Jun 3, 2003

Condoms - Condoms can cause allot of stress, especially when there are all of these new brands that offer a label XXL made for the larger man, only to get them home and they are too loose to use. Here is a very good chart to guage what size is for you.

1. Durex Ultimate Feeling - Standard Size
2. Trojan Magnum - Large Size
3. Trojan Magnum XL - XL Size

Completely unrolled length from tip of reservoir to ring. Held by tip with only gravity pulling it down along ruler.
1. - 7.75"
2. - 8"
3. - 8"

Girth, measured with tape measure while inflated enough to hold it's form without expanding noticably.
1. - 4.5"
2. - 5.25"
3. - 5.5"

Anyone nearing 6" girth should definitely try the XLs. Magnums do well with 5.5" girth. If your girth is bellow 5.5" then stick with the standard condoms.

The goal is enlargement and I promise you that after a few short months using the Matters of Size Penis Enlargement Program you will be grabbing the extra-large condoms with a big, fat smile.

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