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Bathmate Woes...

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I've fucked my dick up, I finally used the BM effectively today but I think I was way to overzealous, more on that later. I'm in college so I've been using the BM to no avail. (I haven't fully mastered using the BM in the shower.) However, I got home today and decided to give my BM another spin, but in the tub this time. All I can say is the results were out of this world. Untill I found that my dick was swollen out of this world.

I'm a pretty experianced PE'r but in my excitation because of how greatly crafted by BM is, I lost track of time and doubled a 30 min exercise. So along with advice on how to use my BM in the shower, I would also like to know how to fight against/reverse fluid buildup. I've read a post saying that the fluid usually subsides with time but I was wondering if anybody had any other tips besides just waiting and putting your dick in warm water.

PS: I dont know how to change my avatar, will someone please advise on what I should do next?
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