Friday, November 30, 2007

Penis Enlargement Bringing People Together

I was online the other day working on my penis enlargement forum and I got a message from a guy in Belgium. For some reason I have never considered how many people I have met online from every part of the world. I was chatting with a guy from Sarajevo yesterday and I was just so amazed at how connected we all are.

When I was a child, way before penis enlargement:), there was no internet. Computers were very primitive and used mostly for business or early gaming. I remember playing on the first Atari home systems. I was amazed! I wanted one so badly but my family could not afford it. I had a rich uncle that had the system and I would sit there for hours playing it. When I make a comparison of the first home computer games and todays games it is night and day. I almost feel foolish think that the Atari was so advanced. Everything has changed since those years. Sometimes I pretend that it is 1974 and I get to come to 2007 just to see the differences, I can't even imagine those emotions!

The internet is very similar to my early experiences in communication. When I was a child there was this club called "Pen Pals" The basic premise of the Pen Pals was to write letters to people in far off countries. I would send a letter to a kid in Germany (which took 2 weeks to get there) and he would answer my letter and send his letter to me. If we were efficient enough we could exchange thoughts in about a month. This was super cool. I was so amazed that I could talk with someone on the other side of the world and the time was not an issue. Today I can talk, write or even see someone in any part of the world instantly. I have a Apple and I use an isight which is an Apple cam. I conference with my business partner using this method. We can see each other in real time. I know some of you used to watch the Jetson's and see their telephone that they could see the person they were talking to. IT was only a fantasy! Today it's reality. Things are advancing everyday and I guess we take it for granted because the changes are relatively slow.

In the penis enlargement business I can help one of my clients in no time at all. On my penis enlargement forum people post questions and I answer them as soon as I can, but I assure you, it does not take a month. What is also amazing is it is not just me answering questions, it's thousands of people from every part of the world. WHen I step back and take a look I am amazed.

Penis enlargement is also not the easiest thing to explain to someone. You would figure that the language barrier would make it impossible but it no longer does. I have a German Penis Enlargement Forum and I can't understand a word of it but all I need to do is use a program like Babble Fish and the German instantly become English...AMAZING.

Sorry this post was not so much on penis enlargement, I know that is what this BLOG is on but I needed to post these things. I just think it helps us all become very appreciative of the luxuries of communication we have.



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Penis Enlargement and Desire

When I first started penis enlargement I remember reading something about time and penis enlargement. The guy basically said that if you have no time to do penis enlargement than you need to get up and hour early and go to bed an hour late. He went on to say that if you can't find the time for penis enlargement than you do not deserve a bigger penis. I really agreed with this guy, his point was very clear. For a long time I followed this advice and preached it to the men who said there was no time for penis enlargement.

In most cases, I completely agree with this. I feel as though most men have the time to do penis enlargement they only are not willing to give up free time to do their exercises. Again, in most cases, these men are lazy and not worthy of the rewards of hard in anything in life. This is a harsh statement and it seem unsympathetic but, non the less, true. We live in a world, particularly in the USA, where we have grown used to the "buy and have" mentality. If we want something, in most cases, we can buy it, we can steal it, we can have something for little or no work. In many ways I was a victim of this.

When I was growing up I had a very difficult childhood/early adulthood. I left home at 12 years old and everything I got in life was hustled in one way or the other. As sick as this sounds, this was the only way I knew how to live. I never was educated by a school system. I never really learned to read until I was 18 years old. I spent a large portion of my life in jail, detentions, or other less than desirable places. Getting something I needed was priceless, I would do whatever I had to do to get it. Whether it were food or shelter, I did whatever I needed to have it. This made me hard, it made me hungry, I knew there was no silver spoon and if I wanted something no one would get it for me but me. This may explain why penis enlargement was so easy for me. My mentality was direct, I wanted a bigger penis and I made it happen. I wanted a better life and I got it. Anything in life I could not get was simply because I was no willing to go get it.

The strange thing about all of this, whether you are street smart or spoon fed, is that anything you want, ANYTHING, is on the ground right in front of you, all you need to do is pick it up. Picking it up does mean working your ass off but non the less anything you want is there for the taking.

25 years later, after everything I went through, there is nothing I have not earned. RIght down to the food in my refrigerator is earned through self belief and the physical work to make it happen. Time, being such a stagnant illusion, never stood in the way of what I have wanted to do. It is surreal, but today I look in the mirror and see a man who wears the scars of a lifetime of pain but behind all of this is a hungry 12 year old. I barely recognize the image of myself as a 40 year just does not seem real. The youth I see lives through every passion I have in life today. Even when I write, I take nothing for granted. Just putting words together that people will actually read and understand is incredible...having thousands that read it only affirms the work I have done to get here.

So what does penis enlargement have to do with all of this? EVERYTHING. Just like I wanted a life beyond that of an illiterate 12 year old and today I have it, penis enlargement holds the same ethics, efforts and gifts. Getting what you want in life is easy, it always has been, it is just that so many are blind to this. To quote something from a musical group, "My bodies a shel, control is my brain." No one is beyond making necessities or desires happen in life, the only road block is you.

BECOME! This is the word of the day. Become what you want, believe what you think and do the physical work to make it happen. As metaphysical as I seem I know that there is nothing that will happen with out work behind it. There is something very private in my life that I want so dearly. I have focused on this thing for a long time. I have made the self affirmations, I have created the mental beliefs that support my desire but most of all, I have put in the work to deserve it. As illusive as it may seem, I know it is mine and I know it will happen. Time is only the barrier that requires us to believe and do...BECOMING

I choose to enter my creation, my illusion. If requires nothing more tham being yourself. Believe your heart, awaken to the quality of all beingness. Every truth is a reflection of life. The is nothing called the truth, there is no answer, no problem...there is no limits, your are infinite. WIthin you lies the meaning of life. Believe in your dream. Be what you choose. You are the answer to every question. You are the creator, allow yourself to live without limitation. is the gift of this process.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DLD Blasters, how do they work?: Penis Enlargement Explanations...

The main reason DLD Blasters deliver such great length gains is because I invented them...duh! Just Jokes

Blasters use 4 movements that work together. The first is the actual stretch position. The A-Stretch, the stretching position used in Blasters, gives two stress points on the shaft that are working against each other. The point where the penis is stretched over the wrist is forcing the lower portion of the shaft upwards, this stretch alone is very powerful but when we add the second point of stress, where the leading hand, at the upper shaft, is pulling the penis downward, the stretch become twice as powerful. We can consider this the "work"

In the laws of physics, work = force x distance. so when force and distance are working against each other in opposite directions the result would be doubled. This makes the A-Stretch very effective. There is 2 additional factors, being kegels and reverse kegels, that make the Blasters even more powerful. It could almost be written as W = F squared x D

When you do a kegel while stretching your penis outward you can feel a resistance against the stretch. With each kegel you do you exhausting the PC muscles. The reason this is important is because the pelvic floor muscles have a natural reflex to possible injury and stretching the penis is unnatural to the way the penis behaves. Almost like blinking your eyes when a something is coming at your face, it is a uncontrollable, natural reflex to avoid injury. This is a wonderful reflex most of the time but in stretching the penis it prevents you from full stretching potential. The reason you want to exhaust the PC muscles is that they interfere with your stretching of the suspensory ligaments. The PC muscles literally work against your stretch. Once these muscles are weak and exhausted the reverse kegel allowing a direct stretch to the ligaments, essentially circumventing the PC muscles. At this point in the exercise all components work together to deliver the best possible manual stretch.

In the case of a "Bundled Blasters" a 5th component is at work, the twist of the shaft. The actual physics and math to this is complex but if you really want it I will post it. In the most basic way, you can understand the bundle like a wet towel (do the experiment and you will see the results.) If you take a wet towel that is, say, 5 feet long and you wring it out but at the same time you are twisting it to release the water you are stretching in in opposite directing the towel will become longer. Of course the penis is much different and biological components make it a far stretch from this example you can still make the basic correlation. It allows the Blasters to become even more powerful. If you want to be a nerd like me you can read about the elastic theory which will help you better understand this.

Between the two versions of the Blasters, the Bundled Blasters are more effective due to the twist.

I hope that answered your question and did not confuse the issue.



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Friday, November 16, 2007

Penis Enlargement: Will it change the male average size?

Penis enlargement to those who are involved and gaining penis size has always had a "secret society" air about it. Even though the ENTIRE world knows that penis enlargement exists due to SPAM (mostly) a very small fraction of these people pursue penis enlargement. I remember when I did my first public interview with KING Magazine. There were so many men at my forum and the other penis enlargement forums who were scared that this national interview would somehow change the average size of the male penis. That men would flock to Matters of Size and learn the secret of penis enlargement.

In a sense, natural penis enlargement is underground and mostly unknown to men. The first thing most guys think when they hear penis enlargement is penis enlargement pills. They find these advertisements in their email daily, they see it on infomercials running every night on late night television, they see these pills in the back of magazines, no wonder penis enlargement pills monopolize a huge part of the penis enlargement business.

The facts are most men want the easiest solution to their problems. Actually doing work to get it is the last option most men take. Taking a penis enlargement pill and getting a larger penis because of it is complete nonsense, IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. So how do these companies stay afloat? There is a very big secret behind penis enlargement pills that many do not know. Penis enlargement pills give men the best possible erection they can achieve (using herbal supplements). Penis enlargement pills have all the ingredients that will enable a man to get an incredible erection. So lets say Jim gets a decent erection consistently. Now Jim decides he wants to get a bigger erection so he does what most men do, he order pills. Jim's hopes are huge, he wants a bigger penis and these magic pills should deliver it. The pills arrive and Jim takes them as prescribed. He notices, almost immediately, that his penis appears to be larger. This takes his hopes to a new levels and he will continue using pills until he notices that his penis is not getting any bigger than when he first started taking the penis enlargement pills. What happened? DId Jim really get a larger penis? No. Jim got the best erection he could and this made his penis fuller and longer but no bigger than it's original full potential. This story is consistent across the board, penis enlargement pills give men exactly what they want, a bigger penis but a penis that they always had the potential of having without the pills.

Now, Jim is more than determined to make his penis larger. He goes out and buys a penis pump and again, he sees an increase in size immediately. He now feels that he has finally found the real penis enlargement that will give him what he wants. Soon after he pumps this increase fades until his girth is what it was when he started. Being so temporary, Jim finally decides penis enlargement is bullshit and he quits.

This type of story happens to a large percentage of men seeking out penis enlargement. It not only leaves these men bitter but many of them go on to tell others (forums, groups, word of mouth, etc.) that penis enlargement is a sham. This scenario has damaged legitimate penis enlargement in such a huge way. It is rare that men fins Matters of SIze first and when many do find my site they see that it involves a lot of work and their disbelief combined with the laziness factor send them elsewhere.

The strange thing about penis enlargement on the internet is my site, Matters of SIze, has more information on the subject than every site online. My free forums, alone, has close to 300,000 posts on penis enlargement. The BLOG you are reading contains more than 300 articles on penis enlargement. My members site has a vast amount of information and we have more videos teaching penis enlargement, again, than all sites online. You would think that men would find my site, or ones like it, and see exactly what "real" men are saying about my brand of penis enlargement. The question, does penis enlargement work? it answered with a resounding yes thousands of times by thousands of men. Many of these men who have gained using penis enlargement post progress pictures or videos showing their gains. You will never find this on any other site, especially those selling penis enlargement pills, but, still, those sites become huge money making factories while sites like my own live modestly in an underground category.

The men who have gained, the ones who were persistent, willing and determined, even though these men may be numbered in the millions, they still do little to affect the "average penis size." So as for the world becoming privy to this miracle of natural penis is a long stretch. Average size is about 5.5" in length and a bit less than 5" in girth. This will be the case for most men in the world. There will always be those who were born lucky but for those who weren't...I hope you find the real form of penis enlargement, Matters of Size Natural Penis Enlargement.

See you soon


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Penis Enlargement News

Here are some of the most recent updates of Matters of Size Penis Enlargement.

The incredible DVD hit, "MATTERS OF SIZE, The ultimate penis enlargement DVD" brought penis enlargement into the living rooms of thousands of men world-wide (maybe even a few women:)) This DVD revolutionized the way men practice penis enlargement and gave new, never seen before, penis enlargement exercises to thousands. The DVD not only gave the user 100's of penis enlargement exercises but it brought it to life in brilliant high definition clarity. The DVD featured 5 phases that consisted of progressive penis enlargement routines that incorporated the many exercises into a easy to understand system. The MOS DVD was featured in many media outlets (Playboy Magazine, GQ Magazine, Salon Magazine, King Magazine, and many others) this exposure further empowered the world's first penis enlargement DVD. By every standard, the MOS penis enlargement DVD was perfect. Thousands, if not millions have gained from the very exercises contained on this disc.

4 years later we have decided to do a 2nd DVD. I have developed many new exercises and many new powerful workouts and this disc will feature those advancements in penis enlargement. It will also highlight and explain many other forms of penis enlargement that many might not be familiar with. There is much more to the penis enlargement world than just manual exercise and I have researched every new innovation in penis enlargement. My penis enlargement forums members give me many new ideas and I have done a very good job of organizing what is beneficial and what is not. The new disc will also feature some very special models demonstrating the exercises. I can't say too much about it but if you have the first MOS DVD than you know how well Matters of Size delivers penis enlargement...this disc is a step beyond that. Filming starts in January 2008 and a release date should soon follow.

Next on the news level is the Power Assist. The original Power Assist Penis Enlargement Stretcher has become a staple in many penis enlargement enthusiast toolbox. It has been a successful penis enlargement device for more than 5 years and making improvements on the simple design seemed impossible. Impossible never stopped me:)! The newest Power Assist, version 1.5, has done the impossible, we have created a new Power Assist with a more powerful delivery of penis enlargement gains. We have developed a very unique PVC plastic combination that is not rigid, nor is it soft. The new model has a very, close to perfect, flexibility that enables exercise effectiveness 10 fold. I call this unit version 1.5 because the next Power Assist is a completely new model. Version 2 will feature options that eliminate the need for any other penis enlargement device (Hangers, Stretchers, etc.) Many penis enlargement pros know that having the "full" collection of penis enlargement devices is very expensive. Being able to have an all in one unit will be priceless.

SIte updates, for the members of the Matters of Size Online Penis Enlargement Program will also see new updates that mimic those on the newest DVD. Early in the Matters of Size Online program we thought there would be no way to improve on it...we were wrong. Expect to see 3 new PHASES, 6, 7 and 8. For the veterans this will give you further knowledge to increase your penis size even further than you have on the original MOS Online Program. I bet that $50 you spent sounds very affordable now that new phases are coming.

I think that anyone who is interested in penis enlargement will find interest, if not excitement, in the future of the worlds most powerful penis enlargement systems....Matters of Size.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Penis Enlargement, Penis Enlargement what is this thing called Penis Enlargement?

Penis Enlargement is such a confusing term. It has so many meanings that it is difficult to get a hold on what it really is and if it is really, well, real. I understand that Penis Enlargement is, most likely, the biggest part of email SPAM that is out there. I am DLD, I am the guy that runs the largest Penis Enlargement site in the world and my mailbox is ALWAYS cluttered with Penis Enlargement advertisements. I sometimes even click some of these links as they sound very attractive. SPAM has become the arch enemy of the net...on a much smaller scale, Penis Enlargement has become a dismissible act as so many full of shit companies are trying to jump on a band wagon that exploits the insecurities of men all over the world. What better way to make money than tell men that their penis is small, that they can't satisfy their partner, that Penis Enlargement is easy as taking a pill? Damn, Penis Enlargement is the most simple way to make money.

Making money at the expense of insecurities has always been the method of dishonest, monetary gain. Before there was an internet men had the penis size they had. They had little options over changing this. I remember the back of magazines like HUSTLER or PENTHOUSE promoting a pump that would somehow give you a cock like John Holmes or any other big dick video actor at the time. I always saw these ads as I saw the Charles Atlas, kick sand in your face ads, FULL OF SHIT.

When I was growing up things were much different than now. There was no way to investigate the legitimacy of an advertisements claim. You had a choice, believe it or not, buy it or not. There was no way to check up on if this Penis Enlargement really worked. We only had a picture of John Holmes massive penis and an ad that told us we could have that for $59.95. How many bought into this? Perhaps the same amount as those who bought X-Ray glasses. Hopes have always been exploited for profit.

I remember using my first pair of X-Ray glasses. I was so disappointed. I wanted to see naked women and these glasses promised that but it was never visible. I am sure, at the time, so many bought into Penis Enlargement and purchased a pump endorsed by some massive penis actor. WHat a disappointment it must have been to these Penis Enlargement hopefuls when they could not become what they were promised.

The internet has brought us so far. There is little, if nothing that can't be researched on the net. Penis Enlargement is no different but unfortunately every Penis Enlargement outlet is the victim of a spam. How can someone believe that Penis Enlargement works when they receive so many full of shit, spam advertisements? Luckily I got into Penis Enlargement before SPAM was such a massive issue and I found the methods of "real" Penis Enlargement that worked. I went on to make monumental gains but still I was scrutinized at the expense of the SPAM infected public.

I wish I could change this. I wish I could show men that Penis Enlargement is real and it works, I wish I could control the SPAM filters and allow the honest ads to get through and ban the dishonest ones. I know what works, I know Penis Enlargement is real, I have more than 100,000 men that agree with me and have made the Penis Enlargement gains to support this. Sadly we are categorized with any other Penis Enlargement site that chooses to monopolize on the men who are most vulnerable.

I would love to be rich off of the work and gains I have made but this has never happened. I have run a ligament business with real Penis Enlargement gains for more than 6 years and still I drift beyond the SPAM companies that manipulate their way to the top of search engines and have a email program that delivers SPAM to millions.

For those that read this...Penis Enlargement is real! It is not only real, it is free and it is available and effective for any man who decides to dedicate himself to it. Check out my forum, listen to the men who have surpassed the dishonesty of SPAM and money making schemes. Reality does not come from a advertisement, it comes from the mouth of those who have truly experienced it with no monetary motives whatsoever.

I hope this helps you guys

Please register and read my free forum at


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Penis Enlargement Surgery and Some Thoughts

Exploring Penis Enlargement Surgery (augmentation) options

In the mid 1960's breast enlargement became a reality under the knife. A, relatively, simple procedure (and $5000) would give a woman breasts of any size she desired. There was no elusiveness or ambiguity, if a woman had a 32B cup size and wanted a 38DD she could have it. It was measurable, tangible, it was a reality. Pre-surgery she was one size post-surgery she was another. This revolutionized female sexuality forever. The cost more than justified the means. Yes, the breasts were not biological but they did give the visual impression that the woman desired.

Years later we saw the beginnings of surgical penis enlargement. This type of surgery was highly experimental and the results, when not tragically wrong, were elusive on every level. A man could not walk into a doctors office and say "I have a 4 inch penis and I want a 8 inch penis" this was just not possible. Even by the admission of the surgeons themselves, enlarging the penis, surgically, had less than desired results if any. Forty years later we still see the same ambiguity. In a recent article published by The American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons (AAPS), "Phalloplasty still being considered an 'experimental' technique by any surgeon." In addition the same society of surgeons state, " the downside of this procedure is that it can result in two surgical areas (the harvested site and surgical site, unless a foreign graft is used), and sometimes, when the grafts are foreign material (such as AlloDerm�), there is a good chance of tissue rejection�in those rare instances this leaves the penis infected, and sometimes permanently deformed." Scary, huh? Well, I am not here to scare you nor is this article about the failure of surgical penis enlargement. It is only the facts that surround a growing trend in penis enlargement.

In some ways, the lack of surgical penis enlargement, is a blessing for the men who are unsatisfied with their size and find natural penis enlargement as an alternative method. I state this because most men who seek out a larger penis will never consider natural penis enlargement as an option. Leaving the one, sure method of enlargement, reserved for the few that find and believe in it's reality.

In a sense, the ignorance of the years pre-1960's and 70's left those, who wanted a larger penis, in a position to accept their size. In their mind, nothing could be done. Also, in those times there was no internet, no one "really" knew what average, large or small penis size was. There was much merit to the phrase 'ignorance is bliss.' The biggest penis men saw was that of John Holmes and Long John SIlver (who had a average size penis but wore a prosthesis on film). There was little knowledge of penis size and male sexuality was more based on personality, physical traits and the ability to attract a female. Size was never an issue.

As time progressed things started to change. There was a market open and surgeons with a keen business mind found this niche. Penis enlargement, surgically, could be done but the results were never stated in a definite manner. The side effects, by all reputable doctors, were horrific and the promised results were something like winning Megabucks. Male penis size had become big business with no definitive results. Those who are 30 and over may remember adds in the back of comic books that sold X-Ray Glasses...I wanted them so badly. They gave hope that seeing through clothing was "possible." What the fuck did that mean? Well, the word ambiguity never had so much precedence. Just as many boys had hope of seeing through female clothing, penis enlargement gave a hope of similar elusive results.

Strange, but today there is no more security in surgical penis enlargement as there was 30 years ago. Men pay $5000.00 plus and hope that the gamble of enlargement outweighs that of infection and possible total loss of function. So many things have changed over the past few decades. X-Ray glasses DO NOT WORK, penis pumps endorsed by John Holmes will not give you his penis, buying the Atlas muscle program will not give you his body. In the 2k world much has been proven not to work but somehow surgical penis enlargement falls short of these myth busting realities.

Having a massive penis is not as easy as giving a doctor money and waking up 3 hours later with a double digit probably never will in our lifetime. The only real way of making gains on the level men truly want is through manual penis enlargement. I understand, taking a pill, paying a surgeon or any other 'easy way out' sounds so attractive but in most cases in life, if it sounds to good to be true, it is.

I have been an advocate of natural penis enlargement for years. I have explored every possible avenue in male enhancement and I have only found one way to make my penis larger...natural penis enlargement. I could say "JOIN MY SITE", "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY AND YOU WILL HAVE WHAT I HAVE" but this is simply dishonest. Penis enlargement is hard. It requires a certain type of person with a work ethic worthy of the effort that proceeds the desire to make ones penis larger. There is no easy way to get a larger penis, if there were it would be as popular as breast enlargement and every man with a healthy checkbook would have a 12" penis but this is not the case.

I beg of you who are listening, research your options, read EVERYTHING available on the subject, weight your desire to work ethic, be open minded, damn I could go on forever but if you want a bigger penis go and get it. You have always been able to and it has never costed a dime. I gained more than 4" in natural penis enlargement and I am a lazy ass 40 year old...if I could do it, so can you. If you are rich, join my paysite, the $50 will go to very good use. If you can't afford this, come to my free forum and learn the methods for free. Information is available. The internet not only exposed men to the true penis size, it also gave directions to go beyond it.