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Why Do SItes Post This on Their Site?


Lower Hanging Balls, my routine

In the beginning of my PE I found it difficult to feel like my stretch was intense as it could be if I was not anchoring my other hand to something else. This just seemed, psychologically perhaps, to give me greater control when I was stretching. The anchor point in my case was my scrotum which in itself was a multi-beneficial place to do so. This position(s) made way for such exercises as Tunica Stretch, Ball & Lig Stretch, Wrapped Tunica Stretches, etc. This stretching position also allowed me to enjoy a much longer flaccid hand due to the scrotum being stretched away from the back of the underbelly of my penis while also giving me a bigger, heavier scrotum.

I think the anchored stretch position also gives me much better control and focus of intensity. It is like a direct line of concentrated power connected by both hands (see picture) When stretching up the penis I am stretching down the scrotum or if I am stretching the penis down the scrotum is being anchored up and as you can see the anchor position is always in a straight line from the stretching hand.

This line of focus has always benefitted my sessions, hope this helps you.

Crazyeds Penis Pumping Guide

Being a pumper myself, I would like give everyone who is here or will be here, that is interested in pumping to have the basics of pumping laid out for them. Pumping is a large part of my routine, and has been for close to a year now.

The things you will need for pumping.

1. At least a decent pump, to be safe you will need a pump with a gauge, IMO this is a must.
2. You will need lube, lube creates an airtight seal, use the lube of your choice.

3. A big shower towel and a small hand towel. Use the big towel to put on your chair, and the small towel for lube clean up reasons during the sessions.

4.And of course a stiff dick.

Purchasing a pump, where to begin? Get a pump with a gauge(you must know how much pressure you are putting on your penis), and one that seems well built. (LA Pumps, Kaplens) Just some examples. What size of tube will you need. Get one that is snug enough not to suck your balls into the tube, but allows you room for growth. The table below tells us the exactly how thick you can get in each size tube. So for example if you are 6in in erect girth you would be fine to go with the 2.25in tube, because you will expand in the tube and most likely get beyond 6.25in of pumped up girth. But if you are 5.5in of girth stick with the 2in tube, the 2.25in will be too big and you will have problems getting a seal and your balls will get sucked up into the tube.

1.5in Tube size 4.75in Girth
1.75in Tube size 5.5in Girth
2in Tube size 6.25in Girth
2.25in Tube size 7in Girth
2.5in Tube size 7.75in Girth
2.75in Tube size 8in Girth

Personally I have 3 sizes of tubes. I have a 2in, 2.25in, and a 2.5in tube. The first tube I bought was the 2.5in tube. It was way too big. Then I bought a 2in, and a 2.25in at the same time. I have not used the 2.5in tube for a long time now.

I like to start off in the 2in tube for the first set, and pack the tube fully. Then any other set is done in the 2.25in. For those of you who can afford this, I would recommend that you get 2 sizes. One tube you can pack fully after a couple of sets. And one that you need to grow into. Now this is not a must, though I feel that taking a 2 tube approach aids in post workout size.

Now that you know what size of tube you need it is time to preach safety! Yes it is true that pumping can be dangerous. However it is also true that pumping can have dramatic positive effects on your erection strength and size. Two things that can ruin your sex life with pumping is too much pressure, and too long of time in the pump without the replenishment of fresh blood. To avoid any erection problems never go above 10hg and do not exceed 20mins in the pump non stop with out a break. Now 10hg is a high dangerous pressure especially for newbies, and for a lot of vets. Newbies don’t go above 5hg in the beginning. Vets if you must go to 10hg I would recommend that you do it no longer than a set of 5mins.

If you pump at too high of a pressure, or over do it on your timing you can or will get a massive amount of blood spots, blisters, a nasty looking donut, or even worse a ruptured blood vein that causes erection problems. Avoid the donut as much as possible, leave that up to the extreme pumpers O.K.
Low comfortable pressures, and limit continuous long durations in the pump. Remember this and you should never have a problem

Now it is time to pump. Get your pump ready for use. Put some lube at the inside base of the tube, this will enable an airtight seal in a pump that fits your size. Next get semi erect or fully erect, lube up your glans and shaft with a thin layer of lube, but not your scrotom. Insert your dick in the tube, gently press the tube against your pubic bone, and be sure as much of your scrotoms skin is pulled away from the pump as possible. Then carefully pump your way to your desired pressure. You don’t want your testicles to get sucked up into the pump.

New guys to pumping should take it slow at first, until the penis gets accustomed to the pressure the pump puts on the penis. For the first week pump every other day for 10mins at 3hg. This will condition the dick for future pumping sessions. The second week you can go ahead and beef it up some (pun intended) Go every other day 2 sets at 10mins at 3 hg. Week 3 now you’re basically ready to go to a full 3 set workout at 3hg every other day. Week 4 do the same as week three but raise the pressure to 5hg. After week 4 you should be conditioned to do pretty much what you want with it as long as you remain conscience of your penis’s stress handling abilities.

While you are inside the tube you will want to remain erect, porn is a great way to do this. Also you will want to do kegals and you will want to milk the tube up and down slightly. Milking for me is the most efficient way for me to remain erect in the pump. Milking the tube is basically griping the tube and trying to pull it away from the base of your penis, only shift the tube about a ½ to 1 inch up the shaft. As you will notice that milking the tube causes the pressure to increase and then go back to where you had a steady even pressure. So don’t pull up to high or hard, two things could happen, your pressure will go up really high, or you will lose your airtight seal.

Between sets you will want to either do your choice of manual exercises, or edge. This will ensure that fresh blood is supplied to the penis every 10 to 15mins or so. IMO this is very important if you would like a pump to assist in the growth of your penis. You will notice that after a pump session that you will hang thicker and fuller throughout the day. You will after time notice that your flaccid hang is always feeling heavier, looking longer and feeling thicker. The same goes with edging between sets. You will feel the difference in your erection.

So to sum it all up a productive workout should involve the following.

1. Safety
2. The correct size tube, and tubes.
3. Being erect as possible for the duration of the workout.
4. Proper execution
5. A fresh supply of blood going to the penis every 10 to 15mins.

Looks like that is it! If I left anything out let me know!

Warm ups and warm downs, how do these apply to penis enlargement

Warm up: Take a wash cloth, heat it to a temperature you can handle, wrap it around the penis. You will want to do this for 5 minutes so taking time to reheat the wash cloth is essential.

You may also use a heating pad although this is cumbersome without complete privacy.

Warm downs are essentially the same thing.

Since the penis has very little muscle, only about 5% of the penis is made up of smooth muscle tissue, warming up to a penis enlargement routine seems pointless. This is not the reason we practice warm ups and warm downs. The reason for these sessions is to relax the penis and prepare it for training. The heat from a warm-up will give you your best advantage when training for length. For myself I only do warm-ups as a precursor to length, as far as girth is concerned I do not warm up in the traditional way. For girth I will heat the lubricant I want to use, in my case vaseline is my lubricant and I heat it by putting the amount I want to use in a cup and let hot water pour over it until it reaches a hot temperature. From here I apply it to my penis and massage it in for about a minute then I will start my girth work.

After any penis enlargement exercise you will want to do a warm down. The reason for this is again to relax the tissue, speed healing of the newly expanded tissue and it feels great.

The Mental Stages You Go Through With Penis Enlargement

By: JakB

I have learned alot from Penis Enlargement and these are some emotional stages Ive gone through. Im reposting this in the mental gains because I think it can help. I originally posted it as my 500th post.

Since May I have gained between .5-.75 inches in girth and .25 inches in length. The length will come oh yes the length will come.

I have learned alot since May, one of the things I have learned is that there are emotional stages that come with Penis Enlargement.

1. Faith- You have to believe that it will work as you have read countless others that say it does. This is the stage before you start Penis Enlargement. You doubt and wonder why you are even considering it. But then you do it hoping...

2. HoPenis Enlargement- After starting Penis Enlargement you start to kind of believe it will work and hoPenis Enlargement that it stays. Plus you are still hoping that you didnt waste your time and got mislead into believing this is another Penis Enlargementnis pill hoax.

3. Stage 1 fear- At this stage you havent noticed your 1st gain and you begin to fear that you are doing the basics wrong because you havent noticed your 1st gain yet. This is where the newbie questions come out.

4. Acceptance with doubt- This is the stage when you get your 1st gain. You are of course as excited as a mofo, BUT you secretly doubt it might not stay. You then proceed with caution.

5. Excitement- You got your 1st gain and you "know" it will work(still secretly doubting it). At this stage you think you know ALOT more than you really do.

6. Stage 2 Fear- After you get your 1st gain you FEAR you will lose it if you dont do the required unknown amount of dick pulling. At this stage you usually end up going overboard and trying to get too much too fast as you realize that it works. This is the stage I think is most prone to injuries, which of course leads to the next stage.

6. Stage 3 Fear- Youve hurt yourself in some way and you think youre Penis Enlargementrmanently screwed. Turned your dick purple, shot blood out of your Penis Enlargemente hole, got fluid build up, caused roPenis Enlargement burn of some sort under the head of your cock from pulling, the list goes on. After youve calmed down you realize that you will heal and things will go back to almost normal. Still have a purple Penis Enlargementcker though. This is also the stage you realize you dont know as much as you thought you did.

7. Knowing- You now KNOW that Penis Enlargement works, there is no doubt in your head. You have gained and the gains keep coming and dont disapPenis Enlargementar after a layoff.

8. Denial- This is a fucked up stage. You look at your bigger cock that youve had for awhile and think "My cock isnt any bigger than when I started" the ONLY thing that can disprove this to you is the ruler/taPenis Enlargement. You are in total denial that is has grown and may even deny that the ruler/taPenis Enlargement is correct. "There is no way Im that size, its looks smaller than that.

9. Ive hit my limit stage- This is the stage you secretly think you cant get any bigger because of your plateau. Not an easy stage to break. Penis Enlargementrserverance is key here.

10. Knowing- The mecca of all stages. This is the stage at which you have to aspire to. After your short stint of denial and Ive hit my limit stage you head back to "knowing" again. This is the stage you sPenis Enlargementnd most of your time at if you continue to Penis Enlargement. If you dont know it will work you end up quiting.

There are a couple more that interject at almost any stage, those stages are called LAZY and BUSY. These stages can screw up alot of workouts.

These are most of the stages Ive noticed through my own Penis Enlargement world. The rides been fun and Im glad Im on it.

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DMSO might cause increase in penis size!!

By Brock Landers:
Most meds' like the dht cream and adrogel are made to pass the skin and thats it enters the blood want to go deep into the tunica..i'm not really sure how all this works but awhile back there was all talk about topical androgens where all the rage with PE because a guy who was a Doctor tried androgel while pe and saw dramatic growth. So if he was using testosterone then dht would be more powerful and it been said that dht is essential for penile growth through puberty and at birth.

There was even a bodybuilding supplement company called Avant Labs who where going to make a topical androgen + its delivery methods which was keep under wraps to grow the penis! It was going to be called HUNG but the fucking FDA stepped in and canned that idea along with allot of there other good bodybuilding pro hormones ... I did use a DHT precursor 5aa with a delivery gel called Gel# 3 it was suppose to be site specific so it wouldn’t go systemic(through ut the body) but i only used it for a little while with no results except a super hard and pulsating dick like i men it got hard with out even think of sexual thoughts just like when i was 14 or something and im young know at 22 i was scared about hair loss as im see some thinning.

I have also read that finasteride can up-regulate the androgen receptor and make it more sensitive to an androgen, i read that from a doctor/scientist and he said it would work for sure and he never even mention supplementing with pro-hormones or steroids.

know my theory is that after puberty your Androgen receptors in the penis down-regulate to some extend and are only used for maintenance of the reproductive organ , maybe thats why bodybuilders don;t see any penis growth when on huge steroids cycles . I also remember reading on a chart that using steroids while going through puberty will increase your penis size which must come back to the androgen receptors being very sensitive through puberty.

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Survey on Penis Enlargement Gains by Remek

The PE Survey was a survey created on The survey was advertised on the free forums of Thunders Place and MOS. It was opened in April, and was closed down in July – opened for nearly three months.
957 men took The PE Survey. However, due to “duplicated results,” and for the best accuracy only 545 of these men were able to be used in the analysis.
Below are the top 15 things the PE Survey found. The FULL analysis of each question is not shown, but they will be posted in-detail on a website I am creating for the PE survey results as soon as possible. The survey was analyzed in volume.

Disclaimer: The results are not the opinion of the author. Nor is the author stating the results are 100 percent truth. Everything below is what the data SUGGESTS, not the author, and should not be passed as facts. As with all science, multiple tests have to be completed until something becomes factual.

1. How much do we actually gain?
The average gains for men who have been exercising their penis for at least three months is 1 inch in length, and a half an inch in girth (1" X .51"). Translating this into volume*, on average the men who exercise their penises for three months or more have increased their penis size by 42 percent -- nearly half a size bigger than what they started with! [Questions 6 – 9, asking for PRE and POST stats]

2. Does PE work?
Out of 545 men who have performed penis exercises at least once, only 7 people (approximately one percent) believed penis enlargement does not work. [Question 3 – Do you think natural penis enlargement works?]

3. Where do you acquire your knowledge?
The two groups who gained the least were the men who acquired most of their knowledge from Matters of Size and Thunder's Place.
The "middle group" was the people who acquired most of their knowledge from a combination of two of the following: Thunder's Place, MOS, and the original PE forums
The top two gaining groups were the very few men who acquired their knowledge from the original PE forums and other sources;
Although the results clearly state the highest gainers were those who acquired most of their PE knowledge from the Original PE forums, and Other Sources we should not be quick in parading to "other penis exercising sites" and requesting the original PE forums back. The skewed results are most likely due to the highly uneven number of votes and the more time spent exercising the penis in the highest two groups. [Question 5 – Where do you acquire most of your knowledge regarding PE?]

4. The Masturbation affect:
The results suggest that men who masturbate less gain more. This is extremely evident when comparing the people who masturbated once a month or less (average gain of 6.22 cubic inches) to the people who masturbated a few times a month or more (average girth gain of 3.87 cubic inches). Meaning, the people who masturbated once a month or less gained 60 percent more cubic inches than the people who masturbated a few times a month or more. [Question 12 – On average, how often do you masturbate?]

5. The Ejaculation affect:
Question 19 takes the Masturbation affect one step further, suggesting it is not masturbating that affects gains, but masturbating and ejaculating shortly after a PE session that does. The group that ejaculated within an hour after a PE session, increased their penis size a third less than the groups that did not. [Question 19 - Within an hour after a normal PE session do you masturbate? If yes, do you ejaculate? Please select the answer that fits you best (meaning if you masturbate and ejaculate 70 percent of the time, then check "Yes, and I Ejaculate."]
In summary, the data theorizes that masturbating and withholding ejaculation might not hurt gains, however masturbating and ejaculating could.

6. The erection affect:
The majority of men who exercise their penis experience stronger and harder erections. [Question 18 – Since you started PE has your erections been affected?]

7. Does exercising the penis cause discoloration?
Approximately 60 percent of the people who voted experienced some sort of discoloration caused by PE. The majority of these people reported having a darker penis (46 percent over all reported having a darker penis). [Question 17 – After you began using PE did your penis discolor? – check all that apply ]

8. Does a warm-up reduce the darkening affects?
Using a warm-up does not reduce the darkening affects caused by PE. [Question 17 – After you began using PE did your penis discolor? – check all that apply ]

9. Do gains slow down with after a few months?
There is a complete correlation with more time & experience exercising the penis and more gains. No where do the results suggest gains "stall" or "die out" after a certain amount of time. [Question 2 – Approximately, how long have you been using natural penis enlargement techniques, TOTAL?]

10. Does it matter how much time I spend on a PE session?
According to the results, your penis will expand and grow according to how much time you put into a PE session. The more time spent exercising the penis, the more it will grow. However, there are obvious conditions. If you are a beginner, do not jump into a hanging session that consists of “multiple hours.” That is a path leading to 'Injury Lane.' Slowly increase the length of time you spend on your penis workout. In the end, anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour, 4-5 days a week will probably give you the best results. [Question 20 – On average, how much time do you spend on a PE session?]

11. Do Penis Enlargement pills help?
The people who use penis enlargement pills combined with exercises gained 43 percent more cubic inches than those who do not, which suggests that penis enlargement pills do help gains. [Question 14 – Did you use penis enlargement pills during the time you exercised your penis?]

12. How do most people find out about PE?
The majority of men who exercise their penis learned about it by searching for it on the web. [Question 4 - Where did you first learn/hear about natural PE?]

13. Does exercising the penis lead to curvature?
Over 90 percent of men do not obtain a penis curve caused by PE. [Question 16 - Does your penis have a curve in it that was not there before you started using natural penis enlargement?]

14. Does exercising the penis lead to a change in erection level?
The majority of men do not experience or notice any change in their erection level caused by exercising the penis. [Question 15 - While PEing, did your angle of erection change? If yes - how so?]

15. Does a warm-up help with gains?
The data suggests that using a warm-up prior to a penis exercising routine had no connection with increased gains (opposed to not using a warm-up).
However, this does not mean we should all throw away our heating pads and infrared lamps. Using a warm-up is the safest known way to exercise the penis. Without a warm-up, there is most likely a greater chance of injuring yourself. Additionally, using a warm-up is believed to cause less bruising and skin problems. Question 13 - Do you use a warm-up before your PE routine?

Confusions & Controversies:
Without a doubt, the biggest confusions and controversies revolve around these two topics:
Penis enlargement pills (number 11) – Popularly believed to be a scam, having no affect on gains. The data suggests otherwise.
Masturbation (numbers 4 and 5) – This is a two-sided argument. Many men believe it affects gains, while others strongly believe it does not. The data suggests that ejaculating, and masturbation leads to fewer gains.

The best way to receive this information is with an open-mind. The data from the PE survey is quite consistent. Instead of everyone stating the results are wrong, wrong, wrong! We should all ask the question, where is the truth behind the PE survey claims? Why does the data suggest ejaculating leads to decreased gains; and penis enlargement pills help gains? After all, that is what we are all here for – to help each other learn more about PE.

Again, the complete survey results will be up on a website I am creating for the survey results. You will be able to download the actual data for critiquing, and who knows maybe you can find something that I missed! Or that I calculated wrong!

Penis Enlargement Glossary: Everything you want to know

Thanks to mowinman...Awesome Job!

Measurement Abbreviations:

BP - Bone Pressed is the penis measurement method used by doctors and researchers. We use it in PE to measure our progress. Measurements are taken from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis.

BPEL - Bone Pressed Erect Length - In an erect state measure from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans.

BPFSL - Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch Length - This is the preferred measurement to track gains. In a flaccid state stretch your penis straight out in front of you. The measurement is taken from the public bone to the tip of the glans.

BP - Bone Pressed is the penis measurement method used by doctors and researchers. We use it in PE to measure our progress. Measurements are taken from the pubic bone to the tip of the penis. Find out how it's done by clicking this link.

BPEL - Bone Pressed Erect Length - In an erect state measure from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans.

BPFSL - Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch Length - This is the preferred measurement to track gains. In a flaccid state stretch your penis straight out in front of you. The measurement is taken from the public bone to the tip of the glans.

EG - Erect Girth.- Measurements for EG are usually taken mid-shaft although some advocate that it should be taken at the widest point of the penis. Others maintain girth should be measured at the head, middle and base. Whatever you choose, be consistent.

EL - Erect Length. – The length of a penis in its erect state.

FG - Flaccid girth - the circumference of a soft penis.

FL - Flaccid length.- the length of a stretched soft penis.

NBPEL – Non Bone Pressed Erect Length – A measurement method used whereby the ruler is placed along the side of shaft, the end of ruler rests against the fat pad without pressing the ruler to the pubic bone.

NBPFSL – Non Bone Presses Flaccid Stretch Length - A measurement method used whereby the ruler is placed along the side of shaft, the end of ruler rests against the fat pad without pressing the ruler to the pubic bone, stretching the penis out to make the measurement.

SL - Stretched Length. To measure stretched length grasp the penis and pull outward.

Other PE Related Abbreviations:

ADS - All day stretching devices.

BDD – The acronym for Body Dysmorphic Disorder

BTC - Between The Cheeks is a position for hanging.To hang BTC you need to recline in a chair with your feet resting on another chair. Your penis is pulled down between your legs (butt cheeks).It's an intense stretch and reportedly one of the most beneficial for hangers.

CC - Corpus Cavernosa - The two chambers that run the length of the penis on either side, which are filled with spongy tissue. When you're aroused, blood flows into the spaces in the corpora cavernosa and causes them to expand, which results in your penis becoming erect.

CS - Corpus Spongiosum - The column on the underside of the penis which contains the urethra.

ED - Erectile Dysfunction - The inability to produce or hold an erection, this has many causes from psychological to chemical to medical reasons.

OTL - Over The Leg is a position for hanging.

OTS - Over The Shoulder is another position for hanging.

PC muscle - The pubococcygeus muscle.

PE - Penis Enlargement. In this case we refer to methods, which do not require surgical intervention.

REP – Abbreviation for repetition.


Ace Strapped – The method of wrapping the penis in an Ace Bandage to promote flaccid gains.

Advanced - A higher level of more extreme exercises.

A-Stretch – A DLD original stretch that involves a dual fulcrum method of stretching. The stretch, when set up correctly, resembles the letter “A”.

Average - Referring to what the majority of the population has for size.

Ballooning - The act of masturbation bringing yourself to the point of ejaculation without having ejaculated.

synonyms: edging

Beginner – In the PE term it is the entry level of exercise.

Boner - The penis in its hard state.

synonyms: erect, hardon, wood

Bruising - To injure the underlying soft tissue of the penis without breaking the skin.

Burns/Burners – The feeling when the ligaments have been stretched to their max.

Bundled Blasters – A DLD original exercise where the penis is twisted in it’s flaccid state and applied to the DLD Blaster exercise.

Bundled Stretch - The penis is twisted (one rotation ) in it's flaccid state and stretched. This can be used with the A-Stretch and V-Stretch.

Caution - This is an important, think to read and understand before engaging in any penis enlargement exercises.

Cementing - It is believed that you will lose recent gains made if you stop doing PE right after the gain. This is the process of making gains permanent.

Circumcision - To remove the foreskin of a male.

Color Inconstancies – Discoloration that may occur from penis enlargement exercises.

Concentration – The act or process of concentrating, especially the fixing of close, undivided attention.

Crank – The twisting rotary motion of a stretch.

Cum - The thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract.

synonyms: semen, ejaculate, seed, Seminole fluid

Curvature - A slight to extreme bend in the penis. (Also see Peyronie’s disease).

Distraction – Extreme mental or emotional disturbance

DLD Blasters – This is a DLD original exercise that uses kegal and reverse kegel during stretching to maximize intensity.

Dorsal Artery - The corpora cavernosa and the corpus Spongiosum receive blood
from the Internal Pubic Artery.

Dorsal Nerve – The Dorsal Nerve runs along the top of the penis with a nerve ganglion located ½ to ¾ inch behind the head. Care should be used when gripping this area.

Dual Fulcrum – A DLD original stretch that utilizes 2 hands where they stretch in opposite direction.

Duration - The time spent doing an exercise.

Ecstatic – The way you'll feel when you realize that you're making gains and your penis is bigger then it's ever been.

Edging - The act of masturbation bringing yourself to the point of ejaculation without having ejaculated.

synonyms: ballooning

Ejaculate - The thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract.

synonyms: cum, seed, semen, Seminole fluid

Ejaculation - The expulsion of seminal fluid from the urethra of the penis during orgasm.

Erection - The penis in its hard state.

synonyms: boner, hardon, wood

Extreme – A high level of PE exercise that is only intended for the advanced PE’ers, High Risk of injury for the inexperienced.

Fatigue - The event that occurs after extensive exercise has occurred. It is said that the muscle or tissue is exhausted.

Fiberous Envelope - The white fibrous tissue, elastic fibers, and plain muscular fibers that encase the Corpus Cavernosa.

Focus – Close, undivided attention.

Foreskin - The loose fold of skin that covers the glans of the penis. Also called prepuce.

Fowfer - A stretching exercise, which involves drawing the penis behind and anchoring it by sitting on it. For a more detailed explanation click this link .

Frenulum - The small sheet of skin on the underside of the penis which joins the glans to the foreskin.

Fundiform Ligament - One of two ligaments, which support the penis.

Gains - This is the term used to describe any enlargement of the penis.

Girth - The measurement of the circumference of the penis.

Glans - The head of the penis.

Grip - The term used to describe how the penis is grabbed.

Grower - A grower is a man who has an average or below average flaccid size, but grows significantly to an average or above average erect size.

Hand Breadth – The width measurement of the hand.

Hanger - A device used to weight train the penis. The hanging device is attached to the penis, and some amount of weight is hooked to the end. The result is several pounds of extra weight pulling your penis down. An effective method of extending the length of your penis.

Hard-On - The penis in its hard state.

synonyms: boner, erection, wood

Heating Pad – An electrical device used for warm up.

Hot Wrap - A method of warming up and cooling down before and after PE. Hot wraps are beneficial and serve to prevent unnecessary injuries and soreness due to PE.

examples: rice sock, wash cloth, shower, bath, heating pad.

Impotence – The inability to achieve penile erection or to maintain an erection until ejaculation.

Injury - The damage to soft tissue, ligaments or skin caused by forces or action in PE.

Intensity - The strength of a grip such as the ok sign ( tighter) or strength used to pull in a stretch. Can also be generalized in a overall workout such as increasing reps or duration.

Intermediate - In the PE term it is the moderate level of exercise.

Jelqing - Also known as "jelq", it is the "milking or stoking" of the penis to enlarge it. This method is said to have been used for PE for thousands of years. Jelq is effective for expanding length and girth.

Journal – A place for you to keep your penis enlargement data.

Jump Start- A routine designed to help break a plateau.

Kegel - Also known as PC or BC exercises. Kegal’s are a voluntary, repetitive contracting and relaxing of the BC muscle.

Lazy Ass Stretch – A DLD original stretch where the penis is stretched back behind the leg and sat on. In this state various movements can be done to create a more intense stretch.

LOT - Loss OF Tug - The point at which you lessen the tug back while performing a kegal, stretching a flaccid penis. This helps determine your LOT number.

Lubricant - "lube" can help you get the most out of your Jelqing session. Some prefer Baby Oil or Vaseline, others use their own mixtures of different oils or products.

Maintenance – This is part of the program that is a small routine geared at maintaining gains for or during during retirement.

Manual Stretch - A method used to lengthen the penis. It involves grabbing the penis behind the head and pulling in several different directions. This is done to stretch the tissues and ligaments in the penis.

Masterbation - The act of self gratification by strokine ones penis for pleasure.

Maximum Stretch – The greatest amount of stretch you are able to apply.

Measuring – The process of tracking gains through measurements.

Media – A means of mass communication, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, or television.

meatus - The opening of the urethra.

Mediation – The process between temporary gains and permanent.

Mid-Shaft – The girth measurement around the middle of the shaft.

Morphing – To transform (an image) by computer.

Myth – A popular belief or story that has become associated with a person, institution, or occurrence, especially one considered to illustrate a cultural ideal.

Newbie - A person that is new to penis exercises.

synonyms: N00b, beginner

Ok Grip – The grip used in many penis enlargement exercises. This is when the fore finger and thumb encircle the penis.

Optimum – Getting the most out of an exercise

Orgasm – The peak of sexual excitement characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the male. Also called climax.

Over Training - Is a theory where too much training actually works against the gains. To realize the best gains rest days are essential to avoid this.

PC muscle - The pubococcygeus muscle. It is part of the muscle group that connects the pubic bone to the tailbone. Strengthening this muscle can result in stronger, longer lasting erections and better ejaculation. While this muscle in the male is the lesser, the BC muscle is the prominent muscle used in the kegel exercise.

Pelvic Bone – The bone located directly behind the penis.

Performance Anxiety – A fear prior to sexual activity that could effect erection and/or performance.

Penis - The male reproductive organ. The average size is disputed, most internet surveys claim around 6"; closer to 5.5" is probably a little more accurate.

Peyronie's Disease - A condition which causes an unnatural bend in the erect penis. In extreme cases it causes painful erections and difficulty in performing intercourse. It has been said that jelqing in the opposite direction of the bend can help to correct this problem somewhat.

Phases – The description given to different levels of the Matters of Size program.

Photographic Illusion or Visual Distortion – The condition of being deceived by a false perception in photography or video.

Plateau – After making gains, when a person has reached a point of very slow or no gains, he is said to have reached a plateau.

Porn – Abbreviation for pornography. Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.

Pre Cum – A small amount of semen that drips from the glans with no orgasm.

Premature Ejaculation – More rapid occurrence of climax and ejaculation in the male during sexual intercourse than he or his partner wishes.

Program – A description of you whole penis enlargement workout

Prostate - The prostate is a gland of the male reproductive system. It is located in front of the rectum and just below the bladder, the organ that stores urine. The main purpose of the prostate is to produce fluid for semen, which transports sperm during the male orgasm.

Pumping - Using a vacuum pump to inflate the size of one's penis. There are ongoing arguments as to whether this method is safe or effective; with caution pumping is relatively safe.

RB’s Fake Arm A-Stretch – This is a variation on the original A-Stretch where a piece of pvc tubing is used to replace the other arm. This is ideal for those who have trouble with the original A-Stretch.

Red Dots/Spots - Red dots may occur on the head and on the shaft of the penis after you start jelqing. This is from small capillaries bursting. These spots should go away in 24-48 hours. Hot wraps will reduce the likelihood of red spots.

Repetition – The act or process of repeating an exercise movement.

Rest - Days taken with any PE exercises done.

Reverse Kegal – The total un-flexing of the PC muscle. This muscle movement is located by pushing the flow of urine.

Routine - in the PE world, this may your own personal PE program or one that is set up by others. It is a set of exercises for working the penis for enlargement.

Seed - See Below.

Semen – The thick white fluid containing spermatozoa that is ejaculated by the male genital tract.

synonyms: Cum, Ejaculate, Seed, Seminole Fluid

Seminole Fluid - See Above.

Shaft – The long part of the penis below the glans (head).

Scrotum - The external pouch that contains the testes.

Shock Routine - A shock routine is basically when a person substitutes a long, strenuous PE workout followed by several days of rest, instead of a regular consistently scheduled routine. Good for breaking plateaus, but not good for newbies. You should have done PE for several weeks to 2 months before you should attempt one.

Shower - A shower is a man who has more to show (while flaccid) but doesn't gain a proportional amount when erect. He has an large flaccid size, but only average or slightly above average erect size.

Semi – The penis in a half hard/erect state.

Sperm – A male gamete or reproductive cell; a spermatozoon. Semen.

Size Queen - A person who has sexual relations exclusively with guys who have large penises.

Snack Box – A place to get you freak on.

Staying Power – The ability to delay orgasm during sexual activity.

Stretch – The act of pulling on you penis. Can be done straight out, left right and down.

Stretch Marks – Red or white marks that may appear when you lengthen, widen, or distend the penis.

Squeezes - Girth or head enlargement exercises done by squeezing one area of the penis thereby forcing blood into another area.

Super-Sets – This term describes the joining of 2 exercises in succession to increase intensity.

Suspensory Ligament - One of two ligaments that support the penis.

Supplements - Various chemicals and herbs taken to increase circulation and/or libido. They will NOT, by themselves, make your penis grow.

Suspensory Ligament - One of two ligaments which support the penis.

Testis – [i] The reproductive gland in a male vertebrate, the source of spermatozoa and the androgens, normally occurring paired in the external scrotum.

synonyms: balls, testicles, nuts

Testicle Health – This is a routine geared at increasing sperm count, testicle size and early detection warnings for testicular problems.

Thera-band - A stretchy, elastic, rubber-like material for which is used for physical therapy. It is useful to wrap the penis before attaching a hanger, to avoid pinching of the skin.

Thrombosed Vein - A condition in which one of the penile veins bulge out, harden, and become painful. Basically a blood clot or inflamed vein. This can be the result of overzealous jelqing or pumping. Hot wraps, an aspirin a day and no PE will help with the recovery

synonyms: Thrombosis, Thromboses

Traction Wrapping - Wrapping the penis to maintain a longitudinal stretch after hanging.

Tunica Albuginea - The thick, fibrous sheath that covers the corpora cavernosa.

Un-Circumcised – A male with the prepuce of the penis intact.

Urethra - The passage through which urine flows.

Vasectomy - A surgical procedure that is used to cut the Ductus (vas) deferens to eliminate male fertility.

Visualization – To form a mental image.

V-Stretch A variation on manual stretching where you pull your penis out with one hand and press down on the shaft with the other hand.

Warm-Up/Warm-Down – This is the process done to prepare the penis for exercise or aid in recovery after exercise.

Warning – This is an important think to read and understand before engaging in any penis enlargement exercises.

Wood - The penis in its hard state.

synonyms: boner, erection, hard-on

Wrapping - Strips of fabric, Thera-band or other suitable material around the penis to assist in various PE exercises.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

This is real penis enlargement?

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Been trying different male enhancement products for the past year or so, but haven't seen too much of an effect on me. Then I stumbled apon this product. I shopped around a bit, compared prices and ingredients, and came to a conclusion "this is the one!" I ordered the tender System strong> - complete penile enlargement extender and gave it a shot. WOW! I was amazed at the effects and size differentce. My wife and I were having alot of problems in bed. I wasn't able to satisfy her enough. I gotta say though, ever since I've been using the extender, she can't get enough of me.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Putting it in Perspective, The Truth of Truths.

Putting it perspective

This will probably be the most controversial topic ever, but it has to be said, this is a lot to digest but you got to read it, Make sure you do your Lazy ass stretching while you read this. I sure am.

Over the last 5 years that I have been doing this, I have learned so many things. Bought, tried and done everything there is to do, and I mean everything. I should be a lot bigger, but have never remained consistent with a program for longer than 2-3months. It all comes down to just basic PE guys, stretching and jelqing. You can pump, take pills, and do everything else you want to, but you just have to stretch and Jelq and do some advanced exercises.

I see so many guys on these boards going and looking for these pics of these porn stars and ask the all to familiar question “How Big is He?” Does it really matter? These porno’s have so many tricks and techniques, I have seen peter north look as big as 9X6.5 and as short as 5X5. I have seen Lex, look 14” long as short as 7”, and don’t get me started on John Holmes, he’s big but people say he is like 12” no way. I know that there is probably less that 20 people worldwide that are 12”. Look, go get a ruler and look how long 12” is, yea, exactly my point, no way.

Do I think Porn Stars PE? Who knows, who cares? Are they you? Is doing exactly what they do going to work for you? No. Do you even know what they do? No. You don’t know their circumstances, their finances, their genetic code, and what they do, and so on. Just accept the fact that there are big people out there, everyone is different, no one can explain why some one is bigger than another, except it genetics.

The sooner you do the better you will feel about yourself and be happy with what you have. That’s it, we can talk about race, color, DHT, hair loss, different syndromes and on and on, you will never answer it, only in time will science and mapping the genetic code out, which is not a top priority for scientist to figure out how to make our penis bigger. They got better things to do like, finding a cure for aids, altzimers and cancer and making people live longer. That is why there are people like me to do this shit like I do like shooting hormones and all the other stuff I do, and see if it works and DLD and myself an the rest of you to find better exercises to do.

The seeing is not in the believing guys, I don’t believe half the people out there that claim there size, even if they show pics, 90% are fake, DLD has shown me that. When people say they are this big and that, I want to a real clear pic, that is not hazy or fuzzy without your hands in the way, Granted I got my 8” pic up, with my hand in the way, but I could not help it, There are other pics of me up that are in the same thread that you can see tis the same size with or without my hand in the way. Plus I don’t know two shits about photo-editing and all that BS, I just PE, if you don’t believe my size or DLD’s who cares, I Don’t and neither does he.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What heppens when Penis Enlargement takes over? A view on obsessiveness

I think I was obsessed with my penis at a very early age, I remember looking at it allot, playing with it, pulling it, whatever 5 year olds do with their penis only I would go over board. I guess I was always obsessed with "the big penis" also. I remember seeing John Holmes in a video when I was very young and that penis just stuck in my head. Every girl I dated seriously fell victim to this obsessiveness. I wanted to know every guy they had ever been with and how big each guy was. A totally fucked up way of thinking but I could not rest until I knew. You can imagine how it effected my relationships. I have lost so much because I obsess. The 3 woman I dated seriously all got this drill and it was a repetitive drill, I asked over and over looking for a different answer. I made my last girlfriend write it out, 4 times??? The hell I put them through, the suffering I experienced in the process and the beautiful relationships, with woman who I still love to this day, were crushed under this obsessive thought process. I was that insecure and today I sit with such regret. This is only one of my obsessive behaviors, there are hundreds of others but I thought to keep this penis specific.

I often wonder if I am alone in these thought patterns. I see all the importance that is put into "the big penis", all the adds, all the products, all the google click trough's (between 450 and 850 thousand a month!), all the big dick porn, it is just a massive sexual epidemic. Is it safe to say I am not alone? Do you guys obsess like me? Do you drill your partner with endless questions about their past? Do you make your partner suffer for things she did in her past? Are you worried about your penis size and how you compare to her past? So many questions and the answers will only be silent as no one wants to admit this. God, I am constantly searching for the answer to my obsessiveness but it just seems to grow with time.

The name given to this type of thinking, particularly when you answered yes to any of the last questions, is O.C.D. acronym for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In the latter case, a repetitive thought that skips in your brain and until you physically do something the thought remains on skip. More typical o.c.d. behavior is the washing of the hands in response to a repetitive thought that they are dirty. With the male and his penis this process is not unlike the last sentence as the thought on skip is penis size the compulsion can manifest itself in many forms: Porn, questioning our partner, penis enlargement, etc. The focus that is put on this is minimal, I may be the only person addressing this level of o.c.d., but focus is manly on the compulsion. This is where our solution is, isn't it? Do the thoughts on your penis change after you compulse in your own way? Do your penis size issues lessen when you look on the internet to compare yourself? After you find the answers to your partners past, is it over or do you go deeper, and start to wonder if you were told the truth in the first place. Kind of scary.

I can tell you that I went through and still go through all of the above. This obviously had little to do with my actual size as I started my penis enlargement quest at about 6" and today I'm bout 10", this is why the disorder is clever. The lies it gets you to believe are completely self destructive and many men fall right into these patterns. For a very long time I would obsessively measure my penis (and everything else in the house) these compulsions took hours sometimes and it would leave me so much more debilitated after I finally gave up. And this is exactly what compulsion part of o.c.d. is, doing a physical act over and over until you feel like you figured it out. Many times you can't figure it out and this is basically a compulsion until you give up. It seems so sad until many men realize they do this in their own secret way. I constantly ponder the question, who is like me.

One very unusual quality to this though/act process is no matter how deep I submerge myself in a form of o.c.d., how quickly I can make a cognitive change after I had lost the thing I loved most, my partner. Regret is a very strange thing, it is always a day late but when it comes it moves in and takes over your life for an undetermined amount of time. My last girlfriend left me, over penis issues, 13 months ago but I still live in the most regretful state. I am constantly making myself relive each and every negative moment of my relationship with Jen. When I really thought about the moments when things wore worse for Jen I recalled things centered around my penis (or some form of penis anxiety). Such importance I put on it, even outside my job which is all about penis, but so many times when we would have sex and I was so fucking concerned with some facet of penis insecurity. I could not make a separation between sex and dick, and I was completely blind to any of this. It was not until I got Jennifer's last letter did I realize how bad I was. What a crushing wake up call to be all alone with such regret. It was very difficult for me to start working again (God bless your guys who pulled us through) but every time I even thought about penis I relived my regretful past. I had become the most popular name in penis enlargement right about the time Jen left. What a sour victory. I knew I had to get back to work but I really questioned in what capacity. I had created a online penis enlargement program that was perfect by all standards. Even my biggest adversaries still hold my site as the best. I went on to create the world's first penis enlargement DVD which was an instant success. It seemed every thing I wanted so badly came at a time that my o.c.d. ended another relationship based on penis issues. At first I felt like giving it up but I thought different. I had so many conversations with friends online that gave me such heart felt advice that I needed to make a separation between my job and my life.

My biggest change in what I focus on today is the mental side of penis enlargement. It's effect on relationships. How penis issues effect the populous. When I think of this I see a very equal voice in the female population. I know penis issues affected my girl friend and I spend much of my time researching these issues. I think penis enlargement, in it's manual way, is as perfect as it can be. So why go on? The mental portion, it's destructive nature, comprehending these issues and addressing them so other do not fall victim to this. The penis is very, very simple and there really is no debate (unless someone wants to debate:)) it can be made bigger through natural penis enlargement...thousands of men practice this everyday. I just have seen patterns, like my own, emerge out of men who have increased the size of their penis. I counsel more men on the mental side of this practice more than the physical. The exercises are clear, concise, available on video, fool proof, that is easy but the part so many neglect are the underlying issues most men have with size. Issues that do not get better with an increase of size. I have run into this enough to know that it is not a few isolated guys, this was an epidemic. Even for men who never heard about penis enlargement, so many men who would benefit from doing some mental penis enlargement. A phrase I coined the minute I realized PE was going to be my life. Many problems arose immediately. I knew Jen had many callers, at the size I started with I was convinced, plus she told me, she was with some big men. I dismissed this for the most part as I thought I could do nothing about it. Once I realized I could do something about it her past opened up again. Then I went o.c.d. on penis enlargement and created a very good space on the internet with thousands of members. I spent 4 years developing exercise, one better than the next, exercises that are a staple in every serious PE'er. I had spent little time on the mental side of this game and submerged myself in the physical side. I only thought with my penis and the bigger I made it the more it ruled my life. This was great for the guys as I came to the table with exercise after exercise for a long time. Today I still drop exercises but I am not as active in that part of Matters of Size. I spend much of my work time on articles like this. I realize my BLOG is not that important to too many but I have seen many times when I dropped a new exercise that never even got a reply by months later, years sometimes, someone bumps it and it becomes a craze. I just feel the the mental side of the penis needs to be addressed in a purely honest way. We see pictures, here about size polls, maybe even read about it in some woman's magazine but in a blunt, brutally honest way men need to address, confront and change the way they see themselves in relation to self-view and the effect this has on our relationships. Some day people will find this info and say "fuck that guy was crazy."

The BLOG actually became the place I spent most of my time. It allowed me to capture many thoughts as I was actually going through the process, in a quite, almost private way. I am told we get hits to the BLOG but perhaps many are too timid to reply. I also have to consider that maybe these issues are not as big of a deal as I think but FUCK when I hear there are 850,000 searches for "Penis Enlargement" this does not include any of the words or phrases around the penis: ie: dick, cock, big penis, etc. I have to think there is at least a problem, one that is not solved by penis enlargement alone or maybe, at all. When I think of how little study was done around that phrase alone, "penis Enlargement" I was blown away. Shouldn't we have known about this 10 years ago? It is such an under-studied science that that people who emerge as an authority are more than likely a plumber or granddad, anyone. Doctors have absolutely no insight aside from the few I have met in these penis enlargement forums. I don't think any of them would give penis enlargement as a prescription, although they completely endorsed it under faceless screen names.

As far as exercise development my focus has gone into the rest of the body. My work has focused on the penis but I have found that when the rest of the body is addressed the penis naturally gets bigger visually and erection quality is much greater, adding to a better size. I have developed a few exercises based completely on the penis but I am slow to release them as I am not sure where they will be best uploaded. Much of the exercises combine mantras, deep meditation and alpha state with a new approach to exercises. I am convinced that this approach to penis enlargement as a whole is smarter than any other way but it is still unavailable. Making the penis bigger and making the mind bigger would give so many the confidence they seek, even if it is an underlying emotion.

I think it needs to become practice with men joining my site to give a reason for their quest, A REAL REASON...I don't think many would be honest. Perhaps a lie detector test? Who knows but it would make this whole business come full circle. With so many joining my site and the small amount I am actually able to address I really wonder how many leave with bigger problems than before.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Penis Enlargement Testimonials for Matters of Size

Penis Enlargement Testimonials for Matters of Size
Site Address:

30-500 Posts

Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Toronto is the place to be!
Posts: 173
Rep Power: 3

I love the site. I was browsing around the members section yesterday. It is very organized with lots of crazy exercises that will for sure make anyone's dick longer and thicker. I was suprised at how organised and good looking it was in there. The videos and audio dialogue are great aswell. They help alot. This site will definately help me reach my goal (which is in my sig). Joining this site was one of the best decisions I've made for sure. I encourage all to join. I cannot compare this site to any other pay site, however I could confidently say this is how a paysite should be. I cant see anything that could be done really. Maybe just move all of the different views of the same exercise the the page that the exercise is on. IE have "Video 1", "Video2" etc.
I was also wondering when you guys are putting up the new vids that you shot in Florida?
8.0" BPEL; 8.0" FBPSL; 6" EG (Base); 5.7" EG (Midshaft)
9.5" NBPEL; 6" EG (Midshaft...maybe more)


Registered User

Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Tilbury,Ontario, Canada
Age: 45
Posts: 165
Rep Power: 3

I pretty much agree with every thing that POPP said. This site definately deserves high praise. The exercises, routines and videos are very comprehensive and for the most part easy to follow. Having the video page makes all the difference, it's one thing to read how to do an exercise, but when you can see it being done properly, well, I'll just say that makes it next to impossible to fail with this program. Having the videos takes all the guesswork out of performing the exercises. The only thing that I would change is the MOS tag that floats from the bottom to the top of the video. I find that it is distracting and obstructs the view of the video to a degree and I find myself really looking and still missing some details of what DLD is showing. Is there someway to flash the MOS tag before the exercise is shown? That's the only thing I would like to see changed. Other than that this site rocks!! I think we have some good solid members in the free forum and we are really getting some good input. I just wish there was more about pumping, Ive tried to bring it up in some posts but it seems either we have a lack of pumpers or guys don't want to talk about it.


MoS Supporter

Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 3,489
Rep Power: 6

This site has been great so far. I've just tried a few phase one exercises so far, as I'm stepping into the PE world slowly. This is the only PE pay site I've ever been to, but with the large amount of information, BBS, and e-mail support, I have to think I'll see some great results.

And 120 new exercises? Wow, what an incredible addition to the video library!


Registered User

Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 47
Rep Power: 0

MOS has been a tremendous source of motivation and inspiration for me personally. Since starting just over a month ago, I've gained 1/4 inch in girth. That is great news for me, as I had been struggling with gains of any kind. The videos were very helpful in visualizing the process. Now I don't have to worry about whether or not I'm doing these things incorrectly. The forums are great, the support is great, and overall the site is quite a valuable entity. Was it worth the 50 clams? Hell yeah! I always told myself that even the smallest gains will make me forget about the money. I forgot about it in the first week I began DLD's phase II. Based on how my unit felt (i.e. thicker, fuller, etc...) after that weeks workout, I knew I would see gains soon. Sure enough when I measured a month later, I was right.

Props must be given to both Jaz and DLD for creating this joint. I'm proud to be a member. PE is so routine for me now, but sometimes I sit back and think how in the hell did I ever think I could make my penis get bigger? Outsiders will certainly tell you that you would need a miracle to make your unit larger. My response to them is to save their miracles for the impossible. Excellent job, gentlemen.



Registered User

Join Date: Jun 2003
Posts: 12
Rep Power: 0

Was doing the phase one routine for around 2 weeks,but had to stop for over a week.
Back at it again for the past few days and loving it!
With my limited experience it's hard to contribute much here,but here goes...
The program is really well structured.
Diagrams and videos are great.
For a beginner like myself,the phase one is a great routine to start with before getting into the more advanced routines of phase 2.
Like I said,haven't been at it long enough to notice much yet with gains,..but one thing I can that so far I have had TOTAL support with everything that I am doing.
Every question is answered immediately and I really feel comfortable here.
DLD has been just super and is really eager to help in any way he can.
Always responds to anything I ask,and even checks in regularly to see how things are progressing!
Personally I am very very comfortable here,..with the program,the layout and the great forum where everyone is just so cool and eager to help out.
This is a super site,super program and forum,..and the one major factor that makes it so great -
The guys that are running it.
The price is a steal when you think about all the info,diagrams,videos...
and total one on one support from the "big guy" as well!
Don't know what I can achieve with this stuff yet,..but from what I have experienced over the past month or so here,..I know I am in the right place to do it!
And that feeling of confidence and trust I guess is something that's priceless.


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Join Date: Jun 2003
Age: 45
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Re: MoS Members Please Tell Us How You Like Our Pay Site
ï How is DLD's "Matters of Size" Program working for you?
I credit the DLD blasters for my first initial 1/2" gain

ï Do the Videos help explain things better?
Yes, they are great. I feel that there are areas of improvement with them, but understand new videos have already been shot. Mainly like to see more close-ups and angles

ï Does the Audio Dialog help you out?
honestly - I like DLD's voice, but there seems to be more information and detail in the texts. It's great with the video, but audio alone isn't very useful IMHO. Now, on the other hand if DLD could narrate some positive visualization imagery, that might be great ..... (sounds of waves & birds in background) "Everyday, my penis grows longer and longer, thicker and thicker..."

ï Do you feel you can reach your PE goals with our program?

ï How do you like the Layout and Organization of the Site?
Mostly very good

ï How does MoS compare to other Pay Sites out there?
Very much better....BUT I don't really care for the BS factor ;-) "3 -5 inches in 10 minutes per day" etc. One thing I've noticed with other sites, many give the impression that their method is the ONLY one that works and all others are useless. MOS does not do this, which is a big plus IMO.

ï How is the on-line tech support?

ï Is DLD helping you through your routines?
He has responded to my forum questions, and Jen has been especially helpful.

ï Do you find the MoS free forums helpful?

ï Was it worth the money?

ï Is there anything you would recommend to improve MoS?
I think that having some type of "assessment" would help a lot of folks, like require new members to fill out a form with pertinent information, measurements, etc. I also believe that personal mentoring should be emphasized as well.


Gold Level Support

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Here's my 2 cents and you can quote me
ï Do the Videos help explain things better?
MUCH BETTER - I have seen some in the past but they have been alittle hard to understand

ï Does the Audio Dialog help you out?
Yes because I can listen and get the infor into my memory much eaiser with more exposure.

ï Do you feel you can reach your PE goals with our program?
I know I can make my goals with this program

ï How do you like the Layout and Organization of the Site?
I like the layout very well and the organization great too.

ï How does MoS compare to other PE Pay Sites out there?
Blows the two I have seen away!!!!!
ï How is the on-line tech support?
Havent needed it yet

ï Is DLD helping you through your routines?
Havent needed him yet. Things are laid out and explained so well.

ï Do you find the MoS free forums helpful? Yes but I feel they shouldnt be free or as free giving away all the valuable info

ï Was it worth the money? ABSOULUTELY !!!!

ï Is there anything you would recommend to improve MoS?
Page load speed? I have a T-1 and it drags a bit.


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To save space I'll just say that I second everything that has been mentioned thus far. The site is just awesome!

In my desperation for a larger size I have joined three other sites in the past 2 years and did not gain but 1/8 of an inch in length. That my friends was VERY discouraging. I can honestly say that within joining this site that I gained 7/8 of an inch in 6 weeks. Yes 7/8 excited hell yes I am!

The exciting part is that part of these gains were achieved even with major obstacles for me. (1) I screwed up a finger in a work related accident leaving it unusable for a couple of weeks now. (2) My left hand and arm are very weak as a result of 50 plus mini strokes in the last 3 years which were all caused from stress. DLD wrote me a new program that I could use even with these problems.

As far as the price lets be real honest. I didn't have much extra cash either. I figured I could save the money that i normally spent on luxuries like soft drinks and snacks at work and just a couple weeks of video rentals and the cash would be sufficient. It worked I had my 49.95 and began losing weight as a result of not eating junk.. This is an extra bonus for for me as well Never felt better.

With the support that I have received here I would gladly pay ten times the price. I literally feel like a little kid in a candy store. For those considering joining let me just say IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS...... EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


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I think DLD's site Matters of size is great,very informative and there is an exercise to fit everyones needs..


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Something that works!
Hi, Dld wanted me to post the email i sent to him in response to this. Sorry it took so long i moved and its screwed my schedule up :o
Currently i am just working on lenght and getting that all squared away before i work on girth. I hope this helps someone out there.

I thought I would take this time to personally thank you. I have been poking around with PE off and on for about 2 years in hopes that it can help me solve my insecurity issues that were set off by one of my friends talking about all the guys she had been with and their sizes.
Your site by far is one of the best in this area and I hope you keep it up. The videos, forums, and drawings really help a person figure out what exactly they should be doing. The other place I subscribed to just had word descriptions of what you were supposed to do, and it just didn't make any sense to me. I also contribute your exercises to my increase in length. I never really have made any gains before but after going through your stages (currently on stage 2) I have gained half an inch bpel and an inch bpfl. As I said I am finally making progress so hopefully this will cure my insecurity problems. Reading about you and your progress along with everybody else's progression has truly been an inspiration to me. My goals are hopefully within reach I just want to reach 8 or 9" non-bpel, I think I can achieve that since currently I am about 6" nbpel and 6.5" bpel (need to get a real ruler instead of this tailors tape I have)
Thank you again for everything you have done, I look forward to the new video's and exercises!

ï How is DLD's "Matters of Size" Program working for you?
Just started today but I feel very postive, the exercises are unique and that makes me feel they are extra special meaning they will work the best

ï Do the Videos help explain things better?
The videos are excellent, especially because it explains what he is doing

ï Does the Audio Dialog help you out?
I don't really use it because the videos have the dialog

ï Do you feel you can reach your PE goals with our program?

ï How do you like the Layout and Organization of the Site?
Very easy to navigate

ï How does MoS compare to other PE Pay Sites out there?
I am a member of Penis Advantage and I regret wasting my money on them, this is a much better site with tons more information.

ï How is the on-line tech support?
Very fast replys

ï Is DLD helping you through your routines?
So far I have not needed any help.

ï Do you find the MoS free forums helpful?
Yes, the forums are full of great people and DLD always answer the questions

ï Was it worth the money?

ï Is there anything you would recommend to improve MoS?

The site overall is excellent.

To any other members can you acess the members section, my password is being refused, DLD can you help me out on this one.



• How is DLD's "Matters of Size" Program working for you?
Been doing the program for a week, and have already gained an 1" in length and 1/4 in girth. As I have been PEing for almost a year, I started my routines at the 2nd phase. The exercises have provided me with much soreness, and penile exhaustion, which to me says that I'm getting a good workout! An 1" in length and 1/4 in girth in a week speaks for it's self!

• Do the Videos help explain things better?
The videos are very explanatory. If you are not sure about a technique, it is great to have a look, so as to make sure you are performing the technique correctly! Good Technique = success

• Does the Audio Dialog help you out?
I prefer the audio, with dialogue. But perhaps they would proove useful, if your computer was a little slow.

• Do you feel you can reach your PE goals with our program?
YES! I feel that at my current size of 8", 9 or 10 will be easy if one is persistent! My goal is 12" x 8"

• How do you like the Layout and Organization of the Site?
Very simplistic and stream line!

• How does Mos compare to other PE Pay Sites out there?
The other sites are very cold,robotic, and uninspired. This site is very clued up on penis enlargement, and very helpful in all aspects of PE. An most of all, very innovative!! It also has a good mindset, inwhich positive thinking spills over to all members, which to me will keep anyone pursuing enlargement, focused, dedicated and motivated!

• How is the on-line tech support?
Replys are always within the hour or possibly a couple hours due to the influx of questions from other members. Very excellent response time in my opinion.

• Is DLD helping you through your routines?
I have asked a couple questions, and he was very prompt with his expert advise. You always get the answer your looking for and more! Good brain-food!

• Do you find the Mos free forums helpful?
Yes, the forums are a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm! To me it's like a gathering of great thinkers, scientist, trailblazers, people exploring and developing the art of penis enlargement, through online debate. It's cutting edge stuff!!!!

• Was it worth the money?

• Is there anything you would recommend to improve Mos?
No, not at all

Girthius x


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I joined your site about 2 months ago, and wanted to express some thoughts of appreciation.

First of all, your dedication to helping all of us is truly generous. The thoughtfulness and thorough scope of the information on your site is unique among all other sites; Iíd joined a couple prior to yours, but has so much more to offer. Great web design too!

Besides the great PE information, I am very impressed and touched by your attention to the psychology of desiring to have a bigger package. For someone such as yourself whom has never been ësmall,í you display such sensitivity. You see, Iíve spent a lifetime (Iím now 40) feeling woefully inadequate down there, to the point of letting it prevent me from approaching women. Iíve been obsessive about how much smaller I am than other men, and prior to your site, had only found solace in one book that put me quite within the average. Although I am going to utilize your methods and expertise in getting bigger in the months to come, it is comforting to know that I am not as small as I thought I was. So, thanks for helping out with our minds too!

Mighty Mite


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Re: MoS Members Please Tell Us How You Like Our Pay Site

ï How is DLD's "Matters of Size" Penis Enlargement Program working for you?
So far so good, the videos explain quite a bit and really help you do them right.
ï Do the Videos help explain things better?
see above
ï Does the Audio Dialog help you out?
Yeah, its a nicely added touch.
ï Do you feel you can reach your Penis Enlargement goals with our program?
Definitely, I've seen what DLD has done for other members on other free pe forums
ï How do you like the Layout and Organization of the Site?
packed with information, great
ï How does MoS compare to other Penis Enlargement Pay Sites out there?
I havent paid for another one, mainly because they all offer the same or less information than the free pe forums. DLD's however, offers a lot more.
ï How is the on-line tech support?
havent had to use it so far, but I could tell it was fast by the way I recieved my username/password after I bought a membership.
ï Is DLD helping you through your routines?
Personally, not yet, but I haven't needed him just yet. I'm just doing the Phase 1 part right now.
ï Do you find the MoS free forums helpful?
ï Was it worth the money?
And then some. I mean, where else can you go and pay 50 bucks for a huge dick
ï Is there anything you would recommend to improve MoS?
I dont know if DLD backs up the Horse 440 squeezes, but they seem to be a crazy excersize. Maybe add them?

Overall, I'm very happy already and just joined on Saturday. I posted in another thread that I've been on the internet for 10+ years now and havent purchased one website membership until now. It is WAY worth the money!


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Would highly recommend this site, I am a life time member at another site (won't mention the name). For over a year now, and nothing has changed at all for it. The same exercises,screen lay out, routines, etc. They just took my $39 and gave in return, rudamentary P.E. exercises and poor quality video's,"Only of basic jelqing and streching" Needless to say I have not been back. Not to say all are the same. Just Matters Of Size offers 100 times as much with great video's, MP3's, great illustrations, directions and support to boot. The pictures of Jen are a bonus.


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I just joined MOS....
...I obviously haven't started phase 1 yet, but I just wanted to say that the site looks great...very friendly and welcoming...the illustrations are clean and easy to understand...I like the simplicity of the layout and just that everything is like, right there you know?

Thanks to DLD and Jaz for putting up with my questions and concerns...I'm psyched to finally be a member!


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i would highly recommend the MOS membership...
not only do you get great video,audio, get pics of sexy jen...routines that are easy to follow...routines for people short on time,and last but not least..the help from DLD... that in itself is worth more than $50...he is always online and there to instruct,motivate,and just listen....i joined because i have seen DLD since the old PE forum..and how he helped so he has taken PE to another level and keeps working hard to develop and fine tune routines for maximum growth....If you have the means to purchase this program by all means do so...the longer you wait, the longer you would have gone w/o a healthier, bigger cock..P.S. did i mentioned that DLD guarantees success.....


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Well i got my membership the other day and all I have for now is this site is excelent, compared to another paysite i have seen (not mentoning names), the new exercises look sik!!!, due to exams i have to run now, i will fill out a question form thing later.


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Excellent Program and Site
This site is amazing, I am so glad I found it.

The MOS site and community when combined with the old-timers community in Thunder (where I originally heard of DLD and found MOS through a websearch on his name) I feel that I am in good hands.

I think joining the MOS pay-site program is a very wise choice especially for beginners in "the sport" like myself. The phased and clearly laid out program provided the
- support
- structure
- confidence
that I needed to start my PE career.

While the TP and MOS forums are a good way to stay involved, fill in blanks of knowledge and expand ones overall knowledge of the PE universe, I think being the member of a professional program like DLD's is a must if you are a serious beginner.

I've been doing Phase I for about 10 days now and I can say this will surely prove to be the best $50 investment I've ever made.

And yes DLD has been amazing with one on one support. (I corresponded personally with him when I first signed up in late September when I had some PayPal issues). Now that we've had that direct real-time interaction, I feel like I can always go to him for direct help when/if I have questions on PE.


Yes, penis enlargement works but be careful!

Most men who see this title will be worried that there are risks and worries when it comes to penis enlargement. This is not what I mean but one must practice precaution when doing these exercises. I always suggest that men take advantage of my online program at as there are videos, illustrations and personal help that will make your experience worry free, in a physical way.

The real meaning behind my title is how penis enlargement can cause problems in your relationship. It seems that many men, once they realize the potential of penis enlargement and start seeing real gains they become obsessed with their own personal view and their own sexuality. This obsession can lead to over sensitivity to remarks made, anger when you make a gain but she does not notice, cutting yourself down in the mirror, just a real decline in confidence and self assuredness. These negative thoughts need to be dealt with at the root level and immediately as neglect will grow some serious problems in the psyche.

So how does one avoid this mental pitfall? I can say this; I allowed this mental problem to cause problems in my relationship. It became very easy for me to feel insecure before sex. I allowed myself to go to hell as I was only concerned with my penis enlargement and I had little interest in anything else. This led to many problems around sex and ultimately the relationship suffered. In my case, I needed to embrace mental penis enlargement. This is not so much a practice of physical enlargement but the expansion of the mind. Many of my studies on the subject are available in the free penis enlargement forum at

I needed to face my fears, sit with them, feel ok with them then let them go. If this meant facing the fear of insecurities in the mirror then the man needs to face this fear by looking at himself in the mirror. If it means facing a fear of a certain sexual position, then this needs to be faced. When we face our fears we are able to become at peace with them. when we push them down, in penis enlargement, the resurface in a mean, unreal way.

Monday, May 22, 2006

A formula for Penis Enlargement

Evening Primrose Oil or Borage Oil is a must in PE cause [U]GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Aid)[/U] helps increase elasticity and stretching ability in men in the penis. The GLA just converts prostaglandin E-1 making your penis to grow cause the what is make the penis grow when a male is young. Add that with [U]Nitric Oxide (L- Arginine)[/U] increase blood. With a few Chinese herbs such as [U]Cistanche[/U], [U]Ginkgo Biloba[/U], [U]Dong Qui[/U], and [U]Astragalus Root[/U] totally increases blood to the penis.

But in order for this to work [B]Acetylcholine[/B], [B]Serotonin[/B] and [B]Dopamine[/B] are needed (with can be found in supplements) in the body.
[U]For the Supplements[/U]:
Acetylcholine = [B]Choline[/B]
Serotonin = [B]5-HTP [/B]in low amounts
Dopamine = L[B]-Tyrosine[/B]

The thing is that I was smoking and I was not PEing, but it helped me keep my gains. But I stopped smoking and Im PEing again. The GLA is the icing on the cake cause you can use the oil after a shower when the pores are open and message the oil into your penis helping you to make gains.

Penis Enlargement and Erection Issues

There is allot of press on erection quality, erection dysfunction and other issues that revolve around quality of erection. Natural Penis Enlargement, being the only method to making permanent gains in length and girth, becomes an area of question when Penis Enlargement is started. Many men think that Penis Enlargement causes these problems, this is simply not true. For the most part any of these rumors are planted by the less legit companies trying to sell their products. Natural Penis Enlargement is free and available to every man, a perfect target for the companies trying to make money.

The process of getting and maintaining and erection is quite simple, when we have erotic emotions this releases blood to the penis, with the use of oxygen in the blood it allows us to keep erect until we have orgasm. A simple thought, not relating to sexual emotion may cause an interrupt in the mind/body connection necessary to have this process work flawlessly. So why do so many men have a problem with ED? In my experience with thousands of men, this problem is purely mental and when the pathway is blocked by intruding thoughts erections seem impossible. We then, after a bad experience, use these experiences to reinforce the ED we are suffering from. Over time this can cause persistent problems that do not really exist but they are manifesting themselves as very real, physical problems.

My advice to many of these men is to take some time off from the pressure of an erection and start to concentrate on satisfying your partner in different ways. This is a clearing house of sorts for the mind. Once we forget about these issues, even for a little while we see that an erection is not only easy but normal.

So how does Penis Enlargement relate to these issues? Simply put, Penis Enlargement helps these issues. The first feedback I get on a newbie in Penis Enlargement is how their erections have become stronger and harder. As time progresses in Penis Enlargement any erection problems that a user may experience are usually corrected by the later information.

Clear your mind, don't sweat the erection issues, think about your partner for once and watch your problems fade.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Different Methods to Penis Enlargement and my opinion

Natural Penis Enlargement: Natural Penis Enlargement is any type of enlargement that is practiced with only your hands as the main method. Although there are lubricants involved with certain exercise it is a predominate manual method of Penis Enlargement . Exercises include the jelq or jelqing, stretching and 100's of exercises that revolve around these. This method, being the best method to gain size, is the oldest and most widely used during the last few hundred years. Penis Enlargement is usually seen in the first few weeks and size gained is completely up to you.

Penis Enlargement Pills, Creams and Patches: Being the most popular fix for Penis Enlargement, pills will only give you a somewhat raised libido, better erections and perhaps some confidence as Penis Enlargement pills will give you what looks like gains almost immediately due to the increase blood flow to the penis. This is most likely the reason most men who use Penis Enlargement Pills stick with it. The average cost and time most men can expect is about $350.00 per year with limited gains as described above.

Penis Enlargement Hanging: This is a very good method but it may be too much for most men to handle. What happens here is a hanger is attached to the penis and a weight(s) are hung from it. This is done in 20 minute sessions and 3-5 sets of these are done. Size gains in length are very similar to manual stretching, the benefit being freedom to do other things as your hands are free. A typical hanger will run about $150.oo and there are a few to choose from. The most popular model is the Bib Hanger found at There are 2 sizes available small and large accommodating most men.

Penis Enlargement Pumping: Pumping was made popular by John Holmes in the 1970's. This method became widely used as the gains in girth are immediate. Girth gains after a single session can reach a full inch increase. The biggest drawback to this method of Penis Enlargement is the fact that these gains are temporary, lasting about 7 hours at which time you will return to your normal size. Great for a date but nothing permanent. Pumps can range in price from $15.00 to $300, accessories will run you more. Many of the men I work with in Penis Enlargement use this method in addition to their manual efforts. They claim this helps girth big time. If you can afford it and have the patience to follow through with these methods your gains may be supplemented by pumping.

Penis Enlargement Extenders: Extenders are basically what we call All Day Stretchers. Basically this equipment is attached to the penis and worn below clothing. The effectiveness of this Penis Enlargement method is very good, especially when used with manual efforts. Most extender sites claim unreasonable gains but among the men I know that wear this gains of 1-2" are possible. Again, this is a great supplement to Penis Enlargement but not a replacement for manual exercise.
Here is a link to receive a $150 off the price:
Here is a link showing how to use it:

Power Assist Penis Enlargement: This is the coolest equipment to add to your manual efforts. I developed this piece as a fulcrum tool to add to manual stretching. The results are a marked increase in stretching intensity. We call this tool the wrench for your penis. With 100's already sold this is a very popular item. Costing under $70 it is a bargain.

Did some research on PE nutrition! by Hinniss1

Registered User

Did some research on PE nutrition!
Evening Primrose Oil or Borage Oil is a must in PE cause GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Aid) helps increase elasticity and stretching ability in men in the penis. The GLA just converts prostaglandin E-1 making your penis to grow cause the what is make the penis grow when a male is young. Add that with Nitric Oxide (L- Arginine) increase blood. With a few Chinese herbs such as Cistanche, Ginkgo Biloba, Dong Qui, and Astragalus Root totally increases blood to the penis.

But in order for this to work Acetylcholine, Serotonin and Dopamine are needed (with can be found in supplements) in the body.
For the Supplements:
Acetylcholine = Choline
Serotonin = 5-HTP in low amounts
Dopamine = L-Tyrosine

The thing is that I was smoking and I was not PEing, but it helped me keep my gains. But I stopped smoking and Im PEing again. The GLA is the icing on the cake cause you can use the oil after a shower when the pores are open and message the oil into your penis helping you to make gains.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Understanding Penis Enlargement Girth Exercise

When doing Penis Enlargement girth exercises many men have no idea how or why this works. I know for myself I was confused about why my penis was getting thicker so I thought it good to give an explanation for this growth.

Understanding he benefits of girth work gives a motivation to men who are striving for a thicker penis. Confidence is obvious but the pleasure you will give to your mate is without words. When you become thicker it will give much more pleasure than a longer penis. I have always seen length as a male issue while girth is a female issue. WOman enjoy a penis that fills them up rather than pokes them and is uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, a woman does like length as it is esthetically pleasing but girth will get them every time.

The most popular Penis Enlargement exercise for girth is the jelq. The jelq is most likely the oldest of all Penis Enlargement exercises. What is happening with the jelq is new blood in a capacity much larger than normal is introduced to the penis. This extra blood causes the tissue in the corpus cavernosum to expand. Over time this expansion becomes greater and greater until there is a permanent enlargement due to the tissue becoming apple to hold more and more blood. When we get an erection the normal function for the penis is to hold this blood in place in order to keep the penis rigid. With expanded tissue, becoming larger and larger this increased blood flow enables the penis to become thicker and wider. You may also experience more prominent veins, a definite sign of gains.

The expansion happens as the corpus cavernosum is like a sponge filled with pockets and spaces that are there to absorb and fill with blood. Just like any tissue that becomes flooded with new blood, the CC expands to hold more blood. The spongy tissue starts to become larger and larger as we pump and squeeze blood into these spaces. The reaction to this, over time, is permanent Penis Enlargement.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How To Make Love to a Woman by Sue Van Atta

How To Make Love to a Woman
by Sue Van Atta

Sex. Hot, juicy, wonderful sex.

As humans we are designed to love it - some evIntroduction Sex. Hot, juicy, wonderful sex. As humans we are designed to love it - some even worship it. The experience of a successful love-making session is without comparison. It leaves your heart pounding, your mind flying. Under your determined touch you can make a woman scream, cry, beg - for you and you only. A good sex life makes you happier and more energized. The act itself blesses you with the extreme vitality of life racing through your veins. But, there might be failures: the condom breaks while you're putting it on - or she never seems to get wet enough to put it in. Making love is meant to be a beautiful experience, but sometimes it is not so. What makes a man a poor lover? The opposite of what makes a man a good lover. Don't get your information from TV and magazines - get it from me, a woman who knows - a woman who loves to teach. A repertoire of positions or 'moves' and the general area of woman's clit are not enough. Honey, you can rub that thing until you're blue in the face, but that won't bring a woman to orgasm.

The key to loving a woman is focus and timing.

Take it slow - so slow it hurts. It is rare that a slow pace will bore a woman. And often it is that rushing alienates her. You have heard for years now that a woman wants to be loved, not fucked. Take your time and really enjoy every individual sensation. That is how women do it. You need to learn how to listen to a woman's body. It will tell you what she wants, just like yours tells her.

I had my first on-line sexual experience years ago with a delightful man of 20. I had been chatting for over six months, but never considered "cybering". He and I met in a chat room and spoke daily for hours. One day, he kissed me. I was so amazed at the real physical feelings this generated in me! My nipples hardened and I felt myself getting wet - just from one kiss! And a virtual kiss at that. This young man knew the importance of taking it slow, of romancing me. Day after day we would talk, and kiss. Then came the day when he took me further. With his arms around me, his lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth, he pushed me gently down onto our bed. I wanted him so much now, but he kept our pace slow. Kissed my neck, fondled my breast. Eventually we removed our clothes and he spent long moments drinking in the beauty of my naked flesh, while I admired his hard cock and smooth skin. I reached up and pulled him down on top of me while we continued playing with each other's tongues. I loved the hardness of his cock pressing against my pubic hair.

Without breaking our kiss, he reached down and guided
his cock into my wet pussy.
This was a man who knew what he was doing!

Later, when I asked him where he had learned how to please a woman such as myself, he told me of his past girlfriend. How she was as inexperienced as he, and of how they had fumbled together, finding out finally where each piece went. Since then, he had sought out women older than himself and learned as much from each of them as he could before moving on to the next one. . . . which brings us to the question: What is Sex, anyway? Contrary to popular belief, sexual sensations are not based in the body. For most women, sex is in the mind. A woman needs to get fully in the mood first, or it will not matter how you tweak her body. If you think you could use some help, read on. If not - well, I would still recommend you read this because it will make you feel good. I promise.

The first thing of importance is timing and pace. Women want, and need, it slow. Men are in a hurry to get to the 'good part', but that is never going to get them laid on a regular basis - and you know you want that - again and again and again. So, why not learn to indulge in sex on a more psychological level yourself? The goal of sex is not the orgasm. The goal of sex is ecstasy for both partners. Do not feel the need to work towards an orgasm, and do not loose your confidence if she doesn't come every time. The fact is, many women don't come as easily or as often as men do. If you can learn to control yourself, and learn to indulge in the intimacy and experience of sex, you can make her come, and maybe more than once.

In fact, sex does not even have to involve penetration. Surprise your woman by giving her nights where you simply worship her body. Find her every sensitive spot. Massage, brush, stroke, kiss, lick... her arms, between her shoulder blades, her legs, her neck, her tummy, behind her knees. You will find you can make her purr like a kitty by running your fingernails down her back or softly biting the skin of her thighs. The same old in-and-out will eventually become a boring routine.

Each sexual episode should be an individual experience
of exploration of and indulgence in sensual feelings.

If you're looking for the section on foreplay, there isn't one - because there really is no such thing as foreplay. The term foreplay' was invented by women trying to get some attention from their men before getting on with the 'real' sex, that good old in-and-out penetration. Real women see sex as one long experience of hot, wet feelings. Please do not fall into a routine! Learn to know what your woman wants and what your woman needs. Here's how to start.

Beginning Looks and Kisses

The first thing to meet should be the eyes. Looking into each other's eyes forms a connection to base the rest of the experience on. If you see fear or nervousness in each other's eyes, this can be addressed with a gentle smile. Only after this initial contact should your eyes move down to her mouth. Pause there to observe any tenseness or trembling. If she is scared, you can reassure her now and pave the way for a delightful experience. Pushing a woman in any way only leads to future problems. Take your time with her now and the rewards will be great. Many men rush past these first stages of intimacy because they are afraid to get emotionally involved. Unfortunately, women want to feel this from you. You must assure your lover that you are not looking for a *fuck* but that you want *her* in any and every way you can have her. Explore the feelings of each touch. Do not set a goal for the experience, do not attempt to push borders. This will only enforce them. Be perfectly content with what you get, and more will be given to you. Reassure her that just being with her makes you happy.

After the soft smiles, you get to touch her. MMMMMMMMMM, your naked flesh on her naked flesh - but not much yet. I know how it hurts but you have to give her time! Slowly take her hand and bring it to your lips, while continuing to smile into her eyes. Gently press your lips to the back of her hand, then turn it and press them again to her palm. It is likely that she will have closed her eyes by now so she can slip into the world of physical sensations and not be distracted by sights of her everyday world. Slowly place kisses up the inside of her forearm to the elbow joint. Kiss a bit longer there, but no tongue yet. As you finish kissing the inside of her elbow, bring her arm up and place it around your neck. If she doesn't move her other arm, take that one and bring it up around your neck also. Then you can place your hands around her waist and look at her lips again.

Her lips will quite likely be slightly parted by now,
signaling that she's ready for more.

If you sense she is holding back, kiss her cheek first. Then kiss the other cheek. Then her chin. Stop and look at her again. One thing I find immensely exciting is when a man has me in this position and rests his forehead slightly on mine, his lips a mere inch from mine so I can feel his breath, and the warmth of his skin. When he very carefully, almost unnoticeably strokes his lips against mine, my pussy gets wet. Do this to your woman and soon she will strain hungrily for your lips. Let her make the choices. Let her feel that she can trust you not to push her into anything. Then, finally, press your lips against hers and just hold them there. Feel the texture of her lips. Sense her reaction to your touch. If she craves your kisses, then it is time to move on.


This can be almost as awkward as getting the condom on. Women's clothing can be so complicated! As with everything else, take your time and be confident. A little fumbling is perfectly acceptable. Chances are she won't know how to unzip your jeans from that angle either. Break off the kiss and look down as you unbutton her blouse. As you slide it off her shoulders, kiss her again, gently, lovingly. Run your hands up and down her naked arms, enjoying her flesh as she enjoys your caresses. Caress her back, noticing if the hooks on her bra are in back. More women are returning to these back hooks, so your chances are good that it will be a back-opener. Kiss her neck, kiss her shoulder, trail your hands across her as you move around behind her. Kiss that perfect spot where her neck joins her shoulder. When my man hits that spot, my knees go weak.

After you un-hook her bra and slide it off her shoulders,
pause to admire her, just for a moment.

Then you can, and should, cup her breasts in your hands. You can skip down to the section on breast play to get the details. But for now, don't spend too much time on her breasts and nipples. The point is to get both of you undressed.

You should pay attention to where you are dropping her clothes, since many women are kind of picky about that. Lay them over a chair or dresser - not on the floor. They'll be out of your way also.

It's time to start shedding your things now. Kiss her, pull away, and smile at her as you remove your shirt and undershirt. Come back to her arms and kiss her again. This kiss should be long and deep. Play your tongue around her mouth, over her teeth. Enjoy the feeling of her naked breasts on the skin of your chest. This is what she will be thinking and feeling now. Hold her to you, but not too tightly. Women don't like to feel trapped by a man. Keep kissing while you revel in the feeling of her soft back under your hands. Back off on the deepness of your kiss as you drop your hands to her waist. Don't stop kissing her as you attempt to undo her jeans. It's nice if you can do it without needing to look, but don't fumble for too long. If they don't come undone soon, stop the kiss and look at what she's got. Unbutton and/or unzip them, but don't pull them down yet.

Go back to kissing. Try to sense how she is feeling. If she's pressing her body hard against yours, that's a sign to move things along. She may be giving you little quick kisses rather than long deep ones. In this way she's trying to tell you to take it easy, give her some more time.

Some women will be tigers,
ripping your clothes off and shoving their tongues
down your throat.
If you get one of these, enjoy her!

Match her pace but let her be the aggressive one. Strong women like this will let you know exactly what they want, when they want it and how they want it. A hint for you, she'll probably want it hard and fast.

The majority of women will remain passive while you're undressing them. If your woman isn't trying to get her hands down your jeans, take it slow. Give her time to relax and enjoy each new sensation. If she breaks the kiss off, smile into her eyes. Reassure her at every step. Start to slide her jeans down but be aware of her movements. If she seems accepting then kiss your way down her neck, chest, tummy. You can drop to your knees now and get those jeans all the way down. Stop again to look up at her. If she meets your eyes, smile. If her eyes are closed, you're making her happy. Kiss her tummy and cup her ass cheeks in both hands. Breathe in her scent and let her feel the heat of your breath on her panties. Without making it abrupt, stand up. Kiss her deeply and gently while removing your own jeans, kicking them away.

It is now time to move to the bed, but remember, as always SLOW and GENTLE. Urge her to sit on the edge of the bed and sit next to her. Keep caressing her back and shoulders with your hands at a moderate pace and somewhat lightly. Kiss her neck while you cup a breast. Roll a nipple between your fingers while you kiss her earlobes (be careful of the earrings). Kiss her mouth and play your tongue around hers. Kiss her harder, then give her a bunch of quick kisses all over her face. Ease her back until she's lying on the bed. Lay your body over hers. Hold her face in your hands until she opens her eyes, then smile and kiss her. Since she's only wearing her panties now, run your hands over her everywhere while you kiss her lips and neck. As your hands caress her legs, your mouth can spend some quality time on her breasts.

Breast play

Some women like their whole breasts cupped and squeezed. Flex your fingers and squeeze her tit over and over while you listen to her moans. Slide your hand down to just the nipple and rub your palm across it, feeling it harden. Take the nipple between your finger and thumb and roll it, then squeeze it lightly. If your woman moans and presses her body to yours, squeeze it harder. If she doesn't, drop that nipple and gently squeeze her other breast, the whole thing. Drop your hands and your face and gently lick each nipple, one then the other. Catch a nipple in your mouth and suck it gently while fondling the other nipple with your fingers. Many women like this as much, or more, than anything else, so take your time here and allow her to become fully aroused. If you do this right, you'll feel her nipples swell as they harden even further. One thing to try to keep in mind is that you should spend time equally on each breast. I just hate it when I get to feeling unbalanced because he's been sucking my right nipple for 15 minutes and not even touching the other one.Try moving your mouth from one nipple to the other somewhat quickly for a few minutes, then change things by sucking on just one nipple for at least a whole minute.

As with every other step of making love to a woman, each woman is different and each time is different. Personally, I like to have my guy occasionally bite a nipple. The intense surprise feels so good, at the nipple and in my pussy also. Many women are too sensitive for this, so don't bite until you've talked about it. Now is not the time to talk about it either. Save the talking for some time when you're both dressed. Also, nipples get very tender at different times of the month, so always be very gentle with your first touches.

Get firmer only if she encourages it.

After 15 minutes, more or less, of breast play, it's time to finish undressing. As always, start with her, and be slow and gentle. Run your hands gently up her legs until you reach the upper edge of her panties. Slide a finger from each hand under the edge of the panty on that hip and kiss her tummy just above the panty. Pull with both fingers, easing the panties down a bit and kiss the skin that you've uncovered. Do this again and again until you reach the upper edge of her pubic hair. At this time you should keep your fingers hooked under the panties, but move your mouth down over the panties and kiss her there. Breath out so she feels your hot breath through her panties. She may wiggle or moan at this, or she may become quite still. She's wondering what you'll do next. Every man and every woman has their own feelings about oral sex so I'll cover that in detail later on. For now, go ahead and pull her panties down over her butt and all the way down off her feet. Toss them in the general direction of the rest of the clothes, being careful they don't land on a lamp or a candle. Any interruption right now would certainly ruin the mood you have so carefully built.

You now have her naked, lying on her back in front of you, just as you had been hoping. Smile at her. Kiss her - everywhere - up and down the length of her body. Kiss her gently on the lips as your hands caress her legs. Kiss her lips more firmly as your hands run up and down her arms. Really, spend some time on this stage too, at least 15 minutes, moving your body on and off her body as you kiss and caress.

Somewhere along the way here, slide your boxers off and toss them aside. Go ahead and lay your whole body on top of her now and enjoy the feeling of your cock against her skin. Try not to hurt her, if she's much smaller than you, and make sure she can breathe. Kiss her. Kiss her for a long time. As you continue to caress her and kiss her, her legs will spread open to you. You'll feel how hot and wet she is, or isn't. Try to slide a finger into her pussy. This is a great feeling for the woman just by itself, but it will also allow you to judge how wet and excited she is. If she's not very wet yet, you need to get her there. Vaginal wetness is pretty much required for good penetration. If you're using a lubricated condom, her wetness isn't as important. If you're using a non-lubricated condom, she should be wet before you try to penetrate her. Most women will get wet from the kissing and breasts play so just keep doing more of that. You can try oral sex, if you both seem comfortable with that.

Man to Woman oral sex

A man's mouth on my pussy is one of the most delightful feelings in life, and one that can't be gotten any other way. Since you're already lying on top of your partner and somewhat between her legs, just slide your body down hers. Trail your hands down her tummy and kiss her every few inches. She should know where you're headed. Kiss the skin just above her pubic hair. Kiss each hip and each thigh. Kiss the inside of each thigh.Press your lips to her pussy hair, feeling it with your lips.Lick her, right there, with your tongue. Push your tongue through her pussy hair until you feel skin. Keep your tongue wet and keep licking. If she has very thick hair, you can use your hands to separate it and find her clit and lips. Some women, like me, have large pussy lips. Mine often need to be pulled apart, even when I'm totally wet and stimulated. Use your fingers to gently pull her lips apart and then lick up and down her slit. Her clit, clitoris, is at the top of her pussy slit. The back ends somewhere before her asshole.

As you lick from the back to the front, your tongue will find her clit and as your tongue glides over it,
she will moan and possibly squirm.
Don't stop!

This means she likes it, not that she wants you to stop. You can run your tongue back and forth across her clit, or make tiny circles with it. There are so many things you can do to please a woman this way. I love the feeling of a finger or two pressing inside me while lips gently suck at my clit. Try a few of these variations and you'll feel her getting wet and ready for your cock. When you feel that the time is right, you must stop and put on a condom.

Putting on the Condom

With all the diseases out there, the ONLY fun way to have sex is WITH A CONDOM. Many young men now have never had sex without a condom. That was the case with one of my lovers. Being smart, he had always used condoms and we started out using them. After being together for two years, we went together and got AIDS tests. When both of us came up negative we had sex without a condom. He said it felt weird! We went back to using condoms, which is good since the relationship ended within a year and we were both with new, untested partners. He was very smooth with the condom. He had this really cute way of flicking the package away after taking the condom out, and I still have the package from the very first condom we used together.

Personally, I've never noticed a whole lot of difference between the different brands and styles of condoms, and I've tried them all, several times. If, as a man, you have a preference in condoms you might want to check with your partner and make sure she has no objection to your choice.

Those lubricated with nonoxynol-9 are good in many ways, since the nonoxynol-9 kills the AIDS virus, prevents pregnancy and provides lubrication.

Extra lubrication is always nice, especially since a dry pussy will cause the condom to break. However, some people are sensitive or even allergic to nonoxynol-9, which is why you may want to check with her ahead of time. If you're wondering, nothing works except a condom. You can't use a baggie or plastic wrap or anything. If you're spending a lot of money on condoms, then it means you're a lucky guy. Your county health department probably gives condoms out for free, as do any of the AIDS organizations in your town, so check into those options if the expense gets to be a problem. I have had lots of fun handing out free condoms as part of AIDS prevention and awareness. Most people blush when you try to give them condoms and that is just too bad. Condoms should be a sign of studliness. Don't slink into the drug store to buy them. Walk in and loudly declare that you need three cases of the extra large ones so you can have lots of sex!

Have the condom in a place that is easy to reach. It is usually easiest if you gently roll your partner off of you so you can use both hands. Open the package and put it out of the way. This next part is the hardest. You need to find out which way the condom is rolled. You can sometimes tell by looking, or by blowing gently into it and see how the edges go. If you're in total darkness you need to just try it. Hold the tip of the condom in one hand while rolling the rest of it over the head of your hard cock. If you've got it going the wrong way, it won't want to roll down easily. Take it off and flip the tip through to the other side, then try it again. You can either keep holding the tip of the condom and roll the rest of it down your shaft, or drop the tip and use two hands to roll it out evenly over the length of your hard cock. If you drop the tip to use both hands, stop once or twice while you're rolling it onto your cock and gently pinch the tip. You must leave some extra there at the tip for your cum. If you pull it too tight at the head, it is more likely to break. Roll it all the way down your cock as close to your balls as it will go.

Your partner may be willing or eager to help you roll that condom down over the shaft of your cock. It's a nice feeling for her too, and insures you stay hard. Be comfortable and easy however you do it. This is a good thing to practice at home alone, really. The guy who had the cute way of flicking the package away used condoms at home when he masturbated. Since he masturbated frequently, he was quite adept at sliding that thing on with a minimum of effort.


You are ready to go now! For the standard missionary position, the woman lies on her back with her legs spread. You can gently push her into this position. She may not know what you have in mind so help her.

If she's pushing you into a certain position,
just go with it and enjoy!

You are on top of her, face to face, with your legs between her legs. If you're sure you can stay hard, pause to kiss and reassure her again now. There can never be too much caressing and kissing, never. When you're both ready, reach down with your dominant hand and fondle her pussy again. Slide a finger or two inside her to make sure she's wet enough, and to tell you where to go. Slide your fingers out of her, hold your cock in that hand, and slide it in. MMMMMMMMMMM. That's what we've been waiting for, isn't it? Don't expect your cock to easily slide into her first try. Just get the tip in the right place, then push gently with your hips. As long as you've got your cock in the right place, it will go well. If you've got your cock head to the side, or if one of her pussy lips is in the way, you'll never get far. That's why you want to finger her first. You may want to keep a finger inside her pussy and push your cock toward your finger. If you don't get your cock in right away, don't worry. Women like this whole process, not just the penetration or the climax. Make every move gentle and caring and she'll be happy. Take a long time at each step of the way and she'll think you're an experienced lover, even if it's your first time.

Keep your thrusts into her slow and easy. If she seems to be pulling away from you at the deepest point of your thrust, pull back just a little. It means you're long enough that you're filling her past the point of comfort. Most often, your woman will push her pussy up against your cock as you thrust into her. This means she likes it, and she wants more. Go ahead and push your cock in as far as you can, but keep the place slow for as long as you can. Very few women will achieve orgasm in this position. She will get more pleasure from this position if she wraps her legs around your waist and meets your thrusts. Once you two are familiar with each other and ready to experiment, get her legs up over your shoulders when you're in this basic position. That will give you maximum penetration while you are on top.

Keep kissing her mouth and neck while
you slowly work your cock in and out of her pussy.

You can fondle a breast, gently pinch a nipple or two, run your hands over her arms, take her hands and interlace your fingers with hers. Never forget that making love is a whole body and whole mind experience. While it is nice to occasionally focus on the exquisite feel of her pussy around your cock, keep moving your tongue and hands over her too. You still need to listen to her body - that is the most important thing. You know you're going to get off, hopefully later rather than sooner. The concern for you is that she enjoys this as much as possible. If she grabs you tightly in her arms figure out what that means. Does she like what you're doing or does she want you to be more gentle? Her moans will also help you figure out what feels best for her. Except some women, like me, will actually get really quiet when we like what you're doing to us. So you need to pay attention to her silence also.

When you really can't wait any longer, whisper in her ear that you're getting ready to come. Most women don't really feel when you come inside them, and just stopping after you come is not nice. Hopefully she will come before you do, or soon after. If she doesn't, don't worry about it. You can make love again soon, in another position, or perhaps try oral sex, if you both like that. The variations are endless, and all are delightful. I know, I've tried them all - several times.

After you come, since you're using a condom, you need to pull out of her pretty soon. You also may want to roll off of her, if you're heavy. Make sure you hold the condom on your cock as you pull out!!! A spill now wouldn't be the end of the world, just messy. If you have a trash can near the bed, you can toss the used condom there and not have to disturb the cuddling. Used condoms do not need to be flushed down the toilet. In fact, they should not be flushed - they just muck up the plumbing. Put yours in the trash. If the closest trash can is in the bathroom, bring a warm wet washcloth back to bed with you and use it to gently wipe her pussy, and then your cock. Even if there isn't semen dripping out, I love the feel of this after making love and it is one more way to show her that you care about her and not just the fucking.


Now it is time for cuddling. Most men hate this part, but many women only have sex at all to get to this part. Start out by simply holding her. Put one arm under her head and the other over her tummy. Don't move around a lot, just enough to get comfortable, because this is going to last at least 15 minutes and should last an hour. Yes, an hour! If you stay cuddled for that long, you will, most likely, make love again. And you want that, right? If you've learned enough about making love to a woman, she'll want to do it again too.

Some women like to talk after sex, some don't.

You can encourage this by whispering things to her like "that was so nice," "thank you my sweet," or "you're so good." This will make her feel special and may allow you two some important communication. If she doesn't respond to your words, you can then remain quiet, but do try not to fall asleep. After 5 minutes or more of lying there, maybe whispering or maybe not whispering, you should "pet" her. This means touching her in various non-sexual ways. Try very gently and lightly running your fingers back and forth along her forearm, which is where your hand is from the arm that is across her body. After some of that you can pull that arm back so you can caress her hair. Push it gently back from her face, maybe tuck some behind her ear. Kiss her cheek lightly and quickly, then snuggle your head down against hers again. A few minutes later you should touch her again, perhaps just laying your palm flat on her tummy. Ask her how she is by whispering in her ear. Don't expect a real answer, she'll most likely just smile and nod, and you can just smile back. This shows her that you're still there with her, and not running replays of the game through your head. You can rearrange your body, either cuddling closer or moving slightly away, keeping her head on your shoulder or arm. If she does want to talk, pay attention. Keep your answers simple and caring. Many women need vocal reassurance now. Tell her she makes you happy, that you like the way your bodies are together. Trace your finger around her lips and tell her she has the most beautiful mouth you've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Gently nibble on her ear lobe and whisper a little moan. Now you can lightly run your fingers up and down her thigh. If she rolls towards you, pulling your bodies closer, she means she isn't ready to start making love again yet, that she still wants to be held. When that happens, hold her in both arms quietly for a minute or two, then gently rub her shoulders and caress her back. Give her some quick little kisses.

Now you have the option of slipping off to sleep, or starting it all over again. If it's night, she probably wants you to stay, and you should. Spending the night gives you time to have sex several more times. Midnight sex is nice and morning sex is great. Ok, all sex is great, isn't it? Good luck, use condoms, and have fun.

DLD Width Expansion Super Sets>>>Only a Wide Cock Will Do!

DLD Width Expansion Super Sets>>>Only a Wide Cock Will Do!>>>My Newest Obsession
I have been inspired to write a new superset for width due to the folks down at There is a guy that is from this site that has incredible width. The kind of width that makes you say oh my gawd! Anyway my girth is quite good at nearly 7" and thanks to great innovations like Supra's Slammers and Girth Busters I am very happy with my girth. What I really want to work on is width.

Width gives the penis an incredible look. My width now with 48 hours rest is almost 2.4". I really want to tack on another .25". I put together these new supersets over the past couple days and I am getting some good initial results. After a workout I am definitely wider (not as wide as I like but this routine will get me there)

I am going to do this daily. The entire routine takes about 30-40 minutes. I plan to train girth every other day using GIRTH BUSTERS and SUPRA SLAMMERS every other day.

I also strap on the Ring Of Power After these seeions for about 2 hours to keep the biggest pump I can. Keeping it in this expanded state really shows up during sex at night.

I feel this will be my best way to increase my width, maintain my girth while using all the available exercise I feel works best.

DLD Bends
Step One:
In a 90% erect state grip penis at extreme base with left hand .

Step Two:
With other hand grab penis just below the head. Once a good solid grip is made slight arch the penis.

Step Three:
Once in this state you will want to roll the blood between
the hands in a slinky type movement.


With an 80-90% erection in a seated on the rim of the toilet (Seat Up) Flatten your penis against the rim. Start at the base and work up to just below the head. Imagine your penis has 3 separate segments, the lower, the mid and the upper. Each segment should be flattened for 30 seconds.

Complete 10 Super-Sets

I am looking at my new routine as 3 areas of training:

1. GIRTH every other day
2. LENGTH every day
3. WIDTH every day (Sun. off)
I do all length first thing in the morning.
I train GIRTH and WIDTH in the late afternoon

Pulse 110's finished with tub stretches

Pulse 110's finished with tub stretches
Pulse 110's finished with tub stretches

Pulse 110's finished with tub stretches

Pulse 110's finished with tub stretches

Pulse 110's finished with tub stretches

Pulse 110's finished with tub stretches

Pulse 110's finished with tub stretches
SUPER SLAMMERS/Pulse 110's finished with tub

Monday, May 15, 2006


In a completely flaccid state BUNDLE your penis 1-3 times (Whatever works for you). Once is a BUNDLED state one hand grips penis with OK grip at the extreme base and the other grips just below the glans. Now stretch in opposite directions. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds. After each 30 second rep change hands and RE BUNDLE in the opposite direction.

The TUNICA is a sheath that covers the penis very similar to when we wear a condom. When we stretch the TUNICA we generally go for upward stretches in hopes of stretching this extremely tough tissue. The biggest problem with this is that much of the energy of the stretch is being used on the LIGS because we are only stretching in one direction and the lowest stress point in this will always be the LIGS. Using this technique will allow you to apply energy of stretch to both ends of the TUNICA allowing a much better, more effective TUNICA stretch. Since we are stretching at the base and below the glans most of the stretch energy is being applied to the space between the two stretching points, this space is the TUNICA

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Penis Enlargement Pills...The Long and Short of it

Penis Enalagement Pills...The Long and Short of it

Many people ask me what my views are on Penis Enlargement Pills and for good reason, they are the toast of the web. Everywhere you look whether it be your email, tv or surfing the web you will find advertisements for Penis Enlargement Pills. You most likely think that since so many places are selling the same product promising extraordinary gains (1-4 inches in only 30 days, etc.) that these Penis Enlargement Pills will give you the gains you desire with no work on your part but popping a Penis Enlargement Pill.

Penis Enlargement Pills, although will give you slight, instant gains (more or less being your full erect potential due to the herbs found in the Penis Enlargement Pills) but still this is enough inspiration for many men to continue to give their money away. So why do I sell these Penis Enlargement Pills? This is a very easy question with a very logical answer; Penis Enlargement Pills will help you achieve the gains you desire but only as a supplement. Penis Enalagement Pills are kind of like body building supplements, they are meant to supplement not as a stand alone fix. What they produce and why they are a perfect supplement to Penis Enlargement is the erection potential they give your penis. This coupled with a solid Penis Enlargement Exercise routine will be your best route to create the gains you want.

Penis Enalagement exercise consists of a 20-30 minute exercise routine that has components to address your length and your girth. A standard routine consists of basic penis stretching exercises and penile girth exercise like Jelqing or other similar squeeze exercises. Just like the bodybuilder taking his supplements and hitting the gym for a good work out, Penis Enlargement Pills are similar in nature. Without a workout they will do very little for your gains but boost your erection level, just like VIAGRA.

If you can afford Penis Enlargement Pills and are serious about your training you will have the optimum angle at gaining your desired results.

When shopping for a good Penis Enlargement Exercise Site look into Matters of Size at, this is my site and as you can see I am always available, day in and day out to help guide my members to the gains they desire. You will also find the site extremely comprehensive with the high resolution video, excellent sound bits and wonderfully illustrated gif files, making your journey safe and effective. There are other sites out there with similar pricing but most of these sites contain the same handful of exercises as the next. WHen looking for support you will sadly realize there is none. You can reach me 24/7 hanging out at my free forums at a place where members and non-members discuss Penis Enlargement, their gains, their ideas, add to the massive data base of information, and help one another in making the gains they desire. You can also find my brand of Penis Enlargement Pills at along with many other incredible packages geared to save you money and get you going on your way.

When it comes to it is important to do your homework, do your research and plan on taking up a solid routine.

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Penis Enlargement Exercise (Plyometric Blasters)

Plyometric Blasters

This is a new Penis Enlargement theory I have been working on and wanted to share some of the research I have done and introduce a new Penis Enlargement exercise that I have been experimenting with using this data. The exercise is Plyometrics Blasters and my main goal in this Penis Enlargement exercise is to employ 3 main areas of science in hopes to create a more effective method to stretching. The first is Blasters and how the reverse kegel allows more efficient lig stretching. The second is the way we mentally react to a stretch. The third is how Plyometrics integrated into Blasters may create the most effective Penis Enlargement stretch possible. I want to generate a discussion on these topics and get your feedback on its possible application in your programs. I do warn that Plyometrics is considered dangerous if not done correctly and anyone attemping this type of Penis Enlargement training should exercise extreme caution.

When the suspensory ligament is stretched, so is the ligament spindle. The ligament spindle records the change in length (and how fast) and sends signals to the spine that convey this information. This triggers the stretch reflex (also called the myotatic reflex), which attempts to resist the change in ligament length by causing the stretched ligament to contract. The more sudden the change in ligament length, the stronger the ligament contractions will be (Plyometric training is based on this fact [Plyometrics are any Penis Enlargement exercise where the muscle is contracted eccentrically then immediately, concentrically meaning the muscle is stretched before it is contracted.]). This basic function of the ligament spindle helps to protect the body from injury. Ligaments contain an abundance of specialized sensory receptors known as "proprioceptors." Proprioceptors function as "stretch detectors" or "tension-detectors." When you stretch your penis the proprioceptors that supply the tissues are stretched, put under tension, or distorted. This causes the sensory nerve fibers that supply these proprioceptors to be stimulated, and changes the frequency at which electrical impulses are sent to the brain. The brain "interprets" the frequency code of the electrical signals and uses this information to determine and adjust the direction, velocity, and duration of the movement. In simple terms we have an immediate and uncontrolled reaction when we engage the ligament in a load greater than the normal amount of force. DLD Blasters are based on this concept using our ability to consciously interrupt this sequence by engaging the reverse kegel.

Going one step beyond this function and understanding Plyometrics and how they can apply to ligaments and stretch reflex I think may even bring us closer to a more effective method of not only ligament stretching but also tunica elongation since the tunica also contains similar proprioceptor function.

One of the reasons for holding a stretch for a prolonged period of time is that as you remain in a stretched position, the ligament spindle habituates (becomes accustomed to the new length) and reduces its signaling. Gradually, you can train your stretch receptors to allow greater lengthening of the ligament hence permanent penis lengthening. The Pulse 110 stretches brought me one step closer to understanding Plyometrics and their role in penis enlargement. Looking beyond this and applying not only repetitive pulsations to the ligaments and tunica but also range of motion got me very interested in animated Penis Enlargement stretches using all of the above theory. This is why I decided to try Rotary Blasters. Rotary Blasters encapsulate range of motion, proprioceptor function (or in this case lack there of) and when combined with the elements of Pulse 110 repetition (Plyometrics Exercise). Now Rotary Blasters do employ 2 factors in this concept being proprioceptor response by the use of reverse kegel and range of motion. Pulse 110’s touch on the concept of Plyometrics is the sense of a repetitive quick stretches would have a shock effect on the ligament and tunica. In my opinion neither stretch fully integrates the above concept but together they do have the potential to change the way we stretch on many levels.

Understanding the above information and how our muscles, tissue, ligaments and tendons react to this information gives me a better idea of how we should perform Penis Enlargement stretching exercises. I do not think we are that off base but I do think an important component may be left out being Plyometrics. Plyometrics in Penis Enlargement stretching would be fast, heavy, intense stretches going from 0% of a hold to 110% of a stretch in quick 1-second pulses. Very similar to doing push-ups with a clap in between each rep. In this case the clap would be the release and the actual push-up would be the heavy stretch. This in a nutshell is Plyometrics. These are similar to Pulse 110’s but an important extra step is taken as in Plyometrics we release the Penis Enlargement stretch to 0% tension before engaging the next repetition at 110%. Proprioceptor function or "stretch detectors" are now fooled in a sense because the repetition confuses the actual brain function and with each repetition the electrical response to the ligament is weaker and weaker allowing the ligament to become more and more distorted from it’s original pre-determined size.

Evidence of this being more fact than theory is tricky and in my case slightly painful to prove but I think I inadvertently stumbled on to a very important piece of data during a recent stretching session. I did Plyometric Blasters, which at first were scary, but I made it through a set of 500 with no incident. Immediately following the session my ligs and penis were sore. This is a good sign to someone like me that has been Penis Enlargement stretching for a few years with rare moments of actual lig and/or tunica soreness. This paled next to the fact that immediately after the exercise my lower vertebrae had a slight strained feeling. At first it did not strike me as anything important but then I remembered Proprioceptor function. Proprioceptor function, in this case, was the culprit of the back pain I had directly following the exercise. Why? Because I was signaling to my brain that I was going beyond the normal load of intensity and the Proprioceptor response resulted in slight back strain. A very similar reaction to this would be almost getting in an accident and your Proprioceptor respond in a instant causing that strained back feeling we get right after a close accident. Using this same example of a close car accident and the Proprioceptor response to that accident brings us even closer to understanding the mental dynamics of Plyometrics and my theory on incorporating these into our Penis Enlargement stretching routines.

The brain builds up tolerance in a sense to a repetive action. In the cognitive world when a psychologist wants to change a programmed response it is called aversion therapy. Basically training the brain to respond differently to a programmed reaction by direct, repetitive, exposure. We have a natural reaction to certain things, a reaction that we are not in control of. For instance if we feel a sharp tickle on the back of our necks the normal, immediate response would be to swat at it thinking a bug has landed on our neck. Now when a person is continuously exposed to this feeling on the back of their neck and each time there is no bug present the brain will eventually stop the immediate reaction thinking that there is no danger. It retrains itself to have a different impulse to a long programmed reaction.

This is the Penis Enlargement exercise that I am using to apply the information that I have been studying. I am the lab rat in this and want to stress again that Plyometric exercise is risky and I warn anyone who is going to try this to use extreme caution. Plyometrics used in a weight training situation is suggested only once or twice per week. These are not a replacement for basic stretching exercises but an addition.

Penis Enlargement Plyometric Blasters

While seated, in a completely flaccid state grab your penis with the standard ok grip just below the glans and get into the A-Stretch (other stretch position can be substituted if the A-Stretch does not agree with you). Engage in a reverse kegel. Remaining in the reverse kegel with no tension applied prepare to start the exercise. In 1 second repetitions, using a slight jerking motion, stretch to full capacity (100%) than go back to a non-tension position (0%). Continue to do this in strict form continuously for 100 repetitions. After 100 reps. Rest for one minute than repeat the above for 5-10 sets.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Some personal shit I am putting down

The past 5 years of my life marks the birth of many wonder accomplishments, ideas, friends, business ventures, but it also includes a unhealthy dose of sadness and heartache. I have been accused of being passive, dishonest, many unflattering negative connotations and I hope to clear much of this up in this 5 year mini-bio.

To explain the last 5 years of my life you need to understand the 5 years preceding this time. For that years I suffered with severe drug addiction, mainly intravenous heroin. Between the short lived, sweet bliss of injection lurked many horrors, dishonesties, hurt, pain miseries and self degradation which came to a screeching halt on Valentine's day of 1999 when I spiked my last vein and died.

My brother walked into the living room and found me quiet in my big, puffy, cigarette burned leather chair, not an uncommon sight. "Mike, I need a hit", Rob whispered when he noticed I was not breathing and the spike was still in my arm. He later told me that he was not sure how long I was out but he did say it took 7 minutes for the ambulance and police to arrive. After 5 injections directly to the heart I was revived via the hospital. Most of this is blurry to me my first real memory was opening my eyes in a cold, steel emergency room with my family around me looking down on my like Charlie in the final scene of Carito's Way. Well put it this way, Chalie was lucky to die, I had a longer road of suffering ahead.

My thought went in a perfect order 1, 2, 3, MANY. 1.) I must have overdosed and been revived. 2.) I have a 5 year sentence hanging over me and a OD means they found my gear. 3.) I wish they let me die....then the MANY kicked in, so many because this was the last straw (did you know there was more than straws?) in a long chain of losses and destruction.

You see to understand how monumental these loses were we need to go even further back. Fuck it, lets start at conception.

I was conceived in a rented trailer, no joke. This makes me authentic white, trailer trash. This is something I have tried to shed my entire life but 5 years ago I embraced it. I grew up in a small, Amish town in Pennsylvania by the name of Chambersburg. The most special thing I can remember about the town was some civil war hero had a house there.

My early childhood was filled with oddities and eccentricities. My mother, who later in my life would become a personal hero, was my best friend growing up (cue music to Psycho). Complete jokes! She was and is a wonderful mother and thanks to this I am often reminded of my unique habits growing up. I loved, still do on occasion, grabbing my penis and stretching it. My parents could not get my hands off of the thing. I was always being reprimanded, "Michael, get your hands off of your GG" (GG, the cute name the Salvini family used in replacement of the perverted cock word). You see they did not say "Michael, get your hands out of your pants!" why? Because I was always naked with the exception of cowboy boots and the occasional cowboy hat. I believe there is picture proof.

I was also diagnoses as hyper-active early in childhood so I think I was introduced to my first psych-med at around 3. My Mother hated the idea of her child being medicated and decided to discontinue it. When Mom wants something done she is oblivious to rules or policies, she simply decided she was right and carried on. This accounts for many good things in my life but also some shitty ones.

As a hyper child with a cowboy boot and penis fetish I was sent to Catholic school. 7 years of unfathomable fun and unnatural moral protection, fear instilled religious beliefs, guilt infested pre-pubecent thoughts and church every day for 7 years straight. This all sounds so terrifying but I don't think if I went through this early childhood training I would have the type of relationship I have with my man GOD. My first year out of parochial school and into public served as a reason any parent should opt to protect their child for their entire life if they send them to Catholic School because the real world is VERY FUCKING DIFFERENT!

My first year in the real world so many immortal events occurred it carved my route with almost laser like precision. I guess when I look back it seems this way because today there is a reason for everything in my life. Nothing happened that was not supposed to happen so I guess I sometimes think there is no mistakes.

The first year I was put into public school I was enrolled into CENTRAL, the public school in the hood. I was thrilled as this was around the time I embraced the new hit music out of the South Bronx and Brooklyn called hip hop I was actually going to meet some real, hood, black people. I quickly found out I was listening to music no one had even heard of yet. This taught me early in life that there was interest, fame, power, money and originality in being first to do something. Whether it was showing the latest music of developing DLD Blasters there was always potential in my mind and my ideas.

At this point I dropped most of my white friends and started hanging out with only the black kids. I found out it was also cool to be the "only" white kid in the crowd. This was good for cool points, pussy point, angles and potentials. My only problem was my parents. I could not do the shit I wanted to living with their rules. I needed out, but how. Another plan, you think I would have learned by now but no. I would divorce my family. Bring them to court and be set free, hey I was 13 right? With my school record and other incriminating evidence the courts verdict was in my parents favor and I was deemed incorrigible. I was shipped off to the Chambersburg Children's Home where I started learing everything I need to know about the real would. I even had a mind for business then, I had to, the real world offered no protection from the real world like the Catholic world did. I needed survival tools, street skills, angles and an untimely loss of fear.

My newly acquired qualities landed me in my first "real world" hell when I decided that my vice principal needed to be reprimanded after he reprimanded me. At the time I was put into special education so all of my classes and lunch times were spent with the speds. I hated it, I felt awkward and different. I was starting to notice girls and I knew the "SPED" title took away allot of points. This accounted for many spontaneous and rebellious outbursts planned and unplanned. This particular day I planned a lunchtime prank that included my entire table of 15 fellow SPEDS. It was planned that when I counted to 3 we would all get up and yell "FUCK YOU!" while trowing our full trays in the air. Sounded fun when I planned it I mean every time I planned a prank it always seemed like such a good idea at the time but unyielding it would always prove to be a very bad idea that would send my already fucked up life into a new whirlwind fording further the development of the soul that would one day be me. I remember way back a time when the neighbors across the street went away for 2 weeks on vacation and I planned a pool party in their basement. It was so much fun that hot June day but after forgetting to turn off the water the rest of the house became a swimming pool. This landed me in my first encounter with the police and seeing a friend roll over on me and drop a dime. Shit a 5 year old should not be thinking about. Anyway, this day was different, the plan sounded solid, fun and had the potential to cause the much needed excitement from the SPED life that was boring me. The countdown ensued, the trays were thrown and the words shouted. The entire lunchroom was in hysterics. It was a success! I was crafting my uniqueness in the real world. This celebration came to a sharp, black slack of pain across the face. Mr. Thomas, the history teacher on lunch duty that day, rightly smacked me and sent me off to the principals office. The pain at the time seemed worth it. Almost like the dope the day of my over dose. It is so hard to start a new paragraph as I have so much to say about this day but I will do so now as to be PC.

Walking down the hall to the principals office I grinned to myself, I made being a SPED cool. An angle on my fucked up situation. I knew I was in for a paddling, back then they were allowed to beat you with a sawed off two by four when you did something wrong. Again, 30 lashing was worth the glory. The principal was busy so I was instructed to sit outside the vice principals off. Vice Principal .? was a frog of an old man and I knew he secretly hated me. There were people in my life that figured me out for the real person I am and this image threatened them so much that they eternally hated me. Something I had grown used to in my first year in the real world. I soon was in his office with my hands against the wall getting my deserved beating. This beating seemed much more severe than the beatings I got for other, dubious pranks. As a matter of fact I heard anger and loathing in his deep breaths as he smiled with a perverts face taking delight in the beating he was administering. I did not so much mind the physical pain as I did the sticky, dirty, enjoyment he got out of misusing his power. At the 12th hit my life again took a massive turn when I made a unplanned decision.

12! I turned from the wall, grabbed the paddle and started to smack the vp in the head. I am not sure if it was him, that day, where I was in life or maybe all the bullshit to date but I took it out on him. I am still surprised typing this that I was not in more trouble than a simple expulsion. But they were more than likely "good rhythms to bad garbage" and a court case would mean more involvement with the demon child.

After expulsion I was enrolled in my second public school, FAUST. Being the new kid mid year had it's angles. Especially with girls. Hell, I had learned everything I needed to know about life through the kids at the home. I learned how to get high by sniffing glue, how to drink, smoke pot, steel what I wanted, sneak around, EVERYTHING. I was ready. After a few girlfriends, crushes, things that would haunt me me entire life I managed to have sex.

I mean I had masturbation before, my first time was another contribution to the person I am today. I was taking piano lessons at the neighbors house across the street. My teacher was a 17 year old doctor's daughter. She was thick in the hips and legs and had a beautiful bubble butt. Crumb and Mixalot would be proud. I sat through the lesson with an over sized erection in my pants. She sat on the bench next to me with her chunky, tan thighs spread across the piano bench decorated with the most sensual goose pimples. This sight created a fire and urge to great to ignore. After the piano lesson I rushed to my house and locked myself in the bathroom where I rubbed myself to my first orgasm. Like a spring shooting through my body the pleasure was incredible but somehow I felt guilty. I think I even cried as I sat there on the floor of my families bathroom where there was no doubt a crucifix hanging. This was the first time and this quickly became my hobby, my passion, the thing I was reprimanded for touching my whole life held so much enjoyment. My body was like a fucking carnival.

I said over-sized erection because I quickly learned my penis was bigger than all the other kids. I mean not enormous, 6.5" but this was at an early age and on my skinny 105lb. frame it looked massive. My flaccid hang has always been good, at allot of time it hung and still does close to erect size. I remember comparing my erection with friends penises and always looking longer and thicker. I would love masturbating in the sewing room because no one ever went into the base went where it was and the room was bright with a full length mirror. I could fantasize, imagine, look, dream and enjoy my hobby here.

My first time having sex was a unique combination of many events. Somehow I was back living with my parents. I had older friend that drove and I loved cruising the circuit downtown. It was where danger, excitement, bad and fun lived. My parents went away on a trip to Washington state. My Father was thinking of taking a job there and they were looking at homes. I had run of the house. My little sister was with them, my older sister was in college and I think my brother, Rob, was in some jail program for drugs. This was a dream come true. I made the plan to go out the first Saturday night and cruise the circuit for chicks and drugs. I had a pocket full of money as I always worked some angle to have some money whether it was scamming, working, stealing or winning...I always had access to paper. I was out that evening with an older boy named Tom. He drove a 67 Fairlane and was very cool. He had the proverbial bachelor pad in his divorced mom's garage that was lined with Playboy posters and Van Halen singles and the frequent presence of drugs and alcohol. He was perfect for a young smarty like myself. We drove the circuit for about an hour when we came upon 3 teenage girls (18 respectively) After "catching them a buzz" my friend had to go to work and I was left with the 3 girls. We drove around for a bit but quickly ended up at my parents home. I had a big bag of weed and my parents always kept the dry sink stocked with plenty of liquids. After about an hour hanging out in my parents dining room, drinking and getting high the topic of sex came up. I was a pro, I had the whole posters and masturbation thing going for me. I was offered a 4 some. 3 girls and me, what a dream only problem is two were hot and the deal included the 3rd, unruly beast. Even then, I had my standards, in a concellation effort I was granted sex with the one of the hot duo. There was jewish, blonde girl who I always had a crush on but she was an x-girl friend of another one of my friends. There is always a code. I chose the brunette, sultry, sluty and very playboyesque. We had sex in my sisters bedroom. A bright white room in perfect order as my sister Donna, the oldest sibling, is nuerotically neat. So the scene was organized and I am sure there was a crucifix hanging in the room. By todays standards I did very well, I mean I lasted for about 30 minutes until she got pissed that I was taking too long and left. No matter, I had fucked a 18 year old lady! Another notch of character to a virgin soul.

During this two weeks my parents were gone I had also had sex with a young girl named Rose in the trailer park about 4 miles from my house. I remember bringing one of Tom's magazine's to the trailer park and hanging out at some old ladies trailer with this young girl Rose. We were left alone for some time and with the help of the magazine I managed to get her into the bathroom. I remember wearing a condom and her head banging against the cheap plastic tub as I unsuccessfully got my seed off. None the less, another notch to my crotch, something more to brag about, something new to build the character of my future self.

After my family came back there were a few days before school started again and I spent most of the time pursuing a cute blonde at the public swimming pool. I was convinced she would be the third! School was starting again, I believe I was on a Spring break for 3 weeks. The week I went back to school I another massive event happened that would change my life again. I got into a fight at school where I hurt two other boys for making fun of me. This resulted in my having to go to my first children's prison. YORK was a detention for the incorrigible. This became my home after the courts realized I could not survive in "the real world". I guess this was just another learning phase of my life. YORK was much like any other children's home I was lucky to reside with a tougher breed of fuck ups, myself included. I learned all sorts of neat information here, everything from love making techniques and how to do a Sicilian bow-tie from Hector, the extremely handsome, 6' 2" puerto rican in the room adjacent to mine to how to sneak hash into a secure institution using a candy cane taught to me by a rocker in the upstairs cell. Ironically my stay was brief as I got caught smoking hash we had snuck in. I think this place had a profound influence in who I am because it was all bad, all scams, all dark and when I was emerged into this way of life I did good things as if they were sins.

There is so much value in good, decent, honest deeds but this is something I did not realize until later in life. There were times it would surface and I would feel good about doing something positive for someone but usually I never understood the depth and complexity of doing something good for someone. Around the time I hit puberty "the greater meaning of life" was lost and I became very surface in many parts of my life. As I got older I discovered my real self and replaced surface bullshit with reality but this was a very slow, progressive, sometimes horrifying process. A good example of this buying clothes for my girlfriend. At one point in my life this would never happen but when it finally would happen, say 13, I would be doing it purely for myself, just to get a free feel maybe even some finger action or perhaps the almighty fuck. At 25 I can see myself doing it purely for my girl with my only intension to make her happy. I mean 25 is the age I was most in love. In my 30's I think the process of buying clothes for my girlfriend became rudimentary, almost expected because I was in a relationship. I expected thanks for my deed but not much more. It had become very stale, mundane, it lost any if not all meaning. It is amazing how much good there is behind a positive deed, for all parties involved. I think I not only cheated Jen out of receiving a great present but myself out of making the most of that individual experience.

After leaving YORK I returned to my families home for a brief stay before going to my next institution. Most of this time I spent going out, getting high, going to parties, running away, basically every possible horror a 14 year old could his parents through was on the daily menu. This was the time I tried hard drugs first. I remember smoking PCP in Tom's room, God the name still evokes excitement. I spent about 3 days, as a runaway, in his room smoking Angel Dust. I can't remember how it happened but my family found me and I was sent away for my last time as a child.

"Hi Mike, I'm Eric", "Hi Mike, I'm Scott"....Love ya Mike! WHere the fuck was I? What the fuck happened? I was sitting in a room talking to a couple of teen age kids. We were rapping about playing pool and fucking bitches if I sign on the dotted line. I gladly signed, this was a new opportunity to learn some new shit. Next thing I know the two cool guys I had been talking to turned into robotic humans, possessed by a Drug Free Robot. No exaggerations, I was sitting in Northern Virginia with the Stepford family...or should I say Straight-Ford.

I'm no special than any other guy out there, in many ways I am a shite bloke or should I say das cunt (God I love the Scottish!) what does make me unique is my ability to use visualization to get what I want in life. Too many people pass off visualization and the mental piece of success as hippy shit at at best give it a half hearted effort when trying to accomplish something. This is where I am very different than most men but it is also a commonality to a few men I have as friends. The men who share this quality are able to become, create, develop, embrace ignorance and crave education to become or attain anything they desire. SOunds like a massive thing but it is really basic and it comes down to using your mind.

People have accused me of being dishonest in so many places of my life. I mean from an outsiders perspective much of my life is difficult to get your mind around. Here is a guy who dropped out of school in the 8th grade, was in prison by 18, got his GED, bought strip clubs, was in the mob, made over a milliion by the time I was 25 and lost it all to heroin addiction at 31. Present at the opening of CBGB's but also produces real life rappers. Parties with the stars but lives in the ghetto. Here is a guy who wants you to believe he shared the stage with punk rock greats like the Beastie Boys, Agnostic Front, Wendy O' WIlliams, among 100's of others and during this period enjoyed sex with over 200 woman. On top of this he sports a 10" dick that was verified by GQ Magazine and wants us to believe he dropped almost 100 pounds in 3 months?
This all sounds completely like bullshit, like some phony, perverted infomercial but I shit you not, this is my life so far and I am not even 40.

There is a reason these things happened in my life, well a couple, but the biggest would have to be my willingness to take a risk. Make a risky, hairbrained, crazy plan....follow through with it, roll the dice and see what happens. In 90% of the cases in my life and I mean that 90% of the time I have fucked up. In the remaining 10% nine of it goes to push (push:craps term for no money changes hands) but in that sweet remaining 1% I have enjoyed some incredible shit in my short time here on the globe. Funny thing is I have only coved a small section of it, the rest of the world need to watch out because I am coming to fuck up, practice, experiment, cheat, lie, steel, re-invent, do the amazing and royal fuck up your cities, woman, business, lives and families but I can promise you this. I never meant anything bad by it and I have always left a wiser man with more friends and memories than a man 100 times my age. I have grown old a million times and each memory contains birth, love, friends, understanding, leaning, emotion, change, heartache and death. Then like files they are tucked away as valuable data I can look back on and reminisce about the beauty and love of that time of yesteryear. At any point I can relive these times with such clarity and emotion. I have felt love a few times in my life and it is amazing how much emotion is contained in old memories. Words, pictures, objects, anything, it all contains a piece of a period of birth, life and death all available for me to remember, hold, caress, read, study. Such value in memory.

So I when I take a risk, even if I fail miserably, I take something from it. Sometimes it is drastic like going to prison but other times it may be pulling my penis for paper (money) My philosophy is nothing ventured nothing gained.

That saying, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" brings something to mind. Remember how I said I was very surface? In this situation, sayings or analogies, never really meant much to me earlier in life but as I got older and experienced the lesson behind the saying, in real life, it took on a deeper meaning...sometimes a multi-level meaning filled with rewards, lessons and greater philosophies in life...a sort of higher awareness. This is some pretty deep shit. AN early example of this very saying is a business called "The Gym" I bought in the early 90's. AT the time I was working at my families business in a dead mall in a farm town called Hadley in Wester Massachusetts called PRINTSHACK. In addition to that job I had handfuls of side scams, frauds, businesses, deals, and every other legal and illegal source of money coming in.

I was 28 at the time and had over a million dollars coming in from all the angles I was working. The GYM was a workout club I trained at everyday across the hall from my families business. I have a "EVERYTHING HAS IT'S PRICE MENTALITY" and for good reason, it does. Later I will talk about how I offered a 19 year old the life of her dreams during a mag sale. The owner of the gym was selling it and I was getting all sorts of perks from the present owner, like keys to the place (one of the many spoils of being a in Italian kid) The only sensible thing to me was to buy the GYM so this is what I did. He gave me a number and I gave him cash. Quick, fast and easy...problem solved. On high sight it is more like "new life started"

At this period in my life I could have anything I wanted. Anything. The GYM was no different, another addition to my collection of successes and failures. At the time I was very well connected and funded. It was wise to go into business with a "fellow Italian friend" as it opened new doorways, new angles. In buying the GYM I choose Felix Tranguizi, a very handsome northern Italian man who was very well connected. This relationship would be very profitable and wise so I rolled the dice.

The GYM was a horrible failure business-wise. It did nothing but lose money, I was paying employees out of my pocket. My gym membership went from $24.00 a month to $4 Gees? No doubt in my mind, this was a bad business investment. I say business because there were many levels to the whole "nothing ventured, nothing gained theme" business was only one level and it was a miserable failure on that level but other things were gained. New love for one, this is when I met the love of my life Kelli (with an i not a y!) What a crush I had on her. I mean buying the GYM introduced me to her and sure it was expensive but the love was worth it.

Risk and reward, nothing ventured nothing gained, so much contained in her name. KELLI. 5 letters that account for 5 years.

5 years: The going time woman will be with me until their lives are in order at which time they leave me and start living live "for real" The trampling of my heart has no significant meaning to these woman and I have grown to understand this is normal. I have become so in tune with this 5 year cycle that I have decided to make it more business like. Relationships and woman will happen but making it more profitable or should I say less expensive has become more than an idea to me.

The whole meeting a girl process is long and arduous and very expensive. In many cases this entire process is based on risk. Rolling the dice is more of a marketing thing than anything else. It is all about how much you are willing to spend to make yourself marketable to woman. In most cases men are cheap and will spend big money once in a while but for the most part depend on local dives and the occasional city club or strip bar. Last night was a good example of this. I was sitting at my Apple g5 staring into the 20" lcd screen being very productive listening to music, smoking and looking at various porn sites. This can be a very unproductive cycle for me so I try to break the gaze and get out when this happens. WHeter it is a run, a walk and ice-cream or a gamble at the local dive bar. I don't like being unproductive but the other night I went to a local strip club. In a marketing report the profit and loss statement would look like this:

Cost: $78.00
Time Invested: 12 Hours
Chance of Meeting Hot Woman: 100%
Chance of scoring 1% (if you are very, very hot and slick)
Investment risk: 99%

This is a terrible investment relationship-wise but there is the whole reward factor...this being the amount you are willing to squander on any endeavor to see some hot, naked ass. I am guaranteed to be left alone for a couple of hours where I am surrounded by naked beauties. Considering the $78.00 price tag it's not so bad when you consider the price reflects a lap dance. So for the price I actually got to touch some ass.

The chance of scoring with any female at a strip club is very hard but I managed to get a phone number given to me by a hot freckle faced, redhead waitress who later turned out to be a x-stripper. That does not work, STRIPPER/DLD...a waitress was ok. To be honest a stripper would work but finding out she was a stripper after thinking she was a waitress changed things and I lost interest.

I guess my point is you can meet someone anywhere, if you are willing to spend some money you could increase your odds but the second you walk out your front door the chances of meeting someone greatly improve. This of course is contingent on population and where you are headed but my greater point is chances of meeting someone at home is almost physically impossible...unless you have a really hot post lady or something. My life is unbelievable sometimes as I have said before but this is exactly what happened.

I woke in the normal fashion and the day progressed with familiar consistency to any other day but then there was a knock on my door. In my attempt to peak on my visitor I saw a girl standing at my door. I was kind of confused, the girl appeared to be perfect for me. That sounds so gay and perfect but let me explain. At this present place I am in life, right now, my current mind state....the girl standing outside was perfect in every way. She stood about 5' 2". She had dirty blonde hair tied back in a corse ponytail. Her young skin was dotted with freckles. When she smiled her teeth were so white and round like a teenage girls teeth fresh out of braces would be. She wore a sexy mouth retainer that told the story of her beautiful teeth but I was more interested in how it made her look like a sexy schoolgirl. SHe wore no make-up which made her look 13, so fresh faced like a teenage actress in a Disney Movie. I understand this has a sexual feel to it but believe me when I say I had no sexual thoughts towards the girl. None until she said, "Hi I'm Michelle, I'm 19 and I'm trying to raise points for school by selling magazines."

So fucking obvious, I know. You are thinking to yourself "Don't fall for it, it's a scam!" and my friends you would be right. The biggest difference here is I have the ability to out scam the scammer. I will even go further than that, I can out-scam the scammer scammimg the scammer. I learned everything I needed to know grwoing up, no one can pull the woll over the eyes that never close...specially some 13 year old lookin' 19 year old. Come on, she could be my son's older sister. Well if that was the case she would get in trouble for wearing the shorts she was wearing as the center seam of the soft corduroy rode up into the center of her 19 year old pussy while each lip filled the fabric outside the seam like Angelina Jolie's mouth was pressed against her crotch fabric. Such a puffy, thick, camel toe. SHe was so skinny and petite but she had a generous pussy and an amble bubble butt. Very thick for such a young girl. Her belly peaked from beneath her shirt that was too short for her. Such creamy skin which gave access to a small tattoo right at the small of her back. Almost like a perfect decoration to her ample bubble butt. Her butt was in proportion to her small body butt it stuck out too far, it seemed too round, too thick and heavy for such a young teen. After noticing this I looked into her eyes. A look I would give someone I wanted to fuck, someone over 18, if she was 17 things would have been different. Yeah right. ANyway this perfect angel, this fair skinned vision stood there in front of me. Her eyes were the color of blueish, green crystal. Her freckles were very evident but not offensive. They were perfectly appropriate for her face. I so wanted to know if her little round, white ass had them. Her breasts were small, very 13ish looking, I could only imagine them unique in some way. Maybe puffy aeriolas or oversized pink nipples, I knew there was something remarkable under her rather plain shirt and tiny chest chest. I could see her hip bone showing above her low hanging corduroys. I love when a girl has that bone showing, especially when she has a chunky ass. This girl was young with curves in all the right places, I knew a few months with me and a little help from KFC I would have that little curve kicker boomin with meat in all the right places. I think I even mentions something to that effect.

SOme bodies you can just tell will gain weight right. Woman, to me, look best when they are petite, very small in the waist, extremely thick in the hips and legs; but shapely, and their ass should be very round and bubble out, again thicker with shape the better. This girl was not quite there but she had the potential. This is a very rare thing.

Her face was awkward. SHe had a very rare beauty, a beauty most men would not see. I only know of this because I came upon it one other time in my life. There was another girl I dated that had a very akward beauty and her name was Uma Thurman.

WHen I first moved to Amherst, Massachusetts in the 80's I attended ARS (AMherst Regional school) This lasted about 2 weeks because I was 18 and I was attending classes with 8th graders but over this two weeks I ha allot of fun. I was the only kid in the school who had his own apartment, an angle I worked with the Protestant CHurch for a free apartment. I was on welfare and I got food stamps. I stole most of my food so I used to sell the food stamps for cash. This meant I always had a pocket full of paper, a fridge full of food, a free pad to come home to and the most popular boy in the school. The angles were crazy, I worked them all.

One day I was standing outside Sait Bridgets Church Downtown AMhesrt and I was approached by one of the school girls that hung around that area, this tall, akward, braces wearing, ugly duckling was Uma Thurman. She wanted to go on a date, which I agreed to despite my lack of experience with timeless beauty. We went to the movies, a showing of one of the Back to the Future's. After the movie we walked through the Amherst Grave yard where we sat below a big dark tree and made out. The night ended soon after. We never dated again, she asked me out but I had moved on to another girl.

I have a general dislike for tall woman. This happened after I met Kelli. Kelli, beautiful, Kelli stood 5' 1" tall and was a little Portuguese firecracker. SHe was everything my X-Wife Tierney wasn't. You see to understand Kelli you need to understand Tierney and that started way back in the early 80's. Even then I was preffy to shorter woman but Tierney had something the other 18 year old girls didn't and ass that was perfect. Round with just the right amount of overhang to the cheeks. The kind of ass you see walking around and bouncing with each step she took. It stuck out in an almost rude fasion. It was love at first site, her ass overshadowed any quams I had with her height.

After finding an angle to get free food in the restaurant she worked at I introduced meself. Like I told you the mind is an extremely power thing and the ability to tune into, adapt, imitate and master the persons personality is key to success in any conquest. Tierney was no different, she was delicate, young, impressionable. Very intelligent and educated, key to my personality demands.She was very "Everything But The Girl", extremely hip and very Northampton. She rented a downtown loft and was the most giving soul. Me, being the angle working, lover boy I was was living there that evening. All moved in and rent free plus I had met an angel with an ass that would temp Jesus. Her place was very cool complete with the brick walls, hard wood floors and tin ceilings. Perfect spot to shoot some New York Village drama. I loved it and it gave me space to restart a band I had started in Washington, DC called the Heretix. Priior to meeting Tierney I had just been released from the Straight Inc. Program, the drug rehab in Northern Virginia. I spent about a year living with a family in Washington where I discovered the latest craze out of England called punk rock.

After 2 years locked up in a CHildren's, Prison Hell I was ready to do some huge self changing steps. Remember the guys Eric and Scott in the room in Virginia? Well that was the start of a two year nightmare called Straight Inc. At the time I had experimented mainly with pot, alchohol and some pills (I tried PCP on 2 occasions and synthetic heroin once) I did not have a drug problem but I wanted one badly. My lack of drugs tried was only because my ability to score drugs was limited. I mean I would take anything if it helped me escape for a little while. My drug resources just sucked despite the fact that I lived with the biggest drug dealer in our section of Pennsylvania, me brother.

Well I did not have a drug problem but there was a huge YET attached. After signing up for the program and being escorted to the main room I was about to be completely blown away, life as I had known it had changed...for 2 years yes but even today the scars, successes, lessons and experiences still remain ever present. I walked into a gymnasium type ware house place, the measurements were very similar to a large college basketball gymnasium. The room was very angular, everything was in squares or rectangles. There were groups of plastic yellow, blue, green and red chairs in organized groups strategically placed in militant style formations. Standing in the north end of the room looking out you see 7 chairs lines against the wall facing south and their are 2 single rows on either side of the north wall. Seated in these chairs were 7 boys on one side and 7 girls on the other. The boys all had identical hair cuts and hair styles, all short and neatly combed to the side with a perfect part. They wore button down shirts of sports shirts with no logos, labels or names visible. All of their shirts were neatly tucked into their dress pants or crisp jeans. The men in this row were wearing belts but this was not the case with every group of people. On the opposite side sat the girls, all were dressed very non-sexy, again no printed clothing or flashy designs. Not uniforms but as close as Levis Stause ever got to Adolf Hitler. Between the two groups of chairs were 2 higher chairs, director style, where a man and a woman sat. They were different than the rest of the people, they were shinier, more stylish some how. About 10 feet in front of this prestigious couple with their gaurds seated to their left and right was their court. In perfect rows, 10 chairs deep by 10 chairs wide, facing the presumable staff members, were two groups of chairs. 100 in each group all facing the staff members like some sort of 50's 3-D glasses add. Very scary. In these chairs sat the belt-less. About 100 girls and 100 boys sat in perfect formation at impeccable attention and uncanny posture facing the staff, They sat in separate groups boys and girls. None of these people wore belts, they all seamed a bit more sad then the rest. Standing along the East and West sides of these groups of chairs were 10 stading knights. 10 Men and 10 woman all stading along the group as if guarding it. Directly in front of this in a less organized formation stood hundereds of chairs lined up in two groups. They occupied the south half of this great room and they faces the north half almost like a place where spectators would come to see a sporting event. It reminded me of the Roman Games, I found out later this was a massive understatement. Seated in the spectator section were the normies. These were people that wore their label covered apparel, silk screened t-shirts and carried bags and keys. They were the happiest of the bunch but the group as a whole was a sorry group of cunts.

After my eyes adjusted to the florencent mega-star brightness of the main room I started to focus on the few sparten things that decorated the room. On every wall there huge white, alluminum signs. Each sign about the same size contained stark black and red type. All type was printed in a large, clean, bold readable font. Above the group of girls on the front, north, left wall was a sign that was about 5 feet by 7 feet, it was printed with some twisted version of one of the alcholic annonomous slogans. Each wall contained one or more of these massive signs and they all had a similar, errie, twisted version of a already twisted text.

There were 4 exits from the room, the one I came through on the east wall which were 2 large, steel, institutional style doors. The other sides of the rooms were identicle. The large doors were painted ups brown and stading in front of each set of doors were 2 guards. 8 in all, all male, all large and intimidating. They stood with an English Bobby stature with the gaze of a dobermine pincher. I was sure I could get them to flinch.

As I entered the room I recognized 4 people. In the general audience of spectators sat my Mother, Father and younger Sister Gineen. I know they were aware that I walked into this great room but they did not look at me. I was the only thing moving in a room of over 2000 people but no one noiced. The other face I recognized was my brother Rob. He sat in the front row of the beltless boys. Last time I saw him he had long, beautiful hair and would only wear the coolest thread by the poor bloke looked more like a young version of Adolf Hitler complete with the good-boy, parted to the side, short hair cut. What the fuck happened? Where was I, I mean I had just gotten off that 4 day PCP binge and the trip (hallucinations) can be very believable but come the fuck on? My cool bro was none extremely gay. No biggy I guess, everyone he was sitting with looked exactly the same. Like little plastic versions of the German SS sitting as still as dear in the head lights. I was escorted to a yellow plastic and steel chair where I was asked to sit. No sooner than I sat down in the statuesquely, still room was it shattered by one of the staff members saying "SONG" and the groups of the militant exploded into a rumble of energy. Boncing from their chairs with their arms flailing in the air like angry stock brockers on crack. I almost shit myself. The closest thing I can compare it to is when SImba falls into the stampede in the Lion King. Very frigghtening in "real life". AFter jumping out of my seat in absolute fear the staff member yelled Linda, the group stopped all movement with surgical precscsion and the girl the staff member choose said "STRAIGHT INCORP" The staff member said "No" and the explosion happened again. The chairs shaking out of formations, arms swinging like a race fight in Harlem. Once again Dean, the male staff member, said a name, "Jim" again the entire group of beltless boys and girls, the standing guards and seated court stopped all movement. Jim said, "I been working on the railroad" and Dean said, "Yes" with the same precision the group started singing a very twisted, monotone, version of "I've been working on the railroad" only the words and timing was changed. The lyrics were some sort of anti-drug propaganda. The song would speed up and slow down in tempo but it was planned as every group member sang with exact timing. I looked over and my brother was no different, he sang with the rest. After regaining some sort of composure I started to relax in my plastic chair. I slouched slightly back into the already uncomfortable chair to be met by the knuckle of the boy behind me. Without saying a word he gestured me to sit up straight in my chair, back off the back of the chair, hands on my knees, feet flat on the floor...all of this information was easily understood in his mili-second gesture of a knuckle movement. I later learned there were gestures for everything in STRAIGHT. Sitting up straight in the chair was the first of my many lessons. How the fuck was I gonna find an angle in a room that had none?

That night, after the meeting my life forever changed. Everything I learned had to been tweaked. SOme stuff forgotten, other shit tailored and changed. Many adjustments were necessary by life is all about survival.

AFter the meeting ended the group of normies all happily left but we all remained behind. The group of beltless were split into two rooms separated by gender. Here we sat indian style on the floor in a smaller room constructed of concrete with business style blue carpet. We sat in 5 rows of 10 again facing the wall with 2 staff members at the front of the room. We sat here for about an hour singing more of the same hypno-tempo songs. I could here a clatter of chairs in the great room and I imagined the rest of the group, the more advanced blokes were tearing down the chairs. I later learned they were reformatting the chairs into a different possition as today was a special day when the families would come and visit (and con their son into singning his life away) Usually the chairs were set up without the spectators section.

When we were led into the smaller, concrete rooms I realized one of the reasons a belt was not available to the beltless, the more advanced of the group would grab the back of our pants, by the belt loop, in a sort of handle or handcuff type thing whenever the beltles stood and moved about. Good reason for this, if they didn't do it most of the kids would be running out the freakin door. The rest would be hanging themselves with their belts. There was a method to their madness.

We came to this large, square, building...the type you would see in an industrial plaza...from 9AM to 9PM. Here we ate lunch and dinner. Meals were prepared in a kitchen through a pair of the brown steel doors. We would line up and get trays given to us containing our rations for each of the 2 daily meals. My favorite was cornbread pizza, something I still crave to this day.

During this 12 hour stint we had various groups, some all male some mixed. SOme smaller some containing the entire group. We mostly talked about drugs and how the twisted steps of AA would save us. The way this was done was identicle to the song selections. The rumble choose deal. The staff couple would create some discussion about the past like drugs for sex and the group would burst into the rage they called "motivating" until the staff member chose someone to speak. When you were choose you stood up and talked about how the topic related to a specific situation in your past. An actual event that took place and honesty and specifics were imperative. This group of people were no normal humans, they had a higher level of awareness. They knew when someone was lying, they knew when someone was exadurating or fabricating. There was no fooling them, they when you where chosen to speak 100's of fellow druggy group members listed and stared with bated breath as they hung on every word you said. Like a lion waiting to ponce on it's prey they sat and stared....listened, waited...if it was a cartoon you would see bugs bunny turn into a steak dinner in front of Spike the dog. You could almost see the druel dripping from their chops. The person speaking stared straight ahead and spoke of his or her experience. SOmetimes it would get pretty emotional and they would cry about a particularly embarrassing admission of decadent sexuality or some crass incestuous experience that happened when they were 5. Pretty much shit every kid goes through, drug addict or not.

Now whether you added crying or not did not matter, drama was always good for brownie points but the mob wanted brutal honesty...they hungered for explicit recollection of unspeakable past indiscretions. I was new to this and it took me a minute to get my head around it. I learned that messing up with the honesty was a no no. WHen someone was dishonest while speaking or "Full of Shit" as they put it the roar of chairs and flailing arms happens again. Un-invited, it sometimes would begin with one or two of the group motivating in their chairs looking to be called on by the staff. Most of the time the staff would not call on the first few that motivated. They waited until most or all of the group was motivating. The whole time this was going on you had to speak about the incident over this enormous clatter. When one of the staff members finally decided to end their power trip and call on a group member the person called on would run across the room and get directly into your face...only inches from you they will confront you with the crime you are accused of. This "confrontation" may or may not include the obligatory spit and pointer finger assault.

Honesty was king and if you strayed from it's path your consequence depended on severity and frequency of violation. SOme of the chastisements I received or saw handed down included but are not limited to the simple "CONFRONTATION" as described above, set backs in the program. The program consisted of 5 phases. Each phase took a few months to complete, after the 5th phase the person graduated the program and released into society. SO a violation could include a setback from Phase 5 to Phase 4 or Phase 3 to Day One. Day one means you start from the beginning of the program. (Phases, hmmm? coincidence?) I saw a few lifers as they were called who where on the 5th phase of the program. It took them some serious time to get there too, like 2 years! These poor fucks would get caught being dishonest in some capacity and get set back to day 1...After 2 years, Day 1! SOme tough shit right there. One of the sanctions included a padded room where they would hold you hostage until a satisfaction was reached. One kid spent a week in there. A place sort of like the hole in any army movie. The punishments were tailored to the crime and the only rule was some perverted version of honesty.

SOme would see this place as a hypnosis or some mind control thing but again there was a method to their madness. We were all liars and lying is the root of all evil so their philosophy was cure the dishonesty. They did a great job of this with many of the kids but it only made me a better liar. After a week there I had established a few things, one was I did not want to be there. I already knew the record graduation was 7 months. I was convinced I could beat it. The next thing I knew was I was not telling these people anything "real" about me. I would become an expert actor able to cry on command. I used the memory of the death of my dog, a boxer I loved named lady who died at 14 years of age. This was priceless crying material and the stories I told were twisted versions of the stories I heart the other people tell. I became proficient at keeping track of stories and the times, places and people they involved. WHen it was my turn to speak about my past I simply recalled some fabricated story I manifested and acted it out in my recollection inserting the appropriate emotions where they belonged. This worked well but I was not moving in record time, I needed to speed things up, I needed an angle and the person I looked to would be the last person anyone would look to as a role model but I am all about the deeper meaning.

Todd, one of the lifers who never made it past the first phase of the program had a unique relationship with the staff members. This kid was always doing something extremely rebellious, and the staff conjured up the idea that Todd acted this way because he did not want responsibility, if he acted properly he would progress in the program, advance in phases and responsibility was inevitable so the staff believed the reason Todd acted so horribly was because did not want to progress. They tried unique punishments with Todd where he was given responsibilities as a punishment. SOrt of like allowing him to guard a door even though he could run out of it. Silly games people who think they are smart play to try to teach a lesson. To me I saw the perfect angle. A way to expedite my stay and take advantage of the staffs naive infractions. I knew if I acted like I wanted to get in trouble, out of the blue, do something completely out of character the staff would be ready, willing and able to use their new psychology on me...the whole responsibility Todd thing...With any plan I had a back-up plan too. There was a Jr. Staff member who was gay and obviously in love with me who would give me information in I pried enough. He had informed me that staff was considering graduating me in the next month but they think I need more time...maybe 6 months. I was on the 5th phase, I had been in the program a month over record. At 8 months I was sick and tired of being here. I was willing to take a risk and this bit of information and the whole Todd Responsibly deal gave me motive. I was not spending 6 more months here, I would do something drastic, something so out of character they would only believe I did it to not graduate.

A fellow fifth phaser named Seth was a tall, handsome 17 year old boy. He was from a very rich family and his dark, movie actor good looks only hedged his chances of having a perfect life. I was living at his house at the time and we shared a car ride to and from the building daily. He was easily influenced into following a couple of hot, blondes in a Bonyville when we wear traveling from the building home one evening. We did nothing more than follow them a few miles out of our way home. No big deal by normal standards but this was a capital offense at Straight. The sex rule was very clear at STRAIGHT, Inc., NO SEX. This encapsulated sex with other human being and or animals, sex by way of fantasy mental or visual, basically, no looking or thinking about pussy, sex with self - mental or physical. Now it was easy for me to see the rule broken and the guilty punished for it, it happened constantly, everybody has passing sexual thoughts...THOSE COUNTED!...and when someone did have a thought like lets say, "Her boobs are huge!", we have them all the time but at STRAIGHT you had to talk about them in front of the entire group when they happened! Let me give you a 2 actual scenario that happened to me, I will include the situation, what I did, the guilt process and punishment. Both of these instances took place at a part-time job I was working while in STRAIGHT. It was located in inner-city DC in a ghetto mall. I was a chicken professional, my duties included prepping, coating and frying the chicken and all clean up associated. Very busy place and, again, I was the only white kid in that part of DC.

One day at work while prepping an unusually large amount of raw chicken parts my mind started to wonder. I thought about many things by during a thought about being a drug free, productive worker at ROY ROGERS- two sences collided and my thought was intruded by my female manager walking towards me. In her tight, brown, polyester ROY ROGERS uniform pants, in the pussy area, looked like a big, thick, cameltoe and I imagined that her pussy hole, if lightly moistened and just the right tempature would feel very much like the chicken I was squishing and fingering my hands into. Much like you are right now, I got an erection and realized this was inappropriate and went back to work.

During the rest of the day I thought about it on and off (mostly on). That evening in group there was a discussion about how drugs influenced sex or visa versa in our past. I thought it would be a good idea to stand up and think about my dead dog and choke out some tears and tell my wonderful camel toe story, of course in a guilty way, but never the less, I thought it would be good for some brownie points. In the typical BRAIN WASHED STRAIGHTLING, they would do this out of severe guilt....I felt no guilt for their silly rules...I only acted out what they wanted to see so I could get the fuck out of there.

I motivated like a good Straightling and was picked on by Linda, a spanish staff member with the most incredible ass. I told my naughty tale of sexual animalism at Roy Rogers and was rightfully yelled at and spit on in the best of the confronters, a gentle man by the name of Jeff who was massive and very scary when he confronted someone. After a few more of the Confrontation Dream Team Players assaults I was punished with a "Loss of Responsibilities for 2 days". I was happy to get the time off of work and you already know how much I hate responsibility. I did my time and moved on.

The second experience is a little more extreme but I want to give you a good spectrum of sexuality and crime at STRAIGHT.

I was back at Roy's and on this day I was on one of my 48 times I worked the register at the front of the store. I was trained on the register during the slow morning hours and by 10:30 I was flying solo. For the hour before the lunch rush started I thought about how easy it would be for me to skim their registers and sell drugs out of the same position. I loved my extended self-thought time, I lived a whole other life than the one I was presently trapped in.

At 11:15 some people started to come in and I got very good at my extremely difficult job in 15 minutes. I think I actually modified something that expedited the entire process because even at the hight of lunch I was able to let my mind sore. Since it was summer allot of thick black girls came in from the stores to get a 3 piece and a biscuit. I loved that shit, short 80's styled daisy dukes with huge, round brown cheeks pourin' out the back. Today one girl came in with the most incrediblly round, bubble, out there, ass with the wonderful goose bumps rollin' up her thick bronze legs and covering ever part of the heavy cheeks that were exposed. The base of the register became my humping post for that blissful 2 minutes. After this I excused myself on my 15 minute break as I had a date with the employees bathroom and a can of lard.

I really enjoyed my break that day. I jerked the fuck out of myself, it was even better than the two no-cum fucks I had combined. I think I hit the ceiling like 8 times. After clean-up was complete I finished my day at Roy's and went back to STRAIGHT. Another topic allowed me the honor of bragging about my conquest with a thick coat of straight guilt changing the description of events and feelings. I stood up and let it rip...every detail right down to the lard I stole for the horrible 15 minutes of self lovin'. AFter I was creamed with a slue of assaults from the fab 5 I was rightfully granted my most awe-inspiring castigation to date by Dean, fuck-face Dean Mistretta.

Dean was the man who was the staff member the day I arrived in the massive white room. I hated him with a passion and a healthy dose of jealousy. Mostly because he was perfect and hated my guts from the second he saw me. He was a tall, bronze, man in his late 20's. He stood about 6' and had perfect hair and a mustache the state of Florida's Landscapers Association would be envious of. His clothes were just as perfect as his muscular physique. He wore only the best polo shirts complete with his privilege flaunting polo player on his horse logo starkly visable against the planned color contrasts that were, in their own right, perfect. He spoke with a confidence that dripped with powerful defiance towards anyone he spoke with...after all he was the quintessential, alpha male, he ruled over all males and woman threw themselves at his pedicured toes. Lastly, but just as important as his godly good looks, he smelled great. My best friend JAZ would proudly label Dean a "Really Good Guy".

He narrowed his black as coal, eagle-like eyes at me and stroked his long, slender, tanned hand against his square jaw and chiseled chin. After his dramatic pause he spoke with his deep, virginia soaked, voice and happily set me back to Day 1. I needed a good infraction under my belt and I was bored with my job anyhow. I sadly gave up my belt and joined the multitude of other belt-less.

So sex in any capacity was a massive no no. I only admitted to these things up until that set-back, with that in place I was ready to con my way through the rest of the program. I already was bad and they had felt they had reformed me. I came back a model Straightling. As a matter of fact I was with Seth in that car less than 2 months after this happened on the 5th phase of the program. It is amazing what a 147 IQ and a creative mentality can do.

, your in line to get some food but you still have that whole honesty issue and the guilt it would no doubt be inflicted on poor Seth's conscience.

Here is a bit I found on Straight at, an online blog. Please read it as this is a very vivid and graphic explaination of what the program was like.

straight inc.

Thanks to the wonderful folks who started and worked at Straight Inc., my brother is dead today. Yes I blame them in part if not completely. Even if my brother was messed up when he went in, they only made him worse, they did NOTHING to help him, he was abused along with many other children.
Straight no longer exists but it's offspring does. They are named: Pathway Family Center, The Seed, SAFE Inc., Kids Helping Kids, Growing Together. Many of these "Wilderness" programs are extremely abusive as well. To top it off George Bush JUST APPOINTED Mel Sembler, founder of Straight Inc., as Ambassador to Italy. This makes want to PUKE!

My (Brother's) Story

He's the one on the left w/ his best friend Cory.
Before starting they are working on a documentary about Straight, you can see the trailer here and the story FOX News printed an article about a year ago, regarding straight, but it was pulled within 24 hours. I wonder why? You can view it here. Please understand I wrote this from the heart, so the grammar and what not may not be perfect, I just wrote it as it came to me.

My brother, Steve (click here and here to view some pictures) had such a beautiful spirit. He was extremely talented, he could sing, draw, he was very artistic and introspective. He started messing with drugs as a young kid with his friends. My parents tried putting him in military school and that didn't work. They got wind of Straight Inc. (only $4,000 a year, my brother was there for 3 years) and looked into it. Mind you Straight didn't advertise it's evil ways.

My parents decided to put him in Straight. Straight was a very intensive, family program. Meaning the family is involved as well. I had to go to what they call "Open Meetings" every Monday and Friday and then sibling meetings on Saturday. Can't say I enjoyed it. The open meetings on Monday weren't too bad but on Fridays they lasted up to 3 hours, then we had to break out into a sibling meeting which COULD last another 2 - 3 hours. We were usually there from about 6pm until midnight or 1am.

When kids get put into straight they are put on phase 1. On phase 1 you stay at someone else's house. You are stripped of all your rights, you can wear no shoes, or belt and are led around by the back of your pants where ever you go. Can't even SHIT or SHOWER alone. You had ZERO privacy, you were NEVER alone. You could not read (except for the Bible, those hypocrites) anything, could not watch tv, could not listen to music. While staying at your host home (a home of a family who had a child on a higher phase) you were basically locked in. All the doors were locked, the windows were barred, in the bedroom the locks were reversed so you couldn't leave and the "oldcomer's" bed was usually pushed up against the door. My brother spend 2 1/2 of his 3 years on phase 1.

While on first phase you can earn "Talks" with your family that occur after the open meetings. When someone got a talk they would get to come meet with their family and talk to them for 5 minutes, being lead by the seat of their pants of course unless they were lucky enough to earn Talk & Responsibility which meant no one had to grab your ass while you were talking to your family. I think it took my brother over 3 months to earn his first one. When he did it was extremely emotional for all of us. Considering my brother was on first phase for 2 1/2 years you can imagine how little we got to communicate with him, the TALKS after open meetings are the ONLY communication you get while they are on first phase.

Straight had this philosophy that 90% of all teenagers were druggies or potential, eventual, druggies. All druggies who started with pot or mild drugs would eventually turn to more extreme drugs. All druggies would be unsuccessful and probably wind up dead. Mind you I did drugs, mostly pot, and I never went more extreme and I consider myself VERY successful today, no thanks to straight. My brother is dead and it wasn't drugs that killed him. It's possible Straight Inc. is responsible for more deaths by suicide then death by drug use. They convinced parents their kid would die without help and they were good at it. Even Hitler was a great speaker and could mesmerize his ignorant audience.

On 2nd phase you got the privilege to come home at night. EVERY DAY (unless in school) from about 7am until about 9pm (sometimes much later) you were at the Straight Inc. building. During that time you could NOT talk to anyone else, nor make eye contact with anyone, other than who was talking. You had to sit up straight for over 12 hours or be kicked in the back frequently if you didn't comply. If you were caught day dreaming or even thinking about something else and not paying attention you could easily be set back a phase or even body slammed to the ground. Imagine a kid with A.D.D. in this program.

You were taken out of school and/or any job you held. Once you got to 3rd phase you got to go back to school and 4th phase you could hold a job. On 5th phase you actually could go out on an outing with friends like a movie, WOW. Finally comes graduation, something my brother never saw. Mind you, there were kids who had never done drugs in this program (they signed a confession eventually after hours and hours of intimidation), kids with mental problems and eating disorders, and I am sure this experience helped them *cough*. They used mental intimidation to get some kids to admit to a problem they never had so they could fill their fucking pockets.

My brother was in the program for 3 years (from 15 to 18) and ran away SEVEN TIMES! (that should be a hint). Now before I go further let me say I lay no blame on my mom she was ignorant as to what was happening. Only recently have I told her what Steve went through, and I know it is and was hard for her to hear. She ultimately feels responsible. For 15 years I was pissed off at my brother for taking his life and leaving his family. Then I learned the truth, and to be honest I can't say I wouldn't have done the same. I don't know if I could have handled 3 years in that place. Let me give you some examples of the abuse he had to suffer.

Nightly they had to write "Moral Inventories", better known as MI's. My mom saved these and recently I asked her if I could have them. I put them all in order and started reading. On his 60th day in straight he stated that he was very proud because he finally had a day where he wasn't physically restrained. Mind you, one got physically restrained for not raising their hand. It's not like he was trying to beat people up or run away on a daily basis, he just wasn't complying. That's my brother, he was a fighter. And when I say restrained, imagine four big guys or girls, throwing you to the ground and sitting on you so you could hardly breath for 30 - 60 minutes. People got broken fingers, hands, arms, ribs, etc, often.

They were told to make a list of all the bad "sexual" things they did when they were young. Many kids hadn't really done anything yet but they were hounded so severely kids actually made things up. And then of course it was used against them as ammunition to remind them what sluts and whores they all were. Druggies were losers, and people who went back to using drugs were useless losers who would never succeed. Yeah that's the way to cure someone, make them feel like total shit about themselves for a problem they may or may not have.

They were not allowed to talk about anything much beyond themselves. Meaning if there were severe family problems going on, that might even have attributed to the drug use, so what. The problem was drugs, not that "you were molested as a child". These kids were severely brainwashed into thinking they were complete losers and everything was their fault. A very popular phrase "SPIT THERAPY" comes from this program too... think about it. Many of these kids had problems such as depression, or were bi-polar (like i think my brother may hvae been) yet got ZERO therapy for any problems, NO psychiatric counceling. The counceling for the most part came from KIDS (brainwashed kids) who had already graduated the program, that way these greedy fuckers didn't have to PAY for real help.

Before my brother could come home on phase 2, Straight Inc. told my dad he had to get rid of the alcohol in the house, because it would be tempting. My mom and some friends thought it might be a good idea to have an intervention for my alcoholic father (he is a true blue alkie). They had the intervention at the Straight building (Straight loved to be in control), they didn't plan on putting my dad in there, the intervention just took place there. Of course if you have ever experienced an intervention you feel cornered and will usually back down and comply because of all the "friends and family" that are there. So, my dad agreed to go into a 3 week program at Fairfax Hospital to stop drinking.

As we all know you won't stop abusing (drugs, alcohol, whatever) until YOU are ready, my dad wasn't ready. He left the program and came up with the GREAT idea that he would move out so my brother could come home. NICE DAD! So now my brother saw my dad as choosing his BOTTLE over him. Again my dad had to be ready to quit but DAMN what a slap in the face that was for me and my brother. My dad cared more about getting his buzz on then his own god damned family. I still harbor resentment today about it.

Then, while in Straight we found out my dad had cheated on my mom with MANY different women and had another child about 7 years before. My brother got wind of this in Straight, of course a senior staff member at Straight told him, they just wouldn't let him talk about it. EVERY TIME he tried to talk about it they would tell him to focus on HIS problem. As if DRUGS are EVER the problem. Something is always behind it. So basically they told him just to FUCK with him, not to help him. It breaks my heart that my brother was put through this. He was made to think he was worthless and useless and had nothing going for him. Every time he ran away he was brought back FORCEFULLY to Straight. Even punched a window out in hopes of severing his hand so he could go to the hospital instead of Straight, no such luck.

I was around a few times when they got him at our house, it was always VERY physical (my brother was 6'3"), with friends and neighbors helping to restrain him. Granted none of them knew of the horrors of straight, but the one problem I do have is that if a kid runs away 7 times then the PROGRAM ISN'T WORKING, move on! Get him OUT! But that didn't happen. Looking at it from the perspective I now have, it really breaks my heart. Because every time my brother ran it was as if he was escaping a concentration camp, and they brought him back to that hell hole 7 times. He actually jumped from a moving car on one occasion risking his life in order not to go back. I can't imagine what he had to endure each time he came back, I would not have survived that.

The sibling side of straight was odd as well (siblings of course being the brothers and sisters of those in the program). We would go to sibling meetings (Monday nights, Friday nights and practically all day Saturday for THREE YEARS) and have to talk and share (yuck) but I got into it at the time, as if I had a choice. If you don't go then they warn your parents you are probably on drugs too. I actually had an interview 2 years into straight because a straightling (JAY BOWMAN! Thanks Jay!) saw me try snuff in school and reported me. They thought I was on drugs, thank GOD I wasn't put in there. The folks in Straight were pretty much brainwashed into narking on anyone seen doing anything suspicious. Many kids who never TOUCHED drugs went into that program and the parents were of course told they were druggies since the counselors grilled them enough to admit it in writing.

In siblings we had to write MI's too, we had to sing these stupid mother fucking songs, although I preferred that to sharing. When we wanted to talk we have to MOTIVATE. Meaning raising both your hands in the air and shaking them like a god damned gorilla or something. The kids in the program would get restrained for not doing this. Straight was very "God" oriented *how fucking hypocritical*, they were against ROCK music and premarital sex. I still remember friends of mine in siblings that were just BLASTED for going to a rock concert or having sex at the age of 17. I mean BLASTED. Oh it makes me sick to think about. And that was NOTHING compared to what went on to the kids INSIDE Straight.

My brother turned 18 in September of 1985 and withdrew himself from Straight. He asked my mom if he could come live at home and she said only if he goes to AA. At the time I didn't understand why he said no. But now I do. He had been a prisoner with NO rights for 3 years (keep in mind he was on FIRST PHASE for 2 1/2 of those 3 years) and wasn't about to be told what to do. He left Straight homeless and alone and somewhat brainwashed. He was still in contact with his highschool buddy Corey, who I recently contacted. Corey was probably his only TRUE friend, him and Craig and Bubba *grin*. I saw my brother once before he died working at the Mobil gas station. He looked good but sad, I wanted to cry, wanted to go give him a big hug, but even our relationship had been affected, we had hardly seen each other in 3 1/2 years. I could tell he was happy to see me but didn't know how to react. Finally on June 30th 1986 my brother checked himself into the Econo Lodge in Springfield Virginia. Wrote a note to Corey, took some cocaine for courage, and jumped from the 4th story window. He hit his head on the concrete. He was without oxygen to the brain for over 10 minutes, which of course caused his brain to die. He was put in the hospital and kept on life support until July 3rd when we decided to pull the plug.

I recently (just last year) got to read my brother's suicide note for the first time. It confirmed everything for me. My brother never really had a self defeated attitude yet the entire note talked about what a fuck up he was and how he would never amount to shit. Straight did a WONDERFUL job of drilling this into his head for 3 years. Imagine hearing for 3 years straight that if you ever smoke another joint or drink another beer you are a loser who WILL wind up dead. That is exactly how he viewed himself.

I never ever dealt with his death the first 15 years, hardly cried and rarely spoke of it. One day, about three years ago, I decided to do some research on the net about Straight. Oh my god the shit I found blew my mind. It goes so much deeper then what I express in this note. Being that I was not with my brother in straight I could only share things that he went through that others shared with me. But if you visit some of the links below you can gain an even better understanding of what really occurred. It was absolutely horrific and still is being that these programs STILL EXIST TODAY. I will never forget in 1986 Nancy Reagan and Princess Diana came to Straight in Northern Virginia, I was in the open meeting that they came to. And then afterward publicly gave their support to the program, completely CLUELESS as to it's horrors and treatment of these kids. I was told there were certain "trouble makers" who were taken to back rooms and gagged so they wouldn't make a peep while the first lady and the Princess were there. That breaks my heart. Many people I have since talked with are just NOW (10-15 years later) coming to terms with this abuse. Many completely lost themselves and their personality and have had to rebuild. Brainwashing is REAL and no joke. Definitely a Clockwork Orange meets Full Metal Jacket type situation, and very very sickening to me.

Thank you for letting me share. I feel it's extremely important to get this information out. Parents have NO EXCUSES anymore when it comes to sending their kids to these programs. The information is out there for them to gain FREELY, if they only do the research. I think the most important thing is to realize that drug treatment needs to be REAL therapeudic treatment and it needs to be voluntary. I don't care if a kid is 15 years old no child should be FORCED to do something like that. If you do your research children have less rights in this country then ANIMALS do, that is no lie. As a child under a parents authority you have NO RIGHTS and they can pretty much put you whereever the hell they want. I full blame the government for supporting these fucked up places and publically promoting them. But more so, especially now being in the information age, I blame the parents. If a parent doesn't love their kid enough to do the research before sticking them somewhere like that, it's pretty pathetic.

Here is a quote by Kevin Yriondo who killed him self in 2000. He was only in straight 1 week, imagine enduring this for 3 years:

In just one week there I had some horrible experiences, like being screamed at in front of 120 people for 6 hours -- people who spit in my face, insulted me, etc. I broke the nose of one counselor (a tall guy) . . .
I remember the hymns, the rituals, the swarming of hands in the air, the people who were restrained to the point they could barely inhale air, the door alarms at night, the beds pushed against the door to prevent escape, the bars on the windows, and the extreme psychological abuse. . . I remember them taking my food (a taco shell and a banana) because I "ate like a 'druggie'" -- I am a vegetarian and that's all they served that I could eat!
I am NOT violent, but I was fighting for my mind, as I'd expect anyone would do. I saw people admitted on the same day break under the stress.
Below are a list of other suicides and below that is the list of links I mentioned earlier. Feel free to leave any comments about this. You may keep them anonymous. Feel free to read what others have said.

I have posted some documents I had from Straight Inc., I scanned them in recently and you may see them here. This just gives you a little insight on how insane they were, and how people like Nancy Reagan publically supported and promoted this sick twisted rehab.

Straight Suicides: (to see detailed explanations behind these go here. This is only a handful of people who killed themselves, many others TRIED as well.)

Steve Matthews
(my brother killed himself in '86 at 18)
(age 15)
Chris Kelly & Duane Rholfs
(I knew Chris, committed suicide together in '87)
Gregg Hughes & Jon Guyton
(in 1987)
Kristen Stottlemeyer
(I knew Kristen '86 or '87)
Triple Suicide of Annandale Highschool students, all were in Straight
(mid 80's)
Chris Weiss
(knew Chris, in 1985)
Paul Riffle
(a twin who was put in the program at age 12 never having taken drugs killed himself in 1993 after escaping)
Travis Stone
(he warned counselors at Growing Together he was suicidal, did they care?)
Kevin Yriondo
Dan Brown
(late 80's)

I knew you knew, from the second you opened your mouth I knew you knew. You got me, even if it was some sort of twisted version of my own delusions I was feeling, still, omni-present, you got me. Nothing parted my lips to stimulate you, no I only spoke what has been planned my entire life. You have arrived and today these words flowed with acted perfection as I have always known one day I would meet you. Today you came to me...I have seen your face and felt your soul, I know you because I dream about you everyday. I knew you, I recognized your soul Time, like a hundred years, so much emotion, discovery, planning, hope, anguish and fear encapsulated in the four hours my love grew for you. God, so much emotions belongs to such a short time in my life. Just a drop in oceans so great that finding past events becomes impossible, this brief moment contains you, us, time that belonged to you and me, together. Today you have changed me forever, I wish you stayed to see what would have happened.

We don't even fucking know each other but would cried together. When we cried when we laughed you were half, I was half.....1 + 1 still is 1. I cry thinking that this 1 could be a new 1, a 1 that would contain you, us, one life, one everything.

Search Engines and Penis Enlargement

Search Engines and Penis Enlargement

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Penis Enlargement can be confusing, I am here to help you make this journey easier, safer and most of all fruitful.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Massive Growth of Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement has deep origins in the history of man. First arising from an old Arabic tradition of fathers teaching their son's to lengthen and thicken their penis to prepare them for manhood. This usually happened when the child turned 13 or 14. This, by the way, was hundreds if not thousands of years in the past. So Penis Enlargement has a place in our human past.

These methods of natural Penis Enlargement were closely guarded and the secret remained with scattered tribes in different parts of the world as men migrated to different parts of the world. For many years these methods remained secret and the only men who realized these wonderful gifts flourished with a large penis, ready to carry the name on.

I think that the penis is considered such a massive part of mankind because of it's value to our survival, carrying on the family name. Penis Enlargement is only a natural solution to creating a better chance to this goal. In theory the longer the penis the more chance of the sperm reaching the egg and a successful birth will hopefully ensue.

As time progressed so did the need for a bigger and better penis. Slowly, as the information age has allowed, the lessons of these ancient methods to Penis Enlargement slipped into the roots of the internet. Amidst all of the pills, pumps and other methods of a modern society we still find not only the ancient methods but men who have created so many advancements to these beginning methods of Penis Enlargement. Early in the beginnings of these methods, returning to the Arabic methods there were only a few exercises that were taught and practiced being stretching and jelqing. Both of these exercises were gaged to enlarge the penis. Stretching was simple but effective. Pulling on the flaccid penis worked, plain and simple. Then jelqing, which in modern times has been converted to jerking (jerking off) was recreated for not sexual use but the thickening of the penis. Today these two exercises are still prominent in the Penis Enlargement circles but with myself alone and my own efforts I have created more than 200 exercises that were built off of these original origins.

Today, men enjoy faster, more powerful exercises in Penis Enlargement that our fore fathers never knew. In the past 5 years the growth of Penis Enlargement has risen to new, popular heights. With popular media grabbing hold of these stories, which at one time were lost among the thousands of other methods that were more or less bullshit, publishing articles praising the efforts we have made and bringing Penis Enlargement to a proper level in the media.

Penis Enlargement: The Mandingo Complex

The Mandingo Complex
From Drumline Magazine

The real reason why black men are hardly ever seen in sex shops has little to do with a deep-seated respect for women. Nor is it to do with a strict moral upbringing, argues Shirley Brooks, as she goes out in search of the answers.

Dildos surround me. Dildos of various sizes, shapes and colours, battery powered vibrators, a vibrating handheld vagina. Packets containing blow-up sex dolls, novelty foreplay cards, penis shaped scented candles, 36GG mounds of white chocolate with dark chocolate nipples, bulging off the shelves. Surrounding these exhibits, walls made up of rows upon rows of videos clinically divided into specific genres.

I’m in a Soho sex shop. Two Asian men in sharp business suits and matching side partings hover around the ‘bondage’ section, complaining loudly to a shop assistant that there isn’t anything ‘dark’ enough for them. Several white men of varying ages and social backgrounds scan the aisles. Two young white women step inside to banter with the manager. People from seemingly all walks of life have walked into Pirate of Soho to buy sex toys and videos. But there is something missing.

In all the hours I’ve stood hovering around the shop floor I have witnessed the cautious entrance and swift exit of only one black man. “Black men don’t come in as often as our white customers do. And the ones that do come in don’t buy much,” I’m told by Lamar, the Congolese manager. “Black men ask for condoms, aphrodisiacs and magazines. They don’t usually buy toys.”

Earlier conversations with male friends produced the same information. Most swore to me that they had never stepped foot inside a sex shop. Solomon*, a 26-year-old Jamaican, said: ‘I’ve been in a sex shop about three times. I probably wouldn’t tell my black friends about it though.’ Another friend told me that he had been forced into one by an old girlfriend and had merely bought a jar of chocolate body paint to appease her. A third had entered the forbidden room on a dare with his friends and had not been tempted to buy. No one would admit to buying anything more shocking than a video ‘for a laugh.’

I rest my notepad on the counter next to a terrifyingly large black rubber penis. Seventeen inches long and 4-inches thick, the giant phallus dominates the shop counter, casting a heavy shadow across the white pages. I stare at my notes drawing a blank as to the reasons why black men stay away from sex shops. And then I realise that the answer is already lying on my page. Or at least the shadow cast by its full 17 inches of rubber is.

The reason many black men do not frequent, or do not admit to frequenting, Soho’s brightest and best sex shops has little to do with a deeply harboured respect for women. Nor is it to do with strict morals drummed into their heads by an older generation. The real reason is less noble and goes much deeper than one would expect. The simple fact is that sex shops sell sexual aids. And a sexual aid is the last thing that a black man needs if he is suffering from the latter stages of the Mandingo Complex.

Allow me to elaborate; what I call the Mandingo Complex is the adherence to a myth that emerged out of the twisted ideologies current brought about by the Atlantic slave trade. During slavery the legend regarding the West African Mandingo tribes was that their men were statuesque bucks, virile, potent, and desired by the wives of slave owners. Advertising a slave as being a Mandingo was a sure way of raising a large fee at the selling blocks and thus the name Mandingo became associated with outstanding strength and intense sexual prowess and stamina.

In the seventies, the film Mandingo further solidified the image of the sexually superior black buck. Contemporary black films, music videos, rap lyrics and stereotypes, all reinforce the belief that there is something saucily unique about the black male. Endowed with agility, natural rhythm, and an overwhelmingly large manhood, the sexuality of black males is the stuff of cultural legend and urban myths.

The fact that the humungous dildo, standing proudly alongside the till, is black is surely not a coincidence. The myth of the raw untainted sexual potency of the black man embodied in the novelty penis is simultaneously a subject of pride and envy as well as a heavy burden for the average black man to carry between his legs.

There is evidently a lot of pressure on black men to fulfil expectations in the bedroom. The majority of the men I spoke to told me that they would never buy a sex toy for their partner as it would be an affront to their manhood and bedroom ability. Anthony*, a 22-year-old political science student felt that buying a vibrator for his girlfriend “would be saying a lot on my part that I can’t provide in bed so she needs a substitute.” Theodore, one of the shop assistants, confessed that despite making a living selling sex toys, he himself as a black man would not use a sexual aid as he had no need. Grinning broadly he informed me, “My partners are satisfied.”

Solomon summed it up for me. “Black men are supposed to be good in bed. Big dicks; good movers. There’s more pressure on a black man in the bedroom than there is for a white man. Rap music and soul singers croon about sex and how good they are in the sack so people think that we are super-studs. Some black guys even try to live up to it. Buying a dildo would be admitting defeat.” For some men it is important to fulfil the Mandingo image. According to Theodore, black male customers will happily purchase penis enlarger pumps, Viagra and other concoctions to “make their dick happen.”

The Mandingo myth has left a historical legacy of high expectations upon today’s black male. There is pressure from music, pressure from stereotypes, pressure from themselves, pressure from received folk wisdoms like, “once you go black you never go back”. References to BMWs as ‘Black Man’s Willies’ give a whole new take on the luxury car as a penis extension.

Such advertisements and endorsements make it even more crucial for a black man to do what it says on the packet and completely satisfy his woman in bed. With all of these pressures it’s a wonder that black men are actually brave enough to get into under the sheets.

Theodore finally serves his first Nubian customer of the day. As the solitary black man puts the condoms he has purchased into his briefcase and prepares to step out into the Soho streets his eyes meet mine. A guilty expression flitters across his face for a split second, as if he had been caught out in the middle of a lie.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

DLD’s Crazy Girth Busters

DLD’s Crazy Girth Busters

These are a combination I have been developing over the past month. For girth I have done nothing more intense or productive. I think the combination of the Dry to Wet exercise is very important. I find that after the dry part of this routine, although temporary, I am at my largest girth. The succession of going directly into the Wet Jelq super sets seems to help distribute this girth evenly along my shaft. After the session I feel very accomplished. Although there are 4 exercises mentioned here they are done in combinations of super sets. Do these as I have written and watch your girth explode. I will get this routine on video in the next couple days too for the MOS site.

Dry DLD Dual Jelqs 10 ten second Jelqs
Isolated Compression Squeezes 1 sixty second squeeze
X 10 sets.

Then go directly into

Set 1: 100 85% wet Jelqs
30 Second DLD Bend
x 4 sets

Dry Dual Jelqs
In a 90% erect state grab your penis by the glans. Take the other hand and grip around the extreme base. While jelqing hand forward push hand holding the glans towards the other hand. Each jelq should take 10 second. Switch hands after 10 jelqs.

Isolated Compression Squeezes
In a 95% erect state Kegel as march blood into penis as you can now trap this blood at the extreme base. With your other hand grab your penis just below the glans (head) Now with some good pressure push these hands together so the area between the hands is compressed. Once in a compressed state make small rotary movements to the penis in space between your hands. Do this for a 60 second count.

DLD Bends
In a 90% erect state grip penis at extreme base with left hand and right below the head with the other hand. Once a good solid grip is made slight arch the penis. Once in this state you will want to roll the blood between the hands in a slinky type movement. This should be done for 30 seconds.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Size Matters: CORE magazine interview with DLD

Size Matters:

An interview with Penis Enlargement Guru Double Long Daddy (DLD)

Size Matters:

An interview with Penis Enlargement Guru Double Long Daddy (DLD)

Many males enter bodybuilding to increase their sexual prowess and confidence. A muscular body is a sign of virility to some if not many women. Another sign of virility is obviously the male sex organ. Like large muscles, a large penis is seen as a potent sign of a mans sexuality. Size is important, no matter what you hear. How important depends on who you ask. To men, in general the larger the better. To most women however, size is important only when a penis is too small to feel or so large it hurts. Evolution has seen to it that the average penis, around 5 to 6 inches long and 4 to 5 inches in girth, functions well. However in modernity many men desire larger members.

As a special request from the staff at CORE Magazine, I contacted one of the founders of Penis Enlargement, DLD, to discuss the topic. DLD himself went from 6.5 inches in length to over 10 inches, and now over 7 inches in girth. He had been on high doses of certain medications that slowly made getting a good erection difficult. About 3 years ago he decided he wanted to do something about this. He researched PE and started out on a program. About a year ago he created his own website with an open forum for users to discuss issues related to PE.

CORE: So I've been doing some background reading, plus I have a bit of reading in a wide array of areas, evolutionary psychology, sociobiology, male-female sexual dynamics etc....

DLD: Sounds good.

CORE: You can gain a lot of insight studying gay lesbians are - rather monogamous, tend toward stability over looks etc...(butch) Seems the sexes often lob their own perceptions onto the other sex hence the penis size issue....

DLD: I see.

CORE: Not that size is NOT important.

DLD: Not as important as some would think.

CORE: again, in my opinion - it seems more of a male issue...otherwise evolution would have weeded it out of human populations.....We are after all, crafted by unseen forces guiding us towards well, some unseen future, lol. So, tell me what you think!

DLD: Definitely, men have had this obsession with their penis at a very young age, I know I did.

CORE: "everything is Bigger in Texas!” lol.

DLD: Kind of, and the penis being the most unholy of body parts men search for a spiritual balance between good and bad.

CORE: That being said, as a male - seems you did quite a job as a leader in this issue with your own self work great point!

DLD: I stumbled on it really

CORE: Glad to see you have a spiritual consciousness, society today is so lacking this in general but I digress for the sake of our readers

DLD: It is the only way to find physical implications of Meta physical dreams. For me a bigger penis represented something I never dreamed possible.

CORE: Jeez, you and I could go off on a whole other tangent brother!!

DLD: No doubt.

CORE: But the magazine....I must stick to the format! lol.

DLD: But the mental connection to the penis is incredible.

CORE: Well, let’s go there.....fuck it...let me say...

DLD: Let’s do it, Just ask away and I will answer .

CORE: Top three relationships for a man: next to a mans relationship to himself (#1), and in front of any woman (#3)- is his relationship to his penis (#2)!

CORE: Its second in the three! lol, self, dick, woman. lol. We are after all sexual beings first and foremost...genes make sure of that...

DLD: Men totally become separate from their penis during sex. I think this is why they want it to be bigger.

CORE: interesting, go on please. To many men sex is mainly "my penis"

DLD: Most men believe that a bigger penis will create a more successful magnetism to the opposite sex. Once they realize Penis Enlargement is real they become able to change something they never believed possible. When they actually gain in penis enlargement it sometimes causes some obsessive behavior. They actually become more insecure with a bigger penis. This is why I spend so much time working with men on a more cognitive level.

DLD: With the larger penis most men will need a larger mind.

CORE: it’s kind of like what can happen with bodybuilders “body dysmorphia “ we get jacked up and suddenly we're looked at differently, and it fucks with our heads. Most don’t move past it, so I see the same thing here with the penis.

DLD: Well, men can easily walk around on their hands thinking with the dicks blindly, without a shock back to reality this over-powerful thing called penis enlargement can do more bad than good. It is a delicate balance. Penis enlargement works, and once a man realizes he can make this power-symbol bigger it definitely fucks with their heads. And over focus on something we were always told was dirty can cause some mental problems.

CORE: I see.

DLD: Men need to keep a balance once they realize the miracle. With this balance a bigger penis may help a man to get a promotion, a new girl, more respect, more confidence, etc. I worked with a guy from Japan who was very small. He was very desperate at less than 4" ERECT he was suicidal, his wife and he were always in fights, he was generally depressed but after I worked with him for some time and he gained close to 2" his entire life changed.

CORE: Thats great....

DLD: He has a much improved his relationship, he is confident and happy but mostly well adjusted as it never went to his head. Not many men even find out about this type of penis enlargement.

CORE: Well, it did go to his head, but in a positive way! It seems to have changed his psychology.

DLD: Indeed. It gives us a sense of anything is possible.

CORE: Tell me,....if you had a son, and he had an extra hour a day to improve himself....say, on any area or dimension....

DLD: I do have a son :)

CORE: What would you recommend? And he does know about penis enlargement?

DLD: At this point in his life, no (he is 12)

CORE: But I am asking...metaphorically speaking as we are all children inside. Some looking to improve ourselves, and some obsessively.

DLD: I would not push him into this, if he wanted to learn about it I would teach him. I believe self improvement is our duty as a children of a more important creator. We need to make our bodies, minds, spirits and even sexuality the best we can or I feel we are not living up to our duties as a living being. Obsessive ness is sometimes our way of making change, perhaps an even unique quality among the men and women who push the limits of the body and mind.

CORE: I see...and the bell curve for penis size would say most men are ok to make their respective partners happy...and as I know you know, a good lover is not reduced to penis size

DLD: Penis size was never an issue for me before learning penis enlargement nor is it now I am bigger.

CORE: Good accomplished so much during a period of obsessive ness?

DLD: The self realization is there but beyond that I am the same guy. Oh I suffer from extreme OCD.

CORE: I see.

DLD: My obsessive ness plays a part in everything I do in Penis Enlargement it helped me create over 200 exercises.

CORE: I'm sure it makes you successful too. That, yin/yang of life.

DLD: And it prevents it:)

CORE: Ah there u go, reading my mind

DLD: I think my over obsessive ness sometimes prevents me from expressing all of my ideas as I strive for a unattainable perfection at times...this becomes the yang to the ying. Some things never get out.

CORE: I know what you mean.

DLD: My weight loss secrets are what people want now. And I have not felt the work complete yet so I have not put it out.

CORE: Yeah, I see you lost some weight!

DLD: Yeah, around 120.

CORE: Good for you!

DLD: Thanks! It's all body and mind stuff.

CORE: So with penis size....too bad women weren’t as obsessed with vagina size...a lot more kegels would mean less men wondering if their big enough?? lol. So men are left getting "shafted" on this one! lol. You know after a woman has a kid...the doctors give her an extra stitch in the vagina - it’s called "The husband Stitch! " lol.

DLD: I think most women would be turned off from a male who approached her, literally, cock sure. I just think men see the penis as something much more important. We have been obsessed with it for thousands of years. Ancient art always has phallic symbols, our Washington Monument, the list is endless. Men see a power in a big cock. They believe that if they are massive it makes them a bigger man. Big cars, big money, big houses, big cock.

CORE: Yeah, I'm reminded of the George Carlin skit....missiles and cock size etc.

DLD: It is the ultimate sign of manhood a woman has a hole.

CORE: And we have a BUSH and a DICK in the white house!! haha.

DLD: Not much to accept.

CORE: we had a Colin too but he got SHAFTED!

DLD: I used to own a gym too.

CORE: Hey, powerful symbols you mention there, the hole versus the phallus.

DLD: The hole is easy, the penis sticks out, it gets hard and it is something mystical and every man wants his to be massive.

CORE: The hole reminds us of our own emptiness, that nothingness from where we come from, literally...and figuratively.

DLD: Very true, it is all lines and holes. 1's and 0's.

CORE: This is powerful primordial stuff were discussing, deep under the veneer of the human psyche.

DLD: That connection is as natural as is negative and positive charges. I live there. Woman are tired of men judging them for their 0's they want us to see their 1's, their lines and they want to see our 0's. Men see their penis as a "dirty" thing and this is what causes deep rooted dysfunction, the same dysfunction that fuels sexual based crimes.

CORE: You've said that a few times...isn't that an old Judeo-Christian issue? I all men still hold that guilt and dirty perception?

DLD: This is why I teach men to make their penis larger and their minds more open. It is a stigma in the clients I get.

CORE: I see, so perhaps its a special characteristic of that subset?

DLD: Definitely, mental penis enlargement is something I force on my clients.

CORE: Can this help all men kind of like: “Love themselves” better or healthier?

DLD: I feel a mental program of becoming a more confident along with a lesson in penis enlargement can do all men some good.

CORE: Last question: Ever heard of the "arms race" phenomenon in nature?

DLD: Not sure.

CORE: Matt Ridley coined the term in one of his books. It speaks to the fact that evolution...or God, whichever.

DLD: I have very definite beliefs on the subject

CORE: Sets in motion evolutionary forces where by each successive improvement in one side, or group forces the other side to up the a faster cheetah, produces faster Gazelle. Bigger US bombs make Russia make bigger bombs, and so on...the ARMS RACE. The arms race was very real for the US and Russia a few decades ago.

DLD: Man will always screw up his own evolution.

CORE: Well, so do 99% of all species that ever lived....are now Extinct. Anyhow...does PE set up all men for the arms race? lol.

CORE: Now we all feel MORE pressured to compete?or to feel inadequate?

DLD: Maybe not just through the penis but the learned behavior of mind/body application would lend to a difference in man, a difference that may create a super man which may overshadow the lesser man.

CORE: Well, it already exists for sure.....

DLD: I believe we are upon an evolutionary change now. I think the change you speak of is not evolutionary. Maybe cultural...or spiritual genes mutate at a very predictable rate, way too slow for modern man.

DLD: I think we, as men, depend way too much on the luxuries we have realized in the last 100 years that now, if there was a total loss of these "comforts" many would parish.

CORE: Ha,ha.....right on...."Civilization is 7 meals away from ANARCHY!" lol.

DLD: Just like everything I have ever done, I will adjust and create new, and more innovative ways of life. I'm driven by change!

DLD: [if CORE readers want to read more] Everything is on the sites and


Penis Enlargement and Sex

What to expects in your first sexual year of Penis Enlargement.

Penis Enlargement brings many new changes during the first year. If you do not let your mate know about your Penis Enlargement then there is going to be some wonderful surprises for that person when you start realizing your Penis Enlargement goals. If you decide to include your mate in your Penis Enlargement efforts it may also be a wonderful addition to your Penis Enlargement while she will still enjoy the new you.

Your penis will start to take shape immediately with harder erections. This in itself will bring much new pleasure to the sexual circle as you will be realizing your best erections yet. One of the first things that happens in Penis Enlargement is we train our penis to take and hold as much blood as possible through jelqing and other similar exercises.

Next you will notice a much more vascular look to your penis. Penis Enlargement will increase the vein size with the introduction of Penis Enlargement making them prominent and mean looking. A very welcome look, very much like the bigger porn stars you see.

Penis Enlargement, of course, brings new size. New thickness, new length, two things that will drive your mate crazy. For me the 2 growth factors of Penis Enlargement allowed me to not only give my girl multiple orgasms but squirting orgasms. Incredible for her as it is for me. This part of Penis Enlargement is the best as we feel more confident and have much more security in our sexual prowess.

After the first few weeks you will also notice some serious staying power. You may find yourself making love for hours with your new super penis. Another incredible factor is staying erect after orgasm, a technique you will learn through Penis Enlargement. This adds the frosting to the cake making Penis Enlargement so worth the effort.

There are so many changes you will go through and they are all positive. If you would like to read more go to my free forum and check out what the users are saying about Penis Enlargement. Check out the forums at

Sunday, May 07, 2006

DLD Pulse 110 Stretch

I remember that if I want to loosen a very tight screw sometime tightening it up a bit more than loosening it over and over will eventually break it free. In the same line of thinking I remember when I used to have a RANGE ROVER and I would go off road all the time. When I would get hung up my best method to break free would be rocking the truck forward and reverse until it broke loose. Anyway, people are probably wondering what the fuck this has to do with penis enlargement and I will try to give you a method to my madness.

I have found that I can measure longer immediately after a stretch session when this method is employed. How I use the above method is in a pulsing motion where I stretch at 100% but pulse beyond my max to 110% over and over. This method of going beyond our max is very popular in power lifting, something I dabbled in for a while. Anyway, in my case I use it in the A-Stretch doing Blasters. This method can be used in any stretch but for this thread I will use the A-Stretch as the example.

DLD Pulse 110 Stretch

Get into the basic A-Stretch. Position high or low depending on if you want to train the LIGS or TUNICA. Once in the stretch engage into a 100% reverse kegel stretch. While keeping yourself at 100% slowly count to 50. With every count increase the stretch to 10% stronger. You will be stretching beyond your max by 10% each count. This pulsing motion will look like this:

Stretch 100%-1-110%-back to 100%-2--back to 100%-3-110% up to 50 reps.

I do 5 sets of these making a total of 500 reps.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Penis Enlargement, getting a grip on the subject

When starting Penis Enlargement there are a series of thinks one needs to get used to. Also as you begin to get the hang of Penis Enlargement you will want to know some other handy tricks that will make your Penis Enlargement Journey much smoother. The first few times I stretches my penis it had a very strange feel while psychologically I thought I may hurt my penis. The feeling of stretching in the beginning pinches a bit and may feel tight at the base of your penis and at the scrotum. I found that after I stretches my penis a few times I learned how to push the intensity up. Most guys in Penis Enlargement feel as though they may hurt themselves but the reality is that the penis is very tough and there is not much you can hurt while the penis is flaccid. This apprehension is normal and as you ease into Penis Enlargement you will find your intensity going way up. Once at maximum intensity (the grey area between injury and exercise maximum growth rate) you will find that the base of your penis is sore. This is very normal as you are stretching the suspensory ligaments, the 3 connecting ligament from the penis to the pelvic bone, and in this stretching the ligaments absorb much of the stretch which results in this soreness. I see this as a very positive thing in Penis Enlargement as it means you are stretching the most critical area of the penis to length gains, being the ligaments.

Penis Enlargement will also bring on a few challenges. These tips will help your Penis Enlargement quest go much smoother. Many men find that they have grip problems when stretching the penis. There are a few things you can do to create a better grip. Baby Powder is my favorite gripping companion. In makes the penis tacky enough to get a superior grip while not irritating. Some guys opt for either latex gloves or the like. These do provide excellent grip but they lack the skin to skin feel I love in Penis Enlargement. Other use a simple piece of tissue that they wrap around the area of the penis they plan on gripping. Penis Enlargement throws us curves and grip is essential to a good length session.

Jelqing in Penis Enlargement, the most predominate exercise for girth, can be done either dry or wet. What does this mean? Basically jelqing can be done wet or with a lubricant while dry means just that, the jelq is done with no lubricant. Try both see what you like. I preferred wet in the beginning but later switched to dry. Lubricants and the penis can be notorious for ingrown hairs, pimples, and other annoying skin issues this is why it is vital to clean the penis thoroughly when completing a Penis Enlargement session. This should happen anyways as a warm-done or hot wrap should be done after every Penis Enlargement session. This is basically a 5 minute period where you wrap the penis in a warm washcloth to help it heal. This can be done with soap and water just as easily, keeping your penis spotless.

Penile message also helps as a soothing therapy after exercise. I always believed to speed healing and help build girth. When done with the testicle health stretch and massage it is a winning combination. This gives you the opportunity to check your private region for any issues that are better caught early. Believe me, you will build a very good relationship with your penis. You wont always see eye to hole but you will know your penis like you never knew.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Penis Enlargement is Bullshit

Penis Enlargement is Bullshit...Do not believe the SPAM bastards.
Why I am pissed

The majority of everything you have read about penis enlargement is false, misleading and deceptive. From penis enlargement pills that promise 3 inches of additional penis to the newest scam on the market of the penis patch, which promises similar results. This needs to be exposed and a greater understanding of Natural Penis Enlargement needs to be understood.

The main reason the Penis Enlargement business is so perverted is that these pill and patch companies prey at the wallet of un-educated customers promising impossible results for a ridiculous amount of money. They do this through SPAM, magazine ads, and even late night television. I am here to say THIS SHIT DOES NOT WORK! Oh they are sneaky with their money back guarantees and sympathetic testimonials but who are these people? Are they well known artists in this business like Bib, Thunder, Tom Hubbard, BigAl or any of the other well-known revolutionaries that have worked tirelessly to let the world know the truth that Penis Enlargement is real? HELL NO! They are scummy, self-serving, dishonest pricks with one motive.....TAKING YOUR MONEY.

I have worked my ass off for the past 3 years trying to bring the truth that natural penis enlargement is real and works only to be categorized with these sleazy, no good liars pedaling their wonder pills and patches that do absolutely nothing. Does penis enlargement work? Indeed it does. Have I proved this? Yes, not only with my own results that I have posted in pictures and video available for the world to see but also through the 1000's of men I have personally helped make real penis enlargement gains.

So if penis enlargement really works why is there so much skepticism out there. This question has a nasty answer but it needs to be said. MOST OF THE WORLD IS LAZY! The gift of penis enlargement is free and available to the world. It does take allot of work and commitment but it does work. Unfortunately we live in a world that would rather pop a pill or tape a patch to their arm eluded with false hopes that this will somehow miraculously enlarge their penis. Of course this does not work so these poor souls, who have whole heartedly trusted these pill and patch companies, are left bidder that doubt is cast on the entire penis enlargement business. Then after they rape these poor guys of their hard earned money they continue to bombard us with their bullshit spam in hopes to take another sucker leaving the world even more resentful. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

I have increased the size of my penis length by more than 5 inches. I have increased the girth of my penis by more than 2 inches. I did not take any pills, potions or magic patches to do this. I did this by natural penis enlargement exercises. Many of these exercises I have developed myself while many of them are tried and true exercises that have been available to the world for a very long time. I busted my ass making these gains. I earned every inch I have gained through hard work and dedication that can only come from something I believe in. This isn't just me; there are thousands of these success stories that get smothered by the dishonesty of the pill and patch companys. Take this to heart people we sit on a gift that is being exploited by these bastards. There are men in the world that will never know that they can really change their penis size because of these dishonest companys. The term "throwing out the baby with the bath water" never had so much meaning.

I am going to tell you what I know and believe about REAL penis enlargement. I am going to try to salvage a reputation that myself, and many other natural penis enlargement activist have worked so hard to develop. If you have any doubts that this shit works I WILL SQUASH THOSE DOUBTS....even if it means spending all of my days exposing these frauds and proving to the non-believers that this is very real.....I WILL SQUASH THEM. Some people probably wonder whom I am and why I am qualified to make these statements. My screen name is doublelongdaddy, aka DLD...Do a search online, read every detail of anything I have ever said on this topic...You will soon understand that I am very real and very honest. I am the owner of Matters of Size pay site and free forum. I make my living in the penis enlargement business. I am paid to help men enlarge their penises at I am always online and available to my clients on You will never see me hide behind some faceless company of unavailable people. I can be reached very easily and I interact with men all day and night through email, phone, IM's, mail, this forum, chat rooms and face to face. I have made incredible gains in my penis size and I have helped other men do the same.


The most popular exercise, Jelqing, has been said to originate in the Middle East where the older tribe members would teach the younger men in the tribe techniques to enlarge the penis. These techniques were passed down from Father to Son. Natural penis enlargement exercises have gone through many changes since I became involved with this art form. There are literally hundreds of exercises that produce real results. These exercises are mainly based on the original Jelqing and Stretching techniques that I learned in the beginning of my penis enlargement quest. More advanced exercises and routines are continuously produced making natural penis enlargement faster and more efficient. I have developed many exercises and routines that have played a very important role in the advancement of penis enlargement as many of my fellow visionaries have. Even though so much dishonesty plagues this art form we still persevere and make advancements in the most valuable secret to male sexuality.

A very comprehensive researcher into the effectiveness of jelqing conducted a very little known study. Performed in 1978 by Dr Brian Richards in the United Kingdom. The British Journal of Sexual Medicine published his results and showed that 87 percent of the men that participated in this made an increase in penis volume of almost 50% with an average length increase of 1.5 inches and an average girth increase of 1".

Why are studies like the above not as popular as it should be? If these legitimate studies were performed and produced real results why does the world still doubt this art form? DECEPTIVE INFORMATION....plain and simple. We live in a world that can distort information to fit the seller's agenda. A world where money is king and those with influence are morally bankrupt. The Internet in many cases is a slick web of twisted truths and legal loopholes contorted to fit the agenda of these self-serving companies. They get away with it because WE LET THEM! They play on our insecurities knowing full well that they can easily get away with this deception because most men would never go public with their ill attempt at penis enlargement.

I come to you today begging for your support. Investigate me, investigate my colleagues. Allow me to help you see the truth through all of the dishonesty that has plagued our art form. Some people may be embarrassed to stand for such a delicate issue as penis size but I am not. I will do whatever it takes to prove myself and expose the bullshit. I have made very REAL gains and I want the world to know that Natural Penis Enlargement works. You can change your penis size. You do not have to settle for being small. You do not have to accept what you have been born with. If you want to get a larger penis YOU WILL and I promise you this. It is not easy, it does not happen over night, but it does happen. Come, learn, and grow.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Penis Enlargement Why Some Gain and Some Don't

For the time I have been on this Penis Enlargement quest, about 6 years, I have seen many guys who have gained and fair share of those who have not. This had allot of people saying there are genetic differences between men and this is the reason for the division of success in Penis Enlargement. In the same breath many of these people would say how the penis is not a muscle and none of the theories behind muscle building have anything to do with Penis Enlargement. This, in my opinion, is a complete contradiction. If the penis is not a muscle, which it is not, then genetics have little to do with stretching the penis. The penis is a virtual skin bag that inflates and deflates and aside from urination and ejaculation, sharing the same tube (urethra) has little other function. The remaining portion of the inner penis is tissue, blood, and veins...components that are easily stretched and expanded.

Penis Enlargement in compassion to body building share little ideas but there are comparisons. In body building, as the muscle expands so do the veins and surrounding tissue. This expansion, if maintained is permanent. In Penis Enlargement, when doing girth exercises, the surrounding tissue, being everywhere, is expanded. Unlike the muscle tissue, which without maintenance will shrink, the penis will remain enlarged after exercise is finished. Meaning, if after a year you gain an inch in length and you stop all exercise that inch will stay, forever.

The biggest reason, imo, for the differences in how much men gain in Penis Enlargement is intensity of exercise. I believe many guys are scared to do Penis Enlargement exercises with any real intensity. This fear of hurting themselves and the resulting lack of intensity is not enough to change the size of their penis. I have worked with enough guys who were not gaining after many months of Penis Enlargement. These guys were my one to one students and after we discussed intensity of exercise and they were able to apply it, they soon gained. I think too many men give up before getting this advice. The penis is not as fragile as one would believe. It can be pushed with good intensity without becoming injured. Once men find this line between injury and gains they soon gain.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Penis Enlargement for Free

Free Penis Enlargement is something that is hard to find without some simple clues to which free sites are free and which free sites are charging after they reel you in. After I got involved with penis enlargement I found the few sites that actually circulated information on exercises, innovations, equipment penis enlargement products, and all of this in a user interactive setting. The penis enlargement forums is where I learned most of my earlier data on penis enlargement. It is also where I developed many of my own exercises and posted them to see other men's results. Free Penis Enlargement is available if you know where to look.

First, the forums online, places like DLD's Home for Penis ENlargement at, Thundersplace at or PE forums at, just to name a few. These sites offer user interactive setting with real time posting and replying, all for free. Between the 3 named forum for Free Penis Enlargement, there are more than 100,000 members.

Another source for good information is the few affiliate sites that give away allot of free information but also sell affiliate products on their site. The most popular site online is This site has a huge library of information all within the realm of urological studies. They also give some rudimentary information on penis enlargement which in it's simplicity is a really good place to start. Visitors will also find information on sexual dysfunction, male diseases, interesting facts, a very nice size data base among many other interesting topics.

Another quickly growing place to dig up interesting Free Penis Enlargement information is the many BLOGS popping up all over the place online. I keep my own BLOG so I can keep track and library the day to day information I think of or come across. I keep this information public so I can get feedback and user opinions. Many other people are doing the same thing so searching the web for BLOGS that offer Free Penis Enlargement is a good idea.

As I think of ideas I will post them.