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Where to start from?

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Hi guys, I'm totally new here and I wish to know where I could start from, considering my build.

I'm averaging 7 to 8 inches erections (depending on arousal) and I am grossly just a tad over 5 inches in girth.

As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't mind holding a 9 in her and, would love to beat the 6 inches girth mark too.

I'm 32 yo, fit and healthy, good diet and I have sex, or masturbate, in average 20-25 times weekly.

Any advices?
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  1. dgfloyd's Avatar
    G'day Mate,
    This is my first time here and was wondering if we could swap cocks...seeing as we both want something larger.
    I'll take yours while you work out on my 6"

    Seriously though...I have absolutely no fucken idea of what you blokes are referring to when your talk in qwerty stuff.
    Okay, PE would be Penis Enlarger but for the rest....???
    Also I'm no longer a youngster
    Does anyone know if "penis enlargement" is possible at a more senior age?

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