Average Flaccid Length


Jun 3, 2003
"Average Flaccid Length"

Average Flaccid Length
Average Flaccid Length of the penis is measured on the top side of the penis. Using a hard ruler place it lightly at the base of your penis, topside, center. Without pulling on the penis take a measurement to the tip of your penis. Mark off your flaccid length at the closest quarter inch.

Remember that flaccid size can fluctuate due to weather, stress or other outside factors. Flaccid penis size also varies from one person to the next. Some men who have a large flaccid average penis size may have an average erect penis size. Other men who have a smaller flaccid penis size may have an above average erect size so there is allot of room for difference here.

Keep in mind that the average flaccid penis size is about 3.5 inches. Once you begin the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program your flaccid penis size will grow as your erect size increases.

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