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    Re: Endless Potential, Major mental Block, Need Help

    Ok so...... I am kind of thinking about my "predicaments".

    I had a pretty good day apart from the massive amount of paperwork I had to do today. I went to my college to get everything setup for the fall semester and there were a lot of cute females. A lot.

    Usually I would have this sense of anxiety because of a number of things but because I have been actively changing the things I want to change in my life I feel better about myself. Despite the banter I created within this thread, I am feeling a little better everyday. I have also been reading a fucking shit ton and applying it is helping me shape the mindset I want to have. I am nowhere near where I want to be but I believe I am slowly getting better.

    I was able to talk to some females I knew and I was pretty much anxiety free. It is a little conceited, but with my weight loss and haircut, I looked in the mirror in the first time for a while and noticed I looked pretty damn good. Lost a lot of facefat and my cheekbones are showing which I've read that women really like features like that and it shows some "masculinity" or some shit. Whatever lol. Sounds kind of gay but anything for that initial point of interest right? Point is I am getting a lot of attention and that is kind of feeding my confidence and may be a contributor of helping me with my issues.

    I talked to this German girl who is a cashier in the bookstore and she was pretty much following me around the store and talking to me. She is pretty cute. I am like a whole foot taller than most chicks at 6'3 and I am starting to realize at this point in my life it is an advantage. Like fuckin seriously bruh. Wtf lol.

    Before I used to be a crazy fitness fanatic and I told myself "I am not gonna get with a chick until I am absolutely shredded." I got down to 10% bf and then went down to 8% then I got injured and gained fat back. I had chicks constantly checking me out and I was being told by chicks "she thinks your fuckin hot!" My confidence was boosted exceptionally.

    I kind of want to get down to those levels and then I think I will be pretty good with my mentality and maybe start getting that "bug" out of my head. Being better physically makes me feel better about myself and helps with my mentality.

    Writing this out was actually approving my positivity but then has resurfaced the issue as I think about it. Fuckin weird but I'll continue with getting shredded first and then see how it impacts the anxiety and self doubt. Still doing PE though part of the daily routine and is therapeutic.

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    Re: Endless Potential, Major mental Block, Need Help

    Being comfortable talking to women is a huge bonus. Now move to step 2 which is getting them comfortable enough to take off their clothes and have sex.

    You never see a good looking guy with an ugly chick (military bases excluded, totally different topic). However you will see an ugly or out of shape guy with a hot chick. Why? He was able to talk to her. How they hooked up had nothing to do with his looks, his body, or the size of his penis except for the fact that HE was okay with all of it.

    You don't have to be totally ripped and single digit body fat to get women. Actually some will be put off by it and think they aren't good enough for you when really, emotionally and mentally, they might be perfect. Nothing wrong with being in shape, not at all, but you need to keep taking steps to be comfortable with YOU. I'm glad to hear you're making progress mentally, now start making progress getting the head in, then the shaft inch by inch....
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