Monday, March 13, 2006


In a laying position grip your erect penis (using lubrication) with palms facing up, hands crossed over one another and using thumb and forefinger of both hands, grip penis shaft at extreme base, pulling upward w/both hands, jelqing penis towards your chin.

Jelq your penis 10 times while doing kegels, making your penis hold more blood. Once your penis is at 110% reach one hand down and grip extreme bass while doing a reverse kegel. Hold all blood in your penis and use your other hand to massage the blood around your entire penis for 60 seconds.

Repeat this for 20 minutes then do a deep penile massage for 10 minutes at the expansion here is crazy.

Since so much of this exercise depends on maximum expansion I want the mental portion of this exercise to include porn or some kind of sexual stimulation (partner would be fun).

Girth is all about expansion and sex is the reason we want it, right? So mixing sex with PE only makes sense. I always loved doing girth with Jen and then using it right after I exercises. It was my personal penis pump I used in foreplay. Of course when I had sex it was incredible for both of us.

I want you to say this mantra:

(REPEAT THROUGHOUT EXERCISE) I am now open to change. I give myself the command to enlarge my penis to a state thicker than ever before.


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