Thursday, January 14, 2010

Penile bacteria and circumcision

Courtesy of Altpenis

Circumcision, which substantially lowers HIV risk in men, also dramatically changes the bacterial communities of the penis, according to a new study in the journal PLoS ONE. The findings could lead to new non-surgical HIV preventative strategies for the estimated 70 percent of men worldwide who, because of religious, cultural or financial barriers, are not likely to become circumcised.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making the fastest length and girth gains

If you are looking for the most bang for you buck and time invested in penis enlargement the combination of manual stretching and the FastSize Extender will get you there fastest. The nice thing about this combination is how much time you can actually spend stretching. A typical manual penis enlargement stretching session takes about 30 minutes but the FastSize can be used for the remainder of the day. Guys can get up to 12 hours of stretching in everyday!

Unlike girth exercises, it is difficult to overtrain length. Time is usually the biggest deterrent in training. 30 minutes of stretching manually will give your penis the heavy workout necessary to break down the tissue. Using the extender after the workout will allow the break down of tissue to stay in an extended state for the rest of the day. This combination has proved to be one of the fastest methods of gaining length.

Girth can be tackled in a similar way. Recently Matters of Size started to carry the BathMate Hydo-Penis Pump. This pump is very different from the usual pump as it uses water as the basis for it's vacuum and has been giving incredible girth expansion for everyone who has been using it. Where we find the BathMate to be most effective is when used in conjunction with manual girth work. Like length, girth requires an intense breakdown of tissue by way of manipulated exercise. Increased girth depends on bringing in as much blood into the penis as possible and when the penis is expanded exercise is used to break down the tissue to allow for more blood to be held in the penis making it thicker and thicker. Using the BathMate before exercise will prime the penis for ultimate expansion and using it after will help keep the penis in an expanded state longer helping cement girth gains.

Using the latest technology and the Matters of Size exercises will help you gain at the fastest and safest level.

FASTSIZE Extenders

BATHMATE Hydro Penis Pump

MATTERS OF SIZE Learning Center

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Honest User Review of Bathmate Enlarger Pump

My Honest Review of Bathmate Enlarger Pump: Does Bathmate Work?

If you land on this page, you are probably looking for more information on Bathmate, the latest penis enlarger pump. In this article, you are going to find out my personal experience on Bathmate pump. Although it is highly recommend, it is certainly not perfect, and may not work for everyone. You are going to find out the why in this article.

My story
My name is Ian Lee. OK , probably you are not so interested to know more about me, but you may relate to my problems. You see, I have a really small member (less than 5 inches, you can imagine?). If that�s not the worst, I found myself losing control by merely touching my partner�s pubic hair! That�s right, I suffer from the dreaded �small penis syndrome� and premature ejaculation.

Needless to say, my girlfriend at that time was upset with me. I became desperate. I�d try anything that claim to be the solutions of my problem. You name it; I�ve almost everything except surgery: stretcher, pump, patch, creams etc. Nothing works,

To cut long story short, my girlfriend left me for another guy who checked on her. My heart was shattered, but it�s not like I can do anything.

Then, a friend recommends I try Bathmate Penis enlarger pump. He swears that it makes his member bigger. I was skeptical at first, but decided to give it a try. After all, it has money back guarantee.

The concept: Bathmate works by enlarging your penile tissue and chamber. As these components are expanded, they are able to hold more blood to form erection, thus resulting in larger and bigger penis.

My experience
I was surprised that Bathmate is different from other enlarger pump. With regular enlarger pump, it creates vacuum environment around your member. The downside is, these products tend to make your member swell and uncomfortable. Bathmate works differently. It creates the pressure inside the water instead of air. Unlike standard enlarger pump, it feels quite comfy. After the first pump, I did find my member to become firmer.

I used it for 15-20 minutes day during shower, as instructed. Besides, I also try to eat sensibly and exercise my penis regularly to improve penile fitness and stamina.

After 1 month, I am delighted to find out that I have grown 1 inch! In addition, I am able to sustain the erection to give my partner long, pleasurable sex. I was told that my progress is rather fast, and I attribute it to the penis workout.

Needless to say, I am thrilled. Have I found Bathmate long time ago, I would not have to go through all the headaches and heartaches.

Click here to buy Bathmate

What I like about Bathmate: it is natural and effective. Plus, it does not cause discomfort on penile shaft. You actually feel quite comfortable with it.

Feedback on customer support: I really like the way they package the product. When you receive it, it doesn�t appear to be a male enhancement product. They really protect customer�s privacy. After all, it is embarrassing to let others know you purchase such product. In addition, their customer support is timely and friendly.

Beware of Bathmate scam: there are many sellers of Bathmate only, and some are scams and made of poor quality materials. If you get these products, you won�t achieve desired results. Thus, you should only buy from credible Bathmate retailer, and I highly recommend Bathmate USA. Although located in USA, it ships to world wide.

People have been asking if I can get a discount on the BATHMATE so today I asked Gerry, my contact at BM, for a special coupon for MOS and he agreed to a $15.00 discount. It is real easy to use, just go to the link belw and when filling out order page use: [B]MOSDISCOUNT[/B] in the coupon box. Discount will appear instantly.


Increase Your Penis Size Naturally

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Rushing Penis Enlargement too soon

When many guys start penis enlargement they become overzealous and think that using advanced methods will bring faster penis enlargement gains. This line of thinking, in penis enlargement, can result in slower gains and risk of injury. The basic exercises in penis enlargement are set to teach a new user the methods and bring the fastest gains possible.

The basic jelq is the starting girth exercise in penis enlargement. This movement, in itself, will bring fast, safe gains. The more advanced jelqing methods are available when all gains are tapped from the starting exercises. For many guys, jelqing brings incredible gains and the gains continue for about 6 months in most men and when the gains start slowing more advanced exercises are available. Yes, there are very intense exercises but these should only be used when the basic movements are mastered.

The basic stretching exercises are also the place to start on length work in penis enlargement. The stretching exercise may seen pretty basic but when done correctly most guys gain up to 2" using them. Again, more intense exercises are available but should not be used until you have mastered the basic stretches and made all possible gains. I gained 2" using the basic portion on the Matters of Size penis enlargement site.

My personal program in penis enlargement, the same program used on my site, was a progressively intense series of routines and exercises. I started with basic stretching and jelqing. Over my first siz months I made a 2" gain in length and a .75" gain in girth. It was at this point that I reached my first plateau (the most gains you can get with one routine.) and needed to create a more intense routine that would continue my gains. My first changes included brand new, self developed exercises, that were based on the original exercise but contained more intense movements. This would later become Phase 2 of the MOS program. As time passed I continued to add new exercises and create more intense routines until all 5 Phases of the MOS program were written. Through my journey I gained 4" of length and 2" of girth. Today I am working on Phase 6 which has brought me additional gains and I hope will help continue other users gains.

Don't miss out on the newbie gains and do not press forward until you have mastered the basic stuff.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Clamping 101 - The Clamping Guide for Advanced Girth

Article courtesy of Aaron Kemmer

Clamping is an advanced penis enlargement method in which a clamping device is used to obtain girth.

Disclaimer: Clamping contains a significant risk. is not liable for any dangers you undertake while exercising the penis. Clamping is safe when caution, awareness, and good judgment are used. You should not try clamping until you have been exercising your penis for at least 6 months.

Article continued HERE

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