Monday, March 28, 2005

My Thought on Obsessive Thinking and the Penis

Me on Obsessive Thinking and the penis:

Obsessions are all in your head but these "head" things have a very creative way of manifesting themselves into a very real problems. I don't think it is simply a problem with paranoia, although that is something you are going through, but more obsession and possibly compulsions. I go through very similar problems and can attest to things seeming very real that I believe other people know what is in my head. It has caused me unnecessary hardships and has robbed me of even the most basic normality of life. Obsessions are extremely debilitating but there are things you can do to help give you better quality of life.

Let me relate this to myself and a typical situation, this will show how insidious this problem really is. For me it starts out as a simple thought...I will be looking at porn and I think to myself, "wow that guys dick looks huge...I wonder if he is bigger than me" Most people would have this thought, soon forget it and go on with watching their movie but my brain does not work that way. The thought will spin in my head like a record and start a mental skip...."wow that guys dick looks huge...I wonder if he is bigger than me ..............."wow that guys dick looks huge...I wonder if he is bigger than me"..............."wow that guys dick looks huge...I wonder if he is bigger than me".... Eventually my concentration is lost and I get a nagging desire to challenge the thought with "real" evidence and prove it wrong. At this point the movie gets paused on the guy, I get every possible measuring device and start the long, fruitless task of proving the thought incorrect. Sound fun yet? Next I measure or compare or weigh or whatever gives me a rational conclusion in this mental dilemma. (did I just say rational?) Let's say this was a good night and I actually proved to myself I was bigger or longer or thicker or any other penis related "er". I then go back to the movie feeling pretty accomplished, I proved it wrong. Maybe a minute goes by and a new thought replaces the earlier one...."Maybe you measured wrong" then the argument starts between me and me.

Obsessive Voice: "Are you sure you measured right"
Rational Voice: "I am positive"
Obsessive Voice: "Nau, maybe you did it too quickly"
Rational Voice: "No, I remember, it was a very accurate measurement"
Obsessive Voice: "Just do it again to be sure"
Rational Voice: "I don't have too, I just measured"
Obsessive Voice: "What's a matter, scared?"
Rational Voice: "No"
Obsessive Voice: "Then just do it"

This thought pattern will go on until I go back and double check then the entire scenario starts over again. This could go on for 15 minutes or an entire day depending on when the record in my brain stops skipping. A double check will quickly become 3rd, 4th, 5th....100-check.

The problem with this proof, being the actual compulsion, is the obsession uses it as fuel to make it's value that much bigger...that much scarier. With each episode the obsession grows larger than life. Even though, at the time, I think the proof is helping it is really keeping me in bondage. An episode like this could put me in a mood where I think everybody knows my problem. My girlfriend, Jen, may make a totally innocent comment like "I'm feeling sorta sick" and, of course my deranged mind hears "you have a little dick" As silly as this sounds this is how far this insidious problem will go. It will fuck up my night, my relationship, my sex drive, my motivation...everything and this is only one example of my many obsessive problems.

I understand that your problem is different than mine but every obsession and compulsion share many of the same traits. I hope you are able to see the similarities in our situations. There is hope and things can get better but you will need to take charge and fight this thing. Again, I would rather relate this to myself in hopes it helps you. When an intruding thought comes in my head I need to make a decision to just ignore it. Such a simple thing but ignoring the starting thought will rob the obsession of it's powers and eventually you will be able to move on. When an obsessive thought has been around a while it dies hard so prepare yourself for battle. It may take time to erase these beliefs in your head but I promise you it is worth it. When you take charge and fight back it leads to a much better quality of life.

I can give you reassurance all day long but until you believe it the words won't stick. This belief comes from you and your ability to destroy these obsessions. Here are some links to some articles I have wrote on the subject. I hope it helps.
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Monday, March 21, 2005

Faster Set up Between Hanging Sets

I do 7 sets a day and the rest periods in between sets can really add up. My main reason for rest in between is circulation issues, I mean if I was able to hang 25 pounds for 3 hours straight that would be great but this is not the case. What I have been doing is right after a set I get a full erection and massage it for a minute. This gets the circulation back into my penis and allows me to go from set to set with only a short rest period.

Some guys may not be able to get an erection and lose it on command but if you are able to it is a cool tip.

Shaving Tips

Now check this out, I have been shaving for about 3 weeks now and I have made some very cool personal observations. In my past anytime I tried to trim, puck, shave or nair any pubic hair I could set a timer to when I would get the ingrown hairs. This problem kept me in pubic bondage and people who have seen my forest of hair know that I was losing at least 2" of cock in that jungle. I never thought I had a choice so I never really pursued the barber shop. Anyway I think I have found the solution for myself. What I have been doing is shaving daily. This was almost painful for the first week but daily shaving is necessary to eliminate in-grown hairs. I first take a vry hot bath and let myself soak for 10 minutes, after the soak I put a liberal amount of hair conditioner on my pubic area and let that sit for a minute. Then I shave my entire pubic area exactly how I want it to look. After I am finished shaving I use either a luffa pad or foot brush and I exfoliate the area I just shaved. This ensures that the hairs will not get trapped under spent skin. This should never happen anyway because I am shaving daily but I found it to be a good step to get make the skin less sensitive. As I said it has been three weeks and not 1 ingrown. For the first week the area was irritated but this I found to be temporary and now, with the exception of the occasional razor bumps, I get nothing.

Working the Ligaments and Tunica through Motion

When you think about the suspensory ligaments and how they are anchored to the pelvic bone penis enlargement surgery has some credibility as this is the targeted area in phaloplasty. The procedure is quite simple in that the doctor will make a small incision just above the base of the penis and the ligaments that anchor the penis to the pubic bone are cut allowing the penis to hang up to 1" longer in flaccid state and close to the same during erection.

The Motion Tunica to Lig Stretch will work the titled areas but I think the motion will also allow the anchor points of the suspensory ligaments to loosen more effectively allowing for faster length gains.

If you are like me the last thing you want is a knife near your penis but the procedure had me thinking about exercise that would be more effective at targeting this area. I touched on this idea with Plymetric Stretches and Pulse 110's but neither of these exercises encapsulate a full range of motion.

I think that a standard downward stretch, targeting the ligs, is a great stretch but I think that some motion may improve this. What I have been doing is a stretch, to the center, that starts upward gripped with a reverse OK (pinky up) and stretch, with full intensity, through the entire spectrum of angles until I come to a full downward stretch. When I reach the bottom loosen the stretch and start at the top again. If upward is 12:00 then I make a smooth, arc until I reach 6:00. A good variation of this would be propping your legs up and going beyond 6:00 to 7 or 8 (which would resemble a between the cheeks stretch at the end of each rep.)

With all the confusion of LOT this stretch will eliminate any of the guess work in targeting the appropriate areas while allowing the repetitive motion to loosen the anchor points of the ligaments.

A Sample Routine, the way I have been working these in, is 5 sets of 50 Motion Tunica to Lig Stretches.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The Mechanics or Natural Penis Enlargement

There is allot that goes into why and how PE works. But I will try to keep it simple. Length comes from two main sources 1.) Lig Stretching, when the suspensory ligament (Band of tissue that holds the penis up against the pubic bone.) are stretched within the body allowing the penis to become longer as more length is added to the stretched ligament. Some call this internal penis.

and 2.) Stretching the external penis or Tunica. The tunica is a inflexible tube that surrounds the three spongy chambers. During an erection the tunica becomes tight and restrictive giving the penis rigidity. Tunica stretching or enlargement is a very slow, arduous process as it contains less than 5% elasticity. When we stretch at higher angles, that put little pressure on the ligaments, most of the intensity of the stretch is absorbed by the tunica. The tunica some see as an endless source of length gains.

Girth enlargement happens when the corpus cavenosum, the two chambers on either side of the penis that holds blood in it's spongy tissue during erection, are filled with blood beyond there capacity. It is important to understand that this tissue is housed in the tunica so the same slow, arduous, rules apply. Girth will be temporary swelling until all of the tissue affected deforms permanently to hold the increased blood during an erection.

I have always tried to be forbearing with girth work. I keep things uncomplicated and intense. My only goal, when training girth, is MAXIMUM EXPANSION. What I try to do is to get temporary swelling beyond my normal erection circumference each and every workout. Eventually, as it has happened for the past 4 years, temporary...slowly but surely becomes permanent.

In flaccid length exercise it is difficult to over train the penis. This is due to the extremely small amount of muscle present in the penis. With this in mind I see length exercise as the more the better. I do a extremely wide array of length exercises being sure to spend time on both the ligaments and tunica.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Pain and Soreness in Penis Enlargement

Pain is a very big word when it comes to PE. For me it gets broken down into 2 main areas, good pains and bad pain. Bad pains by my definition is pain that is sharp and/or shooting that may or may not be accompanied by bleeding, loss of sensitivity or a marked difference in erection quality or shape (see Peyronie's Disease) These are all signs that the penis has experienced blunt trauma and all PE and sexual activity should be stopped immediately and seek medical attention.

Good Pain is much different than it's counterpart. It is a dull, aching soreness. It can feel itchy from micro-stretch marks in the skin. It can be felt deep in the penile tissue and/or at the base of the penis radiating upward as high as the abdomen. This pain or soreness comes from deforming the penile tissue, smooth muscle, tunica and ligaments and this is completely normal and in many people expected. Since the penis is not a muscle (even though there is smooth muscle present) the rules of body building do not apply in the sense that rest is needed. The penis makes it's best length gains when it is in a completely fatigued state and pushing through this fatigue and soreness is where much of the PE gaining lay.