Tuesday, March 21, 2006

DLD Blasters...A staple for any Penis Enlargement Workout

Performing the DLD Blaster:
Warm up to the Blasters
Sitting on the toilet in a totally flaccid state stretch penis upward to a taunt pull. In this state do 100 quick Kegels. This will aid in making you aware of the PC muscle prior to engaging in the Blasters. It will also serve to pre-exhaust the PC muscle to some extent. When this is complete move on to the actual Blasters.

The Blasters
Sitting on the toilet get yourself into the DLD “A” stretch. For some this may be difficult due to wrist size so the RB fake arm stretch or the Dual Fulcrum Stretch can be substituted. I would prefer that everyone eventually get into the “A’ Stretch as an ultimate goal so continue trying to get into it as you make gains.

Once in the “A” Stretch pull your penis to a good solid stretch straight out. In this position do kegel. (take note of how your penis will pull back as the PC muscle flexes) Hold this Kegel for 5 seconds. Feel the pull back? If not loosen stretch a bit...your main objective on this part of the stretch is to feel that slight pull make so the next part of the exercise can be felt. The Kegel portion of this exercise is to serve only this function..this is where you will be training your PC muscle the stretch is only in place to feel the pull back.

Now this is where you want to really stretch... do a Reverse Kegel (as you make this change from a Kegel to a Reverse Kegel you will feel the PC Unflex) As you RK pull your stretch to accommodate the unflex, meaning just as when you Kegel the penis pulls back the penis in a Reverse Kegel will produce more slack. Stretch this to your max for 5 seconds. During this 5 second Reverse Kegel be sure to pivot your arm or fake arm to increase tension. The idea on the Reverse Kegel is to take your stretching capasity beyond normal and this is accomplished by the Arm pivot, Fake arm Pivot or Increasing pull on Dual Fulcrum.

This is one Rep.

You should continue to do rep sets of these. (formula 5sec Kegel, 5 sec Reverse Kegel= One rep. x 50)


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