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  • My Routine And Gains

    My gains have come as quite a surprise to me, I started a few months back but I was measuring wrong so I started again, here are my measurements:

    11th May 2003
    Flaccid Length - 5.1"
    Flaccid Girth - 4.3"

    Erect Length - 6.9"
    Erect Girth - 5.1"

    25th May 2003
    Flaccid Length - 5.3"
    Flaccid Girth - 4.4"

    Erect Length - 7.2"
    Erect Girth - 5.2"

    My next measurement will be on Sunday 8th June, however I took my measurements yesterday and my erect length is no 7.6" and my flaccid length is 5.9", so I am close to the 8.0" mark, my routine is this:

    1) Warm up for 4 minutes while doing PC exercises.
    2) One 30 second stretches in each direction
    3) Helicopter shakes for 15 seconds
    4) One 30 second stretches in each direction
    5) Helicopter shakes for 15 seconds
    6) DLD Blasters for 5 minutes
    7) Helicopter shakes for 15 seconds
    8) 100 Dry jelqs base to mid
    9) 100 Dry jelqs mid to head
    10) 30 Second squeezes
    11) Helicopter shakes for 15 seconds
    12) 200 Wet jelqs mid to head
    13) 200 Wet jelqs
    14) 50 Head jelqs
    15) Warm down

    It takes me around an hour to do.
    <b><font face="Tahoma" size="2">Started at 6.3x4.9 BP, currently at 7.7x5.2 BP.</font></b></p>

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    Great gains, and a great routine as well. Kep up the good work!

    After all of my claims of coming back.. I might actually, be back.


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      hey long worm ...great gains ......keep at it ....
      What me ...dead ?....
      Old PE'ers never die ...They just pull and tug their way back