Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Did penis enlargement fight end wife's life?

This is a very sad story :(

Courtesy of The Sunday Independent

A Delmas man told the Pretoria High Court on Thursday how he grabbed a shifting spanner and kept on hitting his wife until she was dead.

Murder accused Ockert Daniel (Ockie) van den Berg, 43, made this admission after initially claiming he was not responsible for the death of his wife.

Christa van den Berg died on her bed at their home in Sundra, near Delmas, in August 2005 after her husband repeatedly hit her on the head with a shifting spanner.

She was also stabbed in the neck and back.

Van den Berg admitted on Thursday for the first time he had attacked his wife with a shifting spanner and two knives in a fit of anger.

He also admitted that he had attacked his son Jacques with the spanner to make it appear as if housebreakers had killed his wife and then attacked his son.

He conceded that he had previously lied to the court and made up a version about hearing shots before finding his wife dead.

Van den Berg said he no longer wanted to hurt his parents.He told the court he and his wife had a fierce argument the night of the murder about her suspected infidelity and his complaints that she kept on pushing him away.

At first, she denied having an affair, but then suddenly told him it was all over between them.

"She said I must go to a doctor to get my penis enlarged. She said she was tired of me and had another man," Van den Berg testified.

She said I could take a day off to find out who the man was that she was messing with. Then she said my youngest son was not my child, turned around and walked to the bedroom."

Van den Berg said he felt hurt and upset."

I took two knives from the kitchen counter. I saw a shifting spanner on the dining room table and grabbed that as well," he told the court."

I stormed at her and hit her on the head. She fell on the bed. I kept on hitting. I was like a wild animal on my poor little wife. I didn't even know what I was doing."

Van den Berg said he could not say how many times he hit his wife.

"Blood was spurting onto my chest.

"When I put on the light I saw what I'd really done to my wife. I saw there was a knife in her throat. When I turned her around I saw the other knife in her back."

He said he tried mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to revive his wife.

"She was already dead.

"I pulled the knives out of her body because it looked very ugly. I washed off the blood, wrapped the knives in a wash cloth and hid it under the bed."

Van den Berg said he then went to the sitting room to contemplate his next move.

"Then I went to Jacques' room and hit him with the shifting spanner so that it would look like a break-in and the housebreakers had killed my wife."

Afterwards he gave his son tablets for the pain, and took the boy to hospital the next morning.

Final argument in the trial will be presented on Monday. - Sapa



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