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Discolouration routine

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  • Discolouration routine

    Yes it is true. I spell colour with a u. Sue me.

    I have accumulated sever disclolouration on the top half of the shaft, and it is no good because now I cant continue normal Penis Enlargement (hanging) without making it worse. Also, I cant very well whip it out in front of a chick, so bye bye to any potential sex life I might have had in the next 6-12 months (from the research I have done, this is how long it will take to fade, if it does at all).

    I try to do 8 hotwrap/massages per day, but usually I end up doing around 4.

    I do wrapping for discolouration, at first I aimed to do 4 wraps per day, but now I think that is too much. 1 or 2 a day is fine.

    I also use a fade cream, I know that this may not work, but with my discolouration there is more going on than with standard discolouration, and it may help. I remember at least one person saying it worked for them, and I got it for half price, so its worth a shot. It says results will be seen in 10-12 weeks, so we shall see.


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    hey SS4Jelg...sorry about your problem .....hate to see anyone not be able to do their reg. Penis Enlargement routine .....and i know you hate it also ......just wanted to drop you a few lines and wish you the best of luck treating your discoloration......hope you are not out of commision for 12 months ......
    What me ...dead ?....
    Old PE'ers never die ...They just pull and tug their way back


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      Re: Discolouration routine

      Originally posted by SS4Jelq
      I try to do 8 hotwrap/massages per day, but usually I end up doing around 4.
      Damn, you must have a beautiful cock. I'm too lazy:D Mine is ugly.

      *Luckily Jen likes it ugly*
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        Thanks for the support!


        >Damn, you must have a beautiful cock. I'm too lazy Mine is ugly.<

        Apart from the discolouration it is ok i guess, very veiny though.



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          I like the discolouration personally, but my entire schlong (yes i said schlong) is darker.
          I also spell colour with a U, same as honoUr, neighboUR etc. Go Canada! Britain! well...the rest of the english speaking world! (besides the US):p


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            Sorry to hear about your misfortune bro

            Hey SS4. Sorry to hear about your injury man. If I may ask, how did it happen? Weren't you just getting into hanging OTS for the LOT expirement? Anyways, I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you are back in the game adding inches ASAP. In the meantime, take it easy and watch your diet. Good luck.
            It is said that both patience and perseverance are virtues. Through my virtues, I shall meet all of my goals.


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              Yeah, I was hanging at the time. I had gotten temporary discolouration before from hanging, but it always went away after a rest day. So one day I worked a long shift and could not hang, and it was still there. Thats when I realised I had been a little blinf to the buildup. My FSL had increased to 8.75" and I didnt want to stop. I definitely should know better, and I am paying the price.

              I have actually lost gains since stopping, but i'm not too worried. I know I will be making major gains when I restart.

              Thanks bud


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                If I may ask, what are the bad side effects of this?

                After all of my claims of coming back.. I might actually, be back.


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                  Of discolouration?

                  It makes your dick very ugly, especially since it is common to get discolouration in patches or certain areas. Mine covers the top half of the shaft, and drastically reduces the prettyness of my dick.



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                    I say why let it bug ya? My dick is discolored too. Most of the shaft is. And, there's a noticable change in color from the base forward. Guess what? I've not had ONE woman say "oh why's your dick look like that??" Or "eww...why's it all discolored??" I'm gonna keep hanging and, do not care if it keeps getting darker. If, for some reason, after I hit 10.5x6.5", and suddenly I'm really upset about the color of my penis....I may worry about it then. I'm not about to let some discoloration get in my way though. To each their own I guess. I really dont see the need to worry about the "beauty" of your penis. It is after all, a Penis EnlargementNIS.


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                      Re: Discolouration routine

                      I know this thread is old, but the issue certainly isn't.

                      I believe our problem is leakage of blood into the inter-cellular area. These deposits are being forced into these areas by the pressures we use. Same as after a surgery: you'll have lymph which is no longer within the lymph system, but between the cells, so to speak. It therefore cannot be picked up by the system and moved away.

                      The fade creams seem to deal with another issue. What we need is something which will deal with the iron deposits (as I assume the color comes from the iron in our blood).

                      Has anyone found anything?