Monday, September 21, 2009

Average Penis Size

So many men operate under the pretense of a skewed average size. Penis size needs to be understood and men should operate on that premise. Average size, across the board, whether you are white, black, asian or and other race, is 5.5" bone pressed length with a 4.75" girth while erect. So many guys have a misconception of what average penis size is and they allow this to limit themselves in so many ways.

An example, that has become so common, is someone who stars penis enlargement with the idea that they are small. The first mistake so many make is measuring incorrectly. The proper measurement makes all the difference in understanding what you real size is. When measuring, to find what your length is, many guys go by a none bone pressed measurement. This does not give an accurate "true" length as there are too many integers that need to be considered. Mainly the "fat pad". The fat pad is the area at the base of the penis where fat is stored. Someone with a 7 inch penis could only have 5" showing because their fat pad is 2" thick but a thin man, with little body fat, may have a 7" penis either way as they have no fat pad.

The proper way to measure length is "bone pressed" erect. This is the most accurate way to gage size as you may gain or lose weight but this measurement would remain consistent. How this is done is by getting 100% erect and pressing a ruler firmly at the base of the penis, against the pubic bone and measuring to the tip of the penis. This measurement will be your true length and from here you can compare it to average length, being 5.5".

Regardless of your measurement, you now know about natural penis enlargement and you can become any size you wish by following these methods of enlargement. There are many ways to approach penis enlargement and you should research each method for what will work for you. The fastest methods of penis enlargement are manual exercises, penis extending and assisted manual exercises. With an hour a day dedicated to penis enlargement with good form, motivation and belief will bring you size increases that will change your size for ever.

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