Friday, September 18, 2009

Penis Enlargement Extender Use

There is a clear line between manual penis enlargement exercise and that of penis extending (using the FAST SIZE as an example.) There is nothing that works faster than manual exercise but an Extender can play a key role in increasing your penis enlargement gains by using time wisely. If you could sit around all day stretching your penis you would make the fastest gain possible (if you did not cause an injury), but this is simply not possible for the average penis enlargement enthusiast. A good average workout should take no more than an hour a day. Any more than this is not necessary as the intensity you are using in manual penis enlargement exercises is too great to apply all day long. What is helpful is using a penis extender to apply "moderate" intensity for hours a day and combined with a good daily, manual routine will yield the fastest gains with little risk of injury.

An extender (penis extender) can apply a controlled amount of intensity over very long periods of time. Creating this style of stretch is only possible using an extender. This workout alone will yield excellent penis length gains. The extender can apply much greater intensity but I find long sessions using moderate intensity works best. A penis extender can be work for hours with quick breaks every 2-3 hours to return good blood flow. I find that after I dod manual length exercise, wearing the extender keeps that temporary length gain throughout the whole day, helping cement length gains faster.

A penis extender can would for any length penis. It is easily adjusted to a 1/16 of an inch, making incremental gains very visible as you gain. The bars that come with the FastSize Extender can accommodate up to 11", but I reckon not too many run into that problem, but it is good to know you could go that length with the package as you get it.

Obviously, manual penis enlargement is free but penis enlargement equipment does could good money. Before you buy ANYTHING online do very good research. Especially with a penis extender as there are many low quality versions online. SOme look great in the photography only to show up as a big piece of crap. The FastSize Extender is the highest quality extender on the market, I would not carry anything less. If you are shopping for one, use our model as the rule. The FastSize his all surgical steel and medical grade plastics. The bars are solid surgical steel, as is every steel component. The extender comes with a DVD and users guide. You are also invited to join a users forum where you can ask questions and get user feedback. It is a quality product from purchase, to use, to gains. An extender can cost anywhere from $50 to $1200. The FastSize Extender is $265.00 but when you use the coupon code: MOS you get it for only $150.00. This model is equal to the best, $1200 model sold by medical institutions. You can purchase this through THIS LINK. Remember, use the coupon code: MOS.

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