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    Re: Warrior Motivational PE

    Quote Originally Posted by Zambrodom3 View Post
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    Re: Warrior Motivational PE

    Personally I love watching foreign Kung fu or martial arts movies where they are solemn and disciplined, and even though the movies are about fighting, it still translates quite easily into my Penis Enlargement mindset when it comes to staying dedicated. Also, when I'm doing length, stretching specifically, it helps keep me motivated and I imagine myself as being like Bruce Lee with my cock.

    And since I'm not religious persay, I don't chant, and I think it's all good if it helps you, I do sometimes do some of those ninja action sounds, like Ack-Chowwww! Or Huckaaa! While doing the stretches, usually when doing a kegel/reverse kegel type of rotation. Breathe deep, begin manual stretch, then exhale with a Kung fu yip, and pull harder.
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