Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Penis Enlargement a Scams

Is Penis Enlargement a Scam?
Have you thought about penis enlargement?
Penis Enlargement Pills, Penis Enlargement Pumps, Penis Augmentation Surgery surgeries?
Lets talk about these things and see what your real options are.

Searching out penis enlargement solutions is not very difficult . We find ads for these products on the internet with offering things like penis enlargement weights, penis stretchers, penis enlargement pills, penis creams and many other ways of making your penis longer and thicker. Making a man believe his penis is small is not such a hard task for these companies � playing on men's insecurities making them believe their penis is somehow inadequate.
Most men think about their penis size, many wonder if their size is normal. FInding answers to these questions can also lead to penis enlargement scams as their are many sites that will say your penis is small even when it is above average. Usually the first results in the search engines are the big penis enlargement SCAM companies that can afford the expensive SEO (search engine optimization) allowing their sites to be viewed before many legitimate ones. These sites will usually give their version of the average penis size and it is usually 7-8"! This, in itself, leaves many unknowing men desperate to do something about their penis size.

Many men will go after things like pills, pumps, surgery and other hyped up penis enlargement products only to be left disappointed when there are little or no results. Coming from a man who owns and operates a penis enlargement site, this may sound strange, but many penis enlargement methods are no a good idea.

There is little or no scientific research done on most penis enlargement products. Many of the methods found online can be dangerous and expensive. Penis enlargement surgery may even seem like a good idea since it is performed by a doctor but this is the most dangerous form of penis enlargement. The only REAL scientific and medical research that has been done is with Natural Penis Enlargement.

My site, Matters of Size, has been doctor approved for many years. Much scientific research and data has been collected and analyzed by solid sources and the research shows, without a doubt, that natural penis enlargement is the only definite way to enlarge the penis.

What is a normal penis size?
Who determines this information?
Many men wonder what the true average penis size is. Most of the penis data they seek out conflicts with other data they have already read. Most self answered online surveys give average size as 7-8 inches (7"-8") when erect with a girth of 6" (rolls eyes*) Flaccid size in these surveys tends to be 5" to 6" (another roll of the eyes*) Even some of the most reputative, medical institutions give skewed average sizes as their method of data collection is flawed due to self measuring.
The most accurate average penis size source, while it may sound strange as it is not medical at all, is Lifestyle Condoms. This survey was done during a Spring Break. The men were measured by nurses leaving no room for dishonesty. 1000's of men took part in this survey and the cross section of race was broad. The average penis size according to that survey was erect length was on average 5" to 5.5", flaccid length was on average 3" while erect girth was 4.5"-5" with flaccid girth in the 2.5-3" range. This survey is very similar to the surveys I have conducted on my penis enlargement site. Matters of Size has 4 current surveys that are constantly being added to. All in all the results are congruent with the Lifestyle survey.
What does your lover think about penis size?

To some people penis size is very important but that is usually the man. For most woman penis size is not an issue as long as it is in the average range. Understand this, most woman or men end up with an average sized man because the average size is 90% of all men. Most men and woman will never encounter a penis outside the average range as a above average penis only accounts for about 5% of the population. A penis that is smaller than average, again, is rare and most men/woman will never encounter that size (about 2.5% of the population respectively) Men who are large (above 7") account for about 2.5% of the population. Quite reassuring when you think about it.

Many of the penis enlargement companies that are more or less penis enlargement scams will lead you to believe that your partner/lover does care about penis size. They make many men believe they are small and their partners secretly think they are too. This is how these penis enlargement companies make their money, they play of insecurities and the possible thoughts of your partner.

Most woman will say that penis size does not matter. When asked what is important to them with penis size many will take girth over length while many will take skill over size. But, these same women are the people who think penis size is not very important anyway.

Many sources will also state that gay men are obsessed with penis size where, again, this is simply not true. There are many gay men on the MOS Free Forums that will endorse this.

A large penis is something that will amaze many but more for the novelty of it rather than the pleasure it will deliver. Many woman who have been with a man who has a long penis will complain about the head of the erect penis banging into their cervix. Although this can be avoided with good sexual techniques many men who are longer never learn them.
A penis that is too thick poses other problems. Fellatio (blow jobs) are difficult with a penis that is too thick. Also, at the opening of the vagina is many nerve endings that are extremely sensitive and a penis that is too thick causes pain. Again, good sexual technique can change this problem.

Having an open and honest relationship with your partner will more than likely open new doors of sexual thought for you. Many of these penis size issues belong solely to the man worrying about it. You may become pleasantly surprised to find that your partner thinks you are fine just the way you are or that they even think you are too big. Penis size is something that can overshadow confidence and when this is the case a relationship can take a great strain.

Understand and Research Penis Enlargement
Be careful of dangerous methods

You may visit many penis enlargement sites that state that their methods are doctor approved and scientifically proven but when you seek out the specifics you are lost to find them. The internet is just not regulated enough and these false claims appear to be true. Many penis enlargement SCAM sites will look medical completely with pictures of doctors, scientists, ect. leading the potential customer to believe their methods are real and proven.....I have never heard of a pill that can add 3" to your penis or a doctor that would prescribe this.

These sites also rely heavily on customer endorsements and testimonials (most or all fabricated by the company themselves) You may also find media portraying before and after pictures as proof of their penis enlargement products. MOS has researched many of these sites only to find photos that have been doctored in photo editing programs and are completely fake...Why would a company need to fake photos and testimonials if their product works?
If you read the fine print found at the bottom of their home page, more than likely in a type size that is close to unreadable, you will find disclaimers for each and every penis enlargement SCAM they promote.

Matters of Size has a great pay site and we sell penis enlargement products (all natural methods) The difference that sorts MOS out from the rest is the free users forum. The forum has more than 100,000 members who are making real penis enlargement gains everyday. There is no need for MOS to fake these things as the members speak for the effectiveness themselves. Right down to the picture proof forum you will find authentic pictorials charting penis size gains. Reliance on testimonials is not necessary at MOS either as there is an open thread that is titled "Members, what do you think of the pay site" a thread that has thousands of responses made by real people who you can talk with.

When searching out penis enlargement one should do their research thoroughly. You would not buy a car without understanding what you are buying, there is no difference with penis enlargement.
Here are some common, potentially, dangerous methods that you should really think twice about before getting into them

Penis Enlargement Surgery
This is the most dangerous and scam filled method of penis enlargement out of all other methods.

There are NO methods of surgical penis enlargement that are endorsed by The American Urological Association, or any other medical association. Most medical associations have stated warnings on surgical phalioplasty or augmentation. But since these methods of penis enlargement are performed by licensed surgeons they are considered a viable option to their patience.

There are many techniques used in penis enlargement surgery. None of these methods have been proven safe and most of these methods are extremely dangerous.

One of the oldest methods of surgical penis enlargement is a suspensory ligament procedure. At the base of the penis there are three ligaments called the suspensory ligaments. During surgery the doctor will cut these ligaments that attach the penis to the pelvic bone at the upper base of the penis. Post-op is the most amusing part of this terribly dangerous operation. First the penis does not gains and length in the erect state. Flaccid length gains are nominal and only happen because the ligaments that have been cut allow the penis to hang lower. Now, understand this and please, if someone can sort this out please do so. After the procedure the patient is sent home with penis weights! The same penis weights that the original doctors and surgeons said were extremely dangerous! How is this overlooked and if the penis gains only happen after the surgery, which is upward of $5000.00, and the client is sent home with weights why not just skip the surgery and hang weights to make the gains the doctors will tell you can only be made using the weights after the surgery??? SOund confusing? It should as it makes no sense. This surgery also, invariably causes an extreme change in erection angle where it could potentially point downward, to the left or right after surgery.

Another, newer technique for girth enhancement is where the penis is cut at the base of the glans (head of the penis) the skin is literally rolled down the shaft and they surgeon will wrap silicone inserts around the shaft then roll the skin back over the shaft and sew you up. Cost: 5-7,000.00 dollars. The dangers with this operation is infection under the skin. The type of infection is not seen usually until it may be too late and penis removal may even be necessary. Visually the operation makes the penis look hideous. It is left lumpy and disfigured. I am sure most of your sexual partners would prefer a thinner pretty penis over an ugly bumpy, disfigured penis. Not too mention the extreme scar the patient is left with around the head. Much of the penile shaft sensitivity is lost after this procedure.

Another newer procedure is fat injections under the skin of the penile shaft. A penis enlargement procedure that injects fat from one part of the body into the penis. See photo. AGain this procedure leaves the penis disfigured and lumpy with VERY MINIMAL RESULTS! The cost of the surgery is between $500 and $1000 and needs to be redone every 3-6 months. The dangers of this operation are infection, erectile dysfunction, loss of feeling among the many other normal risks of surgery.

When the men who have gone through the various surgeries participated in various studies it was/is found that most of them believe it was not worth it. Many of the men who have the different penis enlargement surgery procedures need to return for additional surgery to correct deformities caused by the original procedure.

Penis enlargement surgery is not covered by any insurance companies unless the patient suffers from a disorder called micro-penis where the penis is below 2" erect. In these rare cases the surgery may help with this disorder but the techniques of enlargement are drastically different then that of normal penile cosmetic surgery.

Penis Enlargement Pills, Creams and Patches
These penis enlargement products pose very little danger to the user. Most of these products contain ingredients like L-Arginine, Dodder seed, Gingko, Herba Epimedii and other various herbs. These products will not increase the size of your penis but they will help you get better erections. Since many men do not get the best erections they can these pills appear to make the penis larger when only the full potential off their penis size is made.

MOS carries a pill product that contains L-Arginine HCL - 350 mg
Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Extract) - 40 mg, Maca - 200 mg, Ginkgo Biloba Extract 24/6 - 20 mg, Siberian Ginseng 35:1 (Root) - 200 mg, Tribulus Terrestrius 40% Extract - 50 mg, Yohimbe Extract (Bark) 2% - 150 mg. These pills are not promoted as as a penis enlargement product but they are a great supplement to natural penis enlargement exercises (particularly girth)

Penis Enlargement or Vacuum pumps
The pump may be the most known method of penis enlargement as it dates back to the late 60's. Permanent enlargement is not possible using penis enlargement pumps. What does happen when the penis is pumped is it retains fluid under the skin causing it to swell. The swelling, which is more of an injury than anything else goes away hours after a pumping session. As a temporary girth enhancement pumps do have use but for permanent enlargement they offer no value.

Hanging Weights From the Penis
One of the less popular methods of penis enlargement is hanging weights from the penis using a device that attaches to the head of the penis. Usually a hook hangs from the penis attachment where weights can be hung. THis method of enlargement will increase the length of the penis but there are extreme dangers using this method. Loss of blood supply, nerve damage, scaring and other dangers can and do happen. This is a technique that is very advanced and proper knowledge of use is very important.

So What Is Safe and Effective for Penis Enlargement?
There is no completely safe method of enlargement. As we explored most methods do not work. Natural Penis ENlargement is the only method that does offer real, permanent length and girth penis enlargement gains. Anywhere from 1/2" to 4" have been seen by 100,000 of men alone on the free penis forums.

Natural penis enlargement is a series of manual exercises that stretch and squeeze the penis for enlargement. One of the most popular methods is called the "JELQ" this is a very old exercise that basically a milking motion is used on the semi-erect penis forcing new blood into the corpus cavernosum (erectile chambers of the penis) causing the CC to expand to accommodate this new blood. Over time the penis able to hold more and more blood permanently expanding the inner tissue.

Stretching the penis is also another exercise used in Natural Penis Enlargement where the flaccid penis is manually stretched at different angles to lengthen it both in flaccid and erect size.

There are hundreds of other natural exercises that are used. To see more check out the forum at

Get A Hair Cut!
Giving yourself a nice hair clipping at the base of the penis can help your guy stick out a bit more from the bushes. This can give an instant visual increase in size.

Dieting and Exercise
Men tend to gain fat at the pelvic area of the penis. This can account for a loss of up to 3" of penis length due to the fat pad hiding it. Weight loss and exercise will help you lose this fat and more of the penis will be exposed. Another advantage is you will look better overall. This will help with your confidence 2 fold!

Penis Extenders
These are a device that attaches to the penis, worn under the closes, where the penis is fully extended for a period of time. This method can be dangerous if proper caution is not followed. Resetting the device (taking it off, massaging the blood in your penis and reattaching it) is a safe way to effectively make some length gains without fear of penile damage. These devices cost anywhere from $150.00 to $900.00 but every one is virtually the same. If this is something you are interested in check this link for the best price:

If you have read this and still find psychological discomfort with your penis you may want to check out the BLOG The Fear of the Huge Penis on an earlier post. This gives some incredible mental penis enlargement links that will really help with penile anxiety.

What really matters after all is said and done is you most likely have a average penis and your anxiety is not necessary. If you want a bigger penis please do your research. I hope this has helped in your penis enlargement quest.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Penis Enlargement Pill...What do we really know?

One of the most popular types of penis enlargement is penis enlargement that takes no effort. Many look to the penis enlargement pill to solve their penis enlargement wishes. This is not surprising when you consider what the penis enlargement pill companies are promoting. Basically they promote things like "add 3 inches in 4 weeks" or "The best way to enlarge your penis is with our penis enlargement pills" etc. To many men, who know little about the truth behind penis enlargement pills these promotions are enough for them to give auto pilot penis enlargement a chance. They really believe that the penis enlargement pill can increase the size of their penis.

The part of the penis enlargement pill that bothers me most is that most men who seek out penis enlargement begin with penis enlargement pills and when they don't do what they are promoted to do these men get a bad taste in their mouth over penis enlargement in general. Penis enlargement in general becomes something they are done with and something they believe is not possible because of their poor experience with the penis enlargement pill.

With many men the quickest most efficient way to make changes is the matter the cost they would rather avoid any really work and (no pun intended) look for a miracle pill, something they think they may find with a penis enlargement pill. With such quick and expensive ways to increase the size of their penis (or so they think) why would they actually want to put in real physical work? Sad, but true.

The penis enlargement pill does not work as it is promoted. As a matter of fact most penis enlargement techniques are promoted with very little honesty and allot of false hope. Although the penis is not a muscle we can still make an association between body building and penis enlargement. One of the more popular supplements for body building is a product called Gainers Fuel. This is a supplement that is promoted as a way to gain muscle fast. I also know that most body builders would never believe that taking this supplement alone would build muscle but in penis enlargement many men think just that....the penis enlargement pill will make their penis bigger. A penis enlargement pill is nothing more than a supplement that is meant to SUPPLEMENT and supplement only.

What do penis enlargement pills do? In all honesty their best use is to get harder more full erections. This effect may give men the best erection they have ever had making the penis enlargement pill look as though it is actually making the penis larger when it is really only helping a man reach his for erectile potential. Used by themselves the penis enlargement pill will do just this and nothing more but when used with actual NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT the pill serves another function.

Natural Penis Enlargement is, in it's most simple definition, physical exercise to increase the size of the penis. This is the only way safe way that the penis can be enlarged. There is penis enlargement surgery that may give a small increase in penis size but the dangers surrounding penis enlargement surgery far outweigh the benefits and why would someone spend $5000.00 and more to increase the size of their penis when natural penis enlargement is available and free? The same reason the penis enlargement pill is so popular, no work to make miraculous results.

I do condone the penis enlargement pill on a definite level but only in the sense that it is a wonderful supplement to natural penis enlargement. It will not help with length but it will serve as a benefit when performing girth exercises (penis thickness). The reason it is helpful with penis enlargement girth is the fact that it helps the penis become very full and this helps with expansion when performing certain girth exercises. In penis enlargement girth is best attained through high pressure exercise that introduce a larger blood flow to the penis. The more blood the penis can hold the thicker it becomes. The penis enlargement pill is very helpful in keeping the penis up to potential when training.

I just do not want guys running out to buy penis enlargement pills with false hopes. Penis enlargement takes work, physical work and quite a bit of it. Penis enlargement is not for the lazy, it is for the man that is ready to make a commitment to himself to stick with something until it is gained, no matter how hard the work may be.


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Monday, May 28, 2007

Huge Cock....What does this mean?

We go through life hearing the phrase Huge Cock but what does this really mean. A Huge Cock could be that of a whale in comparison to a bear. A Huge Cock could be a human compared to a dog, it really has no basis in reality but I hear this phrase in penis enlargement constantly.

When we take a look at the penis enlargement charts showing average size we are quick to see that 5.5" in length and 4.75" in girth are average. I guess some would see average as a huge cock while others would not. The variety of men I meet in the penis enlargement industry is mind blowing and the penis's I have seen are in the tens of thousands. I am pretty sure, with my experience in penis enlargement, that a huge cock is anything beyond the medium threshold of average. Assuming the upper portion of average would be 6.5" I think anything beyond this point is a huge cock. Again, men who are far beyond this size would say it is not a huge cock but their view is bias. My view has no bias at all. I base my conclusions on my experience in penis enlargement and the span of penis size variation I have seen.

Most penis's look about the same. Some are bigger, some are smaller, some are thicker, some are thinner but all in all they pretty much look the same. When I see a penis in penis enlargement that is well beyond average it is rare. You would think with all of the penis's I see in penis enlargement (and in porn) that I would come across a huge cock more often than not but this is not true. As a matter of fact, I am surprised when I do see a huge cock.

In penis enlargement I do see allot of men who are at the upper part of average who truly believe their penis is small...another huge cock fallacy. I salute these men for becoming involved with penis enlargement and many of these guys do go on to become 8 inches and more using penis enlargement but as a general rule, with no penis enlargement involved, it would surprise me to find a man with a natural 8" penis.

We see plenty of the huge cocks in porn, or do we? It would seem that we do because it is easy to search out huge cock in google and find millions of results. When we weed through these results we find some pretty big dicks. I used to think there was thousands of these men with huge cocks but soon after becoming involved in penis enlargement I realized the thousands of huge cocks I was seeing were a handful of the same actors.

In the 1970's there was only one man who was a legend for his HUGE COCK and that was John Holmes. Was he huge? Indeed he was but where was his competition? If having a huge penis was common we would have seen allot of competition for Mr. Holmes but we did not. John Holmes was more than likely about 8.5 - 9" long with a 6-6.5" girth. I know what many are thinking "Wasn't John Holmes 14"?" Again, this line of belief is created not real. So we now know that an 8.5" penis is extremely rare (that is outside of penis enlargement) Today we see more than that of the 70's due to the information era. The internet allows us to see a broader spectrum of the sexual world but some things, like a massive penis, are very rare still.

So men, feel no anxiety about penis size as it is not what you believe it to be.

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Big Dicks and Big Black Dicks

What is the obsession with Big Black Dicks? What is the obsession with big dicks? Fear. What does fear have to do with big dicks or big black dicks? Even as teenagers we wondered and imagined what our friends looked like naked, more specifically how big their penises were. This is a common obsession with every boy but when the black man is brought into it it complicates things on a level of fear greater than the original obsession with big dicks.

I have seen more dicks than any man on the earth. I have done more research than any urologist has ever dreamed through eight years of college. A doctor may see 100 dicks in his professional life time but I see this every week. So who is bigger? Is there any truth to the big black dick? What does the big black dick entail? Is it in comparison to a big dick in general? or is this a deeper racial view?

When I was in eighth grade I went to an all black school. As many of you know I was above average in penis size but I had no idea what average was. I remember taking showers with 15-20 guys and I was the only white guy in there. They all looked the same as a matter of fact I felt as big as the biggest guy I saw there. I had no understanding of black or white as I grew up in the ghetto therefore I knew no different from black or white. If there was a big black dick, I had the biggest white dick. But really there was no big difference.

With the internet we are able to see anything we want to see at anytime. If we want to see a girl with 75 inch boobs and a penis, we could do that very easily with a simple search in google. So it becomes easy to find exactly what we want to justify our fears. If we think there is truth to the myth of a big black dick then we will find it. If we want to find truth to the small black dick we can find that too. What does this mean? We build fears based on inadequacies that we were raised on and we justify these fears by searching out and finding the proof that we are what we believe we are.

Are there big black dicks? The biggest who do we know that can compare to Mandingo? Anyone? Of course not. This is a man that happens to be black that was born with an enormous penis. When we look to see if there is truth to the big black dick we find it easily. We find a man like Mandingo as the biggest penis on the internet because thats what we want. If we wanted to see a midget doing a dirty sanchez on an albino black she male with an oversized clit that might be a penis fuck, we'll find it.

Truth be told, you are exactly what you want to be. A man with a 5 inch penis, confidence and knowledge of sexuality is much more attractive to a woman than a man double the size with no confidence and does not know what the fuck to do with it. Can you make your penis bigger? Of course, its easy. Can you make your mind deeper? Thats a little more difficult. Learn to walk in your feet and not your hands.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Penis Enlargement Surgery

I rarely, if ever, make a post in one day twice but tonight I felt the need to do so. Penis enlargement surgery is something quite a few victims follow through with each year. With a cost topping $10,000.00 I felt it vital that I make a post on this.

Penis ENlargement should be beautiful, natural, as if nothing has ever been done. The penis should look symmetrical and the only difference in before and after is the length and girth of that penis. No puffy, bumpy parts. No discolored scarring, no disgusting post op destruction of the natural look of the penis, but sadly that is what happens. It makes me sick in more ways than one.

When men finally make a jump into penis enlargement it becomes very easy to see surgery as a method of quick penis enlargement. I have to agree that the penis does become bigger after penis enlargement surgery but at what expense and to what degree? Would I be willing to pay $10,000 (the cost of girth and length enhancement on average) to have a doctor give me a half inch and length and a substantial increase in girth, but girth that is ugly and deformed? FUCK NO!

I have always steered clear of these hack surgeons who prey on the men who are desperate to change their penis size....fuck I give this knowledge away for free, but still men find it incredible that with a sum of money they can come out of a surgeons hands with an increase in penis size....IT JUST IS NOT TRUE! If you want to spend 10 G's, give it to me...not only will I make your dick bigger but I would suck it for that kind of money.

My penis, through penis enlargement, is beautiful. It is almost identical to my 6.5 x 4.75 size only MUCH BIGGER. I did this with no money. There was nothing I had to buy, penis enlargement was free and available. I eventually went on to vreate my own site where I do charge money for access but fuck it, you are getting access to REAL EXERCISES THAT WORK...FOR less than $50!

This whole penis enlargement business has becomes so skewed that I even have a hard time keeping up with it. Tonight I did some searches on penis enlargement surgery and I became sick to my stomach when I saw the before and after shots of men who have spend a years salary, for most guys, on their penis. The desperation and the men who fall victim to the mad doctors who promote their massacre leaves me sad.

What is penis enlargement surgery? REALLY, someone explain because, as DLD, I am lost. What man would circumvent natural penis enlargement for a knife and a quack that is chopping at your penis? This, in my opinion is sick and twisted.

If anyone has the kind of money these people are spending on the penis enlargement surgery that is available, STOP, send it to me and it will further the growth of a real penis enlargement that has helped thousands and thousands of men increase their penis size (in inches) with no risk of loss of use, with no risk of penile distortion, with no risk of dropping 10 G's on a procedure that sends the patient home with a penis that has made one big change...A SCAR! No length increase...NONE! What do these doctors do? They send their patience home with instruction on how to make their penis larger through NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT??!!! What the fuck?

penis enlargement surgery was never necessary but these men believed it was and when they do get home, and heal and start to practice natural penis enlargement they do make gains. The fucked up thing is they never needed the surgery, only the education on natural penis enlargement. I have included pictures of the massacure that happens with this penis enlargement surgery. I have also included pictures of natural penis enlargement (my brand of PE) and you be the judge.

Send me fifty bucks and I will teach you how to become as large as you want. Give the doctors more than a thousand times that and you will return home with a bumpy, distorted penis that most women would gag over. Use your heads.

You decide??? See Pics Above

$50 for a much larger, beautiful penis or $10,000.00 for a completely fucked up penis.

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Viginity and Penis Enlargement

Viginity and Penis Enlargement

I have come across many men in penis enlargement that have yet to have sex. The feeling they are going through are quite different than my more experienced penis enlargement members. It is not only very scary to anticipate, or even wait to have sex but when the insecurity of penis size becomes part of this fear it compounds the problem.

Penis enlargement is a wonderful thing, really it is miraculous when you truly see it's affect on the human body. So many men are baffled soon after they begin penis enlargement because it really works. They make significant penis, size gains and go on with their lives happier than ever. Some men come into penis enlargement with baggage, bad sexual experiences, being teased about their size, misconceptions on what an average penis really is, and a slew of other issues. These are the men, in penis enlargement, that I spend most of my time helping. I try to get them on the right course, clear their fears and help them make penis enlargement gains (in the mind and on the body) But when it comes to the men who have never had sex but carry much of these issues, my job becomes even trickier.

Outside of penis enlargement I have a very active life that does not include penis enlargement (believe it or not) I have friends, male and female, family and a beautiful Son. I spend a great deal of my time with my Son helping in his studies. He is very accomplished with honor grades, a bunch of friends and he is mostly self confident. A few months back he entered puberty and some of the issues I hear in penis enlargement started to come up. He knows what I do for a living, he has known about penis enlargement for years with very little interest until lately. This helped give me a perspective on virginity and the virgins I have dealt with in penis enlargement.

My relationship with my Son is completely open, he can tell me anything and I can do the same. It's funny because I never shared this type of relationship with my Father. Sexuality has been the main discussions since he hit puberty. Something I knew was coming but did not know how prepared I was. I mean, yes, I am DLD...I am suppose to know everything about male sexuality but I feared I would not know how to handle my own Son's puberty.

So far so good, I have been a great mentor and I thank the thousands of men I have worked with in penis enlargement over my years of involvement.

Many of his questions were about penis size. He told me he saw one of his friends penis and it was huge...after his description I consoled him. He was seeing a boy's penis who was 2 years into puberty so it was going to look big and hairy and man like. He said it was like the size of a lighter and told me he was worried about his size. Being in penis enlargement for so long I did not think it would effect me so much but I felt sad that he felt worried. At this point I told him that boys all develop at different rates and he was no different. He asked me about penis enlargement and if that could help. I really did not want to give him a the MOS penis enlargement DVD, but I thought I would mention a couple things he could do to help things along. Basically I told him about basic stretching.

He went on to tell me that his penis was only 2" or something like that and I was surprised to hear that was when he was soft. He really believed that was his hard size too. After a huge education into male development, penis enlargement, sexuality and even a picture show letting him see what was truly normal his head was straight. I let him know that at his age he was doing just fine and as the next couple years pass he will become bigger and bigger. I also told him that penis enlargement was something he should really hold off on until he knew what his size was going to be. After all, I said, what if you grow to have a natural 10 inch penis? He laughed and so did I.

With this first hand experience with my child and the thousands of other men I have dealt with in penis enlargement it was becoming very clear that there was a definite pattern males go through, as far as penis size. They all felt (feel) similar as far as penis size and when the possibility of penis enlargement becomes available (in any capacity) they see it as a cure all. Now with virgins things are different as they feel these same emotions but have nothing to counter their fears with as far as a lover. For most men the fear of penis size is elevated after they have sex the first time....they realize it was something they never needed to worry about. This happens for most guys but then their are the few that have sex with some vindictive bitch who finds some twisted fun in destroying mens confidence. Sadly, women know the best place to shoot is the dick.

When an insecurity is confirmed by some sexual experience gone wrong it can send this person into a slump. This is a slump many men never get out of. I know this because of my job in penis enlargement. Penis enlargement has opened my mind to many dysfunction's men have suffered and these are the same ones I have struggled with. I have worked tirelessly on changing as many of these penis insecurities in myself and it has always been natural for me to express them openly with the penis enlargement community. I also believe that expressing my issues and the steps I took to change this has helped many also.

For the virgins out there listening, PENIS SIZE DOES NOT MATTER! Confidence does. A man having sex for the first time with a 5" penis, with total confidence will be much more enjoyable than another man, with no confidence and a 10 inch penis...BELIEVE ME.

Penis size is very easy to change, follow my program and your penis will become much bigger. But please also study my mental papers of penis enlargement and the psychological health it can offer, virgin or not.

I am going to include a few very good links on this topic, please spend the time reading them

Is Everything Really What it Seems? A Study on Porn

Mandingo Complex

Obsessive Thought and Penis Enlargement

Mind Over Penis..Intensity vs. Belief

Does Size Matter?

Penis Enlargement is SPAM BULLSHIT...Don't Believe the Hype!

Do you see your penis as larger or smaller?

Visual, Spiritual and Mental PE Process

A Closer Look at Depression


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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Fear of the Huge Penis

"The Fear of the Huge Penis" This sounds strange especially when this BLOG is all about penis enlargement but I think it is something that needs to be addressed. I think allot of men get into penis enlargement because they have a fear or anxiety about "The Huge Penis" Call it interest of obsession but some men will search the web for gigantic dicks and they tend to lose their perspective on what a NORMAL LARGE PENIS is.

II remember long before I was into penis enlargement I visited a site online, I can't remember exactly which but I do remember it was filled with pictures of men with unbelievably huge penis's. This instantly gave me anxiety. It was exciting to see, especially when women were having sex with these men but there was something strange. There were hundreds of pictures but no video on these men. This should have clued me in on the authenticity of these pictures but it did not.

When I got into penis enlargement I learned that the site I had so much anxiety over was completely fake. The photos were edited and this was the reason no video existed on these men. Soon after I started my own penis enlargement I became very interested in what average, small, big and huge penis's really looked like and how big they really were. Having a penis enlargement forum with thousands of men practicing penis enlargement allowed me to see many measured penis's as my forum has a section called "PICTURE PROOF" a place in the penis enlargement forum men could post pictures of their penis and the progress they were making with penis enlargement. These photos were usually taken with a ruler to show the exact size. I would become blown away sometimes by what I thought their measurement was when looking at their penis and the real measurement it was.

In the penis enlargement forum section for pictures men would usually post a few pictures of their unit without measurements and ask the members of the penis enlargement forum what size they guess they were. Threads were named things like "Guess my Size" These posts would get tons of responses and the size they guessed was usually well off. They would see a man with what looked to be an enormous penis making guesses of 8,9 even 10" and when the poster finally showed a measured picture the penis enlargement forum members would be blown away. The penis they believed to be so big was closer to 6 or 7"...needless to say, this brought much comfort for the men that thought they were small when really they were the same size as the poster.

I learned very quickly in penis enlargement that photos were deceptive. There was a huge need for a real study in penis enlargement on what average size was. Men also needed to learn how to measure their penis in penis enlargement. My penis enlargement forum ran many polls on size...some of these polls are ongoing and new data is always being added. These resources in penis enlargement allowed me to realize what penis size really was.

About 90% of the men in these polls fell into the 5.5-6 inch category in erect length and 4.75-5" of girth. about 5% were in the 7-8" range with girth of about 5.5", 3% fell below average length and girth and about 2% were 8.5 and above. This penis enlargement survey seems as though there was much room for error because of honest reasons but the survey was not a public survey where anyone could post, it was in a penis enlargement forum. Most men who get into penis enlargement have no real reason to lie on these surveys as they are in the forum (or site) for penis enlargement.

Armed with a better knowledge of averages in penis size and the hundreds of measured pictures I saw I was ready to look at the porn actors I thought were so massive. Don't get me wrong, there are a few actors (and I mean you could count them on your 10 fingers) that had a truly, unbelievably massive penis. Men like Mandingo and Shane Diesel sported units that were so huge most women would not enjoy them at all. The remainder of the men I saw in pornography fell into average and slightly above average in penis size. I was amazed as were the thousands of men in the penis enlargement forums.

Understanding much of the above it is easy to see that penis enlargement is not as hard as many would believe. With men knowing they would only have to make a 1" penis enlargement gain to become the size they desired, instead of the 4" gain they believed prior to penis enlargement. I think understand penis size on this level allows men to make wise decisions in penis enlargement with much less anxiety.

I went on to write many other studies in penis enlargement that further broadened the awareness on these issues. I think many come to me or my site for penis enlargement and I believe they get much more than penis enlargement after they make their gains. Mental penis enlargement, from my earlier posts, becomes just as powerful as any other penis enlargement tool. The mind grows with the penis and when all is said and done TRUE CONFIDENCE is realized.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Intermediate Penis Enlargement

Intermediate Penis Enlargement

For the few guys who survived basic penis enlargement and are no ready to go to the next stage in their penis enlargement journey we will take a look at a few things. First and foremost, be sure that you have gained everything you can on the penis enlargement routine you are currently using. If you are still gaining in penis size then it would be wise to stick with the penis enlargement routine you are using. If you rush to the next stage without getting everything you can out of your present penis enlargement routine you may cheat yourself out of gains.

At the intermediate point in penis enlargement you have made good penis enlargement gains. You have mastered the basics of beginners penis enlargement and you are sure you have done all you can with your current routine. If you have not gained using the beginners penis enlargement routine then you are not doing something correctly and it would be smart to go back and start over, learn the basics, being sure you are performing the penis enlargement correctly, be sure that you are using the correct intensity. If you are one of these men it would be very wise to join my site and learn the basics through my videos and illustrations. For the price of a dinner and movie you will get lifetime access to my very unique penis enlargement site ($50.00!) Here you learn everything as a beginner but that is only one phase of my penis enlargement system. There are 4 phases beyond this that help men make consistent penis enlargement gains. Membership is invaluable.

For those who have seen decent gains (measurable gains) but are now noticing your penis are slowing or stopped then it is time to step up your penis enlargement routine. Again, be sure to take perfect measurements and journal every workout. This will help you see where, when and why you make the gains you do and don't. There is no perfect science in penis enlargement but you can get pretty damn close.

An advanced work out would exclude some of your current exercise and introduce new, more powerful penis enlargement exercises. There are many routines found on my forum that will really help you in deciding which exercises and routine would best suit your penis enlargement. If you are a member of the Matters of Size Site you will simply move on to PHASE 2.

Some exercises you may consider to make your new routine more powerful are:
(all of these exercises can be found in text on the free forum and in video on the pay site.)

DLD Blasters

DLD's Footlong Stretch

DLD Girth Busters DLD Pulse 110's

Plyometric Exercise...Shocking the Penis to Grow

DLD Lazy Ass Stretches

ACE Strapped....Jim's Joint

Applying the LOT theory to DLD Blasters

High Angle A-Stretches

Extreme Girth Super Sets

Rotary Blasters

Tub Stretches

RB-Fake Arm A-Stretch

DLD Shock Stretch Super Sets

DLD Dual Isolated Stretch

When creating a new penis enlargement routine it would be wise to have someone with more experience in penis enlargement to look it over. Again the Matters of Size FOrum is a great place to do this and it is free.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics Last Part

We have explored almost every part of penis enlargement. We have covered how to start, what you will need and the penis enlargement basic exercises you will perform. In penis enlargement there is also the occasional injury and we went through this. We have virtually covered every possible part of penis enlargement.

I hope those who are following the penis enlargement blog have gotten some good information on starting penis enlargement. It is a very scary thing at first, especially when you have no support. So remember, I am always available at my forum at if you have any other questions or concerns. You should also become a member of the members penis enlargement site found at the same url. As I said before, this will give you the best possibility of making awesome penis enlargement gains.

Before I start my next series on intermediate penis enlargement I would like to remind the new guys that starting penis enlargement on an intermediate level will not help you gain faster and without basic penis enlargement understanding you could also hurt yourself. Always keep this in your mind; there is no rush in penis enlargement.

The first part of my intermediate penis enlargement series will deal with exercise specifics and other important parts of penis enlargement. I will start the series with some basic questions about your penis penis enlargement thus far. Answer these questions honestly as this will give you your best chance at making good penis enlargement gains. You will have till tomorrow to answer these penis enlargement questions and this is when I will start the intermediate penis enlargement series.

1. How long have you been doing penis enlargement?
2. What type of gains have you made in penis enlargement during that time period?
3. Are you sure you have gotten everything you can out of basic penis enlargement before moving on?
4. Have you taken good measurements of your penis?
5. If you are not gaining and think that intermediate penis enlargement may be your answer to this, have you truly put in the time and dedication? DO you completely understand the penis enlargement exercise?
6. Have you introduced any penis enlargement equipment into your routine?
7. Are you taking any penis enlargement pills?

Answer these questions on penis enlargement and I will go into further discussion about each one in the first part of the intermediate penis enlargement series.


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Friday, May 18, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics Part 9


Motivation and Mental
Penis Enlargement

Post 4, Part 9
(Mental Penis Enlargement Future Studies)

My original study on penis enlargement/sexuality called Is Everything Really What it Seems I covered many media driven issues that effect men on serious levels. I put this together in my first years in penis enlargement. I had trained in penis enlargement for a year and made a two" gain in length and 1" gain in girth but for some reason I could not realize it. Even though I took proper penis enlargement measurements before I started penis enlargement and the new measurements reflected these gains I still could not see them.

When I would look in the mirror I saw my penis exactly as it was before penis enlargement and this mind trick made no sense to me. I started discussions on this topic in the penis enlargement forums. Prior to these posts there was very little information or discussion about these mental penis enlargement issues. Once I brought these penis enlargement out many other men were very interested too.

I think that prior to this type of penis enlargement discussion was strange to men. Even though they thought about these issues they would suffer silently. I guess it did not seem manly to them as it was a penis enlargement forum with 100's of guys. The focus of penis enlargement was just that, penis enlargement. Purely in the physical sense men only talked about the exercises or other bodily parts of penis enlargement.

Once the discussion of mental penis enlargement came up it steadily became more and more important. Men were starting to open up to other men about the mental issues they experienced in the past and the ones they face now. Men feared just as I did and it seemed that penis enlargement was not helping them change these issues.

As you read in my last post there are many ways that these mental issues come on. TV commercial's and shows, movies, magazine, pictures and most importantly pornography. Every where we look we see and hear that bigger is better.

In the former study I went into depth about how porn effects men. How the bigger dicks in porn were really not as big as many believed. That the ridiculous claims of these actors and promotions done about them were completely false and I backed all off this up with photo's. I went to extreme levels finding the average measurements of hands, heads, arm length, body height, wrist thickness and many others. When I got averages I compared these to the photos and videos of the porno actors and ever with giving a favorable increase to these measurements the sizes of the penis's were off. I was able to give, almost, exact measurements to these men and this in the penis enlargement circles was astounding. Men could not believe their eyes and what they were reading. I brought concrete proof that allowed men to see the real deal.

I also went into camera lenses, angles and other photo/video tricks used by the video companies to make these men appear larger than life. This gave even a greater relief to these men as it helped quite much of their anxieties about porn.

The study was a success and it came with allot of work and research. The study took close to 8 months to complete. It was picked up by many news sources and the humble beginnings of Bloggers.

The second part to this study, something that was very necessary as I could not fit everything into the original study. I was thinking of new stuff everyday, still do. Spending much time in penis enlargement brought new perspectives from many men. Penis enlargement had become a true mental and physical practice. Penis enlargement no longer was something that only changes the users body but it now changed their minds.

Part 2 has taken me close to 2 years to assemble as it involved tons of research. The foreword portion is about the complete history of penis enlargement. Penis enlargement has gone on for thousands of years and when I started looking at different societies and their history I found that penis enlargement was very prevalent in unique way different than the penis enlargement we practice. Their attitudes about penis size also varied greatly. Greeks saw a small penis as desirable while Romans saw a huge penis as desirable. I tackled as many parts of male sexual history as I was able.

The new penis enlargement study also included a in-depth look into the actual big dick porn industry with interviews from the actors themselves. Photos and videos from shoots and interviews with the camera men/women. Basically, proof from the horses mouth.

I also discuss penis enlargement in the porn industry. Since I work with many of these guys they became interested themselves in penis enlargement and the men who already practiced some form of penis enlargement became interested in my brand of exercise. Very Amazing.

I also updated the photos and videos of the size issue in porn as new actors have emerged since the last study.

It is quite amazing what penis enlargement has become!


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics Part 8


Motivation and Mental Penis Enlargement

Post 3, Part 8 (Mastering Mental Penis Enlargement)

It really does sound silly, mastering mental penis enlargement, but after you read this post I think your feeling will change and you will see just how important mental penis enlargement is.

On the last entry we covered many of the ways men become psychologically crippled by negative thoughts about their penis and general male sexuality. I would like to take a minute and review that.

Men have been obsessed with their penis for many years. I bet earlier forms of primates even tried penis enlargement in one way or the other. To a man the penis is completely independent to the rest of their body. It somehow has different physical rules and mental importance than that of our body as a whole. It is as if the penis has a brain of it's own. Starting penis enlargement may give a false hope to men, a hope that if the enlarge their penis these problems will fade and, as in the last post, we know they wont

Penis enlargement is is something some men will pay thousands of dollars to accomplish. It is sad that many of these men will not find natural penis enlargement, something that is free. It is not only free, it gives men the ability to enlarge their penis way beyond any other method of penis enlargement. I, myself, have made incredible gains in penis length and girth which is something I still have problems believing. It is in the lack of belief when we make gains that many of the issues with mental penis degradation happen.

We can see a clear pattern of this self-degrading behavior and I will try to explain. Growing up, a man, (child) notices his penis for the first time sexually at the beginning of puberty. This is carried into the locker rooms where boys see each other naked. In allot of cases boys will see other boys as being bigger than them when it is not true. I am not talking about the larger penis he may encounter, I am talking about dystrophia with an imagined flaw. They see a boy with a 3" penis and even though they may be 3" (or more) themselves, they will still believe themselves to be smaller.

As they become older and start dating girls this dystrophia may creep up with even larger consequences. Avoiding sex for fear of inadequacy, thinking they know what she is thinking, hiding in the dark during sex, etc. The sad thing here is the woman notices this and they lose respect for the man as she believes he should be confident. Confidence to a woman is much more valuable than a big dick.

Some of these men may seek out penis enlargement, while others will quietly suffer never learning that penis enlargement is available. The next phase for men that make it to penis enlargement may be one that complicates their issues further. As I said earlier, their are more than 100,000 penis enlargement sites online and 90% of them are for penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement gadgets, penis enlargement creams, etc. Very few are teaching natural penis enlargement and 99.9% of the sites that are teaching penis enlargement are only teaching simply the exercises. Out of those penis enlargement sites that are teaching exercises most of them have the same 5 penis enlargement exercise. As I have already said earlier, my site,, has more than 200 exercises and I am creating new ones constantly.

The problem with the penis enlargement sites that teach natural penis enlargement is they never touch on mental issues men are experiencing. It is simply a place that men learn how to enlarge their cock. What happens when there is a lack of mental help is men become more obsessed with their penis and even though they may grow their minds stay the same.

Here is one of the many studies you will find on my site and this is one of the first things men see when they join. This will give you some definite tools to train for mental penis enlargement.
My Conclusions and Therapy?I hope this modified penis enlargement worksheet can help those who need it. It works but like anything else you need to be committed. Considering the feedback I have heard from penis enlargement members and my own problems with obsessing I decided to dig a bit deeper to make some comparisons to other o.c.d's. disorders and what many of us suffer with before penis enlargement and after. I found many similarities in disorders like anorexia but still the problem I faced with the way we obsess is that the compulsion actually works. This is unique from most O.C.D. behaviors because usually when a person has one of these disorders the compulsion usually does not have any beneficial value. So one very important thing we need to be honest with our selves about is when are we crossing that line of beneficial penis enlargement into useless overkill compulsion???I decided to give this disorder it�s own name as I see it being very specific to us as men (involved with penis enlargement). I thought about allot of different things to call it and settled on this: PDD (Penile Dimorphic Disorder) I truly see this penis enlargement problem as an O.C.D. behavior so I wanted to keep it in the spectrum of O.C.D. classifications. There really is no help for many of us as to the extreme personal nature of this disorder.??With this PDD our anxiety comes in response to an unwanted thought or question. (ie. my penis is small) The rituals that follow involves pushing away the thought, avoiding the recurrence of the thought, or attempting to solve the question. These steps are considered the rumination or compulsion. (ie. measuring in penis enlargement)??Living with PDD means living with uncertainty and risk taking. PDD is perpetuated by a man's intolerance of having bizarre and noxious thoughts. The efforts a man makes to avoid or escape these thoughts reinforces their recurrence. Meaning, every-time we have a obsessive thought and we react to it by compulsing we in fact are establishing the importance of this fear. So, the removal of the compulsion is key, especially in penis enlargement!??I have to say say that with all of the below therapies I have found that as I get better the frequency of my obsessions increases. I am resistant to change and my mind will throw tantrums as I attempt to make space for what has been given for so long a great deal of importance in getting rid of. When I am practicing the below therapy things change for me. When I am in a bad way I obsess only a few times a day, but I ruminate/compulse for long periods of time trying to fix the thoughts. As I eliminate much of the compulsions it seems that my obsessions increase. This is a good sign that the therapy is working. THE CRITICAL VARIABLE IS REDUCING THE COMPULSION AND NOT THE NUMBER OF OBSESSIONS! The target response is not responding to the obsession, it is not to have the obsession go away. The long term effect of not responding to the obsessions will be that the obsessions will decrease in frequency and emotional value. This only happens when I become desensitized to the obsessive thoughts by allowing them to occur. (ie. Thinking my penis is shrinking but refraining from measuring it in penis enlargement) When I am able to sit with the thoughts and not compulse (ie. Measure, adjust, feel, check) the obsessions have less and less control over me therefore becoming more and more desensitized. ??The Antidote?The obsession often presents itself as a paramount question or disastrous scenario. A response which answers the obsession in a way that leaves ambiguity is sometimes warranted. "I think my penis feels smaller today" Using the antidote procedure, a cognitive response would be one in which the subject accepts this possibility and is willing to take the risk of his penis shrinking. No effort is expended in directly answering the obsession in an effort to find resolution. In another example, the obsession would be "Maybe I measured wrong yesterday," a recommended response would be "Maybe I did. I'll live with the possibility and take the risk." Using this procedure it is imperative that the distinction be made between the therapeutic response and rumination. The therapeutic response has no aspect of answering the question to it.??Let it Be There:?Using this procedure, it is suggested that the person create a mental pigeon hole for the thoughts and accept the presence of the thoughts into one's preconscious (those thoughts which are not currently in one's awareness but can easily be brought there by turning one's attention to them, i.e. your name or phone number). It is suggested that a mental "hotel" be created whereby you encourage your brain to create unsolvable questions so as to fill up the register. The more unsolved questions the better. It is critical that we acknowledge the presence of the thought but pay no further attention to it, as in the form of problem solving. The brain can only juggle a certain amount of information at one time. If you purposely overload the brain, rather than insanity, your brain's response would be to just give up trying. As can be imagined, attempting this goal takes a lot of faith and trust in the person suggesting it.??The Capsule Technique?During the initial phases of therapy, there is a great resistance to letting go of the ruminations/compulsions. A procedure which addresses this resistance is to set aside a specified period of time, perhaps once or twice a day, to purposely ruminate. It is suggested that the time periods be predetermined and time limited. At exactly 8:15 am and 8:15 p.m. I will ruminate for exactly 45 minutes. As thoughts occur to me during the day I can feel comforted that the problem solving will be given sufficient time later that evening or early the next morning. Typically, people report that it is difficult to fill the allotted rumination time. Regardless, every minute must be spent on the designated topic so the brain can habituate to these irrelevant thoughts. A novel application of this technique was reported in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry. Using audio-taped spiking material a woman was desensitized to her obsessional themes by exposing herself to them 10 times a day. After the 50th day, her actual spiking dramatically decreased.??Creating 4-5 Larger obsessions?Rather than attempting to escape the obsessions, you are encouraged to purposely create the thought repeatedly following it's occurrence. This has the effect of desensitizing the brain to these obsessions by sending the message that not only am I not going to attempt to escape these thoughts, but I am at such peace with them I can create a multitude of them. In response to the thought "My penis is not as big as his," a beneficial response would be "It is smaller than everyones in the world."??When I practice this I do find myself feeling better. But the important thing is that I am consistent. When I let myself slip I end up back at square one. Please try these exercises and let me know how things are going. I think it will be a great help to me knowing there are others out there trying to live with this.
As you can see these practices in penis enlargement are invaluable. We now know that penis enlargement may make things worse for the men who are obsessed with their penis. As they go on enlarging their penis without addressing these issues penis enlargement will literally be hell. After seeing how much work I have put into mental penis enlargement it is easy to see that it is very important to many men. With the awareness of these issues and so many men practicing techniques to change their self view there is hope in penis enlargement. Knowing men can relate to you, as in my forum at, it is wonderful to talk with each other and exchange ideas and help with problems through sympathy and empathy. In the next post I will give a teaser on my upcoming penis enlargement study I have been working on for 2 years. It will be very appropriate in mental penis enlargement and penis enlargement as a whole.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics Part 7

Motivation and Mental Penis Enlargement

Post 2, Part 6 (Mental Penis Enlargement)

We went over motivation in penis enlargement on the 1st part of this 2 part thread. Understanding that penis enlargement takes a certain mental attitude is vital if you want to succeed in penis enlargement. During the very beginning of you penis enlargement venture you will need to practice a positive motivational mind state. It may feel fake or weird at first but soon it will become a habit. This habit will not only benefit you in penis enlargement but also every other facet of your life.

If you have read any of my earlier posts on mental penis enlargement you understand how important I believe this to be. When starting out in penis enlargement many men may have some very skewed beliefs about their penis. I know I did and still today I occasionally go through negative, self defeating thoughts. This is very common in men. These beliefs come from years of misunderstandings about penis size. From religious preaching to media driven sexuality we, as men, find that the penis is something to be ashamed of. No amount of penis enlargement will change this. If you start out with a six inch penis that you think is small, even if you gain 2-3" in penis enlargement you may find that you still believe you are small.

Why does this happen? Well in all my years in penis enlargement I have encountered every possible insecurity that men feel. Some of them are fully justified while others are imaginary. As I stated above there are many sources in our world that cause insecurities and even shame about the penis. I know that my being raised Catholic had many negative influences on my sexuality. In most religions, the penis and even male sexuality as a whole is looked upon as, in some way, evil or wrong. When men who have been raised this way get into penis enlargement they hope to change this by increasing the size of their penis. The sad thing is penis enlargement will only change the physical parts of our being, to change the mental takes a different kind of penis enlargement.

The media also has a dirty hand in making men insecure about their penis. So many men come into penis enlargement with some very fucked up beliefs about the penis. One of the most popular phases in advertisement is "SIZE MATTERS" ... Not to be confused with MATTERS OF SIZE :D Around every corner there is phallic shaped merchandise, woman degrading men with comments about size, and hundreds of other subliminal things. This is a big reason penis enlargement exists in the first place. Somehow, penis enlargement changes all this or so men believe.

Understand, penis enlargement is easy. You have always been able to make your penis larger. Through my brand of penis enlargement I have helped thousands of men get a longer, thicker penis. Just like the thousands of other penis enlargement sites online....penis enlargement is real and very easy. The big difference in penis enlargement is the mental portion of my program.

For every man that joins my site is instantly exposed to mental penis enlargement. My largest study on penis enlargement (Is Everything Really What it Seems), a previous post on this BLOG, I address the guts of these mental issues and show men what is real in society concerning sexuality and the penis. This, in itself, helps penis enlargement truly enlarge the penis. Restated, penis enlargement with mental penis enlargement will solve many of your penis/sex issues.

I will go through many ways to change these beliefs and how to begin a mental penis enlargement program in my next entry.


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Monday, May 14, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics: PART 6

Motivation and Mental Penis Enlargement

Post 1, Part 6 (Motivation)

Motivation in penis enlargement is one of the most important mental aspects of making gains. It becomes very easy to become lazy with penis enlargement because of the speed of penis gains. For many men being patient with their penis enlargement program becomes difficult because they want what they want when they want it and that just is not how penis enlargement works. Penis enlargement takes time, dedication and patience but these qualities are directly effected by motivation. Unfortunately there are no motivational seminars on penis enlargement, at least not yet.

There are a few things that can help one stay very motivated to penis enlargement but these things need to be done on a daily basis. Motivation comes from consistency and consistency comes from discipline. With penis enlargement these qualities will be the determining factor in the gains you make. Here are 3 things you can use in penis enlargement to stay committed, motivated and constantly gaining.

1.) Create A Model Penis

This may sound funny but it is a true help and it will keep you motivated. Creating a penis enlargement model penis will also help you be realistic about your penis enlargement goals.

A paper towel roll is great for determining length. Many men come into penis enlargement with extremely unrealistic goals. They start penis enlargement with a 5 or 6 inch penis and make their goal 10, 11 or 12" Once they see what these measurements are, in real life, a model they can touch, see, compare they are quick to realize that the size they want is just ridiculous.

The best way to build your penis enlargement model is with no measurements. Grab an object that looks ideal to you for penis size and your final goal. Once you are sure that this is the size you want then go an measure it...I guaranty you that it is much smaller than you believed it to be. This in itself will keep you motivated in penis enlargement. If you realize that 8" is the perfect length and you are starting a 6, a two inch penis enlargement gain is much easier to get to than a 5" gain...5" has never happened in penis enlargement, or at least of my knowledge. The largest length gains I have heard about in penis enlargement were 4".

Your penis enlargement model should also have the girth value you want to make. Again this measurement will be more realistic than saying "I want 7" of girth" FIrst off, 7" of girth is extremely massive and is something that is usually only seen in penis enlargement pumping which is temporary and mostly water retention. Real girth at 7" is something I have only seen in one dude and that is the porno-actor Shane Diesel. It is massive and more than likely something most men would not want.

In penis enlargement it is good to remember that your penis is not a trophy, it is a part of your body. You should make it the way you really desire, not the way you believe others would want or think is big. The truth is most men and woman have no idea about penis size. penis enlargement helps you become aware of actual measurements. You will rarely hear someone, who is active in penis enlargement, say "John Holmes had a 14" penis" (something most ignorant people would think or believe.) Those who understand penis enlargement realize he was closer to 8.5" in length. This make you goal seem much easier, huh?

So creating a realistic model will help you make your gains and stay motivated.

2.) Print out a picture of a porn star that has the penis you want. This is in no way gay, it is simply a penis enlargement tool. Seeing the size you want on another person can cause just enough envy to keep you motivated in penis enlargement. CHances are, the person you choose in porn probably did penis enlargement to get their size. Remember, I am not only involved with penis enlargement but also with Bang Bros. (the largest porn site online) I have seen these actors and some have shared their secrets of penis enlargement. Seeing your favorite stars penis before a penis enlargement session can give you the kick in the ass that will keep you going.

Seeing the actors penis will also help you understand penis symmetry. A 12" penis on a 4 foot man is going to look strange. It is very sexy to woman when a man's penis is symmetrical with his body. Just like the rest of your body, healthiness and being in shape is attractive. A body builder who only trains his upper body and ignore his lower looks out of proportion...human beings crave symmetry and when things are out off proportion is sits strange with us. Penis enlargement will help you get your penis in proportion with the rest of your body.

3.) Mantras. A mantra is a a commonly repeated word or phrase to help one stay focused or/and motivated. In penis enlargement this is very useful. Again it may sound strange at first but a penis enlargement mantra will eventually become a part of your daily penis enlargement workouts. EVen during your penis enlargement routine you can use your mantra to help you stay focused. There are many phrases or words that can be used in penis enlargement. Write something that works for you, something that will keep you doing your penis enlargement and make the gains you desire.

Some examples of penis enlargement mantras are as follows.

1. My penis is growing every day, with each workout it is longer and thicker.

2. I have always been able to have a huge penis, penis enlargement will make this happen.

3. Long and Thick.

4. Penis enlargement is real and my penis grows bigger each day because of this.

5. I deserve a long and thick penis.


You will want to chant this to yourself over and over. FInding a quite place where you will not be bothered when you sit and meditate without interruption will help so much. It will keep you focused, relaxed and most of all motivated. A mantra will bring much credence to your penis enlargement efforts.

It is always vital to keep your mantras positive. Meaning with no negative connotations. An example of what I mean is: "My penis may be small but it is getting bigger with penis enlargement" or "If I stick with penis enlargement my penis might get larger" both of these statements are laced with doubt and self criticism. The word "if" or "might" sets one up for failure. While calling yourself "small" but "getting bigger" puts too much focus on negativity. With penis enlargement, it is important to always keep a positive and upbeat attitude.

I am sure you can think of other motivational tools and there are plenty others I could type, unfortunately this is all the time I have today. Tomorrow we will explore mental penis enlargement, one of the most important parts of physical penis enlargement.


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Friday, May 11, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics: PART 5

Now that we have covered the specifics of penis enlargement I think it is a good idea to review. First, penis enlargement is very real, it works if you work it. Have no doubts about natural penis enlargement because it has helped thousands of men increase the size of their penis. If you decide to start penis enlargement keep this at the forefront of your mind, penis enlargement is real.

Before you start a penis enlargement program take proper penis measurements. See part 4 for the specifics of measuring your penis. It is vital that these measurement are correct and documented. If you start penis enlargement with half-assed measurements you may never even realize your gains when they do happen. Measure length, soft and hard, girth soft and hard.

Next it is very important to keep a penis enlargement journal. We have not explored this yet but I will cover it completely in penis enlargement basics part 6. Keeping a detailed record of exercise, gains, etc. will make your penis enlargement journey so much better.

Picking a basic penis enlargement program that teaches you the specifics of each penis enlargement exercise (preferably with video...REMEMBER Be patient with your self and take your time learning each penis enlargement exercise. Remember, there is no rush.

Prepare yourself for your penis enlargement routine by purchasing the proper things you will need to do the program properly. In penis enlargement, especially girth work a lubricant is necessary. I suggest VASELINE, but you can decide on what's best for you. Having baby powder is also important, especially for length. I also suggest a very good moisturizer and cleaning soap. Penis enlargement using a lubricant can lead to ingrown hairs and the like, keeping the penis clean after a penis enlargement workout is very important. Also, the moisturizer will keep your penis from dryness due to penis enlargement handling.

Once you begin your penis enlargement program be consistent. A break in penis enlargement can lead to a permanent vacation. Set up the times and days you plan on doing your penis enlargement and stick to it. Pick a relaxed time so as you can take your time in your penis enlargement routine. Rushing your penis enlargement routine can lead to injuries or a lack of gains.

Most importantly, keep motivated in your penis enlargement efforts. Keep a image of your goals and make that happen. I will cover Mental Penis ENlargement later in this series.

Keep watching!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics: PART 5

After understanding and practicing the steps in these posts on basic penis enlargement and you are still having problems gaining penis size then we need to explore why. It really makes no sense that some men make incredible penis enlargement gains while other struggle to see any penis enlargement gains. This is an issue that comes up time and time again..."Why Can't I Gain?"!!! There are a few reasons and we can look at each one closer.

First and foremost, penis enlargement is not for the lazy! Penis enlargement takes time and effort. It takes allot of patience and motivation. Unlike other penis enlargement sites this BLOG will always be a dependable source for REAL penis enlargement information. Doing a few penis enlargement once in a while will more than likely give you only a sore dick. As we explored earlier, a solid penis enlargement program followed by comprehension and dedication will give you a much better chance at gaining than anything. Natural penis enlargement is real, penis enlargement gains happen, it does take time.

Another problem where some men do not make good penis enlargement gains is because of their comprehension on how to properly do the penis enlargement exercise and with how much resistance or intensity. Understanding penis enlargement exercises in their fullest can be the difference between gaining penis size and not. Good form in any action determines the effectiveness of the goal. There is no difference in penis enlargement. If you attempt to do the penis enlargement jelq and you are doing it incorrectly chances are you will never gain penis enlargement girth. The same thing applies to all penis enlargement exercises, whether they be length or girth. Actually seeing the penis enlargement exercises being done is sooooo valuable. As you most likely know, there are thousands of penis enlargement sites all promoting the same thing. Anyone of the penis enlargement sites on NATURAL penis enlargement will show you on video how to perform penis enlargement exercises. The problem is most of these sites have the same 4 or 5 exercises and you end up dropping $50.00 on a very limited penis enlargement program. The Matters of Size penis enlargement program is extensive. The routines I offer are progressive and intelligent. The exercise archives are in the hundreds! No other penis enlargement site has these exercises but my site. You can buy the DVD or the online program but both will give you the understanding of penis enlargement intensity and form that will increase your chances of gaining penis size 10 fold!

Some guys do gain but never see it. This happens due to poor measurements in the beginning of their penis enlargement program. If a new guy measures his penis improperly and thinks he is 7 inches when he is really 5 there is going to be some huge issues later in his penis enlargement program. As most men progress in penis enlargement they learn how to measure better and better until these men get completely confused about their size gains. Proper penis measuring is vital and keeping a constant journal of penis enlargement gains is imperative. Here are instructions on how to properly measure your penis.

Bone Pressed Erect Length
Penis length is defined as the linear distance along the dorsal side of the erect penis extending from the mons veneris to the tip of the glans. In non-medical terms, the penis length is measured in a straight line on the top side of the erect penis, from the start of your pubic bone to the tip of your penis. Penis circumference is defined as the linear distance around the widest, thickest, part of the erect penis (see below).

1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
2. Place your ruler at the pubic bone, at the base of your erect penis and measure to the tip of your glans.
3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis. (In the example shown, the measurement would be 4 and 3/4 (4.75) inches.)

Bone Pressed Flaccid Stretch
1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
2. Place your ruler at the pubic bone on the side of the penis
3. Stretch penis straight out
3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis

Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length
1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
2. Place your ruler at the skin on the belly, at the base of your erect penis and measure to the tip of your glans without pushing ruler.
3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis.

Flaccid Length
1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
2. Place your ruler at the skin on the belly, at the base of your flaccid penis and measure to the tip of your glans without pushing ruler.
3. Read the nearest quarter-inch measurement at the tip of your penis.

Penis Erect Circumference
Penis length is not the only factor in determining penis size. The width, girth, or fatness, of a penis is also an important aspect when considering how you compare. Most people have a penis that is either longer and thinner, or shorter and fatter. To compare how the girth of your penis compares to the population, use the instructions below to determine your penile circumference (distance around the widest part of your penis).

1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
2. Place the fabric ruler or string end at the widest part of your penis and wrap it carefully around one time. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.
3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.

Penis Flaccid Circumference
1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
2. Place the fabric ruler or string end at the widest part of your penis and wrap it carefully around one time. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.
3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.

Please explore these things on
Penis Erect Circumference
Penis length is not the only factor in determining penis size. The width, girth, or fatness, of a penis is also an important aspect when considering how you compare. Most people have a penis that is either longer and thinner, or shorter and fatter. To compare how the girth of your penis compares to the population, use the instructions below to determine your penile circumference (distance around the widest part of your penis).

1. Stimulate yourself into the erectile state.
2. Place the fabric ruler or string end at the widest part of your penis and wrap it carefully around one time. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.
3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.

Penis Flaccid Circumference
1. Make sure you are in a completely flaccid state.
2. Place the fabric ruler or string end at the widest part of your penis and wrap it carefully around one time. Mark the spot where the string first touches itself.
3. If using string, take the marked string and lay it against the ruler. Read to the nearest quarter-inch measurement.

Please read this post over and over before you become discouraged or quit!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics: PART 4

Worries, Fears, Injuries and Remedies

When starting penis enlargement you may experience some minor injuries (if you can even call them that.) With penis enlargement you are dealing with a very thin skinned part of your body, the penis. Also, the head of the penis has no skin so it too is extremely sensitive to penis enlargement.

With penis enlargement girth many experience small red dots on their penis after a session. These marks are nothing to be concerned with as they fade within 24 hours or so. They are not something that will happen for ever in penis enlargement, they happen early on because your penis is not used to the exercises you are doing. They happen because of the influx of blood to the penis. Since penis enlargement girth work deals with so much pressure and the penis skin is so thin, you will see these marks. This would happen in bodybuilding but since the skin is so thick on other parts of the body that you rarely see these red marks.

Bruising is also something that is quite normal in penis enlargement. Bruises on the penis appear as they would anywhere on the body, the difference, again, is the thin skin on the penis. They may ache a bit but this, along with the bruising will fade soon after your penis enlargement session. Again, these things will not happen forever in penis enlargement, it is a temporary adjustment period.

Stretching the penis with penis enlargement can also give you some strange marks. They appear on the shaft of the penis and look like very small, white, stretch marks. This is normal in penis enlargement as you are stretching the penis. Like when a mans arm becomes bigger through doing curls he might get stretch marks due to the expansion of the skin and tissue.

Some experience soreness after a penis enlargement session. This soreness is due to a few factors. In penis enlargement stretching the penis is being stretched away from the pelvis bone via the penis ligaments. This will cause some aching, this is not pain but a simple feeling of aching. This is comparable to the muscles after a workout. In penis enlargement nothing should ever be pain. Sharp shooting pain, numbness and any other extreme ailment is NOT TYPICAL IN PENIS ENLARGEMENT! If you feel these things during a penis enlargement session STOP IMMEDIATELY. There is a definite difference between aching/soreness and PAIN. Pay close attention to your body when doing penis enlargement. Be aware of the feeling penis enlargement produces. There is no reason to rush your penis enlargement and risk hurting yourself. Penis enlargement is a progressive, learning experience. It takes time, patience and caution.

Some may experience water retention around the foreskin area. This appears as swelling. In penis enlargement some men are prone to this. It is rare but it does happen but it is nothing to fear. It will fade after a few hours. This happens to men who do penis enlargement pumping allot. In natural penis enlargement it is rare.

A good way to avoid much of these pitfalls in penis enlargement is to properly prepare yourself for your penis enlargement session and properly care for yourself after. Doing a penis enlargement warmup is something that is important. This is easy to do. Take a washcloth and warm it up under hot water. Wrap your penis in it for 5 minutes. Reheat the cloth as it cools...this will ensure a good penis enlargement with minimal chance for injury. The same should be done after a penis enlargement session as this will help with red spots and the like.

In part 5 we will explore this a bit more.


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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics: PART 4

Ok, we have discussed many of the preparatory parts of penis enlargement in parts 1-3 so I would like to give you a day by day, week by week description of what you can expect to happen with penis enlargement.

Let me describe a very basic penis enlargement routine, one that would be wise for a new man to use in the beginning. Now, remember, time of day can be adjusted to your own design. See part 3 of this penis enlargement blog. I am going to use a split session penis enlargement routine for this example.

Basic Stretching (do each exercise 3 times for 30-60 seconds)
REMEMBER, penis enlargement stretching is done when you are soft.
��Stretch penis straight up towards your chin, hold for 30-60 seconds. Do 3 sets in total.
��Stretch penis straight down towards the floor, hold for 30-60 seconds. Do 3 sets in total.
��Stretch penis to the left side of your body, hold for 30-60 seconds. Do 3 sets in total.
��Stretch penis to the right side of your body, hold for 30-60 seconds. Do 3 sets in total.
��Stretch penis in a circular motion, straight out from your body (almost like stirring a pot of soup). Do 25 cranks. Do 3 sets in total.

The first few times you do this penis enlargement length routine it may seem strange and even scary. It may feel as though you might rip or tear your penis, this will not happen. This feeling is only because you have never done penis enlargement. After the first couple weeks you will get penis enlargement stretching down perfectly. Take your time, penis enlargement is all about comprehension and patience with yourself.

The penis enlargement exercise we will be using as an example here is the wet jelq. This penis enlargement exercise requires a lubricant. I think that vaseline is the best penis enlargement lubricant. It stays wet for the duration of the session and gives incredible dray and intensity when doing girth penis enlargement exercises, particularly the jelq. You will want to be sitting down when doing this exercise. The bathroom is ideal. OK, let me describe the penis enlargement jelq routine.

Apply a liberal amount of vaseline to your hands and spread it evenly on your semi-hard to hard penis (depending on what is most comfortable for you)

In a seated position with your palm down grip your penis with the standard OK sign grip. Gripping your penis at the extreme base and a tight grip, force the blood from the very base up to right below the head in a sliding motion. When your first hand reaches the bottom of your head the second hand begins the same movement without missing any time. The idea is to keep a strong blood pressure within the penis. The stroke should be fluent and intense.

You will do 600 jelqs.

This would be a typical starters penis enlargement routine. Both penis enlargement exercises will promote different changes. With stretching you will feel soreness at the base of your penis where the ligaments of the penis attach to the pelvic bone. This is normal and in most men it goes away after a while. You may also notice tiny red spots or white lines, these are normal also as you are stretching your penis further then it ever has been, it will show some skin marks...this will go away.

As you progress in penis enlargement stretching and you begin to make your first penis enlargement gains you may notice the hair on the base of your penis creep up your shaft a bit. This is a sure sign of growth but to some it is not something they want. I suggest you get handy with shaving.

Aside from these problems, which really are no big deal, the only other thing you will see with this penis enlargement exercise is growth! Real penis length!

In penis enlargement girth work, especially the jelq (or jelqing) you are dealing with a large blood flow, a massive amount of pressure and a continuous forced flow of these things during a penis enlargement jelq session. There may be some bruising that will happen due to the nature of this penis enlargement exercise but this is nothing to be worried about, it will fade within 24 hours and eventually your penis will no longer have this issue. Also, for some men, the penis enlargement jelq may give tiny red spots or snall white lines. These are a normal part of most penis enlargement and again they will fade. You may feel some soreness around your shaft after the first few sessions but this also tends to fade after a week or so. Other than these things the only other result is a fatter, thicker penis.

Their are many tips that will help with these penis enlargement exercise that will will explore in part 5....STAY TUNED.


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Friday, May 04, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics: PART 3

Getting a grip on time

We explored the beginnings of penis enlargement, where to start, getting a good video site to see the penis enlargement exercises, finding men online who practice the same penis enlargement that you are doing, and many other parts of starting out penis enlargement. For many men finding the right time to do their penis enlargement can be a headache. Due to living situations, work hours, girlfriends or wives, privacy, ect. penis enlargement can be a real challenge. This is where you need to become creative with your penis enlargement routine. Breaking up the time you spend on penis enlargement is a good way to cut back on a single lengthly routine. Maybe training 3 times a day will be the perfect way for you to get your penis enlargement in. This will make for short sessions that will not pop up too many questions from the people around you. A single penis enlargement session including penis girth and penis length work can run up to an hour or more depending on how much you are including in your penis enlargement routine. This may be impossible for allot of men so I will give you a few scenarios on different penis enlargement sessions, time-wise.

Morning/Night Sessions. I like this routine best for many reasons. First, my penis enlargement routine is only 30 minutes twice a day. For me, getting up 30 minutes earlier (before anyone else in my house) allows me to train for a half hour with no fear of interruption or anyone knowing I am doing penis enlargement exercises. Then at night after everyone is asleep I do my second session of 30 minutes. This breaks my penis enlargement into two very manageable sessions. I like doing length exercise in the AM and girth exercise at night. I even worked my penis girth work in right before I planned on having sex (just took longer in the bathroom, she never knew it was penis enlargement, she thought I was just preparing myself for sex.) I liked this style of penis enlargement girth because I would be at my thickest right after girth work and that made her smile more.

Some men prefer to break their penis enlargement sessions into 5 parts. This style of penis enlargement has come to be known as piss-pulls. Basically, every bathroom break they take throughout the day they will perform a mini session of penis enlargement. I like this because it allows the user to keep his penis in penis enlargement mode throughout the day. I have always liked the idea of stretching the penis often throughout the day as it keeps it extended more often and I think this helps with flaccid penis enlargement gains.

Some may apt to do their penis enlargement exercises all at once and this is also OK. If you can afford the time to complete a solid penis enlargement session within one sitting then do it.

The point is, penis enlargement should fit into your schedule comfortably. The last thing you want to do is rush yourself or create a penis enlargement routine that is a pain in the ass. The best way to make consistent penis enlargement gains is with a routine that is effective and works into your schedule.

Another idea that may work for college kids that have a roommate is the under the covers method. Basic penis stretching is very easy to conceal under the covers. Simply get yourself into a stretch position, hold it for 30-60 seconds and switch to the next. During a movie you can get a very good penis enlargement session in. Be creative and find your penis enlargement groove.

Part 3 will discuss some intermediate information.


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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Penis Enlargement Basics: PART 2

So now that you understand the basics of getting involved with penis enlargement I think it's time to get into the actual exercises, routines, time daily, penis enlargement supplement, items you should have to start and other penis enlargement basics of exercise.

For me I found my first exercises on I excellent site called This site not only gave some penis enlargement exercise basics but they also had hundreds of articles on penis enlargement and other male sexual health issues. Articles about premature ejaculation, prostate issues, Too Big, Too Small, Or Just Right? Measuring the penis, history penis enlargement and a huge archive of other articles. Today the site has too many articles to list, they are a huge sexual information site with penis enlargement being only a small part of their site.

This site inspired much of my own work on I have strived to give as much information on penis enlargement over the past 7 years and I have built up my own collection of penis enlargement articles. Many of my articles are on penis enlargement exercise and in part two of this series on penis enlargement basics I will address this issue.

The jelq, the most basic of the penis enlargement exercises, is an exercise that began thousands of years ago. Many will tell you it began in Arabic countries while some give the credit to European origins. The fact is, the jelq is a penis enlargement exercise that has survived the test of time. This exercise along with basic stretching has been the staple of penis enlargement for 100's if not 1000's of years.

The jelq is a very simple exercise to learn and master. I think it is the perfect place for a new guy to start penis enlargement. If you join my site you will not be directed to do advanced exercise, your beginnings will start with this basic exercise. The exercise is described in a number of blogs here but I will describe it briefly here. Basically you get your penis semi-hard to hard and use a stroking motion. Starting at the extreme base of your penis you will trap the blood within your penis with a strong grip. You will then push the blood upward with the first hand and following with you next stroke with the other being sure to not lose any time or blood. The idea is to keep the blood in the penis and these intense strokes will expand the erectile tissue over time. This is a continuous exercise for at least 15 minutes daily. Using a lubrication like vaseline is essential in this process.

The next basic of penis enlargement is length work. Basic penis stretching is quite simple. Again, this is explored in depth throughout this blog but I will briefly describe this penis enlargement exercise. In a seated position prepare yourself for your stretching routine. With an ample supply of Baby powder on you hands (for good hold) grip your penis just below the head. Stretch the penis outward, with strong intensity, from your body and hold this position for 30 seconds. Go easy at first and find what is most comfortable for you, increase the stretching strength to over your first few sessions. There are many variations of the penis enlargement exercise but this is a great place to start.

There are some other basic exercises that can be added that I will explore in the third part of this series. Please keep checking back to get this penis enlargement along with many other penis enlargement tips.


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