Friday, August 29, 2008

Penis Enlargement Expectations

When many guys first get stated doing penis enlargement they wonder how long it will take to get larger. I have received questions as specific as "How many inches will I gain in 3 months using Phase 1?" This is impossible to answer as everyone gains differently but after thinking more on it I decided to create a scale based on average penis enlargement workouts, average times spent and average gains made. It will not be a guide to live by but at least it will help men guage their gains closer, at least against what is happening to most guys.

I am going to spend some time in the penis enlargement forums researching some of the penis enlargement polls that have happened over the last eight years. There is literally thousands of pages of data on penis enlargement gains lurking in my free forums alone while there are countless other sites that have collected invaluable data over the years. I hope with some good, solid data and the help of a few guys I can create a gains data base with a calculator that will allow guys to see where they might expect to be after a set amount of time using penis enlargement.

I will keep you updated.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Penis Enlargement Resources

When first getting into penis enlargement the internet can seem massive. Looking for penis enlargement information can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack and finding information that is comprehensive accurate can prove difficult. I wanted to put together a BLOG post giving some of my favorite penis enlargement resources and maybe you could add yours. Please do not spam as it will just be deleted and it will make my job more difficult.

The first place I suggest guys visit is Alt Penis This site is full of information on enlargement methods, size issues, sexual injuries & conditions, gender and penile health. Their archives contain articles on every conceivable topic concerning the penis and penis enlargement. When I first became interested in penis enlargement I found this site and I still visit it today...They have great penis enlargement information.

Another place guys may find themselves is in the penis enlargement forum circles. Among the numerous penis enlargement forums some great places to visit are Cheeky Cherry, Thundersplace, Matters of Size, PE Forum and My New Size. Spending some time looking through these penis enlargement forums will definitely educate you and dispel many mistruths on penis enlargement. It is wise to become an active member to these free forums as the involvement will get you where you want to go much quicker.

Here is a list of other penis enlargement resources that are worth a visit. I thank Thundersplace for compiling this list and making it available in one place.

????? ???????????? ?????????? ?????? [??????? / Russian]
Alt Penis
Big Penis
American Bodycrafters Megatrac
BBD Biotec Trac.Man
Bib Hanger
Cheeky Cherry Forums
Circle Device
CTC Company
For Size
Jes Extender
Kaplan Pumps
LA Pump
Matters of Size
Men's Niche
My New Size
Original PE Data Site
Penimaster [Deutsch / Germa
Penis Enlargement Gym
Perma Stretch Technologies
Power Jelq
Penile Fitness
Pump Toys
Tiger Pumping
Thunder's Place
TLC Tugger
Tom Hubbard's Penis Workshop
Unique Heat Thermo-Flex
Vacutech Pumps

Friday, August 01, 2008

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Search for penis size : My Penis & Everyone Else's. (Part 1 of 2)

"Does size matter?" This fascinating & amusing documentary examines why men define themselves by the size of their penis & why they can't talk about it; at least with each other. It's about 'penis insecurity', why men have it & what can be done about it.

Penis Enlargement: Start Before School!

It is a normal occurrence in the penis enlargement forums to see a slow down during the summer months. I have always tried to figure out why penis enlargement slows down in the summer and I guess it is because school is out and the last thing guys are thinking about is using their penis for penis enlargement. Most schoolsters are more than likely using their penis this summer for more fun:) My penis enlargement forum sees a slow down too during the summer and I think that there may be around 50,000 18-30 year olds as members and out of those guys about half are in school.

It is strange because I never see a new school year go by where there are not at least 3 or 4 threads about how someone wishes they would have done their penis enlargement exercises over the summer. If you are going to make your penis larger it is important to stay consistent, even during holidays and summer. The point is that penis enlargement does not really take to much time to get done daily. Another thing guys can keep in mind is that their penis enlargement routines can be reduced during the breaks in the year. It is better to maintain your penis size through maintenance penis enlargement than to stop all together.

For a lot of guys who are active during the regular months I see many of them take the summer off and then really struggle to get back into their penis enlargement routines. The vacation becomes permanent and the gains they were making stop. Consistency will really help you to keep making gains and never run the risk of loosing interest in the goals you want to make through penis enlargement.

Shorten your routine instead of stopping it completely. There are many things you can do in penis enlargement to create a routine that is a fraction of the time but still keeps you growing. If you look through this BLOG you will find a few threads that give excellent, reduced time penis enlargement sessions. Penis Enlargement Exercise in 2 Sessions is a nice BLOG that gives some great tips on how to make some changes to your current penis enlargement routine to reduce the time but keep the gains.

Stay consistent so the gains stay!


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