Diet and Eating


Jun 3, 2003
"Diet and Eating"

Diet and Eating

In the recent years, most dieticians agree on one viewpoint...Diet and Eating that results in weight loss should be low in fat, and moderate in both carbohydrates and proteins. Besides carbohydrates, proteins and fat, vitamins and minerals should be an integral part of your Diet and Eating habits.

Diet and Eating high protein have been proved to be ineffective. Diet and Eating in the case with high carbohydrates is similar. One point in Diet and Eating is to note that saturated fats and refined carbohydrates should be completely avoided. Diet and Eating high in saturated fats result in a higher insulin level in the body, thus increasing hunger cravings for fatty food and subsequently deposition of more fat.

Higher insulin levels also increase cholesterol and with it the risk of susceptibility to heart diseases so when planning Diet and Eating these need to be taken into consideration. However, in Diet and Eating our body does need certain fats to function well. Likewise, higher intake of protein does not help your body in the long run. Although, high protein is known to promote rapid weight loss, it has a whole lot of side effects as well. Diet and Eating can be confusing and we will help make it easy to understand.

Diet and Eating rich in protein saw an immense gain in popularity, especially in the last two decades. Most Diet and Eating plans substituted large amounts of fats and carbohydrates with proteins to assist in a hurried weight loss. However, various studies and research that came about subsequently showed definite flaws in such Diet and Eating habits. High level of protein was proved to be a major factor for heart attacks and other diseases.

Another misconception in Diet and Eating people have is that meat is the only source of protein. Eggs as well as many of the vegetarian foods also serve as a great source of proteins in Diet and Eating. For instance, two eggs daily may be all the protein that your body needs. Ideally, you would not want to consume more than that in good Diet and Eating habits.

You will find some excellent Diet and Eating articles and links on this site. The key to Diet and Eating is to be educated and know as much as you can about your body.

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