you may relate to my problems. You see, I have a really small member (less than 5 inches, you can imagine?). If that�s not the worst, I found myself losing control by merely touching my partner�s pubic hair! That�s right, I suffer from the dreaded �small penis syndrome� and premature ejaculation.

Needless to say, my girlfriend at that time was upset with me. I became desperate. I�d try anything that claim to be the solutions of my problem. You name it; I�ve almost everything except surgery: stretcher, pump, patch, creams etc. Nothing works,

To cut long story short, my girlfriend left me for another guy who checked on her. My heart was shattered, but it�s not like I can do anything.

Then, a friend recommends I try Bathmate Penis enlarger pump. He swears that it makes his member bigger. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try. After all, it has money back guarantee.

The concept: Bathmate works by enlarging your penile tissue and chamber. As these components are expanded, they are able to hold more blood to form erection, thus resulting in larger and bigger penis.

My experience
I was surprised that Bathmate is different from other enlarger pump. With regular enlarger pump, it creates vacuum environment around your member. The downside is, these products tend to make your member swell and uncomfortable. Bathmate works differently. It creates the pressure inside the water instead of air. Unlike standard enlarger pump, it feels quite comfy. After the first pump, I did find my member to become firmer.

I used it for 15-20 minutes day during shower, as instructed. Besides, I also try to eat sensibly and exercise my penis regularly to improve penile fitness and stamina.

After 1 month, I am delighted to find out that I have grown 1 inch! In addition, I am able to sustain the erection to give my partner long, pleasurable sex. I was told that my progress is rather fast, and I attribute it to the penis workout.

Needless to say, I am thrilled. Have I found Bathmate long time ago, I would not have to go through all the headaches and heartaches.

Click here to buy Bathmate

What I like about Bathmate: it is natural and effective. Plus, it does not cause discomfort on penile shaft. You actually feel quite comfortable with it.

Feedback on customer support: I really like the way they package the product. When you receive it, it doesn�t appear to be a male enhancement product. They really protect customer�s privacy. After all, it is embarrassing to let others know you purchase such product. In addition, their customer support is timely and friendly.

Beware of Bathmate scam: there are many sellers of Bathmate only, and some are scams and made of poor quality materials. If you get these products, you won�t achieve desired results. Thus, you should only buy from credible Bathmate retailer, and I highly recommend Bathmate USA. Although located in USA, it ships to world wide.

People have been asking if I can get a discount on the BATHMATE so today I asked Gerry, my contact at BM, for a special coupon for MOS and he agreed to a $15.00 discount. It is real easy to use, just go to the link belw and when filling out order page use: [B]MOSDISCOUNT[/B] in the coupon box. Discount will appear instantly.


Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The New Matters of Size Penis Pump System

After years of research and working with the pros, MoS is proud to announce the Mity Penis Pump.

The MoS Mity Penis Pump is the absolute highest quality and will Maximize your pumping technique to assure maximum gains from penis pumping.

Standard size is 2" diameter with 9" length.

Available in 2", 2.25" & 2.5" diameters and 9", 10", 12", 15" & 16" Lengths

By Kookie

Ok guys. Thought I would throw out some stuff I have learned over the years as an avid pumper.

First off, I think that pumping is a GREAT tool for girth. I attribute it to most of my girth gains over the years. But be warned, I think pumping has the most potential for injury than any type of PE. To many guys see those massive girth gains in the tube and start thinking to add more pressure AND time and they will gain quicker. Nope. A good way to get bruising and a massive thrombosed vein on top of several other types of injuries. You need to take it slow and condition your penis to take this type of pressure. Here are some tips...

1. ALWAYS WARM UP! Whether your using a rice sock, hot wash cloth, or heating pad, never forget that heat is your friend.

2. KEEP ACURATE TIME! Don't let that huge gain in the tube decieve you. Keep your times in the tube consistent. I would start with no more than 10 minutes at a time and build up to it.

3. GET A GAUGE! You will need this to keep track of your routine PLUS it will help you control your session. Don't let how good the higher levels can feel sometimes. I recomend the Mighty Vac.

4. ALWAYS START 100% ERECT! This will do two things mainly. 1, it will help you to reach maximum expansion and 2, it will help reduce fluid build up.

5. ALWAYS JELQ/MASSAGE AFTER EACH SET! Jelqing is the cornerstone of any girth routine to begin with. This will help get the blood moving around again and it will help to keep the fluid build up down as well.

6. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR COCK! If you start to notice bad discoloring or other abnormalities, STOP!

7. FEEL YOUR COCK! If you start to notice alot of pain, STOP!

8. DO LENGTH FIRST! If you are hanging or doing other length routines, do them first. You shouldn't hang after pumping.

9. USE A GOOD LUBE! Can't stress this enough. I start with a hand lotion then move to vaseline. Helps to create a good seal.

10. SHAVE! You will need to remove hairs that will cause leaks in your seal.

11. KEEP YOUR TUBE CLEAN! Hot water and mild dishwashing soap is what I use.

12. START WITH THE RIGHT SIZE TUBE! This is very important. Start with one tow big, then you run into the problem of having your nuts sucked up into the tube. Most of the Major pump sites tell you how to measure what size would be best for you.

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