Friday, March 31, 2006

Penis enlargement and Connective Tissue (Ligament Information)

Author: RedZulu2003
Date: 27/03/05
Subject: Penile Ligament Burns [Burners]


These are very common and are signs that your stretching good.
Also its Very easy to trigger these off.
Just stretch the ligs and apply a reverse kegel [flexes the PC reverse and exposes the ligs fully] this will get you that burn feeling.
The sensation comes from the base/ligament area of the penis and lasts for as long as you allow the stretch to be held while its engaged, meaning if you release the stretch the burn will go away soon.
You will get these sumtime by doing DLD 'A' stretches.
The feeling can be very intense indeed and make you yell abit for a second, sounds worse than it is but it can be very intense.

Why does it burn?

The reason the ligs are 'Burning' is because you are stretching them to their maximum.
A Chemical hormone named prostaglandin E1 is a contributer to this.
This very hormone helps open the cells inside the penis more efficiant for a better harder erection.
It also relaxes the ligaments and enables them to be stretched even further than normal before a Burn is fealt.
So the reason you feel the burn is because the penis ligaments are being pulled at their max and the prostaglandin E1 hormone can't help relax them anymore, so the burn sets in.
Hope this makes sense.
I will break it down more - If the ligs are maximum expanded to the furthest point they can safely go, than the burn sets in as the prostaglandin E1 can not keep it held back anymore and as a result the chemical reaction kicks in and creates the burning feeling.
A theory I have is Some men like with the pops may be more prone to this type of phenomonom.
If you have more prostaglandin E1 than it'll be harder to get these and if one has lower levels than itll be easyer.
Maybe these lower levels have something in common with how strong the ligaments actually are? come to think of it that makes sense as low levels of prostaglandin E1 would give a burn easier at any stretch lig-wise, so not as much force needed so the ligs cant be as strong? < Just a theory so dont take it as gospel fact.

Are they good or bad?

It is a very good sign when you get burns.
It shows your ligaments are getting the best stretch possible.
You will also know after say just 30 minutes of doing intense streches that after the burners you will know you've had a good workout, as you will feel it afterwards.
However if you continue to pull to hard while the burning sensation sets in than you risk the chance of snapping/tearing a ligament, which is serious and painful indeed and would require surgery and grafting to get it normal again.
When you feel that burn, hold the stretch for the desired time and dont go any more otherwise like I said, you risk over-stretch and a bad injury
Hopefully you will know your limits and can push abit further, but be careful.
You will also be quite sore in the base area where the ligaments are after having alot of burners.
This is normal, good and nothing to worry about.
The sensation normally lasts awhile and can last afew days.
So long as theres no serious pain, than your alright.


They are caused from a intense stretch, which has caused the ligs to expand to their maximum stretch and the prostaglandin E1 hormone can no longer relax the lig, so to remove this feeling during a stretch.
If you dont get them, it means that you aint got your ligs to their maximum stretch.
Will you still gain?
If you stick to a nice good workout than their's no reason why you shouldn't gain well from penis enlargement without these feelings, but I belive they are very important for big gainers.
DLD himself gets this feeling alot when he works out hard, and he now has a monster long erect penis.
Also the burners feel similer to those that we get when we goto the gym and do bicep work, near the end that burn feeling running through the arm like that, but more sharp.
I always used to get these deliberetly on the border-line of pain.
One would be nearly in agony when doing these.
I know my line if you do than try it also, if not dont go their as if you feel the slightest bit of tearing pain than stop as if you continue than the lig will be damaged, can get torn or the tendons damaged.
But its hard to really damage the ligs/tendons from this, they are very strong.
Also dont feel you must get burning sensations in your base region where the ligament are eachtime you stretch, hang etc etc in order to gain.
Guys gain without getting many burning sensations in the ligaments, so dont be worried about that.


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